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Hello all The Robin Girl decided to bring in a new story for you guys (because no one seems to like my other story) well here it goes please R&R

Young Justice just came back from a mission everyone has blood stains and broken bones. Kaldur seemed fine other than the fact that his arm is broke and he needs water fast! Superboy was o.k. but he did have 3rd degree burns he got from the fire. Miss Martin was unconscious. Artemis bow broke and not to mention she can't see out her left eye. Wally is a speedster with a broken leg but it will heal fast. Everyone accept Robin whom seemed perfectly fine, but Batman didn't seem to like that answer so he took him home to run a few test only to find nothing.

"Bruce I told you I fill perfectly fine all I did was get hit but a water gun no big deal I still fill astrous," stated Robin.

"It is a big deal no one would hit you with a water gun only for whatever they had in it to fail to do what it is it was created to do," Bruce said.

"Look Bruce I know you're worried but trust me I'm fine if I start to fill weird I'll tell you trust me."

"Fine I trust you just please Dick be careful."

"Don't worry I'm be fine."

Just as the two walked upstairs from the Batcave Alfred was tell Bruce of how he has a visitor for it to be non-other them Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman.

"Kent what do you want this time of hour don't you know we need our sleep as well," quoted Bruce who seemed very upset with the reporter.

"Yeah I no Bruce I just need to ask you something about Superboy," Clark asked.

"I see Dick go up stair I will talk to you when I get up there."

Dick didn't try to debate with Bruce because something fell over here he felt sick so he tried to make it to his bed but before he could he fell over.

"Do you see what I mean I want the boy to live with me, but I don't know how to ask him," Clark stated worriedly.

"I see well that can be helped," Bruce said.

"Bruce I- just then Clark felt Dick heart stop- Bruce we need to get to Dick now something just dropped I think it was his heart."

"What let's go!"

As they enter the room they couldn't see anything everything was dark but Clark acting like a clumsy reporter fell over something. Closer observation showed that it was a small boy who appear to be no older than knows this boy to well to understand what's going on.

"My God Dick what have they done to you!"

Cliffhanger sorry I head to I'm about to go to school so what do you think happened on the mission? Is this 8 year old boy really Dick Grayson? Questions question we need answers dang it! R&R please