My skin was cold, sweat seeping from my pores; my heart raced as my paws pound against the hard forest floor. My thick black fur was cold and frost covered, damp from the melting snow. It was almost spring, that's why I decided to run; but I didn't expect them to notice one of their 'mutts' gone. I thought to myself, "I can't believe this is happening..." I stopped dead in my tracks, a river as wide as the ocean lay in front of me. I listened, my ears twitching; the sound of horses and gunfire had stopped. Silence fell amongst the thawing trees. I stepped quietly on the cold snow, feeling it crunch under my paws, hearing the crack of the frozen ground. My heart slowed as I lay on the icy white blanket, curling into a ball; trying to keep warm. My ears twitched as a bird skittered on a nearby rock; I turned my head to see. The bird chirped and flew back into the tree tops. My stomach growled, aching with hunger; I tucked my noes further between my knees wrapping my tail around myself. I looked out toward the river. Tomorrow is a new day, with a new life for me. There I will finally be happy; I won't be hated and feared for who I am anymore. I will get as far away from this place as possible. There will be no more running, or starving myself; no more fighting for food. I am finished with the 'kill or be killed' life. I can't fight anymore. Across that river is my new life, I just need to get there. Maybe, just maybe will I find someone who is kind enough to see through my looks? To see that I am much more than just some animal or a freak of nature, that I do have feelings. Past all of the fang, fur and claw; I am a living creatures for Heaven's sakeā€¦ Just like everyone else, I just need someone to see that. I may not be entirely human but I do have a heart. As I lay there in the near silence, watching the frozen river crack and break; I drift into an exhausted sleep.