Summery: Whispers, Ali, Angel, Leaf and glacia were all sitting peacefully in the backyard, what happens to Angel?


"Ali im bored!" Angel exclaimed from her spot on the big swing that whispers had in the back yard.

"well do something" Ali said skimming through a fashion magazine.

"and do not bore us with you" whispers added, from angel's other side of the red and yellow swing, reading a cook book.

"why is this swing red and yellow?" angel asked.

"to make you wonder" Glacia said from her position on the white garden chair, she had her headphones on, but she still heard the conversation going around.

Leaf shrugged turning her attention back to the device she was playing with.


"heard that dudes?!" Angel asked alarmed

"nope" the four girls answered automatically returning to their previous actions.

Angel huffed.


"it came again!" angel said looking around accusingly.

"angel, hun, you sure u didn't get a sun hit or something?" Ali sudjested.

"sun hit?" Leaf raised her eyebrow at the squirrel.

"uhh you know when ur head starts pounding after u sit in the sun?" Ali made up an excuse for not knowing the actual name.

"oh." Leaf said turning back to small black object in her hand.


"Guys! Don't tell me you didn't hear that!" angel exclaimed again

Leaf tried to mask her laughter with a cough.

"you" Angel said narrowing her eyes accusingly at the lime green hedgehog

"what?" Leaf asked innocently.

"whats that weird black thingy you've been playing with all along?" Angel acuased

"its my cooker time alerting thing" Whsipers said, looking at her sister

Angel huffed returning to her previous spot.

Leaf rolled her eyes at the peach fox.


Angel groaned, "you did not just not hear that!"

"Angel check your grammar! You've just made the 'double negative' issue!" Ali scolded the bored fox.

"gosh Ali! Here :" did you hear that?" Angel said rolling her eyes

"to answer your question no I did not hear anything" Ali said looking at her nails.

Angel sat back glazing over nothing.


"you guys!" Angel whined

Glacia suddenly bursted out in laughter

Angel questioned the Brit's sanity.

"you should have seen your face!" Glacia said wiping the tears from her blue eyes.

"some one please explain" Angel said looking at her other friends who were also laughing.

8 minuets later..

"so I just.." Glacia said before getting into another laughing fit.

"why are we laughing?" Leaf managed to say

Ali got her arms up doing weird motions with them "I don't know!" she managed

"okay okay guys stop" Glacia said

Moments later they al bursted out into laughter again

"okay, ifs just that I got the beep sound on my MP3 and I just couldn't resist using it on you!" the grey wolf explained.

"well that was a mightly good plan" Ali said high fiving the grey wolf.

*cue laughter*


Fun? ;)