He's Like Fire and Ice And Rage

He's like fire. Catching, quick, and with just one touch it flies through her entire body, and every nerve ending is alive. She's been in a burning room before, on her very first trip in the TARDIS, but this burning is so different.

On her first trip in the TARDIS, it was to watch her Earth burn. She remembers it clearly; the way it seemed to catch fire from the inside out, marking everything in it's path, and she can't help but think of him. The fire starts within him, burning slowly outwards until everything he's ever touched has been scorched by his flame.

She's well aware she's nothing more than metaphorical ash by this point.

He's like ice. His hand in her's is cool to the touch, and like a cold sip of lemonade on a hot day, her thirst for it becomes unquenchable. She begins to seek out his hand at every opportunity, and soon the feeling of safety is intertwined so tightly with his cool touch that she can't quite separate one from the other.

One day she'll be a block of ice, frozen solid, because she's never letting his hand go.

He says he's a solider, a man born in the middle of war, a man with nothing left. Sometimes his rage is hidden, so Rose can only see the love or compassion in his eyes; at other times it seeps out of his every pore, his ice blue eyes cold and hard with rage.

The first time she sees him like this is when he's striding into the room after the near-miss on the Platform One. It's the first time she sees him and thinks he could be feared, that he could be the solider he always says he is.

He spits his words at Cassandra, no remorse in his voice, his tone as cold as his eyes. She pleads with him, telling him to save her, to help her, because even though she is evil and is vain and is way told old - no-one deserves to die.

He tells her that everything has it's time and everything dies.

She can't help but wonder what that means for them.

She takes his cool hand as they go for chips. He gazes at her with fire in his eyes when he tells her he's the only one left, and she feels her own rage when he looks at her, so lost and alone in the universe.

He's like fire and ice and rage, he's like the night, like a storm in a heart of the sun; he's ancient and forever, and he burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe.

And he's wonderful.