Fandom: Blade II

Pairing: ScudxBlade

Rating: K+

Warning: mild slash

Author's Note: There needs to be more of those two. Unbeta'd, of course.

Scud was leaning over the iron balustrade in their hide out to reach for one of his failed experiments. It was a little bomb which was supposed to explode and spray garlic essence everywhere. But it only exploded to one side, shot up and now it was stuck between the pipes of the ceiling.

"Damn little prick" Scud cursed and climbed over the shaky rail. He leaned forward, one hand gripping the cold iron tightly as he stretched his other arm for the bomb.

Scud wasn't afraid of height but the balustrade was right under the ceiling and if he fell he would surely break his fragile neck. Blade was just right when he said the human could be a pain in the ass for Scud never took good care of himself.

Just as he didn't today.

Suddenly his fingers lost hold of the rail, the mixture of sweat and oil making his grip slippery and unsure. With a yelp he fell forward.

But before he could reach the deathly cement floor, something wrapped itself around his waist and he was hard and sudden thrown back. The air got pressed out of his lungs, the vision blurred for a second, before he felt his body land with a heavy thud back on the balustrade.

Scud carefully opened his eyes and took a shaky breath.

He knew those strong arms which were still wrapped around his much smaller body and the sheer presence of the Daywalker was intimidating. The fact that Scud fucked it up once more didn't make it any better.

"Scud" Blade said, his voice low and monotone as usual, showing no sign of emotions. The young man in his arms winced.

"I know, B, and I'm sorry. I-I was just reaching for my stuff, but..."

Scud's hastily spoken flow of apologizes was stopped when Blade stood up and simply dragged Scud up with him.

"Can you stand?" he asked and as the human nodded, he immediately let go of him.

"You stink like garlic, get rid of that."

With that Blade turned around and left Scud standing a little baffled on the balustrade. He would later find the cause for this strange encounter stuffed in his pocket.