Chapter 10 Duke cursed at himself for not being able to remember more. He stood up and looked at himself again in the mirror. He smoothened down his shirt and walked downstairs to tell Scarlett of his newest memory. As he approached the bottom of the stairs he saw her on the couch writing furiously into some kind of book. She didn't see him enter the room.

"What are you writing?" Duke asked curious. "It's nothing."Scarlett trailed off and snapped her book shut before he would have a chance to glance at it. She looked up and her mouth dropped open at the sight of Duke in his uniform. "Duke."

"Conrad Hauser, reporting for duty, but some memories are still MIA." Duke saluted.

"You had a memory?" Scarlett asked sitting up giving Duke her full attention. He nodded. "What did you remember? How much?" Scarlett asked anxiously. "I remember enough to know my brother is going to get a beating on the training course for not getting out the way of Serpentor. Then, I'm going to track that guy down and take care of business once and for all." Duke snarled at his last remark. "I see you still need some filling in. Serpentor is dead." Scarlett informed Duke. "Good." Duke spat with hatred. "I can't help but you remember anything about me? About us?" Scarlett asked hopefully. "You were there when I fell. I saw you looking down at me, but that's all. Please be patient with me. I can almost feel this last part under the skin just waiting to break through. Shana, I know it's there." Duke trailed off lowering his head. "Oh, Conrad." Scarlett's face twisted into sadness. Her bottom lip began to tremble. Duke moved his hand to cup her face and hold her. "I'm not sure if this is right." "Do you think I'm doing this only because you think I should.because this is the way it should be?" Duke challenged. "I don't know."Scarlett trailed off softly. Her heart was beating intensely. "I've wanted to do this since that first day here you fell into the lake." Duke smiled and leaned in closer. "I don't know." Scarlett breathed trying to calm her emotions down. "Shana, of all the things I know, I know this without a doubt. My feelings for you are more than friendship." Duke warmly spoke as he stared adoringly into her eyes. "I don't know what to think." Scarlett whispered as Duke continued to lean into her. "Don't think for now." Duke whispered and finally brought his lips to hers in tender kiss. They were both hesitant at first but then sank into the kiss enjoying the comfort and the warmth from each other. "It's been so long." Scarlett whispered between kisses. She brought her hands to his face as they continued kissing. Duke abruptly drew away and closed his eyes. Another memory was coming into his head. Scarlett was afraid that he was rejecting her. "I.I hope that wasn't a disappointment to you." Scarlett trailed off softly. "No, it was wonderful. Just like up in the watchtower. That first kiss was unlike anything I'd ever experienced before.until now." Duke looked up and smiled. "You remember?" Scarlett asked grabbing onto his arms. Duke nodded. "You remember it all?" Duke nodded again in affirmation. "You remember." "Us." He finished her statement and leaned down to kiss her again. "Your heart and mine.together forever". Duke smiled and thumbed the gold necklace Scarlett was wearing. Tears of joy sprung from Scarlett's eyes. Duke wiped them away gently with his hands. "I'm so glad." Scarlett smiled happily through her tears. She pulled her to him again for another kiss. Right now, she couldn't get enough of his kisses. "What about tomorrow? You're leaving." Duke broke apart sadly. "Let me call Hawk." Scarlett dropped her eyes. She picked up the receiver and dialed the number. Scarlett spoke briefly and then hung up. "He knew you'd remember. He wasn't going to send anyone for me." Scarlett laughed slightly. "He's a smart man." Duke smiled and pulled Scarlett again close to him. He leaned in and kissed her gently. Just then the rest of Duke's family came barreling in the front door with bags of groceries.

"Conrad, we're home." Mrs. Falcone called and then raised her eyes to see her son in a lip lock with Scarlett. She dropped the bag she was carrying. "I knew they'd wait until we left them alone." Drew coyly smiled and continued with her bag into the kitchen. Conrad and Scarlett pulled apart sheepishly. "Oh, mom." Conrad trailed off not really sure what to say. "No, dear, you're a grown man.don't mind me." Mrs. Falcone smiled with embarrassment as she picked up her bag. "Mom, I remembered Scarlett. I remember the joe force. I remember it all." Duke smiled proudly. "That's wonderful!" Mrs. Falcone exclaimed and put the bag back on the floor. She went over to her son and gave him a hug. "Drew, your brother remembers!" Mrs. Falcone called into the kitchen. Drew raced into the living room and gave Duke a hug. "I knew you would. And I knew Scarlett would be the one to help." Drew cried tears of happiness. She then gave Scarlett a hug, which surprised Scarlett. "You're the best thing that's ever happened to my brother. I hope you always are with him." Drew spoke. "Thank you, Drew. That means a lot to me.really." Scarlett smiled touched at the young girl's words. "Well, this calls for a celebration. We'll have a big feast for dinner." Mrs. Falcone clapped her hands together. "Sounds good, Mom." Conrad nodded. Mrs. Falcone and Drew went into the kitchen. "I hope that we are always together too." Duke smiled at Scarlett. She blushed. "Conrad, is this all real? Do you really remember me?" Scarlett finally started shedding tears of happiness. "Yes, Shana.I remember everything.especially about you." Duke whispered and kissed Scarlett on the forehead. "What now?" Scarlett asked looking into his eyes. "I want to take you upstairs." Duke smiled. Scarlett gave him her hand. "Conrad, I love you. I never stopped loving you." Scarlett softly smiled at him. "I love you too, Shana. And I plan on showing you just how much." Duke grinned and in one swoop picked Scarlett up and carried her up the stairs. It was time for them both to start making new memories. Happiness had come to them at last.