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Chapter 1: The book with the purple leather covers

That woman was up to something and Zoro knew it. He had been keeping a close eye on her ever since the day she joined them, trying to catch her making some mistake. If he´d be completely honest with himself, and he was not, he´d say he wished she would never do anything stupid. He didn´t want her to hurt the crew, that was easy to admit, but he´d never admit how attractive he found the raven haired woman to be. While Nami was short tempered and predictable, Robin was the exact opposite. She was calm and collected and her thoughts were like a book written in foreigner language.

But of course he´d never admit it. He´d never admit how her blue eyes fascinated him, how her intelligence caught his interest or how turned on he became when he saw her sunbathing on the deck in her bikinis. Yeah, he´d never admit them, especially not that last one. And besides, she was clearly up for something.

He had seen her with a certain book a couple of times now. It was a simple book with purple leather covers. Nothing interesting at the first glance, but the fact that she always closed it when anyone came close enough to see what it was about made him suspicious.

"Is something wrong, Kenshi-san?" Robin asked, pulling him out of his thoughts. She must have noticed that he was staring at her. And he did that only for the safety of the crew; she had the book on her lap again.

"What are you reading?" Zoro asked, answering her question with his own. Robin looked down at her lap, smiling the same mysterious smile of hers as always.

"Nothing special, Kenshi-san" she replied, closing the book. Zoro snorted; if it wasn´t special she wouldn´t be reading it all over again. Making up his mind he decided to check what the book was about on the first chance he´d get.

"Everyone on to the deck!" he heard Nami yell. Once everyone had arrived the orange head continued: "Okay guys, we´ll arrive to the next island in an hour. To avoid the usual problems we´ll set rules that everyone needs to follow. No objections? Good"

"But Nami-"Luffy started, but one glare from Nami shut him up.

"First, who´s willing to stay at the ship?" Nami asked.

"I will" Zoro said, getting everyone´s attention. If he was alone in the ship he´d have plenty of time to look for Robin´s book. And if anyone else hadn´t volunteered Nami would have forced him to do it anyway.

"Okay, so Zoro stays at the ship. Sanji goes to buy food supplies; Usopp watches over Luffy and the rest of us gather some information"

"Is that the same as shopping?" Zoro asks, lifting an eyebrow, making Nami glare at him.

"Hey, why do I have to watch over Luffy?" Usopp protested, getting a glare and a hit on the head from Nami.

"Because I say so!"

Zoro shrugged, deciding to take a nap until they reached the island.

"Zoro… oi Zoro, wake up!" Zoro cracked his eyes open to see Chopper in front of him "We´re leaving now; watch over the ship"

Zoro nodded sleepily, noticing that aside from him and Chopper only Robin was still on board.

"Bye Zoro" Chopper said, hopping of the ship. Just before Robin jumped down her eyes met Zoro´s and she let that calm, mysterious smile come to her face again.

"I´ll see you later, Kenshi-san" and with that she was off. Zoro glared at the spot where she had been standing at, wishing that he would have gotten to push her down. He wanted to sleep, but shook the thought off. He needed to find that damn book.

"First to the girls´ room" he thought, getting up. He started with the simple places: the desk, the drawers and the closet, but it was in none of them. Not under the bed or anywhere else either, the guys´ room was next. Not there. Then he checked the kitchen and storage room, hell even the bathroom, but it was in none of them.

"Damn it… where the hell is it!" Zoro muttered as he returned to the deck. He looked around himself, stopping suddenly. Now he felt like a complete idiot. There it was, right in sight on the table next to Robin´s chair.

"Stupid woman putting her book in to a stupid place…" Zoro muttered as he walked over to the book, picking it up. He eyed the book carefully. It´s covers didn´t have any kind of text on them; it seemed more like an ordinary notebook than a book. Zoro opened it slowly. The fist page did not hold anything that suspicious, nor did the second or third, but the more he saw the pages the more his eyes widened. Nothing that he had experienced in his life of 19 years could be compared to this.

"What the hell!"


Robin was waiting for the others in a cafeteria near the harbor with Luffy and Usopp where they had agreed to meet.

"I´m hungry… when are they going to get here?" Luffy complained.

"We agreed to meet here at 5 pm; there´s still five minutes" Robin replied. They had left at 1 pm; it had been four hours now.

"Kenshi-san has probably noticed the book by now" she thought, smiling at the direction of their ship. She had noticed how he had been staring at her more than usually these days. Not that she really minded the handsome swordsman´s behavior, but it did make her nervous from time to time, so she had made a little trap to embarrass the said man. She had been "reading" the same photo album over and over again, closing it every time someone came close enough to see just to get the swordsman´s attention. Obviously, it had worked. He was probably reading the said book now. Robin chuckled to herself, wishing that she´d be there to witness his embarrassment. Who knows, maybe he´s even blushing. She couldn´t help but to giggle at the thought; it would definitely be really attractive sight…

"What´s funny Robin?" Usopp asked.

"Nothing at all, Nagahana-kun" Robin replied with a smile. Usopp looked at her for a while but let it be; he wouldn´t get any information out of her if she didn´t want to reveal anything.

"Robin-swaan!" Sanji yelled, coming to the cafeteria with Chopper. Robin reminded herself to get the book from Zoro and destroy it before Sanji got his hands on it.

"Nami´s not here yet?" Chopper asked, looking around.

"I´m sure she´ll be here soon, Doctor-san" as Robin said this Nami walked in from the door, immediately seeing them and coming to their table.

"You guys up for a party?" Nami asked with a grin.

"We´re always ready for a party" Usopp said.

"Good" Nami said, sitting down "The lock pose will be set tomorrow afternoon and we need something to do for the night!"

"Yeah!" Luffy, Usopp and Chopper cheered.

"And the best part is that it´s a street party; we don´t have to pay!" Nami cheered, making the others sweat drop.

"You just want to go pick pocketing, don´t you?" Usopp asked and got hit by Nami, making the others laugh.

"Shouldn´t someone tell Zoro?" Chopper asked.

"That´d be wise" Robin said "I´ll do it"

"Oh, okay" Nami said "But at least eat with us before going"

"Of course" the raven haired archeologist said, ordering her food together with the others. She ate quickly, wanting to go and see what the swordsman´s reaction to the book was. This was going to be fun.


Zoro was sitting in the kitchen, reading Robin´s notebook with wide eyes.

"Why the hell does she even have something like this?" Zoro thought. He had just finished the book when he heard the door opening, making him slam the book shut immediately. He looked up only to see Robin at the door with a smug smile.

"Did you enjoy the book, Kenshi-san?" she asked, making Zoro´s face go deep red. When the swordsman didn´t answer she continued: "You can keep it if you want; I don´t need it anymore"

"Keep your stupid book!" Zoro finally yelled, throwing the book at Robin who caught it easily.

"I assume you didn´t like it, then" she said, the smug smile still present on her face. Regaining his control Zoro muttered: "I´m not impressed; I´ve seen much better"

They stared at each other, Zoro with a smirk and Robin with almost an unnoticeable frown.

"Is that so?" she asked.

"Definitely" Zoro answered with the smirk still on his face.

"Well I suppose I´ll give this to Cook-san then" Robin said with a smirk of her own, whirling the book in her hand. Zoro´s face fell, but it only lasted for a second so he thought she didn´t notice.

"Sure" Zoro said with a smirk "I´m sure that even material like that can be helpful to him; I doubt he´s seen much"

"Very well then" Robin said, feeling slightly offended as she left. Zoro smirked; he had won this one.

A fight between two strong minds has begun.

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