Come join me on a travel through time. Watch as two souls come together, forming an everlasting love affair as they jump from one body to the next through time, telling their story along the way. Listen as they explain what they have been through, what they remember time after time. A gift from the Great Spirit passed down to them for their devoted service to him. Watch as their souls make their way to Jacob Black and Isabella Swan. What is in store for our beloved pair? Come join me and see for you self in:

Soul Searching through Time


"Jacob, just leave me alone. I don't feel that way about you, how many times do I have to tell you?" Bella says.

"Bells, I know you feel something for me, you just won't let yourself believe it is all. It's him, he's doing this to you, why can't you see it? He has some kind of spell on you. Hell, I don't know what it is, but if you could see what I see…argh…Your eyes, they get this look sometimes like you're being possessed or he's calling to you and you just can't resist him," Jake says.

"Jake, you know how crazy that sounds, he hasn't done anything to me. He love me as I do him. It's not some voodoo spell, its love. Why can't you just understand? I love you Jake, you're my best friend, but I love Edward. I want to live with him for eternity Jake. I'm sorry you can't see what he means to me," Bella offers.

"Bells, honey, please, you must listen to me. You don't love him, he's done something to you. Damn it, Bella, please, will you just listen to me for once in your life!" Jacob yells, frustrated as tears form and roll down his face.

Bella scowls at Jake. Not wanting to see the tears fall from his eyes, she turns her back to him, fisting her hands in her hair as she tries to block out Jacob's plea's.

"Bells, how can someone be dating a vampire for as long as you have? Be around as many of them that live in that house and not know how they work? Stop being stupid and listen to me," he yells once again. Bella swings around, glaring at Jacob.

"Oh, so now I'm being stupid. Honestly Jacob, that's no way to get me to listen to you, even if I wanted to hear all the crap you're dishing out. Just admit it Jake, you'd say anything to get me away from Edward, just so I will be with you," she huffs.
"God Bella! Okay, don't listen to me. Go talk to Sam or Paul, Embry, Quil, any of the pack. They'll tell you the same thing. Edward has done something to you. Please, honey, please," he begs.

"You have to be kidding me, Jake. You think I would talk to someone in the pack? They're your brothers for crying out loud. They would say anything to help you out," she continues. Jake huffs, trying to think of a way to get Bella to listen to him. Edward is dazzling her and she won't listen to reason.

"Okay, okay…then talk to dad. He'll explain what the vampire's can do to a human, just go talk to him," he says.

"Billy, Jake? Really? He's your dad. He and Charlie have been trying to get us together since birth. If we were still living in the dark ages, they would have planned our wedding from the beginning," she says. Jake sighs.

"Bells, dad loves you just as much as he does me. He would never take sides between you and me. He will tell you the truth and you know it," he says.

"Jacob, this is crazy. I've tried to explain to you the best I can and I'm sorry you don't understand. I've got to go, Edward is expecting me. I'm already late as it is," she says expressively.

"No Bella, please, please! Okay listen, you don't have to be with me. Just leave him, live with Charlie, but please stay away from the Cullen's. Bella, you know me, better than anyone has ever known me. I promise I won't come on to you or ask you ever again to be with me, other than being best friends. I promise, just please do this one thing for me…please," he begs one last time. Bella looks at him sadly as she shakes her head.

"I'm sorry Jake…I've got to go," she says as she turns and leaves the room. Jacob is broken hearted and agitated.

The talk he had with Bella hadn't worked out as well as he had hoped. He knew it wouldn't be easy, but he had hoped at lease she would listen to him. He realizes that the bloodsucker has a stronger hold on her than he figured.

Jacob picks up a chair and heaves it across the room. As it hits the wall it shatters into a hundred pieces. He drops to his knees, places his head in his hands, and weeps.

"If I have to kill him myself and have her hate me for the rest of my life, that's what I will do. She has to listen to me. She has to for her own safety."

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