Ch. 1-Taking over me

Full Summary: Did you think that you could escape me, my pet? Did you think you could ive a normal life after all the blood you've shed, the hatred you've spread? But it's oh so delicious how you have fallen into the hands of your enemies; now I can relish in destroying them...and eventually you.

This is Post-Skyward Sword. :D

What is this? Is this a multi-chaptered GhiraLink fic? Why yes it is! Surprise!

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The sky darkened and a bolt of lightning struck the ground near Link, surprising the young Hylian enough that he almost jumped, but somehow didn't.

With a rumbling growl, Demise raised his jagged black sword to the sky and a streak of lightning struck the blade, setting it ablaze with sparking electricity.

"Master Link," Fi began, the hilt of the Master Sword glowing a faint blue as she spoke. "You cannot charge your own Skyward Strike as this area is controlled by Demise's magic. I suggest you- -"

"I got it," Link interrupted, raising his shield higher in preparation to block Demise's strike. "I use the lightning to my advantage, right?"

There was a quiet pause as Demise and Link continued circling each other, each waiting for the other to make a move.

"Yes, Master Link," Fi said after a while, a hint of what could only be called pride in her monotone voice.

Link waited for his chance to strike, watching both the lightning and Demise's actions.

Finally, the demon lifted his sword above his head and brought it down only to recoil when the blade clanged against Link's shield. He was quick to recover, slashing a second later only to be blocked once more.

The electricity that had once bathed his sword dispersed upon the second strike and Link took his chance, pointing his sword at the sky, a bolt of lightning being attracted to the tip of the blade and charging it with crackling blue sparks.

Faster than the lightning itself, Link swung his sword down, unleashing a wave of electricity at Demise and managing to incapacitate the demon with the temporary paralysis; but that was all that Link needed.

He began slashing at every angle he knew possible and even managed a spin attack that knocked Demise off his feet. Link was just about to deal his signature Final Blow when Fi stopped him.

"Not yet, Master," she warned, "he is not weak enough."

As if to confirm the spirit's statement, Demise's glowing red eyes shot open and he immediately flipped onto his feet, bringing his sword to the heavens once more to electrify it.

Before Link could react, Demise swiped his broadsword down in a vertical slash, releasing the pent up energy that charged the cold steel at his opponent.

Link screamed as the powerful volts coursed through his body, leaving him breathless and weak once it had finished its route, but he refused to fall to his knees in front of Demise. Panting, the blonde stuck the tip of the Master Sword into the ground as he leaned on it, ignoring how sweat coated his forehead and neck and how he was trembling faintly, still smarting from the attack.

There was a soft jingle, indicating that Fi was relaying something to him.

"Master- -!"

Link instantly glanced up to see Demise charging at him like a rabid animal and the hero's eyes widened as he felt the crushing force of Demise's shoulder connecting with his chest, sending him flying back from the intensity of the attack.

Link gasped as his back struck the ground, leaving him winded and gasping in pain.

Okay, that was a dirty move, he thought as he slowly rose until he leaned on his elbows only to rapidly roll out of the way and leap to his feet as Demise slammed his sword into the ground right where his neck had previously been.

The blonde warily watched as Demise yanked the tempered steel out of the ground, noticing how the demon purposefully stood between him and the Master Blade.

He's not going to let me near my sword…Link thought as he waited for Demise to make a move. Not when he knows I'm defenseless. But how else can I….

The blonde stopped as he noticed the large gap between Demise's legs and he smirked to himself as a thought entered his mind.

Here goes nothing.

Link charged at Demise, who raised his charged blade to strike, but didn't expect the hero to suddenly drop down and slide underneath him, grabbing one of Demise's ankles to trip the demon as he passed by.

The blade's hilt was glowing frantically as Link neared the sword and Fi immediately spoke once Link had grasped the hilt.

"Master, are you all right?"

"Yeah, Fi, I'm fine," the blonde responded, pulling the sword from the ground and facing Demise who was getting to his feet. "I won't fall for that again."

The battle began once more with Link landing in several more blows once he had paralyzed Demise a second time, but upon Fi's warning did not deal a Final Blow.

The third time Demise collapsed on his back, Fi asserted it was time to finish the battle, and Link leapt into the air, holding the hilt with both hands as he pointed the blade down, and plunged the sword deep into the center of Demise's chest before flipping off him as Demise roared, climbing to his feet and clutching at the wound in his chest.

Panting, Demise fell on one knee and pierced the ground with his sword, using it as support.

H-how…? he wondered.

He watched as his weapon vanished in a cloud of dark purple dust. He saw a small flash of orange almost imperceptible to the human eye, but he could see it and Demise knew what it meant.

You are not getting away that easily! he thought, giving a quick swipe of his hand and sending a blast of energy into the tiny orange ball as he stood up.

He landed harshly in the farthest corner of Faron Woods, right next to Skyview Temple.

How very nice of you to treat me that way, Master, Ghirahim thought as he slowly got to his feet, his left hand wrapped around the right side of his chest.

Demise's wave of energy had knocked him off course; instead of landing in Lanaryu Desert, he had been forced into the sunny Faron Woods.

Ghirahim hissed as his wounds stung, blood coating his arm from the small cut in the center of his chest and his fingers from the deep slice in the side of his chest; the other wounds weren't as bad as those two, but they still hurt like hell.

Pathetic, he thought as he looked around, searching for a place where he could rest. Brought down to such a human-like state.

Ghirahim took a gradual step forward, leaning forward slightly from exhaustion and pain, and began to make his way deeper into the forest.

It hurts….where Master removed the sword….Ghirahim gave a flick of his head to move the curtain of hair out of his left eye so he could get a better view of his surrounding, the intersecting black marks trailing down his eye, cheek, and the side of his neck briefly revealed before his hair fell back into place. It feels cold and hollow…

Of course it does, my pet…a dark voice laughed in the back of the demon's mind causing Ghirahim to stop in his tracks.

He stood there for a few seconds, contemplating whether the voice he had heard was just a result of him being tired. A few seconds later, Ghirahim began walking again, hoping he wasn't leaving a trail of blood for monsters to follow.

He looked from side to side as he continued his slow walk, looking for some sort of shelter from the weather and beasts that lurked during the night.

But Ghirahim didn't know the layout of Faron Woods that well; he had always teleported to his destination.

The demon paused and cursed himself for being so stupid. He could just transport himself to a safe place.

With that new thought in mind, Ghirahim raised his free hand and snapped his fingers. He waited a few seconds and when he realized that he hadn't gone anyway he tried again.

When he realized his teleportation didn't work, Ghirahim sighed in annoyance, his pointed ear lowering slightly as he continued on his way.

Great, now some of my abilities don't work. This has just been one fucking fliptastic day.

Nighttime rolled around and Ghirahim felt like he hadn't gone anywhere. For all he knew he could have been even more lost. He was cold and hungry and tired and frustrated at everything.

There has to be some kind of cave in this damn forest…he thought as black specks began to dot his vision. Damn it, damn it. I hate it all.

He began walking even slower, his energy quickly leaving him. He finally stopped to catch his breath for a few moments, but the moment he paused, the black spread across his eyes, engulfing him in complete darkness.

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