Author: Revan-sama.

Game: Kingdom hearts.

Character / Pairing: Roxas x Xion.

Summary: Just when the white wall became full of color, just when Ice cream began to taste good, just when the time together became precious, all has been erased once she died, once she went to...Sora.

-The mourning of number 13-

He was fighting...perhaps more than he ever did before.

He didn't care though.

If they were in his way, he would obliterate them immediately.

He would do it, he would set kingdom hearts free.

Yes! Everything will become normal again. And would see...her again.

There was no need for her to join that Sora person anymore once Kingdom hearts will be free.

And yet...No matter what, his small progress were slowed down by the heartless and...

"Who are you?"

The guy with silver hair seemed...somehow familiar...But Roxas never saw him before.

"Does it matter? I'm here for you." he said calmly.

"Why are you trying to stop me?" asked Roxas.

"Because I want back the rest of Sora's memories."

Roxas heart stopped and became cold.

"...Sora." The name tasted like poison.

His voice and his heart who were once ice...was now a burning fire of anger.

"Sora, Sora, Sora! Enough about Sora!"

That guy...That Sora person...Whoever it was, Roxas didn't care. He destroyed everything he had.

Every precious times he had with Axel...and...and...


Why does it hurt to just think about her.

His head, his stomach and his chest hurt like hell.

He defeated the heartless without any injuries, then why?

The silver haired man in front of him just stared at him completely without emotions.

And it made Roxas even more furious.

"Do you have some kind of plan?" Asked the silver haired man.

"I'm going to set Kingdom hearts free! Then everything will go back to the way it was!"

Many memories came to Roxas mind.

His first day of work, defeating his first heartless, Axel's grin, sweet Ice cream, her...her everything.

Her smile, her laugh, her seashell, her loneliness, her destiny...He couldn't do anything...And she died by his hand...To join Sora's memories...

Damn it!

"Me, Axel, and ...her can go eat ice cream together again." He couldn't remember her name and he felt very ashamed. To the point of tears.

"Her? You mean Xion? It's a struggle to just remember the name isn't it?"

Xion...Was it her name? How come he don't remember.

Would every single piece of the memories of her disappear like that?

Would her existence be erased like that?


He wouldn't allow it!

"I...I need to find that Sora person! And Freeing Kingdom hearts is the only way!"

"I want Xion Back! I want my old life back!" Even if his voice was full of hate, it was shaking a bit.

Why? Why did she had to go back as Sora's memories? Why couldn't she stay?

Was it sinful to be together?

He knew he sounded like a child who got his favourite toy stolen.

He didn't care about that and he didn't care about the pity of the silver haired man.

He fought him with all the rage and all his hate for Sora.

He keep hitting him with his keyblade.

"Give her back! Give her back! GIVE HER BACK!"

Yet he was defeated. By darkness.

The silver haired man has defeated him.

Roxas grabbed his leg and said:

"Please...Bring me to her"


The silver haired man, didn't need the darkness or to see Roxas face to understand that he was crying silently.

Roxas didn't need to look at his face to understand that it was impossible.

His hate for Sora didn't fade away and Xion's smile made his heart heavier.

The kind of sad smile that mean: Let me live slowly in your memories.

And just a second before fainting, Roxas realized...He didn't have a heart.

Then how come?

How come it hurts so much.