Surviving High School: Cliché Cliques

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

The sunset comes through the window catching on her red hair making it look as if it were on fire. Her eyes are closed as she leans her head against my shoulder. A few loose strands make their way out of her messy pony tail making her look even more perfect. We're lying on my bed just enjoying each others company. I hear her giggle softly so I look down to see a grin covering her flawless face.

"What?" I ask already smiling because hers is contagious.

"Your hand's tickling my side." Her voice sounds so innocent even though she's anything but. I realize that I had unintentionally started to rub her side with my thumb.

"Sorry." I try to pull my hand away but she grabs it and keeps it there.

"It's fine. I like it." My heart starts to beat faster. I know she can feel it. She's just choosing to ignore it.

"Rocks you need to calm down. I don't want you having a heart attack on me." She jokes lightly. She doesn't want to directly address the problem. She wants me to tell her on my own.

"It's your fault for making me so nervous." The words burst through my lips without my permission. Damn it. Confession time.

"How do I make you nervous?" Her voice is implying that she knows exactly why she makes me nervous. She still wants me to say it though.

"You know how CeCe." It comes out shakier than I wanted it to. I feel her head shift. Her gaze is on me. I feel it. I don't dare to move my eyes to hers. I can't.

"Do I? Hmm, well I forgot. So you'll have to tell me." Her voice is urging me to speak my mind. I'm too scared.

"CeCe…you didn't forget. You know exactly what it is. Why do you want me to say it so bad?" I feel soft lips on my neck. I freeze. This isn't new. She always does this, lays on me and cuddles me like a favorite worn out teddy bear, maybe she'll give me a peck or two on the cheek. It isn't new. This neck thing though, yeah that's new. She's never kissed me in such an intimate place.

"Tell me Rocky." Her cool breath fans across my over heated neck. I gulp.

"But why?" My voice sounds dumb, I know. I need to know why though.

"Because I want to hear you say it so I know it's okay to continue." She emphasizes her point with a gentle nip at my neck.

"CeCe I'm telling you that it's okay." I breathe out.

"I need to be sure Rocky. Why can't you just say it?" Her head lifts to catch my gaze, eyes glimmering with hurt.

"Because those three words can ruin our whole friendship." Three words can knock down the walls of our perfectly constructed relationship in one swipe. I can't lose her. I refuse to lose her.

"We say it all the time." She tries to reason with me. I know we do. Every second of the day practically.

"It means something different now." When we say it, it's innocent. Child's play. Now it's dangerous. Sword's play.

"Not to me. It's always meant the same as it does now. I've always loved you more than anything or anyone. I always knew you were the one I wanted to spend my life with. Ever since you kept me from giving up dancing. I love you." There it goes. She's opened up her protective fortress and has revealed herself in front of me. She's given up her weapons and she's standing in the middle of the battlefield with her hands held high in surrender. I can either shoot her down or make amends. I'm holding her heart in my hand and she knows it. CeCe has always been a risk taker. Right now she's taking a risk with me. It's only fair that I do the same for her. Taking a deep breath I look into the eyes that are in my dreams and haunts me in my nightmares.

"Cecelia Jones, I love you." Her eyes brighten with a face splitting grin taking over her face. It falters when she bites her lip as if she's contemplating something. My heart sinks down into my stomach. Catching onto my mood she quickly kisses me. A light press of lips. Nothing sexual. Just a kiss conveying one thing. I love you too. As we pull apart our lips make a light smack that sounds through the silent room.

"Are you sure?" Her voice sounds strong masking what she's so desperately trying to hide. I know her too well for her to be able to fool me. I nod with a small smile while pushing thick red strands of hair out of her face.

"Words Rocky. I want to hear you." I detect a seductive tone in her voice. It makes me shiver to think about how she'd use that voice to bend me to her will. Because after all, she is CeCe Jones.

"I'm sure. I've never been more sure about anything in my entire life." As soon as the last word left my mouth hungry pink lips attacks mine. I'm not complaining though. I change our positions so that I'm on top. Pulling away from her lips I hear her whimper which quickly turned into a moan as I trail hot kisses down her neck, repaying her for earlier.

"Rocky." Hear breathy moan makes my heart beat faster. She says it again and again, chanting my name.

"Rocky!" I stop because that is not CeCe's voice. Far from it. That's my mom. Bewildered I look up at CeCe only to see her smiling at me. The affect of it however is cut short when my body meets something cold and hard. I open my eye to see that I'm in my room, on the floor, CeCeless.

"Rocky! Get up! You're going to be late for your first day of school!" My mom's dream crushing voice yells at me. I sigh and answer back with an I'm up. That is the fifth CeCe dream this week. They've been becoming more frequent with the arrival of the first day of Sophmore Year. The summer has ended and I couldn't be happier. Well actually I could but this is better than nothing. Throwing myself into work is how I cope with things. I've volunteered everywhere this whole summer. None of them were for a long time do to my perfectionist attitude. I got done with the little work I was given in no time at all. It keeps me from thinking about how my life went to shit in a blink of an eye.

"Yo Rocks, you got some toothpaste I can borrow?" I heard Ty's voice ask. Shuffling up from the floor I grab the new toothpaste I bought yesterday because I saw Ty was out.

"Here I bought it for you." I say only cracking my door to hand it to him. When I try to close it Ty puts his foot in the way.

"Thank you. And once we get to school you know the drill right?" Of course I know the drill. You made me practice it every time you took me somewhere.

"Yes. Once we get a block from the school, jump out, tuck and roll, so you don't have to be seen with a loser like me." I recite the speech that I know in my sleep.

"Good. Now try not to dress like you're going to a funeral/book signing." I nod. Asshole. Ty and I haven't been real close since our parents divorced. I think he blames me. Removing his foot he gives me a shining smile that showed off his dimples. I close the door softly not returning it.

I take only 15 minutes to get ready. Record time because we're late. Shoving a piece of toast down our throats me and Ty fled the house. We got into his Saleen S7 Twin Turbo blue car. Soon we're near the school. Ty slams on the breaks and they squeal.

"Out." He's not even looking at me when he says it. That's how much I matter I guess.

"Wait we're 3 blocks from the school." I tell him pushing my glasses that were sliding off my face. I started wearing them again since my dad left and my mom couldn't afford my contacts. Father dearest spends all his money on Jill. I wish I could hate her, I really do, but she's too damn nice for anyone to hate her.

"And?" Ty turns to me. I can almost feel the glare through his sun glasses. Since I'm not in the mood for fighting I decide to just get out.

"Thanks for the ride." I mutter slamming the door.

"Don't slam my door!" He hollers after me but I've already started walking and don't give a shit.

I get to school 5 minutes before the bell rings. That doesn't give me much time to find my new locker and classes. I knew I should've gone to orientation, I was too afraid that I'd see her. The school was moved to a different area because there was too much crime in the other. Safety for our students is the main priority. I hear the perky secretary's voice in my head. That's 1 of the 5 lies they tell you in high school. The other's are We care. Ask us anything and we'll give you an answer. You'll always have enough time to make it to class. And my personal favorite- Everyone here is your friend so you don't have to be afraid. Maybe if I were the same Rocky that I was last year I'd believe it. Now? Not so much. As I walk around I see the different cliques. Populars, Snobs, Emos, Goths (apparently there's a difference between the two), Jocks, Delinquents, Art majors, Freaks, Nerds, Band Geeks (also a difference between those two), Foreign Exchange students, and then there's me. Outcast. Over the years the little group of friends I had scattered. Ty goes with the jocks, Deuce and Dina are with the delinquents, Gunther and Tinka (not really my friends but frienemies) roll with the snobs no shock there, and CeCe my once best friend is with the populars. I wish she'd see that they only want her money not her. Last year Mrs. Jones won the lottery. 1 million dollars to be exact. If CeCe's ego was big when she didn't have that much money, it exploded when she did. We were still friends a good few months after, but I knew I was slowly losing her to the in crowd. I still see her at work on Shake It Up Chicago! but it's not the same. Sometimes I work the equipment for the show, things like the lights and graphics. She works with the fashion designers and help dress the dancers. We still dance on the show; we just have side jobs now. Then my parents got divorced and I kinda just closed myself off from everybody. I finally find my locker and open it after the third time. The bell rings making a riot start as everyone tries not to be late for their first class. I just take my time now since I know I'm late. Taking out the appropriate books for my film class I set out to find room 300. It takes me 7 minutes and I receive my first demerit.

"Ahhh, Miss Blue. Nice for you to join us. Take a seat in front of Miss Jones. CeCe raise your hand." Wow. 3 seconds into his class and I already hate him. I see CeCe raise her hand and I obediently walk to my seat, heart beating hard in my throat preventing me from talking. Everyone is still looking at me. It makes me want to puke all over this squeaky clean floor.

"Attention up here. Now first days are usually boring. Don't you hate that?" Mr. Tight Jeans asks. People mutter in agreement.

"You'll soon find out that I'm not like most teachers. So to start you guys off, I'm giving you a project that will last at least 2 months." Some people groan. Others let out excited squeals. Film majors. I only took this class because I've done everything else. I wonder why CeCe is here.

"Now I've brought my trusty magician hat. Pick a name and that will be your partner on this project." The first girl picks a name and smiles wide at a guy across the room. The next is a guy who immediately turns around and high fives some other guy, after he picks the piece of paper out of the hat. I'm next. Cautiously I reach my hand in. My heart stops. Clear as day it reads CeCe Jones. I try to put it back but Mr. Tight Jeans stops me with a gentle hand.

"Nuh uh. If I let you choose I'd have to let everyone choose. Who don't you want to be partners with?" I hand him the slip of paper.

"CeCe Jones." He reads aloud. Almost instantly murmurs are heard all over the room.

"Miss Blue I assure you that CeCe is very kind. Do you mind working with her CeCe." He asks looking at her.

"No sir. Not at all." I turn around and catch her gaze. She smirks at me. Screw the world. Why can't I just die already?

"Good. It's settled then, you two are partners." He walks around and pairs everyone else up with the devil hat.

"Your project will be a film on High School Cliques. Include originality and it has to be at least 5 minutes long." With that said the bell rings. Please let me make it through the day.

A/N: So people I will tell you what led this on. In school we were reading Speak and when Melinda named all the school cliques this came to mind. I hope you enjoyed and review!