Soul Searching Through Time

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Chapter 15

Jacob Black and Isabella Swan

"Yes, I suppose you're right, dear brother. Jane, if you will," Aro said, pointing to the spot in front of him. The young girl walked in front of Aro, gave us a smirk, and stared directly at the pack as a searing pain echoed through our heads. It felt as though our brains were going to burst. We all hit our knees as every last one of the wolves including myself screamed in pain.
The pain was excruciating, I've never felt anything like this in my life, any life. I could hear Bella screaming for them to stop, but only heard laughter coming from who I thought might be Edward.

Then I heard her.

"Stop this at once," she said as she came walking out of the forest. She made her way to the center between the vampires and us. Her face looked very familiar. I knew I had seen her before. She was very old. Her wisdom she wore on her face, carved deep, showed only by the lines in her face with her age.

The pain stopped and I was sure it was only due mostly from curiosity of whom this woman was, who found her way with great courage to face the great danger that stood in front of her. She was small and wrinkled, yes, but something told me we should fear this little old woman.

"Who are you, woman?" Aro asked pushing Jane to the side of him while he spoke to the woman.

"I am no one, but I am everything," she said, looking over at me smiling.

She looked so familiar. I was racking my brain trying to remember who she was. I knew I had seen her somewhere before. I realized it had to be in a past life, but which one?

"I don't understand your riddles, old woman, but your first mistake was making yourself known here and now," Aro said, looking to Jane and nodding his head. Jane smiled looking at the old woman as she concentrated, I knew the same thing that Jane did to us was about to happen to this little old woman, but it never came. I watched as Jane furrowed her brow in wonder why her powers wouldn't work on this old hag before us. The woman cackled out a laugh.

"You cannot harm me, child," she admitted as Jane looked over at Sam as he hit his knee's screaming as we all did shortly before. The woman looked at Jane. She put up one of her hands and stuck out her forefinger and thumb. She aimed it at Jane as she closed one eye like she was taking a picture and wanted to make sure she had Jane in the lens. Then she smashed her finger to her thumb as if she would smash a bug. Jane went up in a puff of smoke. She disappeared as the Volturi watched along with the rest of us.

Sam returned to his feet in awe of this woman. It was then I remembered who she was. This was the woman who carried out the wish of the Great Spirit. She was the one who made it possible for Bella and I to be here, to live through the years as soul mates as we traveled through time together.

"No!" the young blond leech yelled out as he knelt down next to what was his sister.

"You will pay for this abomination," he swore as he narrowed his eyes, as if he had his own powers which I was sure he did, but I still wondered what he was going to do.

The little old lady swung her head around and looked at the boy.

"Unless you want the same fate as your sister, I would advise you to step back," she commanded. He looked at her and, after a few seconds, backed up a few feet.

"Who are you?" Aro asked once again. Last time he asked this he really didn't care who this old woman was, but this time he really wanting to know.

"It matters not who I am. Jacob Black knows me," she said as she turned to look at me. "Don't you, boy?" she asked. I nodded my head in acknowledgement, but not telling anyone who she was.

"Isabella, would know who I am as well, if you had not messed with her mind," she said, looking at Edward and the Cullen's.

"Who are you to disturb a humans mind? A girl who belongs to another?" she asked while looking at Edward.
Edward frowned at the old woman.

"Why is it that I cannot read your mind, old woman?" he asked. Completely ignoring her question. The old woman cackled again.

"It is not your mind to read, vampire, as Isabella's mind is not yours to read," she said.

"Isabella is mine," he snarled, grabbing Bella from Aro and placing her behind him. The old woman shook her head at his stupidity.

"She is not yours, vampire. She belongs with Jacob as she has for centuries. You will pay for your indiscretions on this woman and for bringing in your royalty to force her into a world where she clearly does not belong. You feared the wolves, so you brought in the muscle to handle things for you. That was your mistake along with many others. If you had not done so, I would have stayed out of this. I will not stand by and let you kill the innocent," she claimed.

While the old woman was talking to Edward, the three leaders formed a circle and began chanting. I didn't know what they were doing, but wondered if they were some sort of vampire witches. I was brought back to my senses when the old woman, without even looking over to the three men, clapped her hands together quieting the chanting. The three vampires grabbed their throats with their hands looking at the old woman in shock. She didn't flinch a bit at this and continued on with her conversation she was having with Edward.

Edward looked at the three men with a furrowed brow as the woman called for Bella to come out from behind Edward.

"Come, child," she said holding out her hand to Bella. Edward pushed Bella farther behind him.

"You will not take her from me," he growled.

"Edward," Carlisle yelled clearly worried for his son's safety. The old woman grinned at Carlisle.

"Your leader worries for you, vampire, as he must for if you do not stand aside, I will end your miserable existence here and now," she told Edward with a smirk.

"Edward, it's alright, nothing she does will take me away from you," Bella claimed as she rubbed his arm and stepped out from behind him.

"Take my hand, child," the old woman said to Bella. Bella put her hand in the old woman's hand as she faced her. The old woman smiled sweetly at Bella.

"You have been done great harm, child. You have been led by these vampire's to believe that you belong with this one who stands beside you. You have been led to believe that you belong in their world. This is not so. They have blocked your mind from you, kept you away from your true destiny. You have lived many centuries with the soul known in this era as Jacob Black. He is your true soul mate, not this vampire," the old woman told Bella as I took a deep breath, knowing that I would finally have Bella once again when this was all finished.

Bella started to say something, but the old woman stopped her.

"There is nothing you can say that has not been placed in your mind by these vampires. You don't know your own mind at the moment," she told her. Bella furrowed her brow not knowing what to say. The old woman looked at Edward. "You will take off your spell on this woman," she ordered.

"I don't know what you're talking about. I don't hold anything over Bella. She is mine and wishes to be so of her own free will," he said. The old woman smiled.

"I was hoping you would say that, vampire," she said.

"Edward," Carlisle yelled once again even more worried for his son. He no more got out Edward's name when Edward hit his knee's as the old woman stared happily at him. Edward began to shake as he clinched his teeth together, breathing in short pants of air that he really didn't need. You could tell the pain he was in as his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Release her or die, vampire," she ordered calmly.

"Edward, do as she says, son, please!" Carlisle yelled and Esme whimpered.

"Let him go, you old hag," Emmett growled running up to the old woman to attack her. She raised her hand sending Emmett flying through the air with a single flip of her fingers. The blond, known as Rose, screamed as did the psychic, known as Alice.

"Edward, let Bella go or she'll kill you," Alice pleaded. It was then that Bella fell to the ground and the old woman released Edward.

"Jacob, come take, Isabella," she told me as I ran to her side and bent down, placing Bella in my arms. She was unconscious, but breathing.

"She will be fine, my boy, nothing to fear," she commented as she looked over at the vampires that stood before us. She shook her head in disgust.

"I have one ruler. He is the Great Spirit and only he can command my actions. He has told me to release you all if possible and to kill you all if you don't abide by my words I speak now," she said facing the Volturi first.

"You will leave this area and never return for any reason. You will never harm anyone from this tribe or any other. If you do, the Great Spirit sent me to warn you. The next time there will be no mercy for any vampire in existence. He will rid you all from this earth in one swift action," she promised. The Volturi looked at the old woman knowing what she said was true.

"As you wish, woman. I see we have no other decision in the matter," Aro said defeated.

"No, you do not," she said. Aro nodded his head, looked over at Carlisle.

"Good-luck, my friend. Until we meet again," he said. Carlisle nodded.

"Until we meet again Aro, safe passage home," he told him.

"Master, will you let her get away with killing Jane? My sister?" The boy cried. Aro looked at the boy.

"By all means, Alec, feel free to revenge your sister's death if you wish. If you care to join your sister then be my guest," he said pointing to the old woman. Alec looked at the old woman while she waited to see if she was going to end this child vampire's life as well. He sighed, bringing his eyes to the ground and backed away. Aro nodded as the Volturi turned and disappeared into the brush.

The old woman turned to face the Cullen's "If I had my way, I would disintegrate the lot of you," she said looking at each one of them. "What you have done to this young woman is unforgivable. You would have taken her life from her without her free will, making her a vampire just to keep her with you," she said.

"I didn't want her to become a vampire," Edward said. She looked over at him.

"No, you did not. You would keep her human. You would have fed from her until you had no more use for her. Killing her in the end," she said as Edward looked at her with hate. The pack looked at Edward with disgust and fear, not for themselves, but for Bella. They were glad that this woman came when she did to help us defeat the Cold Ones, saving Bella's life.

At that time there came a great explosion, smoke and fire rose above the trees not far off.

"That's our house," Alice cried out getting ready to run to check it out.

"Stay where you are, girl," the old woman called out to Alice. "Yes, it was your house. It stands no more," she said as the Cullen's looked at her with fear. "Your clan is no longer welcome here. The same rules I told you leaders goes for you as well. The treaty is no more. You have broken it and will leave this place never to return again. I will be watching you all. One step out of place and you will all feel the wrath of the Great Spirit through me," she claimed.

The Cullen's stood and looked at one another. Bella began to wake up. She looked up at me.

"Jake? What's going on?" Bella asked in a confused state.

"Kiss your mate, Jacob," the old woman told me.

"No, you will not touch her!" Edward called out approaching me. The old woman flipped her finger once again, as she did Emmett, and Edward went flying across the meadow.

"You will contain your protégé or he will die," she told Carlisle as he ran to Edward side.

I leaned down and placed my lips on Bella, softly kissing her sweet lips. She wrapped her arms around my neck returning the kiss passionately. When we parted she looked into my eyes and smiled.

"I've missed you, so much," she said.

"As I have you," I told her kissing her yet again. She remembered finally. After all we had been through, she remembered our past lives we have shared together. I stood, bringing Bella with me, holding her tightly in my arms, intending never to let her go again. We watched as the little old woman worked her magic.

"You will leave this place and never return. You will remember nothing of Isabella Swan. You will have no memories of this woman or this place. Leave now or die," she said. Carlisle helped Edward to his feet and they ran off. The little old woman turned and looked at us.

"Why didn't you kill them?" Sam asked confused with her actions. She shrugged.

"The Great Spirit told me not to kill any thing if it could be helped. Of course, I had to kill the small vampire girl for them to see what powers I held, but there was no need of further violence," she said.

"What if they come back?" Sam continued asking.

"Never fear, young alpha. I wiped their memories clear of this place and the girl they took hostage," she said. "They will not come back and if they do, by some miracle, I will be watching. They will die for their insolence," she said.

"I don't know how to thank you, great one," I told the old woman. "You've gave me back my reason for breathing," I continued.

"There is no need of thanks. I am not the great one. I leave that to you and the Great Spirit. I only do his bidding," she said.

"I have watched the two of you throughout the years, long since passed. You have indeed become Egregious. The Great Spirit saw this in you many, many years ago. He has asked me to tell you how proud he is in the both of you and wishes you great happiness and long life continually," she said.

Thank you… I'm sorry I've never learned your name," I told her. She smiled, bowing her head as if she was trying to think of an answer. She looked around at the pack smiling yet again.

"The Great Spirit is proud of all of you, you do him a great service and he knows you will keep doing so. As for who I am, it isn't important. But, I will tell you anyway. It is for your ears only. You may write it in your journals but speak of it to know one else," she commanded.

"I am the Thunderbird in human form. The Great Spirit sent me to you and now I must leave. Take care of each other and keep the village safe from harm as you have in the past and I'm sure you will do so in the future.

"Jacob, Isabella, be happy, live long and keep doing great things for this tribe," she said as she back away from us and with a great light she transformed into the thunderbird. She lowered her giant head and bowed low to us as she took to the sky. In seconds she disappeared into the clouds above.

That was many years ago. I did take on the alpha roll soon after the confrontation with the vampire's, as well as became chief after Billy passed on to the spirit world a few years ago.

Bella and I are happily married with children of our own. We have two sons and two daughters that have grown and have families of their own. I relinquished my chiefdom hood to my oldest son Ephraim. Yes, there is another Ephraim who rules our tribe once again.

There hasn't been any need to shape-shift after the Thunderbird left. It is said that the Volturi has ordered all vampires to stay clear of Washington all together and, with no Cold Ones around, there is no need for the Wolves any longer, or at least as long as they stay away. With the threat of the Thunderbird, I don't think they will be coming around any time soon.

Bella and I have been through so much in this life, as well as many past lives. We are thankful for all the Great Spirit has done for us. We still honor him as we have done throughout the ages. We have taught our children throughout time to do the same and it has held true throughout the ages.

I don't know what our lives have in store for us. I know not whether we will go through time still or what lies ahead of us. The only thing I know for sure is if it is so…We will go. "Soul Searching Through Time."

The End.

There is one thing I wish to do before I end this story here, I wanted to explain how Bella felt when her head cleared after Edward released her. So here it is as follows.

Bella's outtake.

As I awoke, a mist filled my mind. I was lost confused and very weak. I opened my eyes and looked upon Jacob's as he held me close. I heard a voice telling him to kiss me. I felt Jake's soft lips touch mine as a current ran through my body, willing me to push my arms around his neck and hold his lips captive until I was filled with all the love that surrounded us.

All the gates of my heart opened as all the love I was feeling collided together with his. The mist that invaded my mind dissipated and I saw Jacob the way I should have long ago. All our past lives came fluttering back into my mind.

I remembered each and every one of them as well as the love we shared throughout time. He was and is my soul mate, as he will be always if the Spirit's still abide by their will.

I will always be thankful to them for all they have done for Jacob and me.

Our love only grows stronger with time. But with recent events it also tells me not to take it all for granted, to proceed with caution and with the vampire's gone now, we live easier.

Jacob and I lived happily after the sad days. We've put all of that behind us. We've married and have raised a family together.

We still share good times with our friends and play happily with our grandchildren. Life couldn't get any better as we Search for our Souls through time.

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