Legion Fan Fiction

Chapter 1

Sam sat with her forehead resting on the window staring blankly out the window as she watched the desert land pass by. Hearing only muffled sounds of her father arguing with her brother over some trivial matter and a ear piercing screech from her sisters iPod wishing she was standing in the middle of the desert in utter silence and peace.

"Sam... Sammy... SAMANTHA!"

Samantha woke from her day dream with a sudden shock taking a second to realize where she was.

"Yes dad"

She replied softly as she started to rub her neck. It felt like she had been in this car for a week. Her muscles were all tense and sore as the bruises started to heal.

"We are lost! Your stupid brother cant read a map!"

He yelled as he smacked his son on the back of the head. Sam's sister pulled out her earphones to find out what was going on.

"Justin I told you I should have been giving the directions! I swear with you and dad its like the blind leading the blind."

"Hey I give perfectly good directions thank you very much Mal! Its not my fault that dad wont listen to me!"

Justin yelled back and he turned around and started poking his sisters arm.

"Stop it Justin!" Mal yelled and she slapped away his hand.

"You are a 2 year old girl trapped in the body of a 17 year old boy!"

"I am not!" Justin screeched.

"You are just jealous that you don't have my good looks and sparkling personality!" That was Justin's favorite comeback to use on Mal. It always got her riled up.

"YOU..." Mal pushed forward and tried to smack Justin but he was too quick and pulled away.

"You two stop it now or else so help me I will leave you on the side of the road!" Dad always made threats like this but he never followed through with them. Plus Justin and Mal always stopped as they were to scared he someday would follow through.

"Sam your nose... you have a blood nose!" Mal screeched. Sam held her nose trying to contain the blood as she used her other hand to search though her handbag for tissues.

"Dad I don't have any tissues"

By this time Mal was crying, she was always so sensitive when it came to blood and especially when it came from Sam.

"Damn! Hold on there is a petrol station ahead we will stop there. I could use a break from driving and it Sam you can get cleaned up."

The car pulled into the station, dust surrounded the car.