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NOTE: This will still be focused on AFTER I get finished with TINL.

WARNING: Contains drug use and prostitution.

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They say that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

When Naruto was 17 he thought that was a crock of bullshit. He preferred a much more optimistic point of view. And why not? He had so many things right with his life then. He had a bunch of wonderful and close friends. His apartment, which he used to think was too small and too close to the wrong part of the city was now incredibly comfortable and felt like home. After two years he was finally able to move on from his godfather's death. He was going to graduate with his class in a few short months.

He had a wonderful boyfriend.

A man he loved more than he loves himself. A man who made him feel like he was worth everything and so, very happy. The man he honestly wanted to marry and grow old with.

And yet, it wasn't that man who was touching him right now.

Running his tongue along his neck, groping his naked sides with his dirty hands, roughly pounding inside of him. All the while Naruto laid on this stranger's bed staring blankly at the bag of cocaine on the night stand; his prize for the night.

At 23-years-old Naruto was a washed-out drug addict who prostituted himself.

Before graduation, everything was finally right with his life.

How was he supposed to know that for the next six years of his life, everything would go horribly wrong?

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