-Tsurugi's Epilouge-

Practice was finally over. Everyone was heading back to the locker room, including Tsurugi until Shindou stopped him.

"Wait, Tsurugi! It's your turn to clean up."

The field was still littered with their equipment. Tsurugi needed to visit his brother again and immediately refused. Shindou scowled back.

"Or should I remind you about our deal?"

Tsurugi stopped with a twitch and slumped his head in defeat.

-Shindou's Epilouge-

Everyone from far away was shocked to see Tsurugi go and actually obey Shindou. Kirino went over to ask him how exactly he did that but all Shindou did in response was huff proudly and victoriously…until his phone rang. He slumped and sighed like Tsurugi as he walked off to answer another call from those two again...

Probably another favor for him to do...

-Tenma's Epilouge-

Tenma was surprised, wondering if something was wrong with Tsurugi. He hadn't been in a mood anymore but lately he has been sneezing a lot. Actually, recently, he also began having this strange feeling that someone was plotting something and it had something to do with him but that was went over to help Tsurugi since the captain wasn't there, even though it was his turn today. After that, they were going to go visit the hospital together again, after all, it's more fun to travel with a friend than alone, right?

-Yuuichi and Taiyou's Epilouges-

"I just had this idea!" Taiyou chirped. "Shindou? Are you listening?"

Shindou sobbed at the other end. "Listen, I don't have time to-"

"And how is Kyousuke and Tenma? Are they becoming closer?"

Shindou sighed and a loud thump was heard at the other as if he had hit something.


Yuuichi and Taiyou: WINNERS (Everything went exactly their way)

Shindou: 1st Runner Up (He got what he want at a cost)

Tsurugi: LAST PLACE (Suffered most casualties)