RolePlay! Episode 1: Richard knows my secret!

Note: When you read this roleplay, it is about Me and friend JudgmentDragon's POV's in these's coming chapters, if you have any questions drop a message for me or for JudgmentDragon, or as I call him, JD, other then that enjoy the show.

(The intro shows Richard and Dooku fighting in a lightsaber duel, while a theme song was being played.)

(Whispers in the Dark-Skillet song.)

No, you'll never be alone

(The screen shows Kenny and Dan with the clone troopers shooting against the droids.)

When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars

(Now it shows Chomper fighting against Ventress.)

Hear my whispers in the dark

(Now it shows me and the others in a nightmare from Chomper's dream.)

No, you'll never be alone

(Shows Richard and some Clone Troopers standing on a cliff.)

When darkness comes you know I'm never far

(Show's Father laughing evilly, and a creature appear right through Father and attacked at the screen.)

Hear the whispers in the dark

(The intro ends at where Grevious and Guido fought in a lightsaber duel.)

Whispers in the dark

*The school bell rang for the end of fourth block as me and the others exited the room. As I exited the room, I saw Richard standing there.*

JD: Richard!

Me: Judgment! How are you doing?

JD: *scolded* Terrible. That student's being a kiss up again at the teacher, because he forget his homework and says that his 'parent's are fighting again.'

Me: *sign* I Hate that, that's bullshit!

JD: I know.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Me and Richard walk out of the school. Richard then asks me.*

Richard: Hey, dude. Want to come over to my house and play COD?

JD: *sigh* Sorry dude. I can't. I have to stuff at my house

Richard: Again!

JD: Sorry dude. Maybe next time.

Richard: *sigh* Ok.

*As me and Richard walk away from each other, Richard stops for a moment, and thought to himself. Something's not right with JD. So, he took out his phone and called his mom that he's going over to JD's place. After the call, Richard follows me to my place.*

* I call my mother and tell her I am going to my friends house, Judgment get in car, as I get in my black peterbilt 379, soon Judgment made it to his house and made it inside, I get an suppressed airsoft Walther PPK out, as I enter inside Judgment's house.*

Me: What you up to Judgment?

*Richard enters my house, and hid behind the shelf, and saw me taking something out of my pocket. Just then, a scanner appeared and I placed something in the scanner. I was about to enter when I heard the sound coming from behind me. I turned and saw Richard hiding behind the shelf. I was surprised.*

JD: Richard? What the hell are you doing here?

Me: I want ask you, what the hell are ' you ' doing?

JD: Umm...well, see...*I tried to convince Richard something, but I can see that Richard's not going to be convinced, so I sighed in defeat.* Ok, ok. You got me. I...I was afraid that you want to know about this.

Me: What do you mean by know about this?

JD: Come with me. I have something to show you.

*Richard walks beside me, as I placed my hand on the scanner, then relinquished it off the scanner.*

Computer voice: Scanning complete! Welcome back, Judgment!

*All of the sudden, a secret door reveals itself from the wall.*

JD: Come on.

* I walk into room, but couldn't see anything.*

Me: I can't see anything.

* Turned on the light.*

Me: What is this place?

JD: This is the secret doorway that leads to another room, where it's mainly where I go. *I began to type the code for the door, and after that, the door opens, revealing a huge place. My real home(not like alien home, but like I built another part of the house. Richard gasped at the sight. First, he saw a huge chandelier above us, filled with beautiful jewels. Then, Richard saw an arcade room, filled with games, then he saw, far away, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool, and then a kitchen. And finally, a staircase that leads to the bedrooms. Richard was amazed at this.*

JD: Well, what you think?

Me: I like it, but why didn't you, it looks like a spy home to me.

JD: Actually this isn't a spy home. This is just some adjustments that I made a long time ago. *sigh* It might've cost me a lot of money, but it's worth it! Come on, let me show you around.

Me: Okay.

*Me and Richard arrived at the arcade room first.*

JD: Welcome to the arcade room, my friend. Where you can play games of whichever you want.

Me: What kind of games you have?

JD: All kinds of them. From classics, to modern, to new ones, HECK, even XBOX ones, like Call of Duty Black Ops, World at War, things like that!

Me: do you have Goldeye for a n64? I love that game and all the new games.

JD: Hell yeah I do have the arcade version of GoldenEye!

Me: For real? No shit?

JD: Yep! In fact, it's going to be delivered real soon!

Me: I'm really starting to like this place.

JD: I'm glad you like it! *My wrist com just beeped. I answered it.* Yeah? Hey there! Yeah you have permission to land! Ok, see you and the others there! *turned it off* Sorry dude, I have to go and meet them. *ran off.*

Richard: Wait! Who called you!

JD: *from a distance* I'll explain later! You can continue to look around!

* I continue to look, I enter a room, as I had a feeling that someone is watching me, then someone came in and jumped me.

Me: Help Judgment! Help me!

*Richard saw the skeletal robot trying to tackle him. The robot then lifted him and armed his weapon. Just then, a purple beam of light(lightsaber) pierced through the armor. The robot then shut downed the moment the beam became contact, and fell down, along with Richard. Richard fell to the ground, and saw something unexpected...a indigo T-Rex. But not just a T-Rex, because he knows who that T-Rex is, and it's in a cartoon show. Richard was frightened at this.*

Chomper: Are you alright?

Me: Are you Chomper from Land Before Time?

Chomper: Yeah. How did you know?

Richard: *paniking* Oh my god! This isn't possible! You're a cartoon! You can't be real!

Chomper: Well, I look real!

Me: What about Littlefoot and the gang, are they here too?

Chomper: Well, not really. They're back at the Great Valley, but Guido, Screech and Thud are here!

Me: Where are they?

Chomper: They're not here yet! They'll be here when Captain Rex and the other Clone troopers arrive here!

Me: Wait a minute you from Star Wars?

Chomper: Yeah. JD's friends with the Jedi Order, the Clone Troopers as well. You can tell by this Lightsaber I have here. *turns on the lightsaber.*

Me: Wow, but Chomper why would my friend not tell me that he is a member of the Jedi Order, and why do you have the lightsaber, I thought you just thought it as a weird item to you?

Chomper: Well, actually, JD's not A PART of the Jedi Order, but he helps them. As for me, Jack gave me this lightsaber when Oogie took over Halloween town, and to answer your question about why JD didn't tell you about his secret, is because you think he lost his mind, or that you'll tell someone about this, or something.

Me: Come on, I wouldn't tell, and answer this, who or what was that, that attacked me?

*Chomper looked at the robot, and chuckles sheepishly*

Chomper: Sorry about that. Thud built the T-100 as a prototype, but went haywire, and thought he shut this thing down!

Me: From the Terminator, when Thud gets here, I'm gonna kick him in nuts! I mean it, I'm not playing.

Chomper: *chuckles*.

*Just then, Richard heard my voice.*

JD: Richard? Richard? *He and Chomper then saw me enter the room.* There you are. I've been looking all over fo...*turned and saw Chomper standing there. Then at Richard, with a surprised look.* Richard,'s not what it looks like.

Me: Uh yeah it is, you didn't tell that Chomper visited, and look at damn robot, it tried to kill me.

JD: Ummm...actually, Richard, Chomper lives here with me

* I have a shocked look on my face as I got something.*

Me: Oh thanks for telling me this, I got something for you.

* I walk over to JD and kicked him in the nuts, JD falls to the floor as I laugh.*

*Unaware to Richard, the JD that he thought that he kicked was nothing but a battle droid. I appear behind Richard, tapped on his shoulder.*

JD: Richard?

Richard: *turned around* Yes?

*I hit Richard on the head with a mallet, causing Richard to have a silly look on his face, and he fell to the ground, while the sound of a cuckoo clock was heard. Then, Richard recovers from the experience and saw me first then at the battle droid, with a surprised look.*

JD: Luckily, I knew you were going to do that, so I had a hologram version be placed on this battle droid! HAH!

Me: Oww! I was about to say you been kicked in the nuts.

* I point to the camera on the self, as JD realized his mistake.*

JD: Dude, that's just my security camera and luckily for me, I can edit that camera to look like you really hit me in the nuts. No problemo! *the battle droid grabbed the camera and took it to the video editing room.* Sorry about that Richard, about everything!

Me: Damn right, can you and Chomper do something for me?

JD: What is it?

Me: Get me a black sweat shirt and pants, along with sun classes and orange fluffy wig?

JD and Chomper: WHY!

Me: Chomper tell JD what I said to you, before I saw his hologram. Tell What I plan to do.

Chomper: Oh. *whispers to me about what Richard.*

JD: Oh. I get it now. Sure, but first. Let me introduce you to my friends to you. How does that sound?

Me: Friends? Who are they?

JD: Follow us!

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The three arrived at a pool that's the size of half the Atlantic ocean.*

Me: What am I looking at?

JD: You'll see! Chomper?

*Chomper nods and ran to the laptop, where he clicked on the keyboard for a few minutes, till they heard a roaring sound. Richard was about to ask till he saw something surface in front of them. He saw a huge lizard, with blue spikes on his back, orange eyes, and skyscraper-size height. Richard recognizes who this lizard is. I walked fearlessly to him, and rub his muzzle.*

JD: Hey big guy! *turned to Richard* Richard, meet Godzilla. Godzilla, meet Richard.

*Godzilla looks at Richard, sniffs, and opens his mouth, and licks him as a way of saying hello.*

* I smile at Godzilla.*

Me: Hello Godzilla.

* I turn to JD.*

Me: How did you get him inside the house, without anybody noticing?

JD: With a secret tunnel that me and the others built underground.

*Godzilla looks at Richard, with curiosity, and Richard was about to be surprised what Godzilla's going to do next.*

Godzilla(mental link): Hi Richard!

* I was shocked to hear Godzilla.*

Me: How did you talk?

Godzilla(mental link): Father taught me how to talk with my mind. *nuzzles me*.

JD: I sure did.

Me: What a minute, JD is your new step father, how did he teach you?

Godzilla(mental link): My dad was taught how to use his mind with Master Yoda. Yoda taught my dad good, and that how my dad taught me how to speak with my mind.

Me: Like said, JD is your new step dad.

Godzilla(mental link): Yep!

Me: Hey JD, Chomper, can you two get me ready so I can kick Thud in the nuts.

JD: Sure! *cupped my hands* MAKE-UP!

*Just then, some droids have appeared out of nowhere, and place some wardrobe on Richard, up to where he wears the exact thing that he requested.*

* I come dressed in the way I wanted it, then I hear a sound coming from outside.*

Me: What is that sound?

JD: Just some clone troopers heading their way, with another prisoner, with Guido, Screech and Thud on their way.

Me: I'm going to hid, just give me some signal without directly talking or calling me.

* I hide in a dark closet, as JD go see his friends.*

*Richard hides in the closet, but opens slightly, as he sees clone troopers, marching, with a prisoner he recognizes as Wat Tambor from Ryloot. Walking besides them are Screech, Thud and Guido. Me and Chomper came by and saluted the Clone Troopers and Captain Rex.*

JD: *salutes* Captain Rex. Nice to see you and the others captured Wat Tambor.

Captain Rex: It wasn't easy, we had to destroy those battle droids, but we got him. * See's a battle droid holding a camera* Why is that battle droid holding a camera?

JD: Ummmm...for your success of capturing Wat Tambor.

Chomper: Umm...yeah! That's it! *chuckles sheepishly.*

* Had a grin on his face, he knew what he used to do, when he was young*

Captain Rex: I know your up to something, so tell us.

JD: What! *scoffs* That's crazy! Why, that's crazy! I'm not NUTS!

*That's the SIGNAL! Richard readies himself.*

* I then ran out of the closet ran toward Thud, kicked him in the nuts.*

Thud: Ow!

* Me, JD, Chomper, Captain Rex and the other clone troopers laugh*

Me: You thought that was a good shot.

* Screech chase after me*

Me: Oh my god, I never scared like this in my life, excuse me.

* I stop and kick Screech in his nuts, as everybody laugh.*

Me: Hey Screech and Thud, you been kicked in the nuts.

* I point to the camera, as Thud and Screech laugh.*

*After a good laugh, I introduce Richard to Rex, the clone troopers, Screech, Thud and Guido.*

Richard: So, let me get this straight, Rex. You said that Guido defeated a Droid army, infiltrated the base, and captured Wat Tambor?

Rex: Yes he did.

Guido: I took down those droids no problem at all!

* I laugh at Guido, I don't think that a small Flyer can take out an army of battle droids.*

Me: Guido, I really don't see how you can fight against those battle droids.

* As I take off the sweat pants and shirt, along with the wig and sunglasses.

Richard:*turns to me, while laughing* Can you believe it! Guido? Defeating a droid army by his *lowers his hand up to Guido's height* size! *continues to laugh, then turned expecting to see Guido, only to see a black armored creature, taller than a human, staring at him with his one gleaming red eye. Richard gasped at the sight. In place of Guido, is a armored creature, taller than a human(2 feet), with a helmet that has a red eye on the center, with the helmet resembling a bird holding the eye with its mouth, has sapphire pearl circles at the end of its wings(the wings are on his back), metal claws on his hands and arms. Richard realizes that it's Guido, towering over him, in his armor mode.*

Guido: You were saying! *took out his Wedge Sword, pointing the tip at Richard.*

Me: Holy Shit!

Guido: What was that you said about me taking down the droids by my size? *points the sword closer to Richard's chest.*

Me: Hey I'm sorry, I was just think how it wasn't possible that you could fight against an army of battle droids.

Guido: *places his sword back, and pats Richard's back* That's alright. I forgot to mention to you about HOW I defeated the droid army. AND don't even think of hitting me in the nuts, cuz if you do...

Me: You'll do what?

*Guido grins evilly under his helmet, for the torture that he has in store for Richard. Guido fly's upwards, and his wings cover his whole armor body, except his eye. Just then, a bright ball of light began to form.*

JD: *leaned to Richard.* NOW you done it! *me and the others, except Richard, hid behind some crates and other things. Richard was confused at this, till he saw Guido.*

Guido: WEDGE COUNTER...*then his steel wings uncover his body, as his sapphire pearls brightened, before unleashing a barrage of Guido's steel feathers, as if they were daggers, down to Richard*...STORM!

*Richard runs in fear at the barrage of the steel feathers.*

Me: Hey Stop! Okay, Okay, Okay, please Stop.

* Guido stops.*

Me: I only wanted kicked Thud in the nuts because of that damn robot on the floor.

* I point to damaged robot*

Me: And I also wanted some fun, that's it.

Guido: Well, that goes to show you that you DON'T want to mess with ME! *fly's down in front of Richard.* Besides, I just wanted to show you the move I used against the army of Droids.

Chomper: Yeah! Guido's Wedge Counter Storm REALLY came in handy against the Battle droid army.

Rex: AND if he didn't use that move, heh, we wouldn't have lived to see the day!

*Glass shatter, as battle droids came inside and started shooting, JD and Chomper pull me down to the floor.*

JD: Stay down!

*Soon a figure came into the house,as Me,JD, and Chomper know who it is.*

Me, JD, and Chomper: General Grievous.

Grevious: Well, well, well. If it isn't my archnemesis, Judgment Dragon. I have come here for something that you have.

JD: Take the battle droids, they're all yours!

Grevious: I'm afraid that I want something more important...*looked at Richard.*

JD: Richard?

Grevious: Yes!

JD: What do you want with my friend?

Grevious: None of your concern, BOY! *took out his lightsabers*

*Before Richard can do anything, Guido already took out his lightsaber, and points it at Grevious.*

Grevious: You dare fight against me?

Guido: If it means keeping Richard out of your hands, then yes. * Guido turn to Me.* Run Richard get out of here.

* I pull out my airsoft weapon, fired a round and ran of the room.*

Grevious: Guards, get him!

*The MagnaGuards ran off to chase after Richard, while Grevious and Guido fight in a lightsaber duel.*

* Get out of the house, Get in my Semi and drive away, as JD and Chomper use their lightsabers to fight against the guard, Grevious see's me driving away.*

Grevious: I don't have time for this.

* Grevious gets on his ride, and chases after Richard along with battle droids, as Guido follows them.*

*Me and Chomper defeated the droids, and turned to see Richard drive away, with Grevious in pursuit, and behind Grevious is Guido, trying to save Richard. Me and the other clones then ran off to the cruiser.*

* I am driving my Semi, as I look in the mirror, I turn on to a highway.*

Me: Try to catch me now, bitch!

* As JD, Chomper, and the others watch the chase from above.*

JD: Rex. See if you can stop Grevious' ship.

Captain Rex: Sorry JudgmentDragon, I can't risk getting spotted by the people of earth.

* Everybody on the cruiser, then saw Grevious' ship drop Grevious and some battle droids on speeders, as I keep driving, I see a battle droid tank, then I got an idea, as I shift my gear, as the Semi gains speed, soon I made contact with the tank, crashed into it and moved it out of the way cause damage to the tank and also knocking a battle droids off their speeders, while the damage to the semi is just a broken right head light.*

JD: What's Richard up to?

*My question was soon answered when Richard's truck made contact with a battle droid tank, pushing it, and the tank destroyed some battle droids. We were surprised at this.*

JD and half of the group: DAMN!

*Captain Rex smiles as he is impressed.*

Captain Rex: It seems your friend, will not go down without fight, won't he JudgmentDragon?

JD: No he won't, Rex. Not by a chance. *I then saw something surface behind Richard, and gasped. A being surfaced behind Richard. I can see the feature of the creature. It's a metallic being with a tatical-like mask on it, has a scythe-like weapon, and has a hole on its left chest, with a green aura in it.*

JD: *comlink* Richard! Behind you!

* I turn round and see What JD saw, I punched the being, then opened the door, and threw him out into the road and closed my door.*

Me:*comlink* Thanks JD, for your sharp eyes.

JD: *comlink* It ain't over yet!

*Richard turned around and saw the monster again, this time up to the size of a house, a two story house. The monster then roars at Richard, and grabs Richard's car. Richard looks around for a weapon to get the monster off his car.*

* I grab an Uzi and turn to the monster*

Me: Eat lead.

* I shoot at the monster, as the monster gets crushed under the wheels.*

Me:*comlink* Oh roadkill.

*But then Richard's about to get a BIG surprise, as the Chariot rose up, with absolutely no damage on his body, although Richard can see the damage, they disappear, for the monster has the ability to regenerate(or heal itself), like Wolverine. The monster then grabs the front of the vehicle and lifts it with it's strength. Richard shoots the creature, damaging it, but no dice. The monster shakes the vehicle, resulting Richard of dropping the Uzi, down to the ground.*

* Just when I was doomed, I grab an grenade launcher, and fired it a few time, and threw a grenade, as the grenade explodes as the monster drops my semi, as drive away again, Grevious came up to the monster.

Grevious: Kill that thing.

*Droideka's came and killed it, as Grevious and the other half of the battle droids are chasing after me again.*

*Unaware to the group, the supposedly dead monster stood up, and looked at the direction of where Richard, Grevious and the droids went, and ran at a incredible fast speed.*

* Meanwhile Grevious and the battle droids came right behind my semi, as I got an idea, I slam the brakes on them, Grevious stops, but the battle droids stopped too late, as they got destroyed, then I shifted the gear, as Grevious came next to my Semi as pulled out his gun, as I pulled an MP5K, as a gun duel begins.*

Grevious: Stop resisting boy, and I would see that Lord Sidious won't HARM you.

Me: I rather fight and resist, then join the dark side!

Grevious: Then SO BE IT! *Grevious was about to reach for his lightsabers, when...*


*Grevious then looked in the front to see a black blur flying towards the two. Richard sees a giant bat. But not just a bat, but a Pokemon bat. This is Gliscor. Gliscor uses his steel wings and hits Grevious' ship, causing it damage.*

* As Gliscor gets inside my truck, Grevious then jumps from his speeder and lands on the back of my Semi, as I heard noise.*

Me: *Comlink* Do I got something on my truck, over?

Gliscor: *turned to see Grevious on the back of Richard's truck.* Yeah, Grevious!

Me: Oh hell no!

*I start trying to shake Grevious, Grevious see battle droids on speeders.*

Grevious: Kill the Pokemon, but I want the human alive.

*The battle droids started shooting at my semi, as I try to run them over, as I hit a few cars.*

Gliscor: I don't think we can avoid them easily Richard!

*I see the monster from earlier, as I got an idea.*

Me: There is only one way to stop them.

*I shift the gear, and head for monster.*


Me: Hell yeah. We jump now.

* I opened the door, as Me and Gliscor jump, Grevious also jumps, as my Semi hits the monster, as the Semi explodes.*

*Me and the others saw the explosion of the Semi.*

JD and the others: OH SHIT!

JD: *in my thought* Please be ok!

*Meanwhile, Richard and Gliscor stood up from their experience and looked at the fire.*

Richard: Think we got him!

*Unfortunately, Richard's question was answered, for the two saw the monster, unharmed by the Semi's impact.*

Me: Damn!

* Then a green laser, hit the monster, as he fall down, Me and Gliscor are confused, then someone grabbed me, as Gliscor turns around and saw Grevious, as Gliscor was about to strike, Grevious points his lightsaber to my neck.*

Grevious: Back!

Gliscor: You're not going anywhere.

Grevious: Unfortunately, kill him!

Then Battle droids, Super Battle droids, and Droideka's start shooting at Gliscor, as he fights them, as Grevious take me to his ship and the ship take off, as JD, Guido, Chomper, and the others help out Gliscor.

*Me, Guido, Chomper and the others arrived and helped Gliscor defeat the droids. It took a few minutes to defeat them, but we managed.*

JD: Good work everyone! Now we just need to find...*looked around* Richard? Richard? *turned to Gliscor* Where's Richard?

*Gliscor points his pincer up to the sky and saw Grevious' ship, with Richard inside of it, as they flew into hyperspace.*


*Rex ran to the monster and surveys it.*

Rex: The creature's alive sir! But unconscious.

JD: Take him back to my house.

Rex: Yes sir!

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Me and the group arrived back at my place, only to see the head council of the Jedi Order, from Master Yoda, Mace Windu, Anakin Skywalker, Obiwan Kenobi, and some others as well.*

Jd: Hey there. Why are you here?

Obiwan Kenobi: We are looking for Gervious, we is looking for something, that we don't know, what.

Guido: Well, we do. Grevious came for Richard, our friend. We don't know why though.

*Yoda signs as his worst fear, is becoming a reality.*

Yoda: If Grevious, has your friend, then Darth Sidious has the one who will help save the universal from and this planet from falling into dark side.

Guido: That's right! We have to stop them from turning Richard into the dark side.

Yoda: We will begin our search for your friend, hum.

*JD though for a moment, then got worried about Richard's mother.*

JD: Before we begin, I must see Richard's mother, she must be worried about him, I must tell her a cover story of what happened to Richard, so we can begin.

?: And while your at it, we'll start on trying to find your friend Richard.

*I looked down to the source of the voice, and see a rabbit with long ears, and a horn on his head. His name is Terriermon.*

Anakin: Exactly. And I hope Terriermon doesn't prank me while we search for Richard.

Terriermon: Momentai, Anakin. Besides, you and the others are lucky that we helped you guys fight the Separatists.

Windu: Now we must hurry, Grevious is after seven more targets.

JD: What do you mean by seven more?

Yoda: Grevious may have your friend, but needs seven more.

Windu: One of the targets are with us, right now.

* Everybody looks at Chomper.*

Chomper: Me?

Windu: Yes, along with your friends from the Great Valley.

Guido: WHAT?

Yoda: But, prevent Grevious capture your friends, we can. Hurry, we must!

Obiwan: Master Yoda's right. If they capture you and the others, they'll be sure to use them to the advantage.

Terriermon: Not only that, but if they turned to the dark side, we'll have no choice but to fight them in our Champion forms(the digimon's champion forms).

JD: I'll go talk to Richard's mother, and give her a cover story.

* Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

* JD arrives at my house, JD knocks o the door, as my mom answers.*

Richard's Mom: JD, what's going on, where is my son?

JD: Can I talk to you.

*My mom nods as JD walk into my house.*

*As I entered her house, I did a cover story that Richard was kidnapped by terrorists. She told me to bring him home safely. I nodded and exited her house.*

*JD unites with the others, as they race ahead of Grevious.*

* Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Grevious is walking, as Grevious' guards are dragging Me, as I resist them.*

Me: Let me go, you bastards!

Grevious: Struggle all you WANT boy, there's no escape! So stop RESISITING!

*Grevious keep walking until he see's Count Dooku.*

Grevious: Count Dooku, I brought you the one.

Count Dooku: Good, I want to be alone with him.

Grevious: *bows down in respect* As you wish my lord!

*Both he and the MagnaGuards left Dooku and Richard alone.*

Dooku: You must be Richard. The kid who knows of our existence.

Me: Yes, but how do you know my name?

?: Because I told him about you!

*Richard gasped at the voice he recognizes, and stared in horror of the figure walking in. The features he can see is that he's a man, but his whole body's red, has a pipe, and has yellow eyes. Richard recognize him as Father(from Kids Next Door).*

Me: Father from Codename Kids Next Door. What are you doing here?

Dooku: *raises his brow* You want to know? Lord Father's the new Sith Lord, like me, Ventress, and Lord Sidious himself.

Father: Yes, but I still use my own abilities, with the additional force abilities. *chuckles darkly.*

Me: You have got to be kidding me.

Father: I'm afraid I'm not, kid! For you see, Lord Sidious saw how powerfully my darkness is, and decided to enroll me as a Sith Lord. And Lord Sidious is impressed by my skills in using a lightsaber, and once we defeat the Republic and the others, WE WILL SOON RULE THE UNIVERSE! *laughs evilly, while his body became surrounded by flames.*

* I really got confused.*

Me: But what does this have to do with me and what are you going to do with me?

Father: *his fire died down* You see my boy, Lord Sidious has told me about some...prophecy.

Me: What prophecy?

Father: That you, Chomper, Guido, and the other dinosaurs are said to destroy the dark side, bring peace to the world...BUT, if the chosen ones turned to the dark side...*chuckles darkly*.

Me: Let me guess, the other way around.

Father: Exactly!

* I chuckle.*

Me: I already told Grevious, I will never join you, so what makes you think that I'll join you?

Father: Oh, we have ways, my BOY. *turned around* Pete! Get over here!

*Richard sees a familiar character from a video game come in the room.*

Pete: Yes, Lord Father?

Father: See what you can do with the boy here! I want him to be consumed by the darkness and join the dark side.

Pete: Yes, Lord Father.

*I laugh like Jim Carrey.*

Me: Your way too easy, Pete. I'll bust you up, real good.

Pete: Oh, we'll see about that! Guards, grab him!

*Two Super Battle Droids grabbed Richard and dragged him with Pete.*

* I kick Pete to the ground, then I do some Jackie Chan moves on the Super Battle Droids, destroying them, I turn to Pete.*

Me: Hey Pete, come and get me, fat ass.

*I start running.*

*Pete groans* Pete: Heartless Squad! GET HIIM!

*As Pete ran after Richard, some Heartless and Battle Droids ran after Richard.*

Me: Heartless, oh hell yeah, this keeps getting better and better, by the minute.

* I pull out two Walther PPK's out, as the music for the matrix lobby scene is played in the background.*

*The Heartless and the Droids arrived where Richard's running to, and began to shoot him, while the Heartless fights Richard.*

* I start shooting at all of Heartless, they were soon gone, I wasted my pistol's ammo, but pulled out two mp5k's and start shooting at the battle droids, which caused a lot of damage to the droids, as Dooku and Father are very impressed.*

Father: I'm impressed boy. BUT can you handle THIS! *snaps his fingers*.

*Richard saw something appearing from behind the metal door. A huge zombie monster walks out of the room. Richard sees that it has four arms, two for holding chainsaws, and other two, swords, and its body's completely covered by armor. The Zombie roars.*

Father: Allow me to introduce you to one of MY prototypes; D.E.A.T.H. Beserker! ATTACK!

(D.E.A.T.H. roars and charges at Richard, weapons swinging.*

* I start running, as I pop a smoke grenade, D.E.A.T.H. is looking for me, but don't see me, until.*

Me: HEY!

* D.E.A.T.H. turns around, but to be shot in the head, as I fired a shotgun, D.E.A.T.H. falls over, as Father picks one of the ammo to realize that the ammo are quaters, as I jump back down, as I turn to Pete.*

Me: Hey Pete.

Pete: What?

* I then kick Pete in his nuts, as he falls over.*

*D.E.A.T.H then stood up, with a regenerated head, and roars, and chases after Richard, with more beserk in him.*

*I then pulled a dart gun a few zombie poison darts, as I aim it at D.E.A.T.H., the dart hits the head as the D.E.A.T.H roars in pain, as it falls down to the ground, and this time not getting up, as I turn to both Dooku and Father.*

Me: No more zombie tricks, I will fight both of you.

*Both Father and Dooku pulled out their lightsabers and positioned themselves.*

Father: Bring it!

Me: You first, but first, give me a lightsaber, because I don't have one.

*Father rolls his eyes at this.*

Father: FINE! *throws a lightsaber at Richard.*

* I turn on the lightsaber, as Dooku and Father attacked at once, but blocked their attacks.*

Dooku: Let's see how you'll stand up against two Sith Lords fighting you, Richard!

Father: This should be quite the entertainment, Lord Tyranus!

Dooku: Indeed it will, Lord Father!

*Both pushed Richard away a few feet and charges at him.*

I block two attack from both Dooku and Father, as I try to fight back, as I jump to a high area.

Father: What are you doing up there?

Me: Staying away, from you two.

*Both Father and Dooku did a super jump and reached Richard.*

Father: Nice try!

* I jump down, as I ran to the door and cut the door half way, as I get attacked again.*

Father: Where do you think your going!

*Both Richard and Father fought in a lightsaber duel.*

Me: Into the darkness.

* With my free hand, I grabbed my mp5k, and start shooting at the lights, soon the room is dark, I turn off my lightsaber and ran and hid behind something, as Dooku and Father look for me.*

Father: Do you think your clever kid? Ha! You have forgotten one thing boy! We have the force, so that we can sense you, even in the darkness!

Me: Then explain why I don't have the force and why everybody kept this secret from me.

Father: *chuckles darkly* All the more reason to finish you off!

* I jump up and climb on some chain, to escape.*

Father: You can run, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!

Me: Damn right on that one.

* I still keep climbing.*

Father: Send in the Droidikas!

*The Droidikas row down the path where Richard might be!

* The Droidikas start shooting at me, as I dodge and escaped.*

Richard tripped and fell to the ground, then saw the Droidikas' marching to him. Just as they were about to shoot, the Droidikas were attacked by a giant Pincer, squashed by it. Richard sees the Pincer drew back, and he looks outside, and saw...a giant Gliscor staring at him.*

Gliscor: Hey Richard!

Me: Gliscor, what are you doing here?

Gliscor: What do you think! We came to save you!

Me: Where is everybody?

*Gliscor moves from the window, as Richard sees the Republican ships, and Jedi fighter ships making their way towards the Separatist ship.*

Me: Well then, let's get the hell out here!

* Me and Gliscor head for a way out.*

Gliscor: Let's take a Separatist ship out of here!

Me: Which one?

Gliscor: The Vulture Droids!

Me: I like that, lets use it.

* As me and Gliscor get in, Father planted a tracking device on the Vulture Droid, as we take off and fly into space.

Me: Wow, this is really cool, I can get used to this.

*Just then, a group of Vulture Droids start to shoot them.*

* Just then Obiwan and Anakin destroy the vulture droids that were shooting at me and Gliscor.*

Me: Thanks, Obiwan and Anakin, I thought that Me and Gliscor were done for.

Obiwan: Nothing we can handle, right Anakin?

Anakin: Indeed master!

Ashoka: Let's head back to JD's home, everyone!

Me: No we can't, they will come back for me, and what is worst, Chomper, Guido, Littlefoot and the gang, are in danger, so I can't go back.

Obiwan: Don't worry about that, Richard. JD has a secret base where no one can find it!

Anakin: For right now, we need to regroup and think of a plan to save the others from Father's grasp!

Me: Not just Father, but also Count Dooku and General Grevious too. And I like that plan.

Anakin: Master Yoda and the others are waiting for our arrival.

Ashoka: And the base's immune to the tracking devices, so no chance that Father nor anyone knows where it is.

Obiwan: Which is a good thing Judgment programmed it in his security system!

Me: Let's head there. You guys got to watch this.

* I then did an airshow move from space, while the Jedi just watch as we head back to the secret base.*

Ashoka: Looks like you got some competition, sky boy.

Anakin: I sure do, Snips.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

Obiwan: There's the base!

*Richard can see my base below them.*

Me: I see it, over.

* I get the landed gear out, as Me, Obiwan, Anakin, and Ashoka land safely, as Me, Gliscor, Obiwan, Anakin, and Ashoka get out of our ships, as JD walks over to me.*

JD: Richard, your safe and unharmed.

Gliscor: IT was nothing!

JD: Richard, there are some people you should meet.

* Yoda, Windu, and the other Jedi's come.*

JD: Richard, I would like you to meet Mace Windu and Master Yoda and the other Jedi Order!

Me: It is an honor, to meet you.

* I bow my head.*

Terriermon: *ahem* Aren't you forgetting someone?

*I then saw Terriermon walking towards us.*

JD: Oh yeah. Richard, this is Terriermon. Terriermon, this is Richard.

Terriermon: Wats up!

Me: How do you do.

Terriermon: I heard that you knew all of the shows you watch. I'm just wondering if you heard about the digimon show you might've watch. Do you?

Me: Yeah once, I still remember you, but I don't know, if your show is still active.

Terriermon: Momentai, my friend. They still show it online you know.

JD: Anyway, Mace Windu and Master Yoda came here for a meeting about on stopping Father from kidnapping you and the others.

Windu: Judgment's right! Let's head inside and discuss this matter!

Me: Lead the way.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Everyone arrives at the meeting room, that's similar to the one in the Jedi Temple, but bigger.*

* I sit down.*

Me: So what's the plan?

Obiwan: First thing we need to do is get Littlefoot and the others from the Great Valley to over here!

Yoda: Rescue them, we must! Before captures them, Father does!

Me: The valley is easy, but only one person, will go against this, which is Mr. Threehorn.

Chomper: That's right, and he has a short temper.

Anakin: Even so, Father has his powers still, making him a tough opponent!

Me: But what about me, I don't have the force, how can me or others fight back, like you said Anakin, Father and Dooku are tough opponents.

Windu: True!

Obiwan: BUT, we did see how well Littlefoot and the others were against the Battle Droids, even Petrie using General Grevious' armor.

Me: Why would JD keep the secret about you guys, and why are we so good that the Sith lord wants us so bad?

Windu: First off, the reason JD kept all of this a secret is of your safety. And second, the Sith wants to rid of our existence!

Me: What does that got to do with us?

Yoda: If capture you and others, they succeed. The dark side stronger, it will be!

Me: So trying to keep me out of harms way failed, Count Dooku and Father tried to turn me into a Jedi and turn me into their side, so I just fought to escape, but did not get into my anger.

JD: Well, at least we know you can fight.

Windu: But it'll still be hard to fight the two by yourself.

Me: Thank goodness, I didn't fall into the dark side, but what happens if I get captured again, but this with Littlefoot and the gang?

Windu: We're not sure about that yet! All we know is that they're looking for you and the others to turn to the dark side!

Terriermon: But, we're almost one step closer on finding out who Darth Sidious is!

Me: I already know who Darth Sidious is, but I can't tell you, because it has not happened yet, so I will let you figure it out yourselves.

Terriermon: Let me guess, you watched the movie!

Me: Yes.

Terriermon: *grumbles* Show off!

Me: Hey I heard that! I saw it when it came out, the people on earth think you guys are just pure fiction, but JD and I now know that you guys are real.

Yoda: *chuckles* Blame them, I do not.

Me: Thank goodness, you don't, I'm not going to sugar coat it, you understand, anyway are we going to come up with a plan, or just talk away while the evil forces try to capture Littlefoot and the gang.

Obiwan: That's what we're thinking about. Like you said, Topsy won't agree with us to take his daughter, not even the adults there will let us!

Anakin: We have to find a way to convince them the dangers that they'll face!

* Come up with an idea.*

Me: Why don't we tell them about Grevious, Count Dooku, and Father, will come after them, and tell them that they have already kidnapped me once, but escaped.

Windu: We already tried that! Didn't work!

Terriermon: They think that we're making this up.

Me: Let me try, I think I know how to get them to understand of our problem.

Terriermon: I don't know, Richard. Topsy can be temper about this...

Me: Let him try to crush me, but I be okay, I have some tricks up sheave, I have some combat experience, and Mr. Threehorn is just only an open book.

Anakin: I think I'm starting to like this kid!

Me: What are we waiting for? Let's get going.

Obiwan: Then, it's settled! I'll go tell those two Sharks to start on the time machine!

Me: Sharks?

Anakin: I think it's time we introduce Richard to our shark friends. *walks besides Richard, Obiwan, Terriermon, and me. Anakin pats Richard's back.* I hope your ready to meet them!

Me: I'm scared, Anakin.

Anakin: *Chuckles* Don't worry. Those two won't harm you!

Obiwan: We promise!

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Me, Obiwan, Anakin, Terriermon and Richard arrives at the pool.*

Me: Where are they?

Obiwan: Over there! *points to the two shark fins moving around.*

Anakin: *calls them out* Hey you two! Get over here!

*The two shark fins then moved to where the group are and made their way. Then, the two fins stopped, revealing a tiger shark and a hammerhead shark.*

JD: Richard, I would like to introduce you to Kenny the Tiger Shark and Dan the Hammerhead shark.

*Richard was about to hear from the two sharks that he never heard from before.*

Kenny and Dan: Hey there!

Me: Hello there, I'm...

Kenny: Richard.

*Richard's jaws drop, cartoon style*.

Dan: Yeah, we know about you.

Obiwan: These two have been helping us with some technology on the battlefield.

Me: No kidding. I know you, your Kenny, but I don't you yet.

Dan: It's Dan. Dan, the hammerhead shark.

Kenny: He appears in the episode of 'My old School', and 'SeaSick'.

Me: I heard that Obiwan said you guys are setting the time machine for us.

Dan: Yep! We just got it done a few hours ago!

*Both Kenny and Dan jumps out of the pool and stood on their fin legs(they walk like humans.)

* Kenny pushes a button, as the time machine surfaced out of the water.*

Me: We are in business, but what about Screech and Thud, are they coming too?

Obiwan: Yes.

Anakin: They'll come in handy later on!

Terriermon: Ok then. I'll go and get the others to tell them to get here as soon as possible! *ran to get the others.*

* Soon Terriermon came back with the Jedi Order, Chomper, Guido, Screech, and Thud, as I walk over to them.*

Me: Screech and Thud, hey no hard feelings about earlier.

Thud: That's alright. It was my fault for not knowing that the machine's on the whole time.

Me: Good. Now lets go everybody. Race you.

* I run and enter and enter the time machine, as the others follow.*

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The group arrives at the Great Valley.*

Me: Wow, I always dreamed about coming here, now it has come true.

Anakin: Yep!

Kenny: Never thought I would see a beautiful place!

*I then see two old Longneck coming our way.*

Me: We got two Longnecks coming this way. * pointing my finger.*

JD: It's Grandpa and Grandma Longneck!

Grandpa Longneck: Nice too see you again, and you must be Richard.

Me: Yes sir, I am.

Grandpa: Well, I'm glad to meet you Richard. Now, what brings you all here?

Anakin: We came back here to talk about the Sith lord.

Obiwan: And the fact that he's coming to kidnap the others.

Chomper: He already kidnapped, Richard.

Guido: But he escaped.

Me: The others are going to be in danger.

*Both Grandpa and Grandma looked at each other, worried then at us.*

Grandpa: We'll have a meeting to discuss about this!

Me: Thank you both.

* Everybody is walking, as I feel something in my pocket, I then saw that it is a picture of a girl, which is my girlfriend, as JD, Chomper, Guido, Screech, and Thud walk over to me and look at the picture.*

Thud: Who's that girl in the picture?

Richard: Her name is Juliet! She's my girlfriend!

Thud: *sighs happily* Love. Just like how I felt when I met Penny.

Me: You met a girl, Thud?

Thud: Yep. She's not a raptor like me. But a human girl. *sigh in love*.

Me: What? You mean you fell in love with my species?

Thud: Yep!

Me: I thought there is suppose to be a border that our both species can't cross, which means we can not fall in love with someone that are different species?

JD: We thought so too, but Thud proved it wrong.

Chomper: If you think that's crazy, try having a hammerhead shark(Dan) be in love with a human girl. THAT'S crazier!

Me: Okay, you got a point.

* Soon we are at the meeting place, with all of the residents of the Great Valley, I then saw Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, and Ruby standing there, as they came to us, to see Chomper and Guido.*

Littlefoot: Chomper! Guido!

Chomper and Guido: Hey guys!

Chomper and Ruby hug each other, since they have not seen each other for while, as Littlefoot and the gang see me.*

Ducky: What is your name?

Me: I'm Richard.

Littlefoot: Nice to meet you!

Me: Nice to meet you in person, I know everything about you and your friends.

Cera: You do?

Me: Yes, Chomper and Guido, can you explain, I have a sore throat, right now.

Chomper: Sure!

*The few minutes, Chomper and Guido explains their friends about how Richard knew about them. Meanwhile, the Jedi Order are talking to the Residents of the Great Valley that came to the meeting.*

Obiwan: Everyone, I know that your wondering why we are back, but know why, but this is very serious problem, Littlefoot and the gang are in danger, all we ask is for your promise to take them to safety.

*The residents began to mutter at this.*

Resident: We already told you that we won't let you just come here and take the children.

Yoda: Richard here, he is. Unharmed, he will.

Resident: Who's this Richard?

Me: That would be me. I was the first victim to be kidnapped by the evil sith lord, but escaped.

*The residents began to murmer at this.*

Resident: Why did this 'Sith lord' capture you?

Me: Because he wants me to join him, to destroy the Jedi order and control the universe under his hands, that's what's going to happen to Littlefoot and the gang, if you don't let us take them peacefully to safety.

*The residents were unsure about this.*

Obiwan: I can sense that they're unsure about this!

Ashoka: Are you sure you know what your doing, Richard?

Me: Yes.

Anakin: Let's just hope they'll understand now.

*The residents were about to vote until Mr. Threehorn shows up.*

Terriermon: Oh no...

Obiwan: Looks like we're not going away easy this time!

* I turn to see Mr. Threehorn.*

Me: Aw Shit!

Topsy: Alright, what's going on here!

*He turned and saw Obiwan and the others.*

Topsy: YOU AGAIN! I thought we told you that we DON'T want you to take my daughter!

Me: That's why I'm here.

Topsy: And who the heck are you!

Me: If you listened earlier, I am Richard, the first victim to be kidnapped by the sith lord himself, but I escaped from him, now I'm here in person, and I know who you, Mr. Threehorn, I know you and know everything about you.

Topsy: *not buying it. Scolds* Yeah right! You and this 'Jedi Order' can just go back where you came from!

Me: If you don't let us, General Grevious will come after them, even your daughter, the same way he came after me, that's why I'm going to talk to you personally, I'll get you to understand, I can get worse than what you think, you have no idea, what I can do.

*Topsy stopped for a moment and thought. He did make a good point. This Richard kid said something about Grevious going to capture his daughter. He really cared about her, and Tria and Tricia too. So, he sighed in defeat and looked at Richard.*

Topsy: Fine! BUT if anything happens to my daughter, I'll won't back down this time!

Me: About time, because if you didn't let us, I was going to have no choice but to fight you, but thank the lord that I don't have to do that.

Yoda: Glad you agree, we are. Great gratitude, we own you.

* I was just standing until I passed out and fell to ground.*

JD: Richard!

* Everybody is running to me as then saw me shaking like crazy.*

Littlefoot: What's wrong with him?

Yoda: Fighting the Sith lord, he is.

Chomper: What should we do!

Yoda: Fight him, Richard has to. Defeat the Sith lord, he must!

* In my mind, I am walking, as I see a person siting, the person turns around, as I recognized the person.*

Me: Darth Sidious.

Sidious: Well, well, well. If it isn't my future Apprentice!

Me: Apprentice? So that why you chose me and others.

Sidious: Yes! You and those Insignificant creatures will make great apprentices to the Dark side!

Me: And you don't have hid from me, I know who you really are. *I smile.* Palpatine.

*Sidious was stunned at this. How did he know about it! That's impossible! No one knew about his secret identity! But regardless, he knows Richard won't tell anyone who he is, for they think he's making this up. So, he then continue to stare at Richard, as if nothing affected him.*

Sidious: So, you knew about my secret.

Me: Yes, the people of earth, made a movie called Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, I saw it, don't worry I'm not going to tell, beside they must find out about it, in the future, so you still got time.

Sidious: Even so, I will see that you turned to the dark side! *took out his lightsaber and turned it on.* And that is a skill I happen to be quite good in.

*Palpatine suddenly leapt into the air, a loud, deep screaming noise ripping from his mouth as he corkscrewed through the air and towards Bane. At the noise, Richard felt his body seizing up as if he was suddenly becoming paralyzed and his muscles were refusing to respond properly. Palpatine was using some kind of skill with the Force. It was known as Force-Scream, and could be used to incapacitate the unready and end a fight before it even began.

And the Chancellor Sith Lord was spinning towards Richard with a red blade flashing down towards his shoulder.

Not eager to lose an arm, Richard suddenly wrenched himself and at the last minute, he threw himself backwards, his muscles beginning to move properly again as he shook off the effects of the Force technique right at the last moment. The lightsaber cleaved the air where he'd been and he hit the floor with his shoulder, rolling into a crouching position further down the tunnel.*

Me: Oh and I'd learn some lightsaber moves from Count Dooku and Father.

* I pull out my lightsaber, as the fight begin.*

*Sidious and Richard fought in a lightsaber duel.*

* Soon the lightsabers made contact, as I ask.*

Me: If I'm one of chosen, then why do I not have the force?

Sidious: I'm afraid that's classified, boy! *uses the force to push Richard back a few feet.*

* I recover from that blow.*

Me: Don't tell me it's classified, you know the ways of the dark side, so tell me.

*Richard's and Sidious' ligthsabers collided once again.*

Sidious: I will not tell you, boy! For you might ruin it!

Me: I don't care.

*The lightsaber duel begin, I get to a higher area, Sidious uses the force, the higher area falls as I hang upside, by wires holding me upside down, as I drop my picture of girlfriend Juliet.*

*Luckily, Sidious was too busy with Richard, he doesn't EVEN noticed the picture fall.*

Sidious: Any last words before I turn you over to the dark side!

* I try to reach the picture, but can't get, Sidious wondered what I was doing, until he saw it, he walked over, picked up the picture, as I had a look on my face, that said, ' Aw shit!'*

*Before Sidious sees the picture, he sensed something coming his way.*

?: WEDGE COUNTER STORM! *A barrage of steel feathers appear out of nowhere, heading straight to the Sith Lord. Sidious jumps out of the way, dropping the picture in the process. Richard gave a sigh of relief, thankfully, Sidious didn't see his girlfriend's picture. And Richard's even more relived when he saw Guido(Armor Master mode) flew towards him, and helped him get off the wires that's strapped around his leg. In the process, after Richard lands, he grabs Juliet's picture and places it in his pocket.*

Guido: Richard wake up!

* I wake up back in the Great Valley, I won for now, but next time it will be different.*

*Richard stood up as he was on a rock. He saw me, Guido, Gliscor, Terriermon and the others that came to the Great Valley arrive here.*

Ashoka: Look who's finally awake!

Grandma Longneck: Are you okay?

*Dan walks to Richard and examines him.*

Dan: He's fine. He just needs time to recover from the battle that he had with Sidious.

Me: I finally figured out why Sidious chose me and the others.

Windu: You do?

Yoda: Sense it too, I can. Explanation, Richard has.

Me: He wants me and the others as his apprentices.

*We all gasped at the news that Richard gave us. Yoda grunts at the news.*

Obiwan: Are you sure, Richard?

Me: Yes. When I first saw him, he said, ' Well, well, well. If it isn't my future apprentice.' I say, ' Apprentice? So that's why you chose me and the others.' Then he said, ' Yes. You and those Insignificant creatures will make great apprentices.' I told him who he was, he was shocked that I knew who he really was, and I told him that I will not tell you, about his secret, then he got into fight and Guido saved me, which I really owe him, big time, is that good enough for you all?

Ashoka: Yep. That's it.

* I turn to Yoda.*

Me: Can I talk to you alone with JD, Chomper, and Thud?

Yoda: Sense something in you, I do. A story to be told, you have.

* Soon everybody left as I start talking.*

Me: How can you turn to dark side?

Yoda: Manipulate you, the Sith Lord has to. Anger, it takes to be in the dark Side.

Me: I was about that close away from the dark side, The sith lord almost had me, you want to why?

Yoda: Know about it, I do.

JD: But you can explain it anyway just to be sure.

Chomper: Because I have NO idea why.

* I then show my picture of Juliet to Yoda, JD, and Chomper.*

Chomper: Sidious found out about her?

Me: No. But he was close to look at it, but he didn't, thanks to Guido that woke me up.

Thud: That's our friend!

Yoda: A great ally, Guido is. Would have not fought in battle, if he haven't found that armor.

Me: But Master Yoda, what will happen if the sith see's my girl, what will he do to me?

Yoda: Threaten you, he would've. Turn you to the Dark side, made it easier.

* Then realize my worst fear ever.*

Me: Oh my God!

JD: What?

Me: What if he gets his hands on my files and then finds my girlfriend and uses her to turn me evil?

Chomper: He'll then persuade you into coming to the dark side!

Me: My files, even personal one are scurried, but the United States government and the United Nations won't be able to stop him, unless he hires a...

Thud: A what!

Me: A bounty hunter.

JD: Cad Bane...

Me: I was thinking Boba Fett, the son of Jango Fett.

Chomper: Either way, he'll hire one of them to get the job done.

Me: We got to get our hands on those files, before the sith lord does.

Thud: WHAT! You want us to break into government territory, so that we can just steal the files THERE!

Me: Trust me, I work for the CIA.

*Thud and Chomper's eyes widen with shock*.

Thud: Yyyyyyooou do!

Chomper: Are you going to turn me and the others there!

Me: If you mean turn you in, no.

*The two breathed a sigh of relief.*

Chomper: Oh, good. If you did turn us to the CIA, I wouldn't survive on what they might do to us.

Me: I wouldn't think of it. Lets get going. bring Littlefoot and the gang, we're gonna need them.

JD: Ok.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Me and the others exited the portal back at my base.*

Me: Now we must come up with a plan to get the files, I have an access card to the files.

Chomper: I got it! Guido can go there and get the files!

Me: This must be done by a team, and the government officials must be unharmed.

Guido: Which is why I'll contact my BlackWing Rebel's Squad!

Obiwan: You see, Guido here, is the leader of the BlackWing Tribe. He and his team can slip through security, can do silent kills, use stealth, and if it involves unharming the citizens, they'll knock them out immediately.

Ashoka: And they can disarm security systems, and other things in places.

Me: I'm coming with Guido and his squad, Boba Fett is going to be armed, and I will shot him on site.

*I grab an M16 with a grenade launcher.*

Obiwan: If you say so. It's your decision Richard, and we're not going to stop you!

Guido: I'll accept Richard's offer. Let's go Richard! *morphs into his Armor Master mode, as he grew up to human size, but two feet taller, and looked at Richard with his one eye helmet.*

* I put on a jacket, gloves, and sunglasses, as I load my weapons for this mission.*

Me: Let's move. Contact your squad, while we move.

Guido: Already did!

*Richard looked up and saw some humanoid bird soldiers make their landing outside the base. They kinda look like Guido's armor, but their helmet's center eye's green. One of them came up and salutes Guido.*

Scourge: Master Guido, we arrive here on short notice, sir!

Guido: Thanks Scourge! BlackWing Rebels, I would like you to meet Richard. He's going to help us get to the Government building.

Scourge: Pleasure to meet you, Richard. Us, BlackWing Rebels will help you on this mission.

Me: Nice to meet you, Blackwing Rebels. Now we must hurry, let's go.

Guido: You heard him, men! Let's go!

BlackWing Rebel: SIR YES SIR!

*The BlackWing Rebels extend their wings and fly's up, with Guido behind them. Richard gets in the Vulture Droid and fly's with them.*

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The group arrives to the Government building, and are from a distance. The Rebels land far from the Government building, with Richard landing the ship and exited the Vulture Droids.*

Me: I want to see this group in action, Guido.

Guido: *smiles in his helmet and looks at his men.* Scourge, show him!

Scourge: Yes sir! *looks at his soldiers.* Hacker, Stealth, follow me.

*The two Humanoid birdmen, named Hacker and Stealth, walked forward and follows Scourge. Guido hands Richard the binoculars that the clones use and sees the soldiers do their work. Scourge and the two flew behind some rocks and looks at the guards. He turns to his men and they turned invisible. Richard then turns on thermal vision in the binoculars, and sees them walk to the guards. He saw them walk behind them, and knock them out cold, then saw Hacker hack the entrance code and the doors open. Stealth then motions his claw hand and the others ran to the three..*

Me: Impressive, I could use you guy, you're like James Bond.

Scourge: Thanks for the compliment. Now, let's go in there and get what we need.

* We run in, I look to find the files, but I don't see the files.*

Me: I don't see them.

* Then we see Boba Fett running.*

Me: Stop Freeze!

* I shot Boba Fett in the leg, as he fall to the ground, and drops his weapons.*

*Boba Fett then grabs his extra blaster and starts shooting at them. Unaware though, Stealth came behind Boba Fett and tackles him, getting his arms behind his back, and handcuffed him.*

Stealth: Got him!

Me: Thanks Stealth. * I point my M16 at Boba Fett.* Try to shoot at us, huh Boba Fett. That don't work on us, man!

*All of the sudden, they heard heavy footsteps making their way to them. The group turned to see a tall man walking towards them. Richard can describe him having a long bullet-proof suit, from chest to toe, well technically, they can see his boots, and his whole skin's pale grey. The Rebels know who it is.*

Scourge: *coldly* Mr.X!

*Guido takes out his sword.* Guido: You guys go with Boba Fett while I'll handle Mr.X!

Me: Guido, I planted C4, the bomb will blow in three minutes, lets get the hell out of here.

* I start firing my weapon, as we all run.*

*Mr.X simply runs to the group, while the bullets hit Mr.X's bullet-proof suit, making him undamaged.*

* I fire beanbag from grenade launcher, as he went down, we surrounded him.

Guido: You're done for, Mr.X.

Scourge: And we'll see you in hell.

* I knock Mr.X out cold with the back end of my M16.*

Me: Lets get the hell out of here, before the cops get here.

*The group takes the two villains back to my base as the government base explodes.*

* We all arrive back at the back, as I approached Boba Fett.*

Me: Give me my files.

* I take my files back as we point are weapons at our two POW's, as everybody comes to us.*

Chomper: Did you get them!

* I smile as I show my files.*

Obi-Wan: Nice work!

Terriermon: You finally got the files, and don't have to worry about Sidious anymore!

Me: Well, for now.

Anakin: Richard's right. Sidious would do anything to get those information of Richard.

Terriermon: Don't worry, sky boy, we'll defend him!

Me: I got to ask Boba Fett a few questions.

* Then a person is on the screen, it is the Chancellor.*

Anakin: Chancellor Palatine.

*Terriermon then hid behind Thud, to prevent detection of the Chancellor.*

Palatine: I see that you have what we are looking for.

Obi-Wan: Yes Chancellor. Richard has captured the two and he got his files.

Palatine: Good. It's nice to meet you with my own eyes, Richard.

*Richard just simply stares at Palatine, because he knows his secret.*

Richard: Yes, sir.

Palatine: Can I talk to you alone?

*Richard nods at this, which caused me and the others to give them privacy by leaving them alone.*

Me: Hold on, just a minute. * I turn to Chomper and Guido.* Chomper, Guido, get in here!

* Chomper and Guido walk to me.*

Me: Bring Littlefoot and the gang, and I want you two in here with them, now go.

* Chomper and Guido left, to only come back with Littlefoot and the gang.

Me: You may begin Chancellor or should I say, Darth Sidious.

*Chomper and the others were stunned at this.*

Guido: Umm...Richard. Are you alright?

Chomper: Did you just called Chancellor, Darth Sidious?

Me: Yes, I just did, he had a secret that I knew.

Guido: Oh, Richard. You can stop joking about it. He's not Sidious...*looked at Palatine's hologram* Are you?

Palatine: The evil sith lord, yes.

*Guido and Chomper's eyes widen with horror at this.*

Me: I told you. * I turn to Littlefoot and the gang.* Surprised aren't you.

*The group nods at Richard's answer.*

Me: What can we do for you, Darth Sidious?

Sidious: I have just contacted you for a reason, Richard. Even though I'm a sith Lord, I called to warn you about something.

Me: About what?

Cera: Yeah.

Sidious: There's a man that has found some secrets that'll make him the MOST powerful man in the universe, more powerful than me!

Littlefoot: Do you know who?

Sidious: Unfortunately, no. Not even my apprentice knows who it is, for this man NEVER reveals his name.

Ruby: Maybe he doesn't want you to find him.

Me: I think this person want to be the one who wants to find anybody he wants, maybe he'll come to us.

Sidious: *chuckles darkly* Honestly, my boy. Do you think that this man would just appear to you, just like that! He knows everyone, even your friend.

Me: He'll tell me how to defeat you.

Sidious: I don't think this man would just give you his secrets that easy.

Me: Well see about that. Besides you are down for now, because I have myself, Littlefoot and the gang, even my files.

* I show my files.*

Me: I am always one step ahead of you, I don't why, maybe it's because I know you so good.

Sidious: Then answer this question my boy...If you know so much, then why don't you ENLIGHTEN me on who this man MIGHT be controlling the new armies! *raises his brow.*

Me: I know you because of the movies and shows I watch, you just now told us about this guy, we don't know who this guy is or why he is controlling the new armies.

Sidious: *chuckles* Well then, I have nothing else to say but this, these new armies that he created have NEVER been seen before in battle, NOR have been documented! *End of Transmission.*

* Soon as the Transmission ended, some smoke like vapors enter the room, it surrounds us, the bio-hazard alarms are off, as me, Littlefoot and the gang, pass out as JD, Thud, Screech, and may other come inside with gas masks on.*

JD: What the hell!

Thud: Where's the gas coming from!

JD: I don't know, but...*ran to the button, activating the ventilation's, sucking up the gas.*

* After the gas is sucked out, they see me changing, staring to see a pointed tail like a dinosaur, as they also see Littlefoot and the gang unharmed from the gas.*

Screech: He changing.

Thud: But Littlefoot and the gang are not.

JD: It's the transformation gas!

Thud: Let's get him and the others to the medical room.

*Me and the others got Richard and the others back to the Med Lab, where scientists and Dan are treating them.*

* JD, Thud, and Screech are waiting outside without gas masks on, soon Dan come out to them, as JD, Thud, and Screech stand.*

JD: Are they okay?

Dan: Littlefoot and the gang are fine, nothing back happened to them. But Richard... you guys better come look at this.

* JD, Thud, and Screech walk inside as they Littlefoot and the gang still in their forms, but instead of seeing me in human form, they see me as a Raptor like Thud and Screech.*

Dan: The Gas is a virus, it is in his blood stream, there is no cure for it. I'm Sorry, but there is nothing we can do.

JD: *sigh* That's fine, Dan. *patted the Hammerhead Shark's head.* You guys did what you can.

* I start to make a sound as JD, Thud, and Screech turn to me.*

JD: He's waking up!

*We saw Richard's raptor eyes open up and saw us staring at him.*

JD: Richard? Is that you?

Me: Yes, but why are you asking me that?

Dan: Umm, dude. I don't know how to tell you this, but...*took out a mirror and showed Richard's reflection.*

* I back up in fear, as I look at my reflection, to realize what I turned into.*

Me: I'm... a... raptor.

Dan: *places his fin hand on Richard's head.* I'm sorry dude. We couldn't do anything.

Me: That's okay, it wasn't your fault, it was Darth Sidious.

Dan: How can you tell!

Me: Because we were talking to him.

Dan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought you were talking to Palatine.

Me: What I'm about to tell you may shock you all.

JD: I watched the movie, Richard, so YOU can tell them.

Dan: *narrowed his eyes.* Tell us what?

Me: Palatine is Darth Sidious.

*Dan, Screech and Thud looked at Richard for a moment, then the three laugh at this.*

Dan: *laughs* Dude, I think the gas must've messed you brain, dude. I mean come on, you expect us to believe that Palatine's Darth Sidious! *continues to laugh*.

Me: Then ask Littlefoot and the gang when they wake up, they'll say the same the same thing.

*The three stopped laughing for a moment then looked at Richard.*

Dan: Ok then. We'll see if they're telling the truth or not!

* Soon we hear sounds coming from Littlefoot and the gang, as they wake up.*

Me: Now's your chance.

Dan: Alright then, but we can guaranteed you that it's all but a big misunderstanding, Richard! *walks to Littlefoot.*

Dan: Are you kids okay?

Littlefoot: Yes.

Cera: It's weird. One minute we were talking to Sidious, next thing we know it, a random gas surrounded us and we were knocked out.

Dan: You talked to Sidious?

* Littlefoot and the gang nod their heads.*

Dan: Ok, now I think I heard enough.

Me: I told you, but you all must do something for me.

Dan: And what's that?

Me: You cannot tell the Jedi order or the clones, about Palatine's secret, they have to find out about it in their future, so swear it, all of you, that includes you kids too.

Dan: Ok, ok. We'll keep it a secret. Besides, the digimon will find out with the proper evidence.

Me: Find him, tell him, and tell him to swear on it, right now I need to be trained on how to be a raptor. Screech and Thud can you help me.

Screech and Thud: You can count on us!

Me: Thank you, can we begin?

Thud: Sure! Let's head to the training room.

Me: Show the way.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The three fast biters arrive at the training room, where Captain Rex and Obi-Wan are. The two turned to Screech and Thud and Richard and greeted them.*

Obi-Wan: Hey *referring to Screech and Thud* you two, going for a little practice?

Thud: Yep! This time we brought our friend! *turned to Richard.*

Obi-Wan: And who might he be?

Thud: It's Richard!

Obi-Wan: Really? How did he turned into one of you?

Me: Gas attack.

Rex: Don't look like any ordinary gas attack Richard.

Obi-Wan: It seems you might've been caught by a DNA gas. JD had been exposed by that before.

Me: Oh my god! Why didn't it affect JD?

Rex: Apparently, he's immune to the gas' effects, including the T-Virus.

Obi-Wan: And any other virus put in him as well.

Me: T-Virus from Resident Evil?

Obi-Wan: Exactly!

Rex: You see, Dan and the scientists found the T-Virus in Wesker's lab, and brought it back here, and did some experiments on it. They perfected it and gave it to JD, and I have to say, now that the T-Virus' perfected, JD won't need some medicine to maintain it.

Me: You had to fight umbrella for it, didn't you?

Rex: It wasn't easy with Nemesis fighting against us. Nor Mr.X.

Thud: BUT, we did managed to reprogrammed Nemesis to fight on our side!

Me: I know Nemesis, the things real name is mac, Raccoon PD.

Rex: We knew that, Richard.

Me: I figured you did, is he here?

Obi-Wan: See for yourself.

*The group turned to the window to see Nemesis fight the Chariot.*

Rex: We reprogrammed the Chariot to be on our side.

Me: Cool. Can we begin my training?

Thud: Sure! *turned to Rex* Rex?

Rex: I know. I know. *activates the intercom* Alright, you two. Good practice. You may both head back to the barracks.

*The Two monsters nodded and walked to the Barracks.*

Rex: Richard, I'm going to put you in Screech and Thud's training level. They usually train in that level.

Me: Alright, start it up, Rex.

Rex: Yes sir!

*The three fast biters enter the training room, and readied themselves.*

Thud: Let's do this!

Rex: Starting their training...*pushes the button* NOW!

*The doors open, revealing some B1-Battle Droids and a robotic monster.*

Me: Oh shit! you better start teaching me because I don't know what to do.

Thud: Ok then. Watch us! *the two crouched themselves, like the tigers do when hunting prey, as the B1-Battle Droids starts firing at the three. Screech and Thud pounced at some of the droids, destroying them with ease.*

Thud: Your turn Richard! *slashed a B1-Battle Droid*.

* I repeat the move and pounce on the battle droids, destroying them.*

Me: I did it.

Thud: Keep it up, dude! *roars at a droid and took a bite of it.*

* I take a bite out of a battle droid destroying it, as I slash at another battle droid.*

*The three have fought the army of droids that are for the training, till they ended up with the three fast biters against the robotic monster.*

* Three attacked at once, ripping out cords, wires, chips, and etc, soon the robotic monster falls over as three emerge as they let out their victory roar.*

Obi-Wan: Outstanding! Don't you think Rex?

Rex: Yes sir! They did very well! Especially Richard here!

Me: Thank you.

Obi-Wan: Don't mention it, my friend.

Thud: You were great!

Me: Thank you. Now I have to ask Boba Fett and Mr.X a few questions. I need you two, Guido, and the black wing rebels with me.

Thud: You can count on us!

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The group arrives at the interrogation room.*

* I carry the English version Boba Fett's files, as I sit down across from Boba Fett, as the others stand.*

Me: Boba Fett, I finally get to talk to you in person.

Boba Fett: Why do you want with me! You already got your files!

Me: Yes, but I want answers.

Boba Fett: Like?

Me: was that you or sidious that launched the DNA gas on me, which turned me into a raptor.

Boba Fett: Heh. That's all you want to know! Well, if you must know, you raptor, the DNA was created by the crews of the Ishumaru.

Me: Why did he creature this gas and what for?

Boba Fett: How should I know? All I know is that they just gave me this gas and said to use it on you! That's all I know. Only they know the cure for it!

Me: What is the cure?

Boba Fett: Sorry kid, ya ain't getting it from me, because they didn't tell me about it. I woulda told you about it right now in a holocomm, but they were massacred by some strange murders.

Me: I heard Dirth Sidious say about a man that is more powerful then him, what does he mean?

Boba Fett: Heh. Now that, I'll tell you. You see, Darth Sidious heard this man's more dangerous than he expected. Some say he can take down Sidious himself, with some powerful armies.

Me: I heard about this guy building armies, what is his name?

Boba Fett: I don't know. All I know is that he doesn't give out his name. BUT, I do know who he works for. Have you heard of a man named...Slade!

Me: I know Slade.

Boba Fett: *chuckles* Well then, he's the man behind this army operation! But you Slade always hides in various different bases, so no telling where he might be boy!

Me: I know some people that might know where to find him, I'll contact them later, but right now I still want to asks more questions. Why did you turn me into a raptor and for what purpose?

Boba Fett: It's classified, my boy! And Slade only knows it!

Me: The people that I know will still try to look for it. now answer my question.

Boba Fett: The reason that your like you are their test subject for a project!

Me: What project?

Boba Fett: I don't know the full detail, but I do know it's name...Project R.A.P.T.O.R!

Me: I really don't want nothing bad happening to the people of earth.

* I take the picture of my girlfriend Juliet and put it on the table.*

Me: Take a look.

*Boba Fett looked at the picture, then at Richard.*

Boba Fett: There's nothing you can do kid. What's done is done! End of discussion!

Me: Okay your done here, but before you go, are you still going to be a bounty hunter in the future?

Boba Fett: What do you expect, kid? A change in mind? The Jedi have killed my father, therefore, I vowed revenge on them.

Me: I know that I saw it. Do you want to know the name of the Jedi that killed your father?

Boba Fett: Why should I listen to you! Your just a kid!

Guido: A kid who knows our history about us! Do you want to know who killed your father or not!

Boba Fett: Just say it! Would it matter to me!

Thud: It will when you hear his name. Richard?

*Richard nods at Thud then turned to Boba Fett.*

Me: His name is Master Mace Windu, he carries a purple lightsaber.

Boba Fett: I know it was him, kid. That's why I became a bounty Hunter. The reason why is because Slade gave me the info of it. Why would you tell me about it anyway? You just made me relive my nightmare. A nightmare that I thought I had gotten rid of ever since I became a bounty hunter.

Me: Well sorry if I brought bad memory's back to you, however, you won't be able to kill him, do you want to know why?

Boba Fett: Why did he killed my father!

Me: Maybe self-defenses. I haven't really asked him, but do you want to know how your father's killer will die?

Boba Fett: I heard that in the future, Darth Sidious' going to kill him, courtesy of Slade himself. HOWEVER, he did mention a change of the future...that the chosen one DIDN'T turned to the Dark Side.

Me: Are saying that me, Littlefoot and the gang have changed the future?

Boba Fett: Not exactly. I heard rumors that Alaya Secura and her crew, the 327th have been defeating the Separatists with ease somehow, but you guys weren't involve in that battle for you barely know about this.

Me: Got that right, and are you sure there is nothing I can do to save the people of earth and my girlfriend from the DNA gas?

Boba Fett: No. Unless you got the medical crew from the Ishumaru to help you, which I doubt they'll be alive to tell you, there's no point of saving this world.

Me: What happens if it spread thru the United States then the world?

Boba Fett: Then you're looking at a brand new army of creatures you have never seen before. In other words, your world is DOOMED!

*The group were shocked by this.*

Boba Fett: BUT, this virus may not be bad after all, for rarely, people would be unaffected by it, such as your friend and myself.

Me: How long do you think it will take to spread thru the United States and then the world?

Boba Fett: It would take months for them to complete the virus, so enjoy your last few months of freedom, if you can! That's all I can say. You may leave me!

Guido: I think we heard enough, Richard. Let's go!

Me: Okay, You are going to spend some time here in prison, a few years, but if you have good behavior, you can be released early, how do you like that?

Boba Fett: Fine.

Me: I'll come up with something for you, thanks, Boba Fett.

* I stand up, as we leave.*

*The group then arrive back at the lab, where me and Dan were examining the DNA gas that Richard was affected.*

Me: We learned some new information.

JD: Like what?

Me: Do you remember, Slade?

JD: Yes...

Me: He and this group called the Ishumaru are the ones who created the DNA gas, I was turned because they used me as their test subject for a project called Project Raptor.

Dan: Project Raptor?

JD: Does this mean that he's planning to create an army of raptors!

Me: Maybe, but why didn't the gas affect Littlefoot and the gang?

JD: Maybe the gas doesn't affect them, for they're already dinosaurs.

Me: Maybe that's it, but it still knocked them out cold, how come?

Dan: That's what we're researching on. We took a blood sample from one of them and we're studying it to see why it knocked them out!

Me: Which one?

Dan: We did Littlefoot's DNA first, then the others, and the results tells us the same results.

Me: Okay, Boba Fett also said, that when people are affected they will be under Slades control, but it will be made by his new partner general, now what to do, and they still got a few mouths before it is complete, we must stop it, before they launch it on the people of earth, I got to protect my girlfriend and my mom, form this.

Dan: Well we're not sure where this 'Ishumaru' is, nor it's location.

Me: Can the Teen Titans try to find Slade?

JD: We contacted them, but no dice.

Me: Maybe we...

* I then just stare into space.*

*Just then, Richard felt something hurt on his head, and the whole place changed from my base into a blood-stained hallway, where rotten corpses can be seen.*

Me: Oh my god.

* The vision changes from a blood-stained hallway to clouds, as I see a Lion with a red mane, I know who it is, as I bow to the Lion.*

Me: King Mufasa.

Mufasa: Richard. You have arrive here in the visions where you and your friends would arrive in the future.

Me: What did I see earlier?

Mufasa: What your seeing right now is you arrive at the place that the bounty Hunter mentioned earlier.

Me: Slades base?

Mufasa: The Ishumaru.

Me: Where is the Isumaru?

Mufasa: See for yourself.

*Richard looks out the window, and sees that he's in outer space.

Me: Wow. But what are we doing here?

Mufasa: What your seeing right now is where the hunter told you about these 'strange murders' happening here.

Me: The murders on Isumaru.

Mufasa: But not just any murders, Richard. For you see, the murders happen to be...*then the whole place began to glowed in a eerie red light, as Mufasa didn't get to finish his sentence as the place turned back to the Ishumaru's bloody hall. Just then, Richard heard a woman's voice that sounds like both a scream and a whisper too.*

?: Richard. Richard...

Me: Where are you?

?: I am a vision of the ones who touched the Marker, Richard.

Me: Can you at least show yourself?

*Richard waited for her manifestation, but no response. So, he walks down the path of the blooded hallway, and heard the voice again.*

?: You don't know what happened here, don't you boy!

*Richard looks around for the woman, then when he turned around, he saw her, only to be grabbed on the neck by her. He sees her feature as she wears a jump suit of some sort. And her body was decayed, sort of, and that her mouth and eyes glowed in a eerie white light.*

Me: What is your name?

Nichole: Nichole. Do you notice the rotten corpse here in the Ishumaru?

Me: Yes, but is Ishumaru a base or a planet? I though you called yourselves the Ishumaru?

Nichole: 'Us' the Ishumaru? You must be mistaken my boy. For the Ishumaru IS a Ship! And we work in it!

Me: If the Ishumaru is a ship, then what species are you?

Nichole: Why, humans boy. What you expect! And if your wondering about me, I'm nothing but a vision...a vision from the Marker.

Me: What is the Marker?

Nichole: You want to know kid? *drops Richard on the floor.* Find the lab where it'll show you a video of the Marker. *she extends her hand and a blue line appears to where the lab is.* Go on! Go there! *She then disappeared, leaving Richard to head to the lab.*

* head for the lab, as I play a video about the Marker.*

*Richard types something in the computer, when it shows a video of a man's face turning on the camera.*

Doctor: Subject is Nolan Stross. Session one-five-eight.

*The man turns the camera to another man, named Stross.*

Doctor: Now...*The doctor examines Nolan's eye*...the eye is looking better today? Yes, don't you think?

Stross: It hurts. Still h-hurts.

Doctor: Yes. I'll schedule you for another session tomorrow.

Stross:, no...I don't think I can take another session. I don't...

Doctor: *presses his holocheckboard* There...First thing tomorrow.

Doctor: Now let's talk about what you saw today. *leans close to Stross* Come on Stross. I'm here to help you.

Stross: It was black. Deep black, and glowing red, with symbols...symbols that...whispered to me...

Doctor: And what did the symbols whisper to you? Come on, Stross, what...

Stross: *confused* was just a shard-it was a shard...but it put so much stuff in my much shit in my head...There's no more room...for anything. I can't remember what she looks like. Why can't I remember what she looks like?

Doctor: The symbols, Stross. What did the symbols tell you?

Stross: They tell me it wasn't my fault...I didn't kill them...They didn't deserve this and I didn't deserve this! Fucker.

Doctor: Put back in stasis. Adjust his medication up 30 milligrams and we'll try another session first thing in the morning.

*The video ends.*

Me: Poor guy.

?: Well, well, well, you must be, Richard. You will be easy to kill.

* I turn to see another lion, but with a black mane and a scar over his left eye.*

Me: Scar. what are you doing on the Ishumaru?

Scar: Why, I'm hear because of the faith that you'll encounter in the future.

Me: What do you mean?

Scar: Where you and the others will be consumed by the Marker itself.

*But before Richard can respond, the same woman he saw earlier took out a needle and was about to strike, but Richard grabbed her arm and tries to push it back, preventing his eye to be poked.*


*Richard was struggling to keep the needle away from his eye, but it only made it get closer...and closer...just as the needle was close to his eye, he heard a voice.*

Dan: Richard! Richard! Wake up!

*Then the whole place darkened, before his vision cleared up, seeing the Hammerhead Shark's face stare at him. Richard's back at the base.*

Dan: You alright?

Me: I just had a vision.

*Dan helped Richard up. Just then, me and Obi-Wan came in.*

Obi-Wan: Finally you woke up. We saw you faint after you experienced a headache you had earlier.

Me: What happened?

Dan: He had a vision.

Obi-Wan: A vision? What...kind of a vision?

Me: The Ishumaru is not a group, it a ship, a ship with humans, but the crew is dead.

*We looked at each other, interested at the information.*

Obi-Wan: And who told you this information Richard?

*We waited for our raptor friend to respond.*

Me: A vision of the Marker, named Nichole.

Dan: What's a Marker?

* I was about tell more until the alarms went off.*

Me: Oh crap, come on.

* We get our weapons as we go see what is going on, we see a lot of clones troopers surrounding four lions that I know, as I walk over to Rex.*

Me: Tell your men to stand down.

Rex: Stand down.

* The men stop, as I walk over bow to the lions.*

Me: Hello there, King Simba, Queen Nala, Princess Kiara, and Prince Kovu.

JD: Ok, one question dude. HOW did they get here!

Simba: I had a dream of my father saying that the chosen ones are going to be in danger from the darkness that will fall from them, so we came here to protect them.

JD: Oh. That's reasonable. So, Richard. Ummm...since your now a raptor, and you don't want your mom or Juliet to find out, I'll give you a choice dude. You can either go home and be like that...*place my hand on his head and rubs it* OR you can live with us here in this base and be our new crew!

Me: I like the second one.

JD: In that case...welcome to our crew, Richard!

*extends my hand and Richard extends his raptor hand and we shook it. Everyone cheers at the new crew! Richard looks at the camera and gave his toothy grin and blinks to the camera as the scene shrunk, making the scene end.*

How is that for size? If you like it like, stay toned for the next chapter.