"The Truth About Sumi's Past"

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During the time when Nozomu's father was talking about his beloved wife and his one and only daughter, Nozomu didn't care about it at all. But a dark secret lies behind it.

~ At The Garden ~

It was a nice and warm morning as usual. Sumi was taking a stroll outside in the garden. All the while thinking about her husband, Souichiro.

'I wonder how he is doing. How he is. I want to see him again. Sigh if only Nozomu understood our love, if only he understood that I only loved Souichiro.' thought Sumi all along.

It has been two weeks already but no progress were made in making Nozomu understand her plight. While strolling through the garden, suddenly Sumi remembered something that she saw during that time when they were thrown out of their cottage.

'I wonder what it was' thought Sumi.

Feeling bored, she decided to go to her room and take some rest. After lying down in her bed she fell into a deep slumber and thinking that she will definitely find the thruth behind that cross.

~ The Next Morning ~

Sumi got up quickly took a quick bath and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"Good Morning, Miss Sumi" said Nozomu.

"Good Morning to you too, Nozomu-kun. I was just preparing breakfast for you and your bento. It will be done soon." replied Sumi.

"Okay! I shall wait for you at the table, Miss Sumi." said Nozomu. He left after saying it.

~ At The Dining Table ~

'I think I should ask his permission before I do anything orelse it will get worse if I don't tell him.' thought Sumi.

After thinking about it thoroughly Sumi finally got the courage to ask Nozomu for his permission to go see her brother and ask about the cross. But before she could say anything Nozomu announced that they will be visiting his father. Sumi had no other choice but accept the declaration. Sighing she thought about asking for his permission later when they will return home. She went to her room and took a bathe and got ready to go visit Nozomu's father.

She wore a simple and traditional yet an elegant kimono which suited her very much. She looked so stunning in it that Nozomu couldn't take his eyes of her.

"You look beautiful, Miss Sumi. This traditional kimono really did suit you. Shall we leave?" said Nozomu.

"Yes." replied Sumi and went off to Nozomu's father's house.

~ At Nozomu's Father's House ~

After arriving at his home (Nozomu's home), Nozomu took Sumi to his father's room. Upon arriving inside the room, Nozomu's father, immediately after seeing Sumi jolted out of the bed and quickly hugged Sumi all the while yelling his wife's name.

"It's definitely you Masako. My eyesight can never lie. It is definitely Masako." said Nozomu's father.

"Kyaaa! Please let me go." Sumi got scared at the reaction and was trying her best to free herself from him.

"Father, please let her go. She isn't mother. She is my fiancé." Nozuma said while he freed Sumi from his father.

"Fiance? Yes she is my fiancé. Congratulate us father. We are going to have our wedding next week." said Nozomu.

"WEDDING? NEXT WEEK? What are you saying Nozomu-kun? Didn't we agree that we will get married only when Miu-chan divorces you?" Sumi desperately asked Nozomu. But a smirk and a sadist smile welcomed her.

"That was just a saying I don't care whether Miu divorces me or not. I only one thing that you are ought to marry me." Nozomu explained to her seriously.

Sumi couldn't take it anymore and ran away from that place. Running all the way where her feet could take her. Finally she reached her destination. Souichiro. She went into the cottage and saw everyone but he was nowhere around. Upon seeing their sister, the siblings tackled her with a huge bear hug. She returned their hug and whispered an 'I am home' to them. Eisuke became happy seeing his little sister but became confused as to why did Sumi come to the cottage so late at evening.

"Is something the matter Sumi? Weren't you supposed to be with Nozomu? Did something happen?" getting no reply Eisuke became worried. He asked her again with a worried voice. As soon as she heard the question again she remembered the talk that happened between Sumi and Nozomu. She broke down to tears and hugged her brother as tightly as she could. Eisuke became more worried.

"What's wrong? Did Nozomu did something to you?" Eisuke asked her worriedly

"Nozomu he -hic- decided that next –hic- week –hic- we will –hic- get –hic- married." As soon as she finished the sentence Sumi cried out more loudly. The baby siblings watched silently as their sister cried bitterly in their elder brother's arms.

After several moments later Sumi calmed down and wiped her tears away. She suddenly remembered about the cross. She looked at Eisuke and asked,

"Brother at that time when we were thrown out of the cottage, I noticed seeing a cross with a cloth attached. It kind of looked expensive since the cloth was a fine silk and the cross looked like it was made of silver. Where did you get that thing from?" Sumi curiously asked Eisuke. But only silence met her answer. She became confused seeing her brother become completely stiff and lowered his gaze. He muttered something under his breath and finally looked up. She became more confused when she saw him smiling a sad smile towards her.

"Sumi I am going to tell you something which will hurt you, but I hope you can forgive me for hiding it from you. If possible after hearing it please do forgive me." Eisuke said to Sumi slowly.

The past of Sumi started to reveal slowly in front of her. What will help will happen to her. Will she be able to bear to hear the truth or find the real cause of her past? Read to find out.

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