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Chapter 8: Secret

Robin sighed as she walked in the hallways of the Revolution Army HQ; it had been two months already since she last saw her friends. And that was two months too much.

"Ro~bi~n!" Robin nearly lost her balance as someone crashed in to her back from behind.

"Nora?" the archeologist questioned, looking behind her to find the said redhead. She was fifteen years old, but was very short for her age. She had blue eyes and had her red hair in pigtails.

"Hi Robin!" she said with a giggle, making Robin smile down at the younger girl.

"Do you need me for something?" Robin asked, wrapping the girl´s arms off from her.

"Boss wants to see you" Nora replied "Sabo said it has something to do with your training"

"Well I suppose I better head to his office then" Robin said, turning to the direction Nora had come from.

"What do you think it´s about?" Nora asks, starting to follow Robin. The older woman bites her lip, hoping that it´s not what she thinks it is.

"I´m not sure…" she mutters, not wanting to worry the girl. Nora blinked, deciding to drop the subject. Robin would tell her if she saw it necessary and if it was something important she was bound to find out at some point anyway.

Nora stopped as they reached Dragon´s office; she wasn´t allowed to go there. Not after she turned the whole room upside down once when she was a kid. After Robin had knocked on to the door a deep male voice told her to come in. Dragon was in the room, of course, and so was the head doctor Leslie as well as her assistant Sabo. Leslie was tall, middle aged woman with long blonde hair and a blue sword strapped to her back. Her eyes were light blue, almost the same color as Robin´s. Sabo was a young, blonde haired man with a lot of scars. His curly hair reached his shoulders, yet they were always held back in a ponytail, not even trying to hide the scar in his face that went from his right eyebrow to his left cheek. Robin had seen his scars when they were training; knowing all too well that the worst one was definitely caused by fire.

"You wanted to see me" she says, making Dragon nod.

"Sit down, please" he says, pointing at a chair in front of his desk. Robin does so, not being able to ignore the two doctors. Leslie had a serious look on her face, which was rare, so it didn´t help to calm her nerves.

"I suppose this has something to do with my earlier health inspection?" Robin asks, already knowing it to be the case. She had been feeling rather bad lately, especially after training. Headaches, fainting, throwing up etc, so Dragon had told her to go see the doctor. She really hoped it wasn´t anything too serious.

"You should stop training for now, especially the hardest parts" Leslie starts bluntly despite the fact she knew how important training was to Robin "It´d be bad for your health"

"And why is that?" Robin asks, really not liking where this was going. Was she really so badly sick or…

"Well you see" Leslie started. He next words made Robin´s eyes widen. If she hadn´t been sitting she would probably have fallen over.

"A-are you sure the test results are right?" Robin asks. When Leslie nods Robin´s head starts spinning, her mind screaming "no" over and over again. The last thing she hears before fainting is Dragon calling her name.


When Robin woke up she was lying in the infirmary with Leslie sitting beside her.

"Morning" the blond haired woman said as she saw that the archeologist was awake.

"How long was I unconscious?"

"Only two hours so don´t worry" Leslie says "So Robin, about before-"

"How long do I have left?" she cuts her off, but Leslie shakes her head.

"I don´t know just yet; but I´ll find out" she says. When she notices Robin´s faraway look she adds: "Don´t worry; everything is going to be alright"

Robin sighed, looking at the ceiling. Things would get complicated from now on.


A year and ten months later Robin returned to Sabaody, a heavy secret as her burden. And this secret was something she couldn´t let anyone know, especially not him.

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