RolePlay! Episode 38: The Final War Part 2-The Battle of Corucant, and Anakin vs Darth Sidious

* The intro shows Darth Sidious and Cad Bane fighting.*

(Whispers in the Dark-Skillet song.)

No, you'll never be alone

*The screen shows Richard fighting Grievous.*

When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars

*Then it shows me and the others seeing Palatine's hologram*

Hear my whispers in the dark

*Now it shows the clones fighting alongside with us, against the Empire clones.*

No, you'll never be alone

*Then, it showed Godzilla and the Zillo Beast fighting with us.*

When darkness comes you know I'm never far

*Then, it shows us fighting against the villains.*

Hear the whispers in the dark

*The intro ends with Godzilla rising from the surface, with some kind of armor on him and roared at the sky.*

Whispers in the Dark

*The scene changes showing me and my brother readying ourselves for the final battle, AND to put our plan into action on stalling the Empire Fleets that may block our way to Coruscant.*

* I load my Walther PPK pistol, as I load an MP5 and a AKS-74 to use, and I pick up an RPG launcher, and some grenades, and also some stun grenades.*

*I took out a Reaper(upgraded PPSH-41), an After Burner(upgraded MP-40), and a Hyena-Infra Dead(upgraded Scavenger), and armed myself for battle. I then also grabbed a few incidiairy grenades, and a Retro Lancer, just in case.*

* Ludwin loads his own Walther PPK as well, he loads his regular MP40, as he also loads a Heckler & Koch G3, as he also picks up a Bazooka and some stick grenades.*

Me: Alright, bro. This is it. The final war against Sidious. This is going to be awesome, bro.

Me: Got that right. We now begin the liberation of Coruscant.

Me: Ok. But first, I wanna show you something, bro. Something that I wanted to give you a long time ago. Follow me.

*I walked to a room, with Richard following me.*

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Me and my brother arrived at the room, as I grabbed the box.*

Richard: What's in that box, bro?

Me: It's something you recognize from someone that wears it, bro...something that I think you'll like.

*I opened the box, and showed my brother the amulet, that's similar to Mrs. Brisby's. Richard gasped as he saw the necklace that Mrs. Brisby had.*

Me: It's the amulet from the movie The Secret of NIMH, where did you find this? And I thought that the stone was only the size for Mrs. Brisby only?

Me: It is, bro. But this is actually another amulet that Yen Sid had created. He was friends with the wizard. What was the name of the wizard who gave Mrs. Brisby this stone again?

Me: Nicodemus.

Me: Yes, that's the one. Anyway, Nicodemus and Yen Sid had been friends since they met. They both had a conversation and thought that instead of having one stone to help Mrs. Brisby, but also make another stone similar to Mrs. Brisby's, but have different powers to help someone. So, they made two stones. And this stone was mine. Yen Sid gave it to me a long time ago before I got the armor, and helped people. Now that I no longer need it...*takes it out and placed the stone on my brother's neck* I'm giving this stone to you, bro. Yen Sid wanted me to give it to you.

Me: Thank you, bro.

* then suddenly, the powers of the stone activated, as it then shows me and JD, Nicodemus, as Nicodemus starts talking as if he was really there.*

Nicodemus: Richard. You have been chosen by the stone to help aid with you and everyone against the Sith, and help make peace to the galaxies around. Master Yen Sid and I had seen you grow stronger with a bond so powerful, no one can break it. You and your brother had shared the caring and judgment to aid the others to the right path, and avoid the Dark Side of the Force.

Me: But why does everybody chose me, despite what you said?

Nicodemus: Because, you my friend, had proved yourself that no matter what they done in their past, you showed them that to move on, and forget their past. That shows how much courage, and how much bond you have with your friends, young one. I had spoken the same thing to your brother, when both me and Yen Sid had met him. He was suppose to be the one to help win the war...but then something happened...When you came along, we both sensed something...powerful within you...something magnificent.

Me: That is?

Nicodemus: The power of friendship.

Me: Thank you all very much, this means a lot to me and the others.

Nicodemus: And remember, Richard. If you need anything to know about, just think and the stone will do the work.

Me: Okay I'll do that.

Nicodemus: In that case, I will be on my way. May the force be with you young one.

*Then, the stone dimmered, as the image of Nicodemus disappeared.*

*Richard then looked at the stone once again, and smiled a bit and looked at me.*

Me: Now let's turn to Palpatine.

Me: Yeah. Let's end his rule once and for all. Let's see how Anakin and the others are doing in the stealth ship that we'll all be in.

Me: Good idea.

* The screen changes.*

*Me and my brother arrived at the hangar, and saw Anakin, Ashoka, Alaya, Barriss, the digimon, and the tamers there.*

Me: How is everybody?

Anakin: We're getting ready to depart soon, Richard. Once we jump out of hyperspace, we'll turn on the cloaking device on this ship, and we'll be on our way.

*Soon enough, the time eventually came, when Admiral Yularen's voice began to echo out of Anakin's comlink. "General Skywalker!" he reported. "We are about to pull out hyperspace above Coruscant. I suggest that you all get in position and prepare to set off the moment that happens."

"We're on it, Admiral," Anakin replied, clambering to his feet. "And… just so you know… it was an honor to have you by my side in the struggle against evil. I want you to know that… just in case something happens today that results in either one of us not returning."

Yularen cleared his throat in apparent embarrassment. "Yes, General. I could say the same to you. Ahem, yes… we shall arrive over Coruscant in approximately two minutes."

Anakin nodded and signed off. Aayla turned around to face Henry and Terriermon. "Well, you guys better get to your places then, right?"

"Yeah," Henry nodded. "I suppose so."

"Be careful, Henry," Suzie urged.

"Isn't he always?" Renamon chuckled. "It's Terriermon that I'm more worried about."

"Oh, momentai," Terriermon grinned. "We'll be alright. All of us. I absolutely guarantee it."

"If you say so," Renamon smiled sadly, and she pulled Terriermon close and gave him on final peck on the lips. "Just don't do anything overly reckless, okay?"

"Sure thing… Rena," Terriermon winked up at her.

Henry himself was immediately pulled into a bear hug by Rika. He yelped at the sudden movement, but he slowly returned the hug. As boyfriend and girlfriend relationships went, the one between Henry and Rika was not as pronounced as others. They rarely kissed one another, both thinking themselves a bit too young still to be considering things like that, but Rika apparently deemed this occasion enough to place her lips against Henry's for a few seconds, before she stepped backwards and said, "You two watch out for each other, okay?"

"And you all watch out for each other," Henry nodded. "May the Force or luck or whatever you like be with you all!" he called over his shoulder as he and Terriermon dashed towards the door that led out of the hangar.

As the others watched them go, Grievous, from where he was now standing on the ramp, growled and said, "If I might interrupt, but are we not supposed to be getting ready to move out?"

"Yes, of course," Renamon nodded and bounded over the top of Grievous and into the ship. As the rest of the group hurried up the ramp and disappeared, the fox peered back around the door and gave Godzillo a thumbs up, eliciting a growl and a nod in response, before the ramp rose and the door shut, sealing them inside the stealth ship.

When the ship's eventually did pull out of hyperspace and Admiral Tarkin of the Empire made the call to Palpatine that elicited a cry of rage from the Emperor, the stealth ship was already in motion, lifting slowly off from the floor of the hangar and swerving around to point towards the hangar doors, which began to slide aside as soon as ship had stopped moving.

Inside, Anakin and Aayla were up at the front in the two pilot seats, as before. Strangely enough, Grievous had called the place immediately behind them and he was standing with one skeletal hand on either of the two seats and glaring out of the window, while Barriss and Ahsoka tried to to squeeze in next to him to see what was going on inside.

"Shields fully functional, Anakin," Aayla reported from her own seat. "And the cloaking device is primed and ready for action."

"Then cloak us immediately," Anakin instructed. "We don't want the enemy to get even a glimpse of us before we exit this cockpit."

"Got it," Aayla nodded, and her hands flew over the buttons in front of her with practiced ease. Nothing appeared to happen to the occupants of the ship except a whirring noise, but outside, Godzillo's eyes actually widened in surprise when the ship seemed to vanish directly in front of him. He could still smell it, of course, but it had been completely wiped from his vision.

"And we're on our way," Anakin nodded. "Admiral Yularen, do you read me?"

"Yes, General. Loud and clear."

"Make your approach towards the Empire's blockade," Anakin ordered him. "But draw it out for as long as you can. Make it look slow and deliberate, so that they think you're analyzing their weaknesses before you attack. If fact, why don't you go ahead and actually do that. Just hold off attacking until we've reached a safe distance. Terriermon will tell you when we've gotten past the blockade."

"As you command, General Skywalker," the Admiral replied. "Good hunting, sir."

"Thanks, Admiral," Anakin nodded and he slowly moved the ship out of the hangar doors, which began to slide shut behind it once it had exited. Then the ship slowly and invisibly turned around and began to make its way towards the Empire blockade as a reasonably pace, neither slow nor fast.*

Me: Here we go, playing a little game of cat and mouse.

Me: Yep. And then, it'll be the next step of our plan.

Me: I feel like this is Operation Entebbe, but it has just begun, and remember we can not make any mistakes like what the Israelis did.

Terriermon: Momentai, Richard. We'll get through the barricade in no time.

The stealth ship was making progress, and was moving past the halfway point between the two opposing sides. Anakin had a confident expression as he piloted the ship forwards, having seen this ship in action before and knowing just how well it worked, but the rest of the occupants could barely restrain themselves from holding their breath as they watched the cruisers they were heading towards.

Some of them were expecting the cannons and turrets on the cruisers to swivel around at any moment and fire upon the ship. It might have shields but it was still a very fragile vessel and could probably be torn apart with ease if something did manage to pound into its side.

However, that didn't actually happen, and Anakin slowly closed the space between them, while the rebel ships behind them also moved forwards at an incredibly slow pace, waiting for the signal to move in closer.

Eventually, the stealth ship was moving along directly between two massive Venator-class cruisers, its pointed nose leading the way forward as it made for the planet below. Ahsoka found herself breaking the silence by saying, "Are you sure we need to get that close to the enemy ships, Master?"

"Don't worry, Snips. I got this," Anakin assured her. "I'm not getting too close and they don't seem to be able to detect us after all. Evidently this stealth technology works extremely well, and they don't have anything that can penetrate through it. That's the problem with state-of-the-art technology," he chuckled. "They usually develop the counter afterwards. And there are so few of these that they probably haven't thought it to be that important."

"Good to hear," Lopmon murmured.

"This is surreal," Barriss whispered, as she watched the giant cannons which should be shooting at them drift silently by, hanging limp and unconcerned by their presence. "They really can't see us. I don't think I've been this close to an enemy ship while it was occupied."

"We were indeed fortunate to have this ship in our possession," Aayla nodded. "We're almost clear."

"Why are we moving so slowly?" Grievous snarled. "It is quite plain to see that they cannot detect us so why are you piloting so slowly, Skywalker. Let us get down into the atmosphere and start the battling!"

"Patience, Grievous," Aayla looked up at him. "Remember what I told you about trying to curb your anger. It might be a good thing for you to have in battle if you aren't a Jedi like we are but if you have too much it can also spur you into rash decisions. Be calm. We don't know if they can detect the increased output from our engines if we increase our speed."

"I will remind you, Secura," Grievous' eyes narrowed, "That I do what I please later on. I will stick to the plan that you have concocted, but if I wish to be angry then I will be! Got it!"

"Sorry," Aayla replied. "I was only trying to give you some friendly advice, not an order."

"She was also trying to look out for you, Grievous," Renamon added. "After all, that is what allies do with one another, or that's what they're supposed to do, though you probably wouldn't be all that used to that considering the company you used to keep…"

"I was a warlord of the Kaleesh!" Grievous snapped. "We were a proud race. I know about sticking by your allies, Digimon!"

"Good," Renamon smirked. "Nice to know."

Grievous snorted in annoyance, causing Artoo to back away from him with a couple of jittering whistles, Seripas perched atop the astromech's head. The passengers of the stealth ship then became silent once more as Anakin moved the ship around the back of the flagship of the Imperial blockade, situating it behind its engines and effectively shielding their vessel from any incoming fire from their own ships as they continued to make their way towards the surface.

"Well, we're clear," Barriss observed.

"Without so much as a shot fired," Lopmon chuckled.

"And I'm going to guess that Terriermon is currently relaying that news to Admiral Yularen and the rest of the fleet?" Aayla turned to look back towards Renamon.

"You need to guess?" Renamon raised a brow.

* The Terriermon relayed the massage.*

"Admiral," Terriermon's voice came through the comlink on the bridge of the Resolute. "They've done it. They've got past the blockade and they're moving down towards the planet now. I think we can begin the first diversion."

"Very well," nodded Yularen. "Deploy."

"All over it, Admiral," Henry replied.

Over on the other side of the two fleets, Admiral Tarkin was also analyzing the weaknesses that might be present in the enemy strike force. Much like Yularen, Tarkin was forced to admit that there were very little potential weaknesses in the opposing team, clearly demonstrating that they knew exactly what they were doing. When he spotted the rebel fleet launching their fighters but holding position, Tarkin had instructed their own fighters to do the same.

And now it was a waiting game. One of the most important rules in blockading a planet was that you did not pre-empt an attack. You waited for them to make the first move, and that gave you a chance to retaliate and to strike back at them instead.

A hologram of Emperor Palpatine was standing next to Tarkin on the bridge, glaring out at the fleet which was still progressing slowly towards us. "It seems…" he mused, a scowl of fury on his face. "That we have been played, Admiral Tarkin. The war on Tython seems to have been a mere diversion only. The Jedi have evidently decided to go ahead with their assassination attempt on me while they think the majority of our clone army is off world fighting against their comrades."

"I assure you, my lord, that will not happen," Tarkin shook his head. "If any of them wish to assassinate you, then they will have to get past the blockade, and in sufficient numbers to penetrate through your impressive security. However, I plan on letting none of them pass, let alone enough of them to do that."

"You must take down every single one of those ships, Admiral Tarkin," Palpatine growled, his face twisted and his gnarled hands clenched in fury. "Make sure to target the flagship known as the Intrepid with extra firepower. Aayla Secura herself might be dead, but I will take a great deal of pleasure in watching her ship go down, as I was unable to watch the moment of her actual demise."

"As you command," Tarkin nodded. "All the pieces are in place, your Excellency. When they make their move, we shall retaliate with everything we have in our arsenal, and I believe it is safe to assume that we have more at our disposal than they do. They will be crushed beneath us."

"I have underestimated the Jedi several times myself today, Tarkin," Palpatine reminded him. "It would not do to underestimate them again. They may have a few surprises of their own in store for us."

"Then we shall be ready for anything," Tarkin replied.

"Sir," one of the clones said from his station at one of the monitors. "Something has just jettisoned from the Acclamator-class cruiser."

"What is it?" Tarkin asked quickly.

"It… appears to be an escape pod, sir," the clone replied.

Tarkin smirked. "You see, my lord. Already some of them see the strength of our force and decide that quitting the battle will give them a better chance of survival."

"No, sir," the clone replied. "The pod seems to be turning around and flying towards the front lines."

"What?" Tarkin frowned in confusion, stepping closer to the window and peering out into space. Sure enough, he could see the little cylindrical pod jetting slowly past the lines of the Y-wing and ARC-170 fighters that were crowded in front of the rebel fleet, moving itself slowly between the Resolute and the Intrepid and pushing forwards until it was at the very front, hovering innocently in the vacuum of space.

Tarkin had to admit that this time he was stumped. He could only guess that this was some sort of bizarre malfunction, because it looked like the escape pod was getting into position to lead the charge into battle. But escape pods had no weaponry, no shields, no nothing that might be able to give them protection or a fighting chance in a battle situation. So what in the Galaxy were the Jedi playing at with this if it wasn't a malfunction?

"Hold the line," Tarkin instructed. "Remember to let them make the first move."

"Yes, sir," the clones responded, each of them thinking similar thoughts as they stared out towards the distant escape pod.

And inside that escape pod, Terriermon smirked as he peered out the window. Henry was standing right behind him, a more serious expression on his own face at the thought of what they were about to do.

"I hope this works," he murmured.

"Of course it'll work, Henry," Terriermon looked up at him. "You're the one who came up with this idea anyway. Momentai."

"I just hope I got the science right, is all," Henry added.

"Well then, we should find out, shouldn't we?" Terriermon chuckled. "Come on, Henry. We've been through a lot by doing this, haven't we? We took on Zhuqiaomon, the D-Reaper, Ogudomon. What's one measly Imperial space blockade, right?"

Henry laughed. "Sometimes, Terriermon, I wonder where I would be without you."

"Sitting at home and mindlessly playing the Digimon card game still, no doubt," Terriermon chuckled.

"Oh shut up," the Tamer snorted as he pressed his D-Arc into his chest and held out his hand. Terriermon smirked and lifted one ear, placing it in Henry's grip. "Well, I suppose we should just do it then."

"Yep," Terriermon nodded. "Let's introduce ourselves to Palpatine."

"Got it. Biomerge activate!"


The little escape pod didn't stand a chance. As Henry and Terriermon merged together and grew at an alarming rate, their expanding body pressed up against the walls of the escape pods and tore it to shreds from within, causing some of the nearest fighters to have to swerve out of the way to avoid the flying debris. For a few startling moments the two of them were robbed of air, but as they ascended into their highest form, air became unnecessary and they settled down quickly.

After all, machines didn't need to breathe, did they? Even if they were alive.

Tarkin watched in shock, amazement and a good deal of horror as they escape pod exploded outwards and a mass of white light as bright as any star blazed outwards. The hologram of Palpatine also had widened eyes, as for the first time in quite a while, he was, quite literally, dumbstruck.

And when the light began to fade to reveal what had been inside, both of them reeled back in astonishment. Massive green arms unfolded from a broad and equally green chest, the dog-like head complete with a horn rising upwards and the eyes opening up to glare out towards the Imperial blockade. Huge green legs extended downwards as the hands clenched into fists, the Gatling guns around the wrists whirring in readiness, and the two gigantic, yellow-faced shoulder mounted cannons tilting downwards ready for action.

Many of the clones on the side of the rebels were just as dumbfounded as the Imperial ones. Many of them had not had the privilege of working alongside a Digimon until now, and most of those that had had not seen them going up to this stage of digivolution.


The Mega-level Digimon bashed both of his colossal fists together for a moment as he floated in the air without even having to use his back rockets. He looked down at himself briefly, checking for any side effects of being outside of an atmosphere but there were none. A living machine he may be, but just as Parallelmon had been unable to put him into a trance, so too did the vacuum of space fail to have an effect on him.

"Oh wow," Terriermon laughed out loud. "This is so epic! Why in the omniverse did we not do this sooner?"

"Just in case there were any holocams on the enemy cruisers that could have sent information on us to the enemy before we got the chance to destroy it?" Henry pointed out.

Terriermon: Good point.

"Oh yeah," Terriermon snorted. "But now, we don't care anymore if Palpatine sees us. I guess the Secret of the 327th is finally over, even if only third of it has been revealed so far, huh?"

"Yep, that about sums it up," Henry laughed. "Shall we go?"

"We shall!"

MegaGargomon activated his jets and began to spur himself forwards, heading straight towards the nearest of the Imperial cruisers, a hard look in his eyes as he prepared himself for battle.

Tarkin managed to smash himself out of his stupor long enough to shout, "All batteries, open fire! Bring that thing down, whatever it takes! Do not let it get close to us!"

The clones all hurried to obey and immediately swiveled the cannon turrets around on all the nearest cruisers, opening fire with every blue laser gun in their arsenal as wave upon wave of firepower pounded straight towards MegaGargomon. The Digimon's eyes narrowed further as it swept right into the path of the laser storm and met it head-on.

Laser after laser pounded into the giant, green Digimon. Tarkin smirked as he beheld the giant robot getting swamped by the Empire's ammunition. But that smirk turned to a balk when he saw MegaGargomon was powering straight through the lasers as if they were having absolutely no effect on his body. His metal hide remained and practically unblemished as he swept through the lasers as if they weren't even there.

His armor might not be Chrome-Digizoid, but it was pretty damn tough all the same.

Tarkin was almost too dumbfounded to do anything about it for several moments, and during that time, several of the fighter squadrons of ARC-170 fighters decided to act and swept around to face MegaGargomon, shooting towards him adding their own laser-fire to the attacking, combined with many of them throwing a bunch of missiles straight towards the giant robot, whistling as they moved across the space between them. While MegaGargomon ignored the lasers, he did react to the missiles – he twisted around with a surprising turn of speed and swept up one thick, armored leg, which ploughed into the majority of the missiles with one giant sweep kick.

The missiles obviously exploded on contact, but MegaGargomon seemed to ignore any damage done to his body and flipped back around, raising his hands and clenching his fists. The Gatling guns immediately began to open fire, sending a laser storm of his own back towards them that was almost as large as the one the cruisers had been sending at him. The fighters immediately scattered, but at least two dozen of them were caught in the blasts and exploded.

"You're going to have to come up with something a lot better than that to beat us," MegaGargomon murmured, more to himself, as he moved his arms out in opposite directions in pursuit of the fighters, slamming several more across the back and sending them spiraling downwards, while lasers from the cruisers continued to crash into his chest with no apparent result.

The fighters quickly tried to regroup and move in to try a second strike on MegaGargomon from either the sides or the back, but before they got the chance another surprise suddenly swept in from the rebel fleet. Even though none of them had formed up in front of the cruisers, the area was suddenly swarming with Vulture Droids that shot straight past the other rebels ships to join MegaGargomon at the front.

The Empire ships were taken completely by surprise, and many of them were torn apart from the flashing rivers of red that burst from the cannons of the Vulture Droids. The sleek black droids spiraled past their ranks and began to divide outwards and seek out any target they could, sticking close behind it to pound against it with their guns. Unlike the clones, the Vulture Droids had absolutely no sense of co-ordination and they flew all over the place and blasted at anything they recognized as an enemy, creating a scene of chaos almost from the beginning.

The sheer number of them threw the Empire clones of pace and many more of them fell before they managed to recuperate enough to try and return fire. Many of the vulture droids were sent spiraling downwards themselves and sending up plumes of smoke behind them, but everything seemed to degenerate from there into something like an aerial broil, as the droids paired up in pursuit of individual clone fighters.

Such was the ferocity, suddenness and the randomness of the attack of the Vulture Droids that the first wave of clone fighters broke extraordinarily quickly and they began to flee back towards the cruisers with the Vultures in hot pursuit.

MegaGargomon himself was freed up from having to deal with the fighters himself under the attack and he quickly went into motion against the cruisers, shooting upwards on his rockets and clearing the laser fire still trying to wear him down. The turrets of the cruisers swiveled up to try and follow him, but the crew of the Imperial ships watched in stunned horror as hatches began to open up all across MegaGargomon's body, including legs, arms, chest, head, fingers and shoulder cannons.

"Let's see how they like this!" MegaGargomon cried. "MEGA BARRAGE!"

The huge multitude of missiles that exploded out of MegaGargomon's body whistled downwards towards the Empire cruisers, weaving in and out of the laser fire as if each and every one of them could detect if they were about to hit something and whether or not it was what they were supposed to hit. They began to separate and spread out across a line of cruisers rather than focusing on just one.

The first missiles to arrive hit the shields and exploded against them without harming the ship, but so powerful were the explosions that they tore through the shields and cleared the way for the next wave of missiles to streak into the gaps they had created and impact on the hull of the ship, ripping massive holes in each one. Several of them whooshed around the back of one ship and struck against its engines, tearing them asunder with tumultuous explosions. Several more targeted the bridge of another cruiser and blasted through its protective shielding, blasting into the control room and vaporizing it under their impressive firepower.

And even then, they still weren't done. The final wave paired off and began to assist the Vulture Droids against the enemy fighters, locking on to a specific fighter and pursuing it across the battlezone no matter how much the fighter tried to dodge and smacking into the back of them, practically reducing the ship to nothing but a flaming ball of wreckage that began to fall towards Coruscant far below.

There was stunned silence for several seconds, as clones on both sides witnessed the incredible power that had come from just one attack from the Mega-level Digimon. Never had they seen such artillery strength before, and the battle had barely even begun. Tarkin stood almost frozen on the bridge of his ship, staring at the one a few places across from him that had lost its own bridge several moments before.

One thought filled his head – That could have been me.

And then MegaGargomon fell upon the blockade like many, many tons of pure awesomeness that he was. One of the damaged cruisers found out just how heavy he was because he slammed down onto its main body with both feet and immediately catapulted the back end of the giant cruiser upwards as it threatened to flip over completely.

MegaGargomon lashed out and grabbed the bridge in both hand as it flipped towards him and heaved, ripping the metal around the base of the bridge to shreds and tearing the entire structure free of its moorings. He tossed it over his shoulder and immediately grabbed what remained of the ship in in his hands.

Me: Hey MagaGargomon, do not overdo of destroying the enemy fleet, just only distract the enemy.

From within the Digi-Core, Henry shook his head. "He's right," he nodded. "Let's dial it back a little bit, Terriermon. We do have to keep the attention of Palpatine for a while longer yet, after all."

"Gotcha," Terriermon replied, and MegaGargomon started moving once more, ignoring the lasers that were crashing into the backs of his legs as he swept back towards the action where the Empire's ARC-170 fighters were ducking it out with the Vulture Droids.

Tarkin was slack-jawed as he stared at the destruction going on outside. This was not how he had envisioned the battle going at all. The slimy man had dealt with many a space skirmish during his time serving under Even Piell in the Clone Wars but he had never, in all his military career, come across something as incredible destructive as MegaGargomon. Not only had the Digimon decimated the initial strike attempt with ease, but he had left the rest of the Empire's defenses completely helpless to deal with the rest of the rebel's attacks, which were being coordinated by Yularen.

The fighters continued to take out the Empire's own ships, the bombers were swooping around for another pass and MegaGargomon was beginning to get closer once again as he too prepared to resumed his assault on the cruisers.

He didn't have a clue what to do next. His first assignment for the Emperor as an Admiral was becoming a complete disaster.

"Emperor, what are your orders," he turned around to face the hologram next to him, desperate for a suggestion that might be able to counter the giant green mecha.

He got no response. The Emperor was glaring at MegaGargomon with such loathing and hatred that even Tarkin was startled.

Palpatine simply couldn't believe what he was seeing here. Where in the Galaxy had that huge robotic thing actually come from? This was not the first bizarre opponent he had seen today either. First that wolf creature on Tython, which was also loaded with a ridiculous amount of destructive weaponry, but now this too. It made no sense!

He was the leader of both the Republic and the Separatists. If the Separatists had been producing such a giant droid to counter the Republic, then Palpatine would have been aware of it. He knew of everything that went on in the ranks of the Separatists, so there was no way this was just a new droid. And the same could be said the other way around for the Republic building it to fight the Separatists.

And they couldn't have constructed such a giant thing in the couple of days since Order 66. It was too big. Too complex. And what was more, it had expanded out of an escape pod, which should be completely impossible. Nothing that large could compact into an escape pod surely.

And yet, there it was. The Jedi had pulled another trick out of their sleeves to face him with. A trick that Palpatine couldn't work out at all. He could feel his rage building further and further. His hands were actually shaking, such was his wrath.

Tarkin realized that Palpatine was too far gone in his fury to be of much use here and turned around, wracking his brain for something, anything, that could be used to combat this new threat against them.

Unfortunately, that was the moment the rebel cruisers got within range.

"Open fire!" Yularen ordered, and the cruisers began to add to the storm of firepower that was pounding the Empire's blockade, sweeping past the fighter brawl and accompanied by a pair of Gargo Missiles as they all slammed into the enemy ships with metal-shattering force.

Tarkin gritted his teeth as he pounded his thoughts. So far, the Empire's blockade was holding enough, and (to his knowledge) nothing had yet gotten past him and into the atmosphere. As long as that was the case, there was still hope.

He frantically called to the rest of the cruisers to tighten themselves together and ensure to close the gaps created by the rebels and their giant, green ally, desperate to keep the 1000 rebels away from the planet for as long as possible.

MegaGargomon noticed the orders being put into effect as he moved closer to the battling once again. So far, the plan appeared to be working. He was doing his job. Most of the rest would be up to the others down on the surface.

Good luck, guys, he thought as he thrust himself towards the nearest cruiser once more.

Down in the Coruscant atmosphere, the stealth ship had increased its speed. It was still cloaked, as it was an unusual ship that was sure to draw the attention of people seeing it, and many of the clones would no doubt know what it was for and guess that the people in it were not supposed to be on the planet.

Anakin steered the ship out over The Works, keeping low to the buildings as he swept towards one particular tower that stretched up into the sky ahead. "That's the place?" he asked as the ship lanced in its direction

"That's it," nodded Renamon. "Definitely."

"Let's hope that our little friend is there as promised," Aayla murmured. "Or we might have a bit of a problem."

"I'm sure she'll be there," Ahsoka assured them. "It would not be like Chuchi to be late for anything, especially not for something as important as this."

The group had not been given much of an opportunity to talk to their friends within the Senate during their last few hours, so their information was not as up-to-date as they would have liked it to be. The fact that it took Chuchi at least half an hour to walk underground to the contact zone and that she was the one who had to initiate the calls had made communication intermittent, but during their last call, they had arranged to rendezvous with the Pantoran at the old base of the Sith Lord.

Renamon had given Chuchi instructions on how to disable the life-form scanners from the inside, which would allow them to get into the building without being somehow picked up by Palpatine or his followers.

Anakin quickly moved the ship up towards the open hangar doors close to the shop and eased the ship in through the doors, skilfully rotating it around in the tight space so that the nose and engines narrowly avoided scraping the opposite walls. And sure enough, they could see Chuchi out through the cockpit window as they did so. The Pantoran evidently couldn't see the ship, but she definitely heard it because her eyes narrowed as they darted left and right, trying to pick up any signs of it.

No alarms went off either, which was a good sign.

As Anakin set the ship down and lowered the ramp, Ahsoka stepped over to the door and leaned out of it, waving to Chuchi. The Senator jumped – from her angle it was as if Ahsoka had leaned out of thin-air, but when she saw who it was, she grinned and said, "I see that you guys made it."

"Just as we planned," Ahsoka nodded. "You coming in or what?"

Chuchi nodded and hurried forwards towards the ramp, narrowly and obliviously avoiding walking straight into the back of the ship. Ahsoka took her hand and almost dragged her into the ship and the two of them embraced briefly, glad to see the other unharmed after everything both had been through over the last couple of days."

"Hey, Senator," Lopmon smiled as she hopped over from nearby. "Good to see you again."

"I could say the same. You have no idea how good it is to see all of you," she smiled at the group. When her eyes settled on Grievous, they lingered there for a moment, her yellow eyes meeting Grievous' own. The Kaleesh cyborg glared at her, daring her to back down, but Chuchi had been expecting him and while she had to admit to herself that being in the presence of the powerful warlord was enough to make her knees knock, she refused to let them and stared levelly and resolutely into Grievous' eyes for a few moments.

Me: Now, here comes the next part, we are going to act as a convey heading to pick up Palpatine, Me and Ludwin and the first vehicle will shot our Walther PPK's with suppressors at the guards. While we all drive by as if nothing happened.

Me: Sounds like a plan to me, bro. Let's do it.

* Soon we started to land somewhere else, as we got into vehicles driving toward building where Palpatine is, I told the new republic, former Separatist droids, and the terrorist to wait until they see our signal, as they agreed, as Grievous would be in command of the unit, as we drive in the way the Israelis did years ago, in 1976.*

*Then, we armed our silencers on our weapons, and readied ourselves.*

Me: Alright, remember everyone. We'll try to create another diversion, as Alaya and the others will do their plan and finish off the ones who are working with Sidious. Once we do that, it'll be Anakin's destiny to get rid of Sidious once and for all.

Grievous: Good. But I'll have my revenge against Count Dooku. And I don't want ANYONE to interfere.

Me: As long you don't get in the way of me taking out the bounty hunters.

Grievous: Agreed.

*Just then, we saw the guards not far.*

Me: Get ready...

* Just then we stopped at where the guards are.*

Me: Let's shoot us some guards, bro.

Me: Roger that.

* Then guards came to the vehicle and opened the doors.*

Clone: Where are you all going?

Me: In.

* Me, JD, and Ludwin point our silenced weapons at the guards.*

*Before the guards can even react, we shot them down.*

* The guards went down, with ease.*

Me: That was easy. Hmm.

Me: Something's not right, bro.

Me: I can feel it.

* Then I smelt a scent, and knew what is going on, as I get out of the vehicle.*

Me: You guys go, * aim my Walther PPK out in the open.* this time it personal.

Me: Bro...*Richard turned to me, as I looked at him, and nodded* Be careful bro. And remember that the stone will help guide you.

Me: Okay bro, I'll meet up with you guys. Now go!

*Me and the others then drove off, as Richard arms himself with his Walther PPK, and looked around.*

* I follow me nose as I track the bounty hunters down.*

*Just then, he heard some conversation, and hid behind a pillar just as he saw both Aurra and Bok walking down the path. Richard then hears the conversation.*

Aurra: The Emperor was far pleased when he heard that the raptor that meddled with him was dead by my sniper.

Bok: Me still want Raptor head, for collection.

Aurra: It does not matter now. The raptor's dead, and the Republic are doomed as we speak.

*Before Bok can speak, they heard something clanking their way to them, and saw a Stun grenade, as it set off, blinding them. Then, the two heard a raptor yell, and saw Richard, with his dragon sword, swinged at them. The two then dodged just in time, and saw the raptor, standing and alive.*

Aurra: *shocked* What...IMPOSSIBLE! You couldn't have survive that attack from my sniper.

Bok: How possible! Me saw you sink down with hole in head.

Me: You two, only toke out my double, no one can take the real me, the real me is far more dangerous then what you expect, and besides it's payback time.

*The two were shocked to see the real Richard standing in front of them. But Bok changed his expression, and laughed*

Bok: Me glad you returned. Now me will kill and get head. *takes out his lightsaber*

Aurra: I don't know how you got here...*takes out two lightsabers* But you'll die, and this time forever. *yells, and charges at Richard*

Me: I'm not that easy to kill, they don't call me the unkillable for nothing.

*Richard then did a raptor yell, and he and the two Bounty Hunters began the fight.*

* When the bounty hunters tried to fight me, it was not doing so good with them, as I fought against them Asian style, as the two bounty hunters switch from lightsabers to guns, as we started an all out gun fight.*

*Aurra then takes out her sniper that she used to shoot against Richard, and Bok pulled out two pistols also firing some blast at me, as the two starts shooting at him.*

* I then start shoot back at them with an AKS-74 assault rifle, at about 30 minutes into the gunfight, Bok goes down, he is hit in chest, he looks at his body armor and can see the bullet has went threw the body armor like it was nothing and into his chest, the bounty hunters armor are only designed to withstand lasers from star wars weapons, not metal or steel bullets from weapons from earth, shorty Bok dies, as Aurra is then goes next, but she is injured, but she is injured so bad, she can't move or try to fight back.*

*Richard then came, and placed some handcuffs on the rail.*

Richard: Don't go anywhere. I'll be back to arrest your ass, bitch.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The camera then shows Count Dooku exited the room that he was in. Dooku had learned that even subtle things like this could cause intimidation in any potential opponents, and was using the Force the move the cloak as he saw fit.

The Senate Guards on the other side of the door stood to attention as he passed, but Dooku ignored them and strolled down the corridor as if he were out for a leisurely walk, the door sliding shut behind him and his lightsaber hilt appearing in his hand and he came to a stop at the other end of the corridor, the red blade slowly and menacingly extending out form the hilt as he looked from one way to the other, his mind stretching out as he searched mentally for any potential intruders that might want to try and get past him and to Sidious.

He held the blade by his side, a scowl crossing his features as he prepared for an attack from either angle. If Skywalker was in the building, then the only way in which he could get to his target would be to come down this corridor. Dooku thought that he had the situation under control. He had been humiliated by Aayla several days ago. He would not be humiliated again.

Then, he frowned slightly as he became aware of some kind of strange clicking noise. He cocked his ear listening to the faint and slightly muffled clicks, trying to figure out where it was coming from and what might be causing them.

It seemed to be close and yet faint at the same time, and Dooku couldn't make out why for a moment. And was it… coming from… beneath him?

Dooku's senses suddenly yelled he stepped backwards as a green lightsaber plunged upwards through the floor where he had been standing. He stared at it in surprise, and before he could do much more than that, another green lightsaber erupted from the floor behind him and two blue ones shot upwards on either side of him, surrounding him by pillars of shining blades. Before Dooku could fathom what was happening, the lines drew through the floor and switched places, cutting a circle beneath Dooku's feet which promptly fell in to the floor below.

Dooku was so startled that he forgot to jump off it and he tumbled downwards with the piece of floor, slamming into the ground and instinctively rolling over as a green and blue blades slashed through the floor where he had been. He sprung back onto his feet, holding his lightsaber ready as he faced his unknown assailants.

Then his eyes shot open when he realized he was only facing off against one person. One person wielding four lightsabers, one in each hand, and who was glaring at him with an expression of utmost hate and livid rage, and no small amount of anticipation in the slitted, yellow orbs. The hulking figure was hanging by his magnetized feet from the ceiling, but he hauled his body up and dropped his legs to crash onto the floor nearby, his body swiveling at the hip to face him while he stepped his bottom half around more slowly.

"Grievous?" Dooku gasped at the sight of the Kaleesh cyborg warrior who had long led his droids into battle against the Jedi and killed off dozens of the enemy Force-users, of all different ranks. Dooku was shocked to say the least. The last time he had seen Grievous had been in combat with Aayla over R 1000 hen Var, before he had been knocked out and Grievous had gotten away. And the only news about him was that the Separatist stronghold where he had been told to wait had been cleared out for some reason when Durge had been sent there to finish it off.

Of course, Dooku had already come up with several theories as to why the Separatist Battle Droids on Tython were suddenly helping the Jedi, instead of fighting against them like they usually did. But he had assumed that upon hearing that Dooku and Ventress and the others had joined Palpatine, someone like Nute Gunray had panicked and gone to the Jedi for help, promising the lend the aid of the droids in return for protection against the Empire and the Sith.

But Grievous? The thought of Grievous joining the Jedi had never even crossed his mind? It was impossible, illogical… completely and utterly insane. And yet here Grievous was right now, angry as ever, but facing off against him instead of the Jedi.

Grievous roared and immediately thundered forwards, his top two arms slashing downwards once after another, while his bottom arms rotated over the top and also slashed down, but at the same time. Still in a state of shock, Dooku was a bit slower than usual, but he managed to parry the first to attacks and block both of the other lightsaber attacks with his one blade, before Grievous kicked out with one taloned leg, in a blow that slammed into Dooku's stomach like a piston.

The wind was driven out of Dooku's lungs as he was tossed backwards, away from the hole in the floor which was now the ceiling. He crashed into the wall and propped his hand up against it, clutching his stomach with his lightsaber free blade. He looked up, still in disbelief as Grievous stepped slowly towards him, savoring the moment of the Count being down on the ground before him for a change.

As the initial shock of Grievous' presence here in the Senate Building faded away, and Dooku saw that he wouldn't be able to reach the hole Grievous had cut in the ceiling without getting past the Kaleesh in question, he immediately drew himself up so that he was as tall as possible, his face regaining the stern overlord-like expression which had perfected over the course of being the leader of the Separatists. The same face he used whenever he had wanted to tell Grievous off for going over the top in the past.

"Grievous!" he snapped. "What is the meaning of this? What are you doing here on Coruscant and how dare you be so foolish as to raise your hand to attack me like this?"

"Don't play that old mentor-leader game with me, Dooku?" Grievous snarled. "That's not going to work anymore. I once respected you, and revered you as my esteemed leader and better, just as you always wanted me to, but those days are well and truly over, Sith! And now, I am here to exact my vengeance against you! Something which you should have known would one day come knocking at your door."

"Vengeance?" Dooku demanded. "Against me? This is madness Grievous! I demand an explanation?"

"Oh, do you now?" Grievous chuckled, his voice lowering even further until it was more raspy that ever. "Do you really? I do not think that you do, Sith! You know exactly what it is I am talking about? And this is not madness. Madness is what you wanted me to become!"

"You are working with the Jedi?" Dooku demanded.

"Yes," Grievous nodded, his eyes blazing. "Is that a problem?"

"Grievous, you have shamed yourself," Dooku reprimanded him. "Deigning to work with your own mortal enemies to come on a fool's errand such as this to strike me down for no reason. I do not know what lies you have been told, but I am not the enemy to our cause, Grievous. They are. We want to dominate the Galaxy, while they would stop us."

"Spare me the lecture!" Grievous growled. "Our goals have never been truly the same, Dooku! You might have wanted domination over all life, but for me that was always just a perk! My main reason in helping you was revenge, if you remember! And so my main reason for working with the Jedi is the same one!"

"What insolence?" Dooku snorted. "Have you forgotten, Grievous? It was the Jedi who planted the bomb on your ship that destroyed your body and forced you to become this…"

Grievous: LIES! I am not going to be taken in by your deceit any longer, Count!

*Dooku then backed away forcefully when he heard Grievous' bellowed yell.*

Grievous: When Richard's friend discovered the real truth – the fact that you were the one to plant that bomb on my sheet and that your Master refused to help my people just so that I could fall into your hands to let you do it, so that you could make me into a superweapon, I forced the truth out of San Hill. He told me everything, confirmed just what Secura was saying. The Jedi are not the ones who ruined my life… you are!

*Dooku's eyebrows had shot upwards as Grievous shouted at him. So he knew… he actually knew the whole truth about his past at last and now he had turned on the true culprit of all of the traumas he had faced. And, once again, Richard was the one to blame for turning one of their best allies against them? Was there no limit to what that pestilent raptor could do?

Grievous rotated his wrists a couple of times, his blades flashing through the air as he did so. "Not only that, you went back on our agreement, Dooku! Your scientists tampered with my brain despite the fact that I expressly forbade you from doing so. You are not the mighty man that I once thought you were. You are a deceitful, lying human who nobody can trust! The worst part is that I should have known that somebody like you couldn't be trusted, or realized that even I couldn't trust you along the way."

His eyes flashed as he clashed his blades together for a moment and put them into a full spinning set of four pinwheels. "But now my eyes have been opened! This time, I am facing the right opponent. Let's see if your Sith powers can help you stand up to the weapon which you brought into this Galaxy, Dooku! You created me! Now die by my hand!"

And he hurtled forwards with a snarl of rage.

For a second, Dooku realized just how all the Jedi he had pitted Grievous against might have felt when they saw him speeding towards them with four blades whirling through the air like buzz saws. It was an extraordinarily intimidating sight. But then his training as a master swordsman quickly took over as he faced his opponent and swung his blade up to counter the first strike of the battle – a double sweep downwards to the head.

Grievous bulldozed his way forwards, occupying Dooku's blade with his own while he slashed in from either side with the other two. Dooku managed to jump off the double slash but he was forced to jump up again the moment his toes touched the ground as Grievous slashed the other way, the blades passing just under the toes of his boots. He span around to wrenched his blade free of Grievous' own, and Grievous kept charging, swinging up from below with one blade and then stabbing forwards with another almost in the same movement.

Dooku parried the downward attack and whipped around to slam into the stab from the side and knock it off course, but Grievous just swept his body around at the hip and brought three lightsabers sweeping in from the side as he did so. Dooku was only just able to block, and the power of the attack flung him to the side to crash into one of the walls, allowing Grievous to shoot out his forth blade from below with another stab. Dooku rolled to the side as the blade punctured the wall, moving back towards the hole in the ceiling that Grievous had created.

Two lightsabers slamming into the wall in front of him discouraged that, and he was forced to back flip out of the way when a third cleaved down from above and sliced through the wall, the forth swinging in from the right and shearing off a section of Dooku's cloak. Grievous rounded on the Count as he whipped around and charged once more, bounding into the air in a massive pounce and pointing all four blades down towards his target.

Dooku twisted backwards as Grievous blades plunged into the ground, but the cyborg motored forwards without withdrawing them, dragging them up through the floor into a quadruple double slash. Dooku had to jump to avoid having his feet taken off and all four blades crashed into his own, catapulting him into the air to send him crashing into the ceiling with a dull thud.

He dropped to the ground on hands and knees momentarily dazed. Grievous bounded forwards and Dooku managed to recover his senses just quickly enough to roll to one side as the heavy clawed feet pounded the ground next to his head. Dooku quickly flung up a hand and Grievous was hit by a powerful Force push that sent him flying back down the corridor, rolling over and over several times before he plunged his claws into the floor and skidded to a halt on all sixes, his eyes blazing with anger and rage.

As Dooku got up, he quickly used the Force to soothe the aches and pains that had already sprung up in this bout. He had not started the duel on quite the right foot, still slightly dumbstruck by the fact that Grievous was fighting him instead of rushing to the West Wing to kill Ahsoka before Ventress did just to rub it in Ventress' face. He forced himself to focus as he held his blade down by his side, prepared for more action in a moment as Grievous rose back to his own feet as well.

The cyborg General's rage was stunning. Dooku could feel it. He quickly decided that drawing out this duel for entertainment would ultimately serve no real purpose and resolved to try and end it as quickly as he could. After all, Grievous had thrown his lot in with the Jedi. That meant that he too, would have to go. Not that Dooku particularly cared.

"You are a fool, General," Dooku sneered in contempt. "To think that someone such as you would be a match for your own Master."

"Shut up and fight!" Grievous snarled and charged towards him again, all four lightsabers pointing forwards this time as if he was seeking to impale Dooku on all the blades. Dooku shook his head, knowing that the cyborg's mind was so clouded in anger that he was leaving himself vulnerable to one particular Sith attack he had no defense against.

That's what he thought anyway.

He was therefore shocked beyond almost all measure when fired a white blast of Sith Lightning from his fingertips towards the General and, instead of being fried by the attack or indeed blocking it with his lightsaber, Grievous pulled out of his charge and raised his top right arm before him like a shield. Dooku watched in terrible fascination as the lightning veered off course and veered into the tip of a small thin metal rod about halfway down his lower arm.

And then nothing else happened.

Grievous' lowered his arm and his eyes betrayed the smirk which the rest of his face-mask concealed. "New feature," Grievous chuckled. "Do you like it?"

Dooku growled and fired another round of lighting but this time from both hands. Grievous raised his other top arm and crossed the before his chest, and the lightning surged into the rod and the identical one on Grievous' other arm. Grievous laughed triumphantly as the electric attack completely failed to have an effect on him and stepped slowly forward, walking through the attack as if it wasn't even there.

Dooku tried to aim upwards towards Grievous' head instead, but Grievous didn't even need to move his arms. He just kept stepping forwards while the rods just drew the electricity down and towards them, as he stepped inexorably closer to the Sith. For the first time since the duel started, Dooku felt a real ripple of fear through him. He had always been confident that if Grievous went rogue for whatever reason, his lightning could handle Grievous' metallic body with ease.

He hadn't installed the electric rods.

But Grievous had. And now he was out for blood. The moment that Dooku relinquished his lightning attack, Grievous charged forwards once again, blades spinning wildly and cutting into either side of the corridor around him. Dooku instinctively raised a hand to Force choke the General, but then he remembered that Grievous didn't even have a windpipe to close so doing that would be pointless.*

And then Grievous was on top of him, spinning blades homing in for the kill. Dooku stabbed his blade forwards to catch two of the spinning blades and then flipping clean over Grievous head, which Grievous counted by rotating at the hip and slashing out with two blades. Dooku ducked under them and reposted the blow from the third blade which cleaved in after them, and rolled backwards as Grievous stabbed down with another two. Grievous immediately charged in pursuit, and Dooku tried one last burst of Force lightning to try and catch him off guard.

Grievous didn't even need to try blocking. The lightning just curved up through the air to fizzle into nothingness on the rods in his raised arms. Grievous belted out a round of sadistic laughter at Dooku's obvious frustration and swung upwards with both his bottom blades. Dooku rolled aside from one and flung the other one outwards but was forced to lash upwards to block the other two coming in from overhead. Grievous swept in from the side a moment later and Dooku dropped even lower to counter it and push it up to catch Grievous' own next attack, a stab from above.

Grievous retracted and then launched himself into a spinning leap with lightsabers whirling. Dooku pressed himself into the wall as the blades span in front of his face and lifted his hand to push Grievous into the opposite wall with the Force. Grievous' feet slammed into the wall and magnetized, anchoring him there as he drove all four lightsabers up above his head and towards Dooku's stomach. Dooku dropped back again and Grievous stepped off the wall, putting himself between Dooku and the hole in the ceiling once more.

Dooku frowned. This fight had not been going all that well for him thus far, and he had had enough. Grievous was being his usual over-aggressive self, except he seemed to have taken it to a whole new level such was his desire to get at the Sith. So, Dooku thought, the way of gaining the advantage again and winning this battle… would be to use that over-aggression against him.

As Grievous motored into the attack, Dooku feigned himself being pushed back, blocking a flurry of wild, swinging attacks from the maddened cyborg General and bouncing back down the corridor, more nimbly than an old man really should have been able to. Grievous seemed to take the bait and struck several more times, eager for a kill more than a drawn out battle, but as he did so, slashing down with his three of his blades and pulling the forth back for a stab, Dooku acted, grabbing Grievous with the Force and hurling him sideways and into the wall.

Grievous impacted so hard against it that he produced a huge crater in the structure, but his duranium body absorbed the hit easily. But before he could react again, Dooku whirled in front of him and slashed his blade through his guard and straight towards his face. Grievous immediately lurched his head backwards on his long neck but the tip of Dooku's blade still sheered off one of the tusk like projections at the bottom of his mask.

Grievous span back around, his face now looking slightly lopsided as Dooku spun back into the 1000 attack, becoming a blue of motion that even Grievous' lightning reactions found it difficult to keep up with. Crossing his top two blades to block an incoming swipe, Grievous then pulled them back and lashed out with his bottom two blades, parrying a succession of about six blazing fast lunges with quick rotations of his wrists, sending his blades blazing out all around him.

He struck out in a stabbing motion with one of his top two arms and spun around at the shoulder rotating his body beneath his own arm so that when Dooku parried the stab, two more lightsaber were already swinging for his feet, and another lashed down from overhead. Dooku jumped, his feet passing over the top of the other two striking blades and his blade crashing against the one from above, even as his feet lifted up to slam into Grievous' chest.

Grievous stumbled backwards, his claws latching into the ground to steady him and bringing up sparks as they did so, but Dooku had already pulsed out a huge Force push that blew Grievous' talons out of the ground and sent him hurtling back across the corridor and rolling out of control, dropping one of his lightsabers in the process. Dooku threw a Force Lightning blast after him for good measure and then dashed towards him.

Grievous anchored himself with his four arms and immediately threw one of them upwards to block the Force lightning with the rod on his arm. Which had been exactly what Dooku had been hoping for because he charged after the blast and sprang with blade raised, swiping it down towards Grievous' outstretched arm with the intent of slicing it off at the wrist and then continuing on to his Grievous in the neck.

Grievous' back two blades immediately arced upwards at an angle that would be impossible for just about all humanoids, crossing over each other to catch Dooku's blade in the crook of an X. Dooku growled in frustration and immediately pulled himself back and swept around again, aiming for another exposed wrist, but Grievous moved with lightning speed and brought another lightsaber across to catch that strike too.

"I don't think so!" Grievous roared. "I've had enough of people cutting off my hands during combat."

Dooku said nothing. Instead, he twisted his blade down and up, relieving Grievous of another of his blades and leaving him with just two instead. As the lightsaber hilt clattered to the floor, Grievous dodged to the side as Dooku whirled his blade low over his head and almost crashed it against Grievous' shoulder guards. The Kaleesh brought one blade up and parried a rapid strike to the abdomen, pushed away from the wall and defended himself from a further four precise slashes towards the head, locking Dooku's lightsaber with both his remaining blades and holding it still for a moment.

Dooku smirked, but in reality, Grievous was still more than capable of striking back. Even though he only had two weapons now, he still had four arms, and one of them immediately lashed through under Dooku's arm and hammered him in the nose with the force of a sledgehammer. The Sith Lord yowled and brought a hand to his nose, which was now broken, and quickly tried to retaliate by thrusting against Grievous' blades with his own, using the Force to add power to his own attack and put some distance between the two of them.

But Grievous had other plans. His lightsabers swung outwards and crashed into each wall of the thin corridor, slowing him to a stop almost immediately. Still clutching his nose, Dooku quickly took the opening that this move provided and darted forwards and almost realized his own mistake too late. Without him noticing, Grievous' foot had closed around the fallen lightsaber hilt and the talons had wrapped around it. With a blur of motion, he activated it and kicked outwards, sending the blade spearing towards Dooku's gut.

Dooku spotted it coming at the last second and threw himself backwards, spinning around to launch another sideways slash at the General, only to find his blade countered by the one in Grievous' foot. Grievous took his turn to thrust outwards and Dooku went a lot further than he did, as the cyborg pulled his blades out of the wall and tossed the third blades upwards to grab it in another hand.

Grievous snarled as he stepped forwards again, making himself ready to charge through towards Dooku again, blades swinging, as was his usual approach. But something made him stop. He had come close to death or being handicapped a couple of times there, and before he could prevent them from doing so, the words that Aayla had given him earlier that day flashed through his brain:-

"Remember what I told you about trying to curb your anger. It might be a good thing for you to have in battle if you aren't a Jedi like we are but if you have too much it can also spur you into rash decisions. Be calm."

Grievous was still loathe to take advice from a Jedi, even one with his respect, like Secura. But he had to admit that she was right. Dooku knew a lot of his capabilities as it was, better than most Jedi. So he had a counter for a lot of the things Grievous possessed, and in his rage, he was forgetting a lot of the techniques that Dooku had taught him and was just swinging around wildly, and it had almost got him killed.

So, he was going to have to try something new. Something the Count had probably never had to deal with before. And he was going to have to do it with a calmer head. The struggle to suppress his rage was phenomenally difficult, like trying to plug a volcano with a giant cork, but he gently squashed it down as he tried to think of a solution.

The answer came to him in a flash, but first, he intended to retrieve his fourth lightsaber. Dooku was dashing towards him again, but Grievous whipped his lightsaber through the floor to create a gash, plunged his talons into the gash and tore a section of the floor upwards, slashed through the bottom of it and kicked the metal slab right at Dooku. Dooku dived backwards to avoid it and grabbed it with the Force to knock it to one side, but Grievous had taken the opportunity, dashing forwards and seizing his lightsaber off the floor.

He charged forwards once more, blades spinning in his usual approach, which is what he wanted Dooku to think he was doing. Dooku rolled his eyes and prepared his blade, waiting to counter Grievous' attack once more.

He was therefore very surprised indeed when Grievous suddenly changed angle, throwing his feet into the air to impact on the wall, scaling it and latching onto the ceiling with his magnetized feet and continuing to dash forwards, upside down. The corridor was not that tall, so Grievous was easily able to lash down towards Dooku as he covered the last two paces and hacked downwards.

Dooku suddenly found himself in a various precarious position. With Grievous suddenly above him, he was having to block all the attacks at a rather awkward angle. He pushed himself lower to the ground, to try and avoid Grievous' swings, but Grievous moved over him and simply dropped from above, knocking Dooku's lightsaber aside and seizing him by the back of the neck in one foot, hauling him into the air and tossing him down the corridor.

Grievous laughed in exhilaration. He suddenly understood how Aayla's fighting style was so effective. She had managed to merge graceful co-ordination and completely wild randomness to perfection and he had just done something similar. This battle was still up in the air, and he eagerly dashed forwards to continue and, hopefully, end it.

*Just then, Grievous heard and saw Richard coming out of the corridor, in shock of what he saw Grievous did to Dooku.*

Grievous himself snarled as he was hammered back into the wall by another Force push from Dooku. The Sith Lord arched down the corridor and flew towards him with blade raised, but Grievous hurled himself off the wall with two of his arms and slammed the other two towards Dooku to slam his blade and knock him backwards. Dooku skidded to a halt and charged in again, pushing two of Grievous' blades aside with a swing of his blade and carving towards his hip with another.

Grievous span around and sprang to the side, lashing out to the side with a lightsaber that Dooku ducked underneath and then curving the other three over his head to slam them down into the ground where Dooku had been moments before. Dooku darted back down the corridor and held his blade in front of him in one hand, pointing it down towards the floor and ready to block whatever Grievous decided to throw at him next.

Grievous lowered his body so that he was almost bent double, his head looking up with blazing eyes and his hands rotating his blades through the air above him, keeping up the snarl as he did so. Normally he would charge in himself recklessly, but he knew he was up against a very skilled opponent and had already learned that the more foolhardy you were, the better Dooku could turn it against you.

So it was Dooku who made the first strike this time, thrusting one hand out before him and grabbing Grievous with the Force, lifting him into the air and off his feet. Grievous thrashed his legs but he couldn't reach the ground with them and he snarled angrily as Dooku approached quickly, rearing back his lightsaber with intention to sever Grievous' neck. Grievous quickly jerked himself to the side and slammed his feet into the wall, fastening himself there and wrenching himself out of Dooku's hold to slash forwards with two blades and counter Dooku's strike, wrenching the other two into stabs that Dooku dodged by rolling aside.

The Sith span past Grievous and whipped around to slam four rapid twirls at his former ally, but Grievous stepped up onto the ceiling again and countered each blow with a different lightsaber, dropping to the ground with the last one to support himself upside down with three hands while his forth hand jerked Dooku's lightsaber out of the way, his foot lashing out with talons seeking to grab Dooku by the face.

Dooku swerved backwards as the talons closed within inches of his nose and he span backwards to hit Grievous with the Force and knock him off his hands to send him rolling away down the corridor. Dooku turned back around and immediately made for the hole in the ceiling he had fallen through previously, but before he could reach it a lightsaber shot through the air and slammed into the wall just in front of him. Dooku's head snapped around just in time for him to see a second scything right at him.

He jumped backwards and the blade buried itself in the wall in front of his face. Grievous scuttled towards him on all sixes for a moment before he flipped himself back onto his feet, dashing towards Dooku with both lightsaber spinning wildly. Dooku caught the attack with a stab to the midriff that Grievous locked into the crook of his lightsabers and used to fling Dooku back past him so he had his back to the two lightsabers in the wall. He reached behind him and wrenched them out again, stepping forwards once more with blades flashing.

As Grievous pressed Dooku further back, he lashed down from up above to draw Dooku's blade into the air and crash all four blades against Dooku's own, shoving him downwards with his brute-force cybernetic strength, and then lashed out with his foot to slam Dooku in the gut with its base. At the same time, Dooku tried to save himself by slamming his swiping his palm outwards at slamming Grievous with a huge wave of the Force that practically knocked the whole corridor slightly loose.

Both of them went shooting backwards at the same moment, both of the losing their grip on all of their lightsabers as they slammed into opposite walls with tremendous force. Both of them collapsed to the ground, but Grievous managed to recover first due to his cybernetic body. He sighted his four lightsaber and immediately charged towards them, seeking to finally end this, but Dooku reached up and fired a blast of Force Lightning right at him.

Grievous caught the attack on his lightning rods easily enough, but he was forced to a stop by the intensity of the attack, which was more powerful than any Dooku had thrown at him yet. Dooku pushed himself back up onto his feet and added his other hand into the equation. Grievous brought his own second arm upwards in response and the two of them stood there for several moments, lightning pulsing between them as one cast and the other absorbed, their eyes locking as they both glared hatred at each other.

"You are a fool, Grievous!" Dooku growled as he powered on as much force into the attack as possible. "You always were a fool, but this time you are being a bigger fool than ever. And I have no need for fools in my employ! Quite frankly I regret the day that I planted that bomb on your ship. You always were a loose cannon, but your impudence has cost you this time. You will not be walking away from this conflict, General."

But as Dooku sneered, Grievous' eyes narrowed even further and he felt a growl building inside him and rise to the surface in a steady crescendo. Dooku was usually very good with words, but this time, he had said the wrong thing. To hear Dooku finally admit the plot against Grievous himself instead of denying it was the last straw for the cyborg General, and powered his resolve so much that it practically flared like a beacon.

"It is you who shall not be walking away from this fight, Dooku!" Grievous snarled and he took a step forwards, ignoring the lightsabers that were scattered on the ground just in front of him and stepping right over them. And then he shifted his other foot forwards, then another and then another, slowly stepping against the Force of Dooku's lightning attack towards the Sith Lord.

Dooku's eyes widened. When he hit people with a full power lightning attack with just one hand they could usually never move forward more than an inch, such was its force. But Grievous' mechanical strength was far greater than that of any Jedi, even large ones like Pong Krell. Slowly, adamantly, Grievous stepped past the fallen lightsaber and down the corridor towards the Sith.

Dooku piled on more power, but Grievous ignored it and continued to push against the stream. Lightning flashed and crackled all through the corridor as it flashed up the metal support beams on either side, the attack becoming more powerful the closer Grievous got to Dooku. But Grievous didn't stop. He didn't even slow. The fury born from Dooku's words ignited his very soul, and nothing Dooku could throw at him was going to stop him now.

Dooku's heart was racing, as he continued to pour more and more power into the attack to no avail. As he stared into Grievous' burning, yellow eyes, he felt fear course through him like never before, and he realized his mistake.

Grievous tilted his arms, locking them back together until he had just two and angled them so that he was taking the brunt of the attack on the rod on his left arm, while the rod from his right arm was drawing a lot of power from the one on his left, lightning flashing in a continuous crackling stream between the two metal rods. Dooku backed into the wall as Grievous pulled to a stop right in front of him.

"Nobody uses the Kaleesh!" Grievous snarled. "Not even the Sith!"

And he slammed his right arm forwards to press the electric rod against Dooku's arm. A large portion of the electricity that Dooku was blasting into Grievous' left arm lanced across to his right and surged in 1000 to Dooku's own body, effectively repelling Dooku's own attack against him. A howl of pure agony was torn from Dooku's mouth, even half the power of his own attack was enough to fry his central nervous system.

He was catapulted back into the wall, lightning attack finished and breath coming out in ragged gasps as he body smoked from the power of the attack and hovering on the brink of death. And Grievous' hand lashed out and grabbed Dooku by the neck and wrenched, snapping it like a toothpick and finishing the job.

Grievous glared into the Sith Lord's dead eyes for a moment before he flung him to the side where he crashed against the wall and slumped down, neck head lolling at a horrible angle.

"And so…" Grievous growled. "Justice… is served." He chuckled and added, "Who'd have thought that I'd be the one to deliver it to you."

Dooku didn't answer. After all, he would never answer anyone, ever again.

*Just then, Grievous heard and saw Richard come out, shocked on what he saw Grievous did to Dooku.*

Me: Damn! He is really burnt up. * I laugh, as I turned to Dooku's dead body and said.* You should have toke my advice, Count Dooku, I told you, you should retired when you had the chance. You big corrupt motherfucker, son of bitch, bastard!

*Eventually, Anakin had reached the thin corridor which ultimately led to another storeroom underneath the Emperor's office, having been restored after the Zillo Beast had completely trashed the place. Anakin slowed to a walk warily, lightsaber hilt grasped in his hand as he listened out for any sign of conflict coming from within.

There was none, but he did hear the sound of a whirring lightsaber blade. Anakin hurried forwards quickly and turned another corner, spotting Grievous standing in the way with a red lightsaber in one clawed hand, twirling it round in circles experimentally. The cyborg Kaleesh looked up as Anakin appeared and gave him a curt nod.

"Do I have to ask?" Anakin asked.

"Not if you look down there," Grievous replied, nodding towards the floor nearby. Anakin looked and, though it was difficult to see in the shadows, he saw Dooku lying still, very obviously dead, his neck causing his head to loll to one side, his eyes open and glazed over and thin curls of smoke rising slowly off his body.

"So, you won," Anakin nodded. "Impressive. And I don't even see any lightsaber marks on him?"

"Indeed not," Grievous cackled. "The way I dealt with him was all the more sweeter because of it, though."

"I see," Anakin replied. "Well, I can't stop for details, I'm afraid, but I can tell you that the others all won various duels of their own. Ahsoka took out Ventress, Barriss defeated Aurra, Rika and Renamon killed Durge and Aayla slew both Bok and Pong Krell."

"The little Padawan killed Ventress?" Grievous snorted, and then chuckled lowly. "Oh, I almost wish that I could have been there to see that."

"Well, regardless, Sidious is the only one still alive."

"And you are going to deal with him?" Grievous asked.

"That is my intention," Anakin nodded, stepping forward and squeezing past Grievous to make his way towards the hole in the ceiling that Grievous had sliced to begin the duel against Dooku.

As he moved towards it, Grievous asked, "Do you require assistance?"

Anakin paused for a moment and turned back with brow raised. "Excuse me?" he asked. "You're offering me you help?"

Grievous' eyes narrowed and he growled loudly. "Do not get the wrong idea, Jedi! Sidious is just as much to blame for the fate of the Kaleesh and myself as Dooku and San Hill were. My revenge will not be complete until both of the Sith Lords are dead. I have killed one, and I would 1000 like to have a hand in killing the second as well."

"Charming," Anakin rolled his eyes. "But I'm afraid that this time, I must face him alone, Grievous. This isn't just about the fate of the universe. This isn't just personal. This is both. Palpatine had used and manipulated me far more than he ever did you. Facing off against him alone is the way that it has to be, and nobody else can interfere. Not even you, understand?"

Grievous' eyes narrowed further, obviously not liking being told what to do, so Anakin added. "Besides, remember the second stage of the plan. I think having your presence in the fight would make things confusing instead of punching through the message that we want."

"Fine," Grievous replied, stowing Dooku's lightsaber at his waist. "You get your wish, Skywalker. And what shall I do in the interim."

"You can rendezvous with Aayla and the others," Anakin replied immediately. "They're all going to meet up at the communications center in the East Wing. Help them protect the Senators if you have to."

"Very well," Grievous nodded. "And Skywalker, do not fail! Sidious must not live through another sunset on any planet."

"For once, we're in complete agreement," Anakin nodded back.

Grievous turned around without another word and dashed back across the corridor, stepping contemptuously on Dooku's dead legs as he passed and then disappeared from sight. Anakin sighed and turned back around, heading back towards the hole in the ceiling.

*Anakin then looked at Richard, with confidence.*

Anakin: Ready to take down Sidious, Richard?

Me: Hell yeah. Let's get this son of a bitch.

* Then Me and Anakin enter inside Palpatine's room.*

Anakin reared himself upwards the moment he landed and narrowed his eyes as he beheld the door in front of him. Many of the doors in the Senate Building looked the same, but this one he recognized with ease. After all, he had walked through it many times before to have a talk with Palpatine when he had been the Chancellor. But now, there was quite a different reason for his visit.

There was no point in delaying the inevitable and Anakin knew it. Grievous engagement of Dooku certainly hadn't gone unnoticed and it was very likely that Palpatine was expecting company. However, Anakin could sense the overpowering anger and hatred coming from the other side of the door, which indicated that Palpatine was still in there. Evidently he had not been cowardly enough to flee when he heard of how close the fighting had gotten. He might have figured that Dooku would be victorious in the battling, but whatever the case, now was the time.

Anakin moved towards the door and lifted his hand in front of his, using the Force to slide the door open.

And there he was, standing on the far side of the room, behind his desk. He had his usual red ceremonial robes on instead of the dark cloak which had appeared in his holograms when he communicated to the other Separatists, and his white hair clung to his head like a thought-bubble. His back was to Anakin and his hands were clasped behind his back, a pose that Anakin would often find him in when he stepped into the office in days gone by.

Even though Anakin had come to terms with his position on the side of the Light and had pushed the Dark Side away, hopefully for good, he found it extremely difficult to quash the huge uprising of anger that he felt inside him at the sight of the man who had used and betrayed him and everybody that he cared about. He paused for a moment, clenching his eyes shut and gritting his teeth, forcing the bile and rage that he felt threatening to well up inside him back down.

It was not an easy task, even now. Every Jedi often had to deal with anger like this, even ones like Yoda and Obi-wan, and the rest of Anakin's team was no exception to this either. But somehow, seeing Palpatine in the flesh once again was even worse than when he had appeared in holographic form to speak to him and the clones on his side on Tython.

But Anakin couldn't afford to feel anger. Not ever, but most especially not now. After all, he was almost blown backwards by the sheer amount of rage that he could feel pouring out of Palpatine… or Sidious as Anakin decided to refer to him from now on.

Evidently the plan had been working so far, and every new thing that Palpatine had thrown at them had triggered off another wave of anger that had built up and up until he had reached the stage he was at now, which was beyond downright livid and getting close to mentally unstable.

Anakin couldn't let himself be tempted by the Dark Side. If he let it come surging back after everything he had done to repel it, then Palpatine might succeed in turning him there permanently right then and there. Anakin might even end up killing him just so he could replace him, and he was not about to let that happen.

He felt a feather touch on his mind, as a consciousness he recognized to be Ahsoka reached out to sooth him. It was joined by another, and then another, and then several more, until all nine of the rest of the Tenacious Ten were helping him to sort out his temporary emotion turmoil, flattening it beneath the power of the bonds they shared. Anakin opened his eyes and mentally thanked them all, before he took a step forwards towards the door.

Just before he stepped through it, he paused in thought and then summoned the Force into his hands and brought them together with a loud clap. Sure enough, a pair of red robed elite guards that had been lurking on either side of the door within the office were jerked out of hiding and their heads were slammed together, knocking them out immediately and sending them flopping to the floor in a heap. Anakin carefully stepped over them, wary of more guards, but it seemed that they had been the only two.

"Good afternoon, Emperor," he said grimly. "How goes your rule?"

Palpatine turned around. Although Anakin could still feel the ripples of anger that seemed to tug at the very air (either Palpatine wasn't bothering trying to conceal his Sith Lord presence any more or he was just so angry that he couldn't contain it anymore), Palpatine's face was a mask of calm and almost regal dignity, a small smile adorning his features just as it had done every other time that he had spoken with him.

Anakin grimaced. He knew immediately what Sidious was trying to do – he was trying to confuse his thoughts with the mask of the Chancellor once again. He growled, refusing to let himself by this monster.

Sidious nodded to him and said, "Ah, Anakin, my boy. It's such a pleasure to see you again. I am well. How have you been faring yourself?"

"You mean since you ordered my troops to turn against me and the rest of the Order?" Anakin asked bitterly. "Actually I've been not that bad considering everything that has happened since then."

"Now, Anakin, you must understand," Sidious simpered. "I simply had to turn the clone army on the Jedi. Surely you must know that they never really trusted me or believed in me. And then, they hired a dangerous Bounty Hunter to track me down. It was a conspiracy from the very top and I only had to put a stop to it for the safety of the entire Galaxy. Do you not understand that?"

"I understand that you're lying to try and talk me out of battling you," Anakin replied. "You should know yourself that it's pointless to try and sway me back to your side now. Not after everything I've learned and seen about you in the last few days and not after I felt all that anger that's currently pouring off you."

"Anger, Anakin?" Sidious asked. "Of course I am angry. Would you not be angry if you were in my position. I am trying to create a Galaxy of peace and you and the rest of the Jedi are insisting on trying to take that away from me."

"Because you're a Sith and have no place here," Anakin added. "Because you don't have the right to lead anyone, let alone the entire Galaxy."

"Do you believe that really, Anakin?" Sidious asked almost serenely. "Do you really believe me to be the villain here? I have been your friend for years now, and I do not think I have ever said a word to you crosswise, excepting that little incident with the Zillo Beast." He glanced back out the window to where the reptile in question was currently pounding the stuffing out of a line of AT-Es.

"The Zillo Beast was perhaps the thing that opened my eyes the most before I was given the real solid evidence. It showed me the you that you had been concealing under your veil for so long, or at least a fraction of it. These attempts of yours to put me off aren't going to work, Sidious. I have seen enough to know that your friendship with me was nothing but a lie. Don't bother trying to be friendly now. It won't work."

Sidious scowled in irritation. He had been hoping that Anakin would have been so consumed with anger at the sight of him that he would fly into a rage and attack him straight away, thus tossing him back into the recesses of the Dark Side almost immediately, but Anakin just stood there instead. Sidious could feel a slight pinprick of anger coming from Anakin's mind, but it was heavily pressed down at the bottom.

Even the kind-hearted act, which Sidious had thought would incense Anakin still further due to the fact that he was still trying to lie to him even through all that, didn't seem to be having much of an effect on the young man. The Sith could quite clearly see that Anakin was practically completely beyond his reach now. He might be able to break him if he captured him and eroded him over time, but he would never be able to do it right off the bat.

* I stood there watching the talking happen, Palpatine still doesn't know that I'm alive, as I arm myself, but when I reloaded my weapons, I made a loud click, as I realize that Palpatine might have heard it, so I try to keep myself calm, where Palpatine won't know that I'm there hiding around the corner.*

*Luckily, Sidious was too distracted to even hear the noise, as his attention was at Anakin.*

So," Sidious glowered at his younger opponent. "I suppose you intend to kill me, yes?"

"If I must," Anakin replied evenly.

"No lingering doubts about cutting down your old friend?"

"No. Not anymore. My friendship with you has been permanently terminated. And I was able to deal with my emotions in the last couple of days before we came in to visit you. And now, you are the only one left, Sidious. The only one on your team that remains."

"And you think that means you have me?" Sidious sneered, dropping his act completely. "Don't be naïve, Anakin. I am far more powerful than Count Dooku and any of the others who were in my employ. Just because you have the upper hand with numbers does not mean that you will win today? And your giant friends out there won't be able to help you."

Oh, let me at him! Terriermon shouted.

Anakin, on the other hand, smirked as Sidious mentioned the Digimon and the Zillo Beast. He chuckled and said, "Speaking of them, were you surprised to see them?"

Sidious' growl was more than enough to answer Anakin's question. "What are they anyway? And where did they come from? I have never seen anything like them or heard of anything like them throughout my whole life. What are they?"

Anakin was only too happy to answer the question – not only would Sidious be unable to do anything with the information but it also allowed Anakin to rub the secret they had once been in his face. "They're called Digimon," he replied simply. "Living beings made of computer data that were thrust into my life about six months ago. I couldn't even hope to count the number of your battle droids that they have taken out, individually as well as between them, but they have been fighting alongside me and my friends for a very long time, in helping to defeat you."

"Is that so?" Sidious asked, his voice getting dangerously low, as Anakin felt fresh waves of anger peeling off him at this revelation. "All four of them?"

This time it was Anakin's turn to blink? "Four?" he asked.

"Yes, four," Sidious snapped. "The giant, green machine, the giant rabbit creature, the yellow fox who merged with the girl to become a shaman and that giant missile-throwing wolf back on Tython."

"Missile-throwing wolf?" Anakin blinked. "You mean Numa and Gabumon managed to digivolve again?"

Sounds like more than that, Lopmon cried, and Anakin could feel the elation coming off the brown bunny. Sounds to me like they managed to biomerge somehow. Neither Garurumon nor WereGarurumon can throw missiles.

Sidious simply looked bewildered at the word 'digivolve.' So Anakin merely said, "Well, the wolf is a newer addition, but the other three have been around for a long time, yes. They have the ability to assume a variety of forms, and have been hindering your plans ever since they were thrown into our universe from out of their own. A smaller form of the big, green machine was the one who overheard Ventress, Grievous and Dooku talking about you and alerted us to your existence after your forces captured my Padawan."

"Oh?" Sidious growled, clutching the back of his chair and beginning to tremble slightly such was the anger that was rippling up through his body.

"Oh yes," nodded Anakin. "And it was that same form who also overheard San Hill and Nute Gunray talking about how you got Grievous to join your ranks and told him about it. Then he and Aayla were the ones who were able to get him to join us against you?"

"Yes, I was going to ask about that," Sidious snarled, having seen the battle between Grievous and Dooku on another holocam.

"And as for the giant rabbit," Anakin smirked. "She's the one who foiled Passel Argente's attempts to re-create the Blue Shadow Virus and then it was her, and not Barriss, who managed to convince the Wookiee, Chewbacca, to join our group and then got the whole Wookiee Army to turn against you."

"Really?" Sidious hissed.

"And the yellow fox," Anakin chuckled, enjoying himself as he effectively taunted Sidious. "Well, she's probably the one who's done the most to foil your plans. She helped Aayla take back Christophsis, which is where they first met, then she's the one who enchanted the Acklay and made them into intelligent creatures. She's the one who initially befriended the Zillo Beast, while the other two managed to take on and defeat it, and then, to top it all off, she was the invisible being who you sensed in the basement of 500 Republica, and therefore the one who discovered who you really are, Sidious."

"That was her?" Palpatine's eyes shot open in shock and rage. "I was led to believe that that was Bane."

"Bane lied," Anakin shrugged. "He does that. No, it was the fox, Renamon, who was there when you took your hood off. And I should mention that she has a special mind-link with the other two, so the instant that she knew who you were, so did they, even though they were with us on Ryloth right across the Galaxy. They were able to tell us straight away and that's how we got the word out about you being a Sith Lord. The word was being spread around even while you were still locked in combat with Bane."

Sidious said nothing this time, but his eye was beginning to twitch and spasm as if his anger was taking control of his facial features and distorting them. All of the unanswered questions he'd had with regards to the Jedi knowing things that they couldn't possibly know had been answered in one fell swoop and right now, he was beginning to think that he had never been angrier in his entire life. He hadn't even come close to being this angry before.

"And…" he said slowly through gritted teeth. "Why was I never informed about any of this, Anakin?" he asked.

Anakin chuckled again. "Express orders from the Council," he replied. "It was their decision to turn the Digimon into our secret weapon to win the war against the Separatists. At first I was reluctant to keep the information from you, as well as the rest of the Senate and, indeed, from everyone else, but I decided to see if it had any effect. And when I saw how well the Digimon fought against the Separatists, and how each and every time the Separatists didn't expect them and paid the price for it, I saw that the Council was right and my reluctance vanished. But hey," he grinned. "No hard feelings right?"

Sidious could practically feel his insides slowly being set on fire such was the wrath that was building up inside him. This was not how this was supposed to go. He was the one supposed to be feeling better while Anakin was the one getting angrier, but instead it was completely the opposite way around. He felt a complete fool, and he even felt inadequate compared to the Jedi now. He had thought the fact he had been able to deceive them and keep his Sith identity a secret from them was impressive beforehand.

But the secret with the Jedi had been keeping from him seemed even greater. They had covered all bases and used every opportunity, and they had brought his plans to the brink of collapse. Now, Anakin and his team, which was over twice as large as he had even known it to be, was here and the only thing standing between them and victory was himself.

It could not be further from the grand victory that he had been edging towards for well over a decade.

He felt like he was going to burst inside, like his internal organs were going to explode. This was like the closest thing to a coronary that he was ever going to get. It almost felt like the Force itself was the only thing preventing him from getting a brain aneurysm. His blood boiled, the veins in his eyes standing out against the whites and his fingers flexing on the back of the chair.

He let loose with a sudden scream that tore through the office and could be heard practically halfway across.

* I chuckle silently at Palpatines face it was priceless, but when I heard him scream in anger, I smiled.*

Me: *whisper* Someone is really pissed right now.

The air pulsed around him and Anakin immediately took up a stance, activating the lightsaber in his hand and getting ready to defend himself against anything with Sidious threw at him.

That something turned out to be the entire desk, ripped from the floor and tossed across the room and towards the door. Anakin's eyes shot open in astonishment and he bounded backwards and out of the door, the desk crashing into the frame with such force that the whole structure splintered and several fragments shot out into the corridor and right for Anakin. The Chosen One raised his arms and used the Force to divert the debris to either side of him, while simultaneously grabbing the desk before it could fall and crush the two unconscious Senate Guards.

He then bounded back forwards and slammed the desk with a hefty kick, knocking it backwards into the room and swiping outwards with the Force to send it spinning back towards Sidious. With a flick of his wrist, the Sith Lord sent the desk spiraling over his head instead of slamming into him. It slammed into the duraglass window instead, and while the window might be tough, the desk was moving at such speed and with such strength that it smashed straight through it and show outwards, spiraling towards the ground far, far below.

Anakin stepped back into the room and twirled his blade in readiness. He was rather surprised when he spotted Sidious with his hands over his face and trembling in a position that made him look like he was crying. But Anakin could hear the grinding teeth and the low snarling that suggested otherwise.

And then Palpatine shot back upwards, his arms flexing out to his side and his fingers curling into claws out by his side lifting his head into the air and letting loose a sound that you might normally expect to hear in a prehistoric jungle. He'd gone so high-pitched that he almost sounded like an Acklay. Then his head snapped down and his eyes bored into Anakin's own. Anakin was taken aback when he saw that Sidious' irises had gone bright yellow.

It was shocking just how evil that made him look. Senator Chuchi also had yellow eyes, but you would never think for a moment that she was a bad person just to look at her, as her features were kindly and gentle. But with Sidious, the effect was very different. It made him look almost like a monster, especially when you combined the fact that those eyes were set in a wrinkled face that was twisted with rage, teeth bared in a primeval snarl.

Anakin could feel the Dark Side washing over him with such power he almost staggered backwards. He knew what was going on. It felt the same as he himself had when he had gone berserk on Tatooine and killed off the entire tribe of Sand People that had killed his mother, only on an even larger scale.

This was called Force-fury… a Dark Side technique that enabled its user to tap into an amplify his own anger by almost tenfold and then draw stupendous amounts of power from it, and Sidious had just activated the technique within himself. And he had been overflowing with such anger, that his power reserves suddenly felt practically bottomless.

Anakin, on the other hand, knew that he could not allow the Dark Side to intimidate him. If it did, then he would start to lose the will to battle and his conviction, and so his movements would slow and Sidious would get the upper hand. And there was no way that Anakin was going to let that happen, no matter how much power Sidious poured at him.

Nevertheless, he couldn't help but feel slightly tense. Suddenly, the idea of making Sidious ridiculously angry didn't seem like such a good one anymore.

Sidious wrist flexed and a lightsaber hilt appeared out of his sleeve. Anakin wondered if he had kept it there at all times when he had sat down to have his private conversations with the man, but he banished those thoughts from his mind as Sidious activated the red blade.

Courage, Anakin, Aayla shouted. You can do this.

He's just one big bully! Suzie agreed. I know you can take him, Uncle Anakin.

His evil is unnatural, Rika put in.

Go get him, Master, Ahsoka cheered. Give me an early birthday present!




Unaware of the little debate going on in Anakin's head, Sidious snarled and said, "Well, Anakin. You have come this far. Let's see if you can go the full distance. Now you shall find yourself facing a Master Sith Lord, not just the apprentice. I believe you will find me a far more difficult opponent than you realize.

"Bring it!" Anakin challenged.

Sidious brought it.

He launched himself into the air, an unnatural scream ripping out of his mouth as he spiraled towards Anakin. The young man could feel his body seize up under the Force scream attack, but he promptly flooded his body with the Force to break the effect and spiraled out of the way as Sidious slashed through the air where he had just been twice in quick succession. Anakin wheeled around to counterattack, but Sidious' blade was there to meet his with shocking ease and Anakin was forced to leap back again, with his blade flashing as he desperately struck two more slashes to him aside.

He backed off quickly, realizing that the battle had started off on the wrong foot already, but Sidious pressed the attack, hurling a huge Force-push that was almost like a physical wall outwards that crashing into Anakin and sent him thudding back into the wall, shoulders-first. Anakin rolled to the ground and leapt up as Sidious slashed twice through the wall behind him and whipped around with a whirl of his robes to drive his blade down towards Anakin with barely a pause.

Anakin caught the strike on the base of his blade and successfully pushed Palpatine backwards flipping into the air to bring his lightsaber smashing down towards Sidious' head and the moment his lightsaber touched Sidious' deflecting one he swerved backwards and twirling his sword into an upwards stab. Sidious' span about and knocked Anakin's blade aside, and plunged himself back around, but Anakin stuck his blade up into the air to catch the strike and lashed out with his own Force-push.

Sidious went flying back across the room, but he snarled in mid-air and threw another Force-push behind him at the wall, slowing him down and then hurling him back the other way before he touched the wall and before he even hit the floor. Startled, Anakin only just managed to save himself by dropping flat onto his back and rolling to the side. Sidious sailed overhead and his blade skimmed into the ground next to Anakin's head, as the Sith Lord flipped back over onto his feet.

Anakin bounded up and fled the length of the office, trying to earn a reprieve from the sudden aggressiveness of the Emperor for a moment. Sidious snarled and dashed off in pursuit, his lightsaber carving viciously through the air with each stride. Anakin gritted his teeth as he leapt up to push himself off the wall and slam himself into Sidious, lightsabers locking to push him away slightly, and then attacked with a flurry of his own blows, crashing two up near Sidious' head and curving down to sweep around his feet. To his extreme dismay, Sidious turned that shots aside with frustrating ease, so Anakin upped the ante and hurled a huge strike towards the Sith Lord's abdomen, adding a considerable burst of the Force to his wing in the hopes of at least sending him flying across the room.

Sidious did nothing of the kind. Instead, he caught the blow and didn't budge an inch. Anakin only had a moment to register his surprise before Sidious suddenly pulled away and span his blade like a rotor, striking towards Anakin at three different heights on each side of his body at almost the same time.

*Just then, Sidious heard something shot, and turned to stop some bullets, as he saw Richard standing there, shocking the Emperor.*

Palpatine: YOU!

Me: Hey there, Palpatine, long time no see, we meet again, but this time in the flesh.

Palpatine: *anger* Impossible! Aurra Sings had told me she shot you on the head.

Richard: *chuckled* That was actually a doubleganger they shot. Courtesy of Master Guido.

*Palpatine then snarls in anger at the mentioning of Guido.*

Palpatine: You do not know who you're facing, Raptor. I am more dangerous and powerful Sith Lord that you'll face. And you will not survive from me.

Me: Then come and get me, bastard!

* I start running, As Palpatine growls in rage, then he chases after me, as Anakin follows Sidious.*

*Richard turned and saw Sidious using the force to fly at a incredible speed, catching up to him. Just then, a blurry object came flying to Sidious, and crashed him to the wall. Richard then turned and saw the figure come out of the hole, revealing me, in my Makyura armor human mode.*

Me: Sorry I'm late bro.

Me: Thanks Bro.

* I start running again.*

*I smiled at my brother for his safety, and turned to the hole that I made when I hit Sidious. I then saw the debris fly out, as I dodged them. I then saw Sidious come flying to me, in such rage, as me and Sidious fought.*

* Soon Sidious has his foot on JD throat, as he says to my brother.*

Sidious: Now you will suffer for your interference, meddling brat!

*Just before he can strike me, we heard a roar, and saw Dan charging at Sidious, then tackled him.*

* But Palpatine got Dan off of him, as he focus on me.*

Palpatine: I don't have time to focus on you fools!

* As Palpatine then chases after me, as Anakin passed the two, I stop for a good minute, until I see Palpatine coming at me, as I start running again.*

*Richard can feel how much anger Palpatine's getting, as he chased him through the hallway. Just then, Richard saw Guido(Armor Master mode) flying towards Sidious, and grabbed Sidious, as Richard kept running.*

* When Sidious saw Guido, blood boiled even more, as he says.*

Sidious: You will not interfere with my revenge, Microraptor! *pushes Guido with his force, as Guido stood his ground, and stopped.*

Guido: Am I? *takes out his Wedge sword* If you want to get to Richard, you'll have to go through me.

Sidious: If that is how you want it, then fine!

* As Sidious pulls his lightsaber out and turned it one.*

*Then, Sidious corkscrewed and did his Force Scream at Guido, and the two fought.*

* Guido fought Sidious as good as he could, but had to back off, as Sidious chasing after me, as Anakin came to Guido, as the two chase after him, I keep running until I bump into Ludwin.*

*Just then, the two heard some running footsteps, and saw Sidious from a distance.*

Ludwin: Ah, zhe Sith Lord is coming. *to Richard* I'll keep zhe Sith lord busy, vhile you go und meet Slade and Robby for zheir help to expose Palpatine as Sidious.

Me: What about you?

Ludwin: I vill try to not let Sidious get you, until you get zhe camera ready to expose Palpatine using the Dark Side force abilities.

Me: Just be careful.

Ludwin: Careful? BAH! I am zhe undead RingMaster of Carnevil. I vill not die so easily. Especially, *turns into his Aparamorph dragon form* when he is facing Ludwin, the Aparamorph Dragon king!

Me: Like the others, even if they can't die, I still worry for my allies, no matter what, that also includes you, I see a bright future for both of us on Earth, I still want you to be careful, even if you can't die, just promise me that you be careful.

Ludwin: I vill. Now, GO! We're running out of time!

Me: Right! Already on the move!

* I start running again.*

*Ludwin looked at Richard running off, then turned to see Sidious almost within his distance. Then, he took out a Lightsaber and turns it on.*

Ludwin: Now, it's time you learn your placve, Emperor.

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*Richard is seen running, trying to find Slade and Robby.*

* I ran into doors leading into where the senators are, but they are locked, as I knew that Slade, Robby, the New Republic clones, the former Separatist, now new republic droids, and some anti-sidious terrorists are inside, as I realized the only way in, was the roof, as I realize that it was spy time, as I start running to the top of the building, as I get rope ready, the 007 James Bond theme song is playing in the background.*

*Richard is seen aiming his grappling hook up to the building, and shot it upwards. Then, after the hook made it's mark. Richard beacon climbing the roof, and a few minutes later, he arrived on the top. Then, Richard opened the window hatch, and turned into his dragon form, and flew down to the floor, and land. Then, he turned back into his raptor form, and ran to the room. Then, he finally arrived at the3 room, but saw some Empire Clones guarding. He looked around, and looked at the ceiling. An idea came to him, as Richard turned into his dragon form once again, and began climbing on the ceiling, passing by the Empire Clones undetected.*

* After I passed the empire clones, I open the door and walk into the room, as I see Slade and Robby talking to senators.*

* After I passed the empire clones, I open the door and walk into the room, as I see Slade and Robby talking to senators.*

Robby: You gotta believe us, Senators.

Senator: Why should we believe you both? You two are working with the traitors of the Jedi.

Robby: But...

Senator 2: NO excuses!

Slade: *calm* My dear Senators. With all due respect, we will prove to you all that Palpatine is actually Sidious. In fact, we even have Richard to explain.

Senator: Richard? Impossible. The Emperor had informed us that he's dead.

Richard: Well, you're wrong.

* The senators turned and saw me, half of them were shocked, while the other half were confused.*

Senator 1: What? But how?

Me: You see your emperor had sent some bounty hunters after me, but I made a copy of myself, and they killed it instead, so avoided death, which gave us a chance to have some of the former separatist to join our new Republic. Now, since you don't believe us, I think its is time, to show you all senators what we recorded.

* I show the camera.*

Senator: What is that?

Slade: Just the recording of the revelation of *narrowed his eye* Darth Sidious.

Me: I think it is time, to show you, what we discovered, before the emperor launched order 66.

* I rewind the tape.*

*The Senators began to watch the video, as they heard Sidious say something to the hologram Grievous on what Richard, me and the others were listening too. Then, the Senators saw Sidious talk to a Genosian, then took off his hood, revealing none other than Chancellor Palpatine. The Senators were in utter shock seeing the Chancellor as the Sith lord Darth Sidious.*

Richard: Me and my brother and our friends had went to the place called the Works, where it was abandoned a long time ago. Sidious used the location to contact the Separatists on our strategies and other things going on here.

Terrorist 1: And after Sidious unleashed the Order, we protested at him demanding peace, but he did some crackdowns to us, therefore we became violent and began terrorist targeting symbols of the Empire.

Me: I'm glad you did that.

Terrorist 2: Some of us, are for revenge, some of us are here to avenge loved one killed in the crackdowns, those that lost loved one, have nothing to live her.

Me: I understand that, if I felt that way, and I lost all of my family by an enemy, I would blow myself up and take some of the enemy with me.

Robby: *clears throat* Um, sorry to interrupt your little chat, but we have to get the camera ready to record Sidious fighting Anakin. Padme's almost ready for the signal.

Me: He's coming after me, he wants to finish me off for good, even if Anakin is going to fight the emperor, Palpatine still wants me dead, and he will not stop, until he has me, because he doesn't want to just fight Anakin, he also wants to fight me as well, but last time I fought him, I he almost had turned to dark side, because he was about to see me wife Juliet, which was my girlfriend during that time, now he is condering to have me dead.

Robby: But didn't the prophecy say that Anakin will bring balance to the force?

Me: Yeah, but... * I remember what Father said* Lord Father also told me a prophecy, which is similar to Anakin's, but it has me and the LBT crew in it.

Robby: *confused* He did?

Me: Yeah, but... * I remember what Father said* Lord Father also told me a prophecy, which is similar to Anakin's, but it has me and the LBT crew in it.

*Robby, Slade and the others were amazed and interested on hearing Richard's explanation of what Father had told him about the prophecy.*

*After the explanation...*

Me:... and that is why Me and the LBT crew got involved.

Robby: That...was...AMAZING on what you said, Richard.

Me: So, what should I do, I'm not a Jedi, I don't think that I might win, I may not stand a chance against him.

Robby: Look, Richard. We know that you're not a Jedi, but that doesn't mean to just give in doubt. You have to believe in yourself and the others that are with you, whether far or near, they'll always be with you. We believe that you'll defeat Sidious, alongside Anakin, and bring peace to the whole galaxy. Don't LOSE hope, Richard. Don't forget who you are. Don't forget who's with you the most. Don't forget your brother, JD. And Dan. And us too. WE believe in you, RichardTerminator.

* Then the amulet came to live again, as I saw Nicodemus again.*

Robby: *stunned* Whoa. What was that?

Me: It's a amulet that JD gave me.

* As Nicodemus talks to me.*

Nicodemus: Richard. I sensed that something's troubling you, young one.

Me: Yes, Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: I sensed that you are in unsurity of facing the Sith Lord alone or together.

Me: Yes Nicodemus.

Nicodemus: You mustn't lose faith, my friend. Master Yen Sid and I had sensed how strong you are when facing dangers around you. And no matter how tough they are, you always find a way.

Utopia: *V.O.* Nicodemus' right, Richard. Giving up hope is NOT the way to defeat Sidious nor the remaining evil around. Remember, I'm here to help guide you.

Me: Your right.

Utopia: *V.O.* Besides, you have friends and family looking out for you, young one. Especially me.

Me: Thanks you two, I'll remember that.

Nicodemus: Remember what I said to Mrs. Brisby, about the stone,...

Robby: And what was it you told Mrs. Brisby?

*Nicodemus replied Robby's question, saying.*

Nicodemus: Courage of the heart is very rare. The stone has a power when it's there.

Me: I remember now.

* I touch the stone.*

*Just then, Richard felt something inside of him unlock within when he touched the stone. Then, the stone dimmered, as Richard looked at the stone, confused.*

Me: Huh?

Robby: What was that?

Richard: I don't know, Robby. But we'll worry about that later. Let's get everything ready to expose Sidious.

Robby: You got it, RichardTerminator.

* Soon we got ready, then we saw Sidious coming in.*

*The group then saw Anakin coming in as well, fighting in a lightsaber duel.*

Robby: Are we in position, RichardTerminator?

Me: Yep. *to Palpatine* Hey shit head!

*Palpatine turned and saw Richard and the others aiming the camera at them.*

Anakin quickly put himself between Richard and the Sith and said, "Don't bother, old friend. It's already too late! That holocam in his hand is broadcasting live as we speak, to every monitor and transmitter in the whole of Coruscant, and the one we set up on Tython."

"WHAT!" Sidious screeched.

"Yep. It's true!" Anakin grinned with satisfaction. "At this precise moment, every clone on both planets will be laying down their weapon and the citizens of your Empire are turning against you. No… scratch that. The citizens of the Republic are turning against you Sidious. It's over! You've lost!" He twirled his blade and leveled it towards the former Emperor. "Lay down your weapon and surrender now."

But all thought processes seemed to have been wiped from Sidious' mind. The knowledge that all his grand designs and any hope of overcoming the opponent and setting things right against were ripped away almost before his very mind. At every turn, he had been out thought and outmaneuvered by the Jedi and their allies. They had beaten him at his own game.

Surrender was not an option even now. Sidious might not have the clones to back him up anymore, nor the apprentice which had had been seeking to gain throughout the whole Clone Wars, but as far as he was concerned, he could still end this on a high note – by killing Anakin and making his getaway. The Sith might not rule, but they would survive. They would always survive.

And he screamed as the Dark Side of the Force poured out of him in greater quantities than ever and he exploded forwards, thrown down the slope by a Force-blast to the roof behind him as he soared towards Anakin, slamming into him so hard that he went flying backwards, forcing Seripas to dart out of the way and only just grabbing onto the edge of the roof before he was swept over the edge completely.

Anakin looked back up to see Sidious falling towards him and hurriedly swung himself back up, flipping over Sidious' head and whirling around in an attempt to blast the Sith off the roof himself, but almost faster than plausible, Sidious hand had lashed out and swept Anakin back into the air to send him crashing into the roof back-first. Anakin grunted as he impacted once again, but he had no time to recover and he had to roll aside several times as Sidious' blade carved down towards him, then again, then again.

The Dark Side seemed to have taken over completely now. All that was left was the rage! And Sidious was more powerful than ever. Anakin was beginning to get overwhelmed!

*But then, Richard came to the rescue, by turning into Utopia, blocking Sidious' attack. Richard then said to Sidious.*

Me: I will not let you harm anyone else today, Sidious!

*Sidious then pushed Richard with such powerful force, causing both Anakin and Richard to crash through the wall, making a huge hole. When the two got up, they saw the pissed off Sith Lord charging at a FAST speed that no human can outrun.*

* Then I used the stone, as it's powers hit Sidious, sending him flying, I hold the stone, the same way Mrs. Brisby held it, as the power cruise through me, as I brightened the same way Mrs. Brisby did, as I gave Anakin some of the amulet's power, when Sidious recovered, we saw both me and Anakin coming straight at him.*

*Sidious then did a Sith Lightning at the two, causing the two to fly to the wall, getting hit. Just then, Richard quickly recovered, then hard Utopia's voice.*

Utopia: *V.O.* Richard. The amulet has unlocked my armor's new ability within you. Use it to disarm Sidious, and put an end to his ruling.

* I then unlock the new ability.*

Richard: Let's do this! *did a Ranger motion* Stone of Justice! Activate!

*Richard raised the stone upwards, as electricity course from it, and unleashed it around the group. Sidious was then pushed away from the force of it. Then, Richard's armor began to change. Although Utopia's armor looked the same, the armor had upgraded to a different level. His shoulder pads became golden and bright white, with sapphire emerald on it. His face mask changed to full golden helmet armor, with beautiful gray mouth plate, and his eyes turned into a ruby red color. And his wing spans turned into diamond colored featured, making him look powerful.*


* Soon I also turn into my dragon form as well, with the armor still on me.*

*The group was shocked in amazement, except Sidious, as they see the armor around Richard. Just then, the camera shows me and Godzilla just arriving, and saw my brother's dragon armor around him, in amazement.*

Godzilla: *mental link* Uncle, you look amazing.

Richard: Thanks, nephew.

Me: Go get him, brother! Show this no good Sith who's boss!

Me: Me and Anakin are going to care of this personally.

* As I turn to Sidious.*

Me: You stand no chance against us, what are you doing do now? Your screwed!

Godzillo: *mental link* Go dad. Kill pale man for what he did to me.

* I then strike at the emperor, as he start a fight.*

"FOOLS!" Sidious screamed and emptied a massive burst of Force-lightning in the direction of the two. But Richard moved forward and drew the attack into his blade. It slammed into him with the Force to send him flying back again, but Aayla and Renamon simultaneously grabbed him by each shoulder and caught him between them, planting him firmly back on the roof. Richard struggled to gain his purchase again, but with the fox and he Twi'lek helping him, he managed to stand tall once again.

Anakin clapped his hands together and managed to generate a shock wave that catapulted outwards, rippling the very fabric of the air itself. Sidious retaliated with a burst of lightning from both hands, so powerful that the roof of the Senate Building shone out across Coruscant where even the citizens could see the signs of the battle. But the two attacks only cannoned into one another and canceled each other out, allowing Anakin to dive down through the smoke of the resulting explosion lightsaber held in front of him and ready for action.

Sidious jumped backwards some distance as Anakin crashed into the roof and immediately rebounded towards him, hoping to catch the Chosen One while he was down. But Anakin had not hesitated even for a second and flung himself through the air and towards the flying Sith. Both of them clashed together with strength that seemed to be about equal and fell to the ground, straining against one another, but Sidious was startled when Anakin began to push him backwards. He was using the Force to add to his strength, but Anakin was still overpowering him.

He tried to reach under his guard while his lightsaber was occupied to pour electricity into his chest, but taking his hand away from the lightsaber hilt turned out to be a bad idea because Anakin immediately muscled forwards and drew back to hack out with a blow that tossed Sidious back into the air, arms flailing wildly.

But Anakin didn't give him the opportunity to go very far and his hand lashed out immediately, seizing the back of the former Emperor's robes in one hand and heaving back towards him. Sidious yelped as he was hauled through the air, Anakin spinning around several times with the Sith Lord swinging around him before he tossed him with one huge lurch to send him flying back across the roof. Sidious collided hard with one of the halves of the stealth ship and crashed to the floor, winded and breathing heavily.

He looked up to see Anakin walking slowly towards him once again, and his gaze drifted off to the side, to where the rest of the Tenacious Ten were also staring at him. Their expressions were blank, as they devoted all their strength towards Anakin with their minds alone. Sidious reached up with a hand crackling with electricity, aiming towards them instead of his direct opponent.

Anakin reacted immediately, but not out of anger. Never out of anger, not anymore. He barreled across the roof and threw himself into the air with both legs out. Sidious hurriedly rolled out of the way, as Anakin's legs pounded into the stealth ship where he had been, and swiftly turned around to strike at his side. But Anakin whirled around and caught the strike once more, lightsaber locking for a brief instant as he stared levelly into Sidious' yellow eyes with his own blue ones.

"No," he said, simply. "You will not harm them. As long as we fight together, nobody will ever harm them again. Understand?"

"You cannot win against me," Sidious hissed. "Nobody can win against me!"

"Wanna bet?" Anakin raised an eyebrow.

The Chosen One's near nonchalance seemed to drive Palpatine completely over the edge and he howled in frustration and rage and broke the lightsaber lock, throwing slash after slash at Anakin with the red lightsaber, roughly twenty of them in about seven seconds flat, in a technique that he was sure would end the life of just about any opponent as he struck for just about every single part of Anakin's body.

Anakin's feet didn't even move as his lightsaber shot up to block every single slash with no more than a flick of his wrist each time. Sidious gawped in astonishment and that was all that Anakin needed. Gathering the Force in the split second interlude, he pulsed it out of his body and struck Sidious full in the chest with it, hard enough to break several of the Sith Lord's ribs. Sidious gasped as he was flung backwards across the roof, his lightsaber flying out of his hand and sailing through the air, right into Anakin's own. Anakin brought the lightsaber hilt up before his face and poured the Force into the small device, shattering it into dozens of pieces instantaneously.

Sidious landed with a thud on his back gasping for breath as his chest throbbed with pain. He coughed loudly, a tight pain in his throat and finding it difficult to breathe. Nevertheless, he desperately tried to push himself back up, determined to be the victor – determined that the Sith would rise to power once more, by force if nothing else.

But as he struggled, a blue lightsaber appeared in his face, the tip hovering no more than a few inches from the Sith's hooked nose. Sidious stared up its length and directly into Anakin's eyes, which were hard as flints as he stared down at him.

"Looks like I win," he said, simply.

Sidious hissed, baring his teeth in a snarl that looked like some feral wild creature. "Then what are you waiting for, Skywalker! Finish me! Do it! Strike me down and end my reign of tyranny once and for all – just like you said you were going to."

"You make a very persuasive argument," Anakin replied, the lightsaber not moving an inch or wavering in the slightest as it hovering low over Sidious' face. "It is no more than you deserve. Your manipulations of the entire Galaxy should have earned you a slow, painful death by this stage. All the pain and suffering that you have caused as you safely lurked in the shadows – it goes without saying that most people would consider an agonizing demise as even too easy for somebody who's soul is as tainted by the Dark Side as yours."

"Then strike!" Sidious demanded. "Carve out my heart! Do not deny that you have wanted to ever since you learned who I really was, Anakin. The desire for revenge lurks within you, just as it did when the Tusken Raiders killed your mother."

Anakin didn't say anything for a couple of seconds. "A Jedi doesn't look at the past, Sidious. What the Tusken Raiders did to my mother was barbaric and they deserved even worse than I gave to them, but I see now that it was wrong of me to do what I did to them. I still hate them, and I don't think I will ever stop hating them, just as I hate you now, more than anything I've ever hated before.

"But slaughtering the Sand People was wrong of me too. All I accomplished was to stoop to their level, and that is something that my mother would never have wanted me to do, no matter what they had done to her. If I could go back in time, but was still unable to save her, then I would contain myself. And I shall contain myself now. Killing a man at my mercy is not the Jedi way. Because that's what I am – a Jedi, and to strike you down now would mean I would be making the same mistake all over again. I would be no better than a Sith."

His eyes flashed.

"And if there is one thing I will never, ever act like or be, it is a Sith."

He stepped backwards, still keeping his lightsaber pointed at him but giving him room. "Now, 1000 stand up! You are hereby relieved from your place as Emperor and I am taking you into custody. Make it easy on yourself and give up now."

Sidious snarled and grunted as pain wracked his body, as he slowly levered himself up to his feet, his chest sending lances of agony shooting throughout every nerve ending in his torso, but nevertheless, he managed to stand up, the lightsaber still pointed directly at his face, staring at the blazing tip with a slight amount of fear in his eyes.

Anakin's eyes flicked to the left, where he saw the others staring at him with smiles on their faces. Each of them gave him a nod of respect and he smiled back at them.

Well done, Anakin, Aayla congratulated him.

You were so awesome, Suzie cheered.

A proper bad ass, Terriermon agreed. Of course, MegaGargomon is still cooler.


Momentai, Henry.

"ANAKIN! RICHARD!" Barriss suddenly warned him as Sidious reared back suddenly and let a large Force-lightning burst directly at Anakin's lightsaber. Anakin swept back around to counter it, but it hit his lightsaber at an angle that sent it flying out of his hand. Then Sidious lifted both hands and let rip with both a scream of pure rage and the biggest flare of Force-lightning yet, blasting towards Anakin's chest from only about three feet away.

Quick as a flash, Anakin raised his hands and once again the Lightning was countered by a Force-block, but the sheer volume of it was still enough to push Anakin backwards several feet before he regained his footing, gritting his teeth as he used the Force to hold Sidious' attack at bay.


*Sidious then gave Richard another Sith Lightning, as Richard blocks the lightning. Anakin then came by, and helped Richard hold the Sith Lightning.*

"OH YEAH!" Anakin roared over the sound of the crackling lightning. "I'M NOT IMPRESSED, SIDIOUS! WE WILL NEVER FOLD TO YOU AS LONG AS WE STAND UNITED! BEHOLD OUR POWER!"

And he plunged his mind back into those of his comrades and melded with them to an even greater degree than before, drawing all the love that they held for each other and for him into his body simultaneously. Sidious blanched slightly when Anakin took a step forwards, pushing the lightning stream back again, and then another step. The air seemed to ripple and not just from the electrical charge, but also from the waves and waves of energy that were pouring out of Anakin's body.

And was it just the effect of the lightning or was Anakin's body beginning to glow slightly.

The rest of the Tenacious Ten watched in wonderment as Anakin pushed himself through Sidious' lightning stream. Aayla had a feeling that she knew what was going on and quickly sent the information to the others over the mind-link. Anakin was using Force-light, an incredibly rare technique that few had ever attempted, let alone done successfully. But she had never heard of anything this intense before – Anakin's body radiated power like an entire sun as he drew on every shred of love they had for each other and combined it with his own already ridiculously heightened Force prowess.

As Anakin got closer to Sidious, the Sith Lord screeched with pain as he felt himself burning up inside. The light from Anakin's body seemed to be permeating through his skin and into his very soul, burning through everything that was darkness, and since Sidious was pretty much all darkness it was pain beyond all imagining. It felt like a contained nuclear explosion was going on within his body.

But such was his anger that he still managed to stand relatively firm as he resisted the technique until Anakin was standing three feet before him again. He continued to fire lightning, howling in pain as the light of Anakin's body intensified still further and he began to tremble, losing control of himself as he practically felt his entire essence being torn to shreds.

Anakin's face was set and grim for a moment, but then his eyes flicked upwards over Sidious' shoulder and a brief grin appeared on his face, almost concealed by the intense light-show (which could be see right across the Senate District by the onlookers like some sort of bright beacon), then the grin turned to a smirk and he looked back to Sidious. "I believe you two know each other," he said, nodding back towards whatever he had looked on.

Through the blur of pain and as he struggled to remain standing, something made Sidious turn around to look at what Anakin was indicating. His eyes widened in fear when he saw what it was – the enormous head of Godzillo had suddenly appeared over the edge of the roof and the enormous Zillo Beast's body was clambering up and over the edge after it, the huge green eyes fixed on the man who had given the ordered to have him killed with pure venom, despite the light that was blazing on the other side of the Sith Lord.

Sidious turned back to look into Anakin's shining eyes, his pupils shrinking in fear and in an attempt to reduce the glare. Anakin stared back at him levelly.

"I gave you your chance," the Chosen One said, his voice only just distinguishable over the sound of the lightning. "And you didn't take it. You could have been sent to prison for the rest of your life in the Citadel, but you decided to keep going. You brought this upon yourself, Sidious. And it seems that I will be fulfilling my destiny here, after all."

Sidious' eyes shot open wide fearfully as he poured what energy he had left into the lightning attack, but Anakin also intensified his Force-light attack, causing Sidious to howl again and arch his back as pain vaulted through him. Anakin looked up and shouted, "Hey, Godzillo! He's all yours!"

And he threw all the pent-up power within him that had been building and building from the feelings of himself and his comrades out of his body in one go. The light of his body was turned off as if via a switch and a massive Force-shockwave ripped out of his body, as shown by a massive explosion of light that flashed out from Anakin in all directions. It washed over the rest of the Tenacious Ten, Seripas and Godzillo and left them completely unharmed, but as it slammed into Sidious, it did several things at once.

Firstly, it repelled his own Force-lightning right back at him and caused it to sear through his own body. Sidious had gone past the point of screaming by this point, so he didn't cry out, but that was only the tip of the iceberg.

The second thing it did was to slam him with the most powerful Force-push of the battle, one which completely busted several more bones throughout his entire body and flung him high into the air, limp and useless.

And thirdly, the light permeated right into his body and pulverized the darkness within him, ripping his spirit to pieces in a single, devastating blow that obliterated just about everything inside his black soul. It was more painful than anything Sidious had been able to conceive in his mind or in reality in the past and as he was catapulted through the air, he was reduced to nothing more than a husk, his life-force slipping away with each passing second as both his body and soul were damaged completely beyond repair.

But before his life-force could slip away entirely, as it was about to anyway, Godzillo roared in anticipation – a deep-throated bellow that shook the Senate Building and he pounded forwards and up to roof on his hind legs. In two massive strides, he had covered the distance between the edge and his target, stopping momentarily to swing himself around and lash his enormous tail out to slam it towards the flying, dying Sith. The enormous tail-spikes slammed into Sidious and instantly pre-empted his death, slaying him instantly and sending his body shooting up into the air.

Godzillo span around and narrowed his eyes as he watched the flying body practically disappear from sight, but he hunkered himself down as it reached its peak and began to fall, before hurling himself up into the air with legs like giant springs, his maw stretching open wide. Sidious' dead body vanished between his gaping teeth and Godzillo's jaws slammed shut like the mother of all steel traps.

Sidious was gone – his body never to be seen again by any living being.

Godzillo landed with a thump that caused us to lose their balance, before we were caught by the others. The giant lizard reared backwards and let out a bellow of triumph that could be heard several miles away. Finally, he had succeeded over the pale man! He might not have been the one ultimately responsible for his death, as Sidious would have died a few seconds later regardless of his actions, but he had struck the final blow, and that was good enough for him.

*Me and the others were shocked in amazement seeing that we killed Sidious. We finally killed Sidious! We then cheered at this victory, as I came running to Richard.*

Me: Bro! *hugged his dragon chest* We won! We finally won! We killed Sidious!

Me: Spread the news around the universe and on Earth tell them all, we toke that son of a bitch down.

Me: And we shall! I love you, bro!

*We then got into a hug, as me and my brother did a purr. Both Godzilla and Godzillo smiled at this. But then, we hearda gunshot, as I saw Richard shot, injured. Then, we saw Aurra Sings standing there.*

Aurra: You may have killed the Emperor, but I can still kill you and earn a new title as an Elite Bounty Hunter.

*She aims her sniper at Richard, ready to take him out. Just then, two suicide bombers came from behind her, and grabbed her.*

Bomber: This is for our loved ones you killed!

*And then...*


*We took cover just as one of the bombers activated the bomb, killing the two and Aurra. Then, we saw Aurra's dead burnt up body. I then walked to the corpse, in anger.*

Me: No one shoots my brother.

* And out of pure rage, JD pulled out his upgrade PPSH-41, and start shooting Aurra's dead body, I came to JD and stopped him, then I take the gun away from him.*

JD: Bro, let go, let go of the weapon.

* JD let go, as I hold the weapon my hands, as JD was just staring at Aurra's body in disgust, as I lead my brother away from the building, as we all start walking out.*

Me: I'm sorry, bro. I don't know what came over me. When I saw Aurra shot you, something dark almost came out of me. It almost feel like it wants to take over me. Could it be the Nightbrother monster that's trying to take control of me again? If it was, then I'm afraid of what might happen if it did. I'm scared bro.

Me: Bro, it's completely normal, it's war, every soldier goes through this, even members of the United States Army and Marines.

Me: Thanks bro. I'm just amazed on the fact that we killed Sidious. All because of you and Anakin, you beaten the most powerful Sith lord that ever walked and terrorized the whole galaxies.

Me: Well you see bro, I'm not technically a Jedi or sith, I'm a CIA agent, and we do dangerous missions all of the time, and nobody can kill a CIA agent like me, I am hard to kill, and if I do die, I will die of old age or something, then die in a battle.

Me: That's what's cool about you, Richard. And no one is collar than my brother.

Me: True on that.

* Ludwin walks over to us.*

Me: Glad to see you, made it again, Ludwin.

Ludwin: I told you. I am zhe undead RingMaster of Carnevil, und releaser of the four monsters.

Me: Hey Ludwin, I found a few places, where you can establish you new kingdom Ludwin.

Ludwin: Vhere?

Me: Here is list of countries that have no Diplomatic relations with the United States, one is Cuba, which is under the rule Fidel Castro's brother, which still rules it as a communist country, and it is only a miles away from Florida, two Iran, Iran was friendly to the United States and also a country called Israel, but when the Islamic revolution happened, diplomatic relations fell apart and is damaged beyond repair, three North Korea, Ever since the Korean War, North Korea, has been isolated from the world, the have a nuclear program, which everybody around the world fear, and we have our troops helping the South Koreans at the Demilitarized Zone, and last but not least Bhutan, they have relation with a few countries except two, Britain and the United States.

* Ludwin looks at the list, as chooses which country make his new kingdom on.*

Ludwin: I vill take Iran.

Me: Very wise chose Ludwin, Iran has been a problem to the United States and Israel ever since 1979, when Iran toke some hostages and later released them, Iran along with country called Syria backs a group in Lebanon called the Hezbollah, which our country and Israel consider as a terrorist organization. Iran is even doing a Nuclear Program, which the world fears that it's trying to develop nuclear missiles, and the sanctions we have in place is not working, so if you take Iran, then our country and Israel will have diplomatic relations again.

Ludwin: Ver vell then. I vill see to it that zhe countries vill have diplomatic relations again.

Richard: Good to know.

Me: As do I. Hey bro.

Richard: Yeah?

Me: I've been thinking...since we defeated Sidious and whatnot, I was wondering if you wan to...I don't know...sing a song with me at everyone in Coruscant?

Me: That would be good.

Me: Really? Alright then! And I already know which song to do it, bro.

Richard: Which one, bro?

Me: How about Bad by Michael Jackson?

Me: That's a great idea, bro!

Richard: I knew you'll love it. Thanks for letting me sing with you on Corcucant.

Me: No problem. After all, we did win the war. Did we?

*I started walking away from the two, to give them some time alone, as both Richard and Ludwin look at the starry night sky.*

Ludwin: Ve von zhe battle, but zhe var isn't over yet.

* I nod my head, as I talk, Ludwin hears my words.*

Me: This is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning, this is the turning point of the war.

* Ludwin nods his head, as Me and Ludwin look at the sky, wondering about our futures ahead.*

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*The scene change showing the Senators making a speech about me and the others' success on our victor against Sidious and save the Galaxies from his terror. After the speech, me and my bro were seeing getting ready for the final thing...singing.*

Me: I'm so excited for this bro!

* Soon we start singing, Bad by Michael Jackson.*

*Me, and my brother position ourselves in front of the crowd, ready to dance.*

Me: Ready bro?

Richard: Ready when you are, brother.

*I smiled and looked at Richard, as I sang.*

Me: Huh! Your butt is mine, gonna take you right
Just show your face, in broad daylight

Richard: I'm telling you, oh how I feel
Gonna hurt your mind, don't shoot to kill
Come on, come on, lay it on me
All right, I'm giving you to the count of three

Me: To show your stuff, or let it be...
I'm telling you; just watch your mouth,
I know your game, what your about

Richard and me: Well, they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true, but my friend
You have seen nothing...

*Out of nowhere, Dan appears and joins our dance, and singing.*

Dan: Just wait till I get through, because I'm bad,

*And with that, me and my two brothers started our dance again, as Dan sang, with us joining in.*

Dan: I'm bad, come on, bad, (really-really bad), you know
I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, (really-really bad), you know
I'm bad, I'm bad-come on you know (really-really bad)
And the whole world has to answer right now, to tell you,
Once again, who's bad...

*Me and the two looked at each other, smiling. Then, we turned back to the audience, as Dan sang.*

Dan: The word is out, your doing it wrong
Gonna lock you up
Before too long, your lying eyes,
Gonna take you right

Me: So listen up, don't make a fight
Your talk is cheap
You're not a man

Richard: You're throwing stones, to hide your


Me and Richard: Well, they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true, and my friends
You have seen nothin'...

Dan: Just wait till I get through, because I'm bad,
I'm bad, come on, bad, (really-really bad), you know
I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, (really-really bad), you know
I'm bad, I'm bad- you know it, you know it (really-really bad)
And the whole world has to answer right now, to tell you,
Once again, who's bad...

*Me and the two stopped dancing and looked at each other.*

Me: *speaks* Well, you guys. It looks like we finally brought justice to that Sith Lord and his allies.

Richard: *speaks* Yep. And we did it all because we worked together, bro.

Me: *hugs Richard, speaks* You're the coolest raptor brother I ever have, Richard.

Dan: *joins the hug, speaks* Make that 'You're the coolest raptor brother WE ever have'.

Richard: *to Dan, speaks*

*Dan smiles at his brother, and nuzzled him for a bit, before he gave him a lick on the cheek.*

Dan: *speaks* And now we have a new Era going on Earth, now that everyone's a dinosaur and modern day animals. In fact...

*Dan then continued singing.*

Dan: We could change the world tomorrow, this could be
A better place, if you don't like what I'm sayin', then won't
You slap my face, because I'm bad, I'm bad (really-really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad. You know it (really-really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, you know
(really-really bad)

Chorus: And the whole world has to answer right now, to tell you,
Once again...

Me: You know I'm bad, I'm bad, come on, bad, (really-really bad), you know
I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, you know it (really-really bad),
You know I'm bad, I'm bad- you know, you know, you know,
Come on (really-really bad)

Chorus: And the whole world has to answer
Right now, to tell you,
Once again...

Dan: You know I'm smooth, I'm bad, you know it
(really-really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad baby
(really-really bad)

*Just then, the camera zooms out, showing our friends and families dancing along to the song, including Godzilla and Godzillo. There's also Robby's PMK dancing around as well, like Michael Jackson, as Robby is seen mimicking his robot's moves, while holding a radio.

You know, you know, you know it,
Come on (really-really bad)

Chorus: And the whole world has to answer
Right now (woo!), to tell you,
Once again...

*Meanwhile, in Metro City, the camera shows the warden, and the security guards (still humans), looking on the window, moving their heads to the song. In the cell, are the villains that are seen dancing to the song, while the rest just watch. While the villains dance, they say, 'I'm bad! Oh yeah! I'm bad!'*

Chorus: You know I'm bad, I'm bad, you know
It (really-really bad)
You know I'm bad, I'm bad, you know -hoo!
(really-really bad)

*Then, the camera changes back seeing me, Richard and Dan dancing like Michael Jackson, then me and my brother hugged our Hammerhead shark brother. Then, Guilmon came by, and joined in on the hug, then we did the finale dance.*

You know I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it!-You know
And the whole world has to answer
Right now, to tell you, Once again...

* The crowd cheers, as I say.*

Me: Thank you, thank you all, and good night.

* The crowd cheer even more, as we wave our hands at the people of Corucent.*

*Image scene: Shark moves camera to the next stage.*

*After the whole song, I decided to introduce my brother to Guilmon, whom came to the mission a while ago before we took off. The camera shows me having a reunion, after he realized that I turned into a raptor.*

Me: *hugged and nuzzled Guilmon* Oh, it's good to see you again, boy.

Guilmon: *nuzzles back* I missed you so much, JDMon.

Me: *chuckles* Me too. I wanna introduce you to someone, Guilmon. *to Richard* Guilmon, meet my brother Richard. Richard, meet my friend, Guilmon.

Me: Nice to meet you, Guilmon.

*Guilmon looked at Richard for a bit, while tilting his head. He then sniffed Richard for a bit, then smiled.*

Guilmon: Nice to meet you, RichardMon. Will you be my friend?

Me: Of course. Why not?

Guilmon: *smiles* Yay. I got a new friend.

*Both me and Richard laughed at Guilmon's joy.*

Me: Well this is the moment we have all been waiting for.

JD: Yep.

* Then we hear a phone ring, as I answer it.*

Me: Hello this is Richard. Oh Hi Nichole, what? You want to speak to Ludwin? Alright. * I turn to Ludwin* Hey Ludwin, your Queen is calling you.

* Ludwin takes the phone.*

Ludwin: Hey Honey, vhat is going on? What? *Ludwin get's excited.* It's happening now? Right now? Alright I'm heading home.

* Ludwin hangs up the phone and cheers in joy.*

Me: What's going on, Ludwin?

Ludwin: Nichole's laying her eggs right now!

Me: That's great Ludwin, now you have Prince and Princess, and you are now a father.

Ludwin: I'm so happy now. Now I have children of mein own.

Me: I think this is an even a bigger step, of helping our allies and maybe, be allies forever.

Me: It's going to be the best thing that's going to happen, bro!

Richard: And together, we'll make peace to the world, and work together in our new era, bro.

Guilmon: And we can eat more peanut butter with breat later.

*Me and the two laughed at this. Then, the camera moved upwards, as it shows Godzillo from a distance, looking at the sky, then roared of victory. Then, the screen darkens ending the first season of 'Richard's Greatest Adventures'.*

Here is the last chapter, another season is coming soon, see you later.