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Episode 2 part 2

That Go Mi Nam, that Go Mi Nam… how could he do that to Hyung? And even pretend to not remember… and what was with his stupid face, how does he keep his skin so soft? It's creepy… Jeremy thought as he rounded the corner to the kitchen, expecting to see only Shin Woo enjoying his morning tea. Shin Woo was enjoying his tea, but he wasn't alone.

Sitting beside him, talking to Shin Woo was Mi Nam! WHY IS HE HERE? WHY ISN'T HE GOING TO APOLOGIZE TO HYUNG? Jeremy marched to the bench where Mi Nam was drinking his tea.


"I-I am apologizing." He tried to explain himself. Jeremy glared at him, Idiot! You were meant to apologize to Tae Kyung hyung, not Shin Woo hyung!

"It's not Shin Woo Hyung!" Jeremy yelled. Mi Nam looked confused, and looked at Shin Woo in question,

"It's not here?" He asked in a puzzled tone. Shin Woo cleared his throat, and replied, struggling to keep his voice even,

"If it's as you say; the person who was hit by a falling rock called Go Mi Nam, and who fainted, was Hwang Tae Kyung." Mi Nam's eyes widened. Falling rock? Just what was he talking to Hyung about? What type of apology uses a falling rock as a comparison?

Mi Nam suddenly gasped as he finally remembered what happened the night before. "He fainted?"

"Hwang Tae Kyung is the ultimate clean freak." Shin Woo continued to explain, "So, having suffered in such a way, its enough for him to faint." That's still not a good enough comparison…

Jeremy elaborated angrily, "It was like a city living first class in pig poop water."

"P-pig poop water?" Mi Nam asked tentatively.

"A tsunami of pig poop water!" Jeremy gestured with his hands, still not a good enough comparison… bah!

"If you want to apologize, go to Tae Kyung's room. Though… I don't know it he will accept." Shin Woo told him. Aish, I don't want to be around that idiot… I'll go play with Jolie… after glaring at the frozen Mi Nam for a second longer, Jeremy turned and marched off, grabbing Jolie's leash as he left, fully intending to go on a long walk, I swear if you haven't properly apologized to hyung by the time I come back… this is your last chance…

The one I fell on…Is Hwang Tae Kyung? ...What should I do? He's already told me he won't accept me… AH! Like Jeremy said, I have to apologize, if I formally apologize, he's sure to forgive me!

Coming out of her thoughts, she looked around, finding herself alone in the kitchen, um… what do I need? A tray… and something scented? Like a candle! …What is that smell?

Mi Nyu finally noticed her own scent, a mixture of sweat and vomit, which was most definitely not pleasant, eww… and my mouth tastes gross…okay, first thing to do is shower, she thought as she started towards her room, namely the bathroom attached to it.

Feeling largely refreshed, Mi Nyu plodded back into the kitchen, and started to look for the things she needed. Firstly, and most importantly, she needed tea, but Shin Woo had put it away while she was lost in thought. Okay, its got to be here somewhere… in a cupboard? She started wandering through the kitchen, randomly opening cupboards in her search for tea and candles.

"What are you looking for?" She jumped at the voice, quickly turning around to find Shin Woo standing by the sink, turning the tap.

She sighed in relief, ...its only Kang Shin Woo… he's really quiet, I never noticed his presence… ah, I can ask him for tea,

Quickly falling into a bow, she spoke, "Sorry Shin Woo, I didn't notice you… um… sorry for bothering you again, but can you please tell me where you put the tea leaves?"

He smiled in response and quickly got the bottle from a cupboard she hadn't checked yet.

"Here," He said as he handed it to her, "Do you need anything else?"

"Erm, do you know if there are candles? And a lighter?" he quickly obliged, retrieving the lighter and a scented candle from the small cupboard above the fridge, while she set some water to boil. He's kind… he reminds me of Oppa… she sighed inwardly; I wonder how Oppa's operation went… I'll call him tomorrow…

"So, is this all for your apology?" He asked as she added tea leaves to the hot water. She nodded, "Jeremy's right, I need to apologize properly to him, I did something really disgusting to him…" she poured the tea and lit the candle, "Well, I'm going now, thank you again Shin Woo," she smiled sweetly to him as she left, just hearing him say, "Good luck…" As she walked down the hall towards Tae Kyung's room.

I thought she was a nun? Why is she out getting drunk on the first night? Hoon Yi sighed as he entered the dorm; Mi Nam isn't going to be happy about this when he hears… he's surprisingly protective of the Sister… it was bad enough to convince him to let her live in the dorm…

"Good morning Manager Ma," a voice said. Jerking around, he focused on Shin Woo, who had just walked in from the deck behind him, ...When did he get there! Jeez kid, do you want me to die? Like a ninja…

"Sh-Shin Woo? Don't sneak up on me like that; do you want to kill me from shock? Huh?" Hoon Yi blustered. Shin Woo calmly considered him before responding, "Are you here, maybe, to see Mi Nam?" How did he know? He really must be a ninja… Hoon Yi thought, forgetting for a moment that he had been almost exclusively Go Mi Nam's manager before he had officially joined ANJELL four days ago. He replied, "Yeah, where is the kid?"

"…I'm not to sure at the moment… but last I saw, he was going to see Tae Kyung… Do you want me to take you there?" Ahh… Tae Kyung… wait. Weren't they fighting yesterday? Why is she going to see him? Sister, you're going to be the death of me, do you want Mi Nam to kill me? Aish… He realized that Shin Woo was still in front of him, waiting patiently for his response. …Awkward… He cleared his throat, before beginning his reply in a cool manner,


"HYUNG!" Jeremy burst through the door, flinging himself onto Shin Woo, shaking with fake sobs, "Jo-Jolie was unfaithful!"

Wha? Who's this 'Jolie'? Secret girlfriend? Huh, he must be more grown up than I thought… Hoon Yi stored this information in his mind as he watched Shin Woo gently peel Jeremy off his arm, before asking, "She was unfaithful again? Who was it this time?" wait, this 'Jolie' has been unfaithful before?

"It wa-was a beagle from the park… she ra-ran away fro-from me when I took her lead off, and when I found her, she was playing with-with it…Jooolliiiieeee!" he reattached himself to Shin Woo, and started loudly crying the dogs name. Hoon Yi just watched, beyond words. She's a dog? Tsk! Shouldn't have worried about the brat, it's still ten years too early for him to get a woman...woman…Mi Nyu! Hoon Yi remembered his original objective. Getting drunk, and fighting with Tae Kyung of all people! He sighed, where is she anyway? He looked over at Shin Woo, who was once again trapped within Jeremy's arms, expression fighting to stay blank, Ah, you must really have it hard, having to look after that little punk… wait… why are you laughing?! Hoon Yi watched as Shin Woo chuckled and Jeremy burst out laughing. ...Crazy kids... FOCUS! I need to find Mi Nyu! He mentally slapped his cheeks, and broke into the younger mens odd moment.

"YA!" Both looked over at him immediately. That's better Shin Woo quickly detached himself and pointed back into the house, "Sorry, Manager Ma, his room is this way if you still want to check…" He trailed off as Hoon Yi set off down the hallway, Sister, you'd better be there… Ignoring the two band members following him, he walked past the door he knew led to Mi Nam's room, and up to the door of the clean freak leader. There, he paused, taking a breath and bracing himself before opening the door, remembering briefly the last time he did this, and the sharp words he had received from the leader, To his elder even! Maybe I should knock… Just then, he heard a shout from within...

Opening the door quickly, he found an astonishing sight in front of him Tae Kyung's normally immaculate room was in shambles, and by a pile of fallen CDs and videos, Mi Nyu was on the ground, Tae Kyung standing over her, a trophy raised in his hand, about to strike again. "YA!" Hoon Yi and Jeremy rushed over, hands out, "STOP! STOP! STOP! STOP!" Hoon Yi quickly looked over Mi Nyu. She's unconscious? He already hit her? "Wh-what did-what did you do to Mi Nam? Tae Kyung didn't move as he started explaining, "I didn't do it," He quickly gave Mi Nyu a shake, "Hey, wak-" he broke off as Mi Nyu's head rolled back, revealing a trickle of blood rolling down her forehead. Hoon Yi rushed forward, thinking Mi Nam's gonna kill me if he finds out what happened to his sister… and the president! He's going to be angry…

"Am-ambulance, someone, call an ambulance," Hoon Yi said as he propped Mi Nyu off the floor, steadying her head. I'm gonna lose my job… No.. I'm going to be killed when Mi Nam hears about this...

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