Call of the Wild: 0.004

They get married in November. All of Thisby flocks to the church, packing the entire building before Sean and Puck spontaneously decide to switch their indoor wedding to an outside one.

The air sings with the corporeal sounds of the sea and the faint wedding march that everyone is humming. The air is salty this time of year and no one misunderstands the particular date of the union. A week before the races.

Father Mahoney is standing in front of the entrance of the church, under the arch, Bible in hand. Sean is clad in a dark suit, looking distinctly uncomfortable to be surrounds by so many people and so little familiarity. Finn is best man, a choice that surprises few people.

And to add to the bitter irony, it is Gabe who walks Puck down the isle. Anyone could say that Puck was pretty, but today, she is as radiant as the sun.

She is wearing her mother's wedding dress, slightly outdated, but luminescent all the same. It's a gentle weaving of lace and silk, so white the color reflects off of other people.

When she reaches Sean, Gabe lets go of her arm, looking at the man his sister loves with a steady gaze. He goes to sit at the front row, where four people should've been sitting, but is only occupied by George Holly. The wedding ceremony is short and sweet, filled with intense stares and happy glows, the total opposite of their wedding night, rough, demented and passionate.

The next day, Puck wakes up with Sean in her arms. He grins, almost lazily and in a very un-Sean-like manner, lowly murmurs, "Good morning, Mrs. Kendrick." Puck can't stop the rush that fills her at the sound of her new name.


Five years later, Sean is perched on his wife's bedside, watching with a sense of wonder as she holds their newborn son in her arms.

"Corr." She says, turning her head to face him.

Sean's mouth opens and closes, too overcome with emotion to speak right away. The capaill uisce had passed on their one year anniversary.

"Are you sure?" He finally manages.

"Yes. People name their horses after people, so why not the other way around?" Puck says, in that voice an older sister has, the one that suggests no argument. Sean is reminded once again of how much he loves her.

In answer, he presses his lips down on hers.

When they tell Gabe and Finn, they simply glance at each other, accepting the oddity that was their sister and her husband. George is not surprised with the name. When they name him godfather, he needs to sit down because the tears in his eyes prevent him from seeing anything.

It is only fair that two years later, Sean insists on naming their daughter Dove. Puck doesn't question it. It seemed that her little land pony would always be a part of her.

In a move that surprises everyone, they name Dory Maud as godmother. It makes for awkward family reunions - Annie and George have a legendary history - but everyone is happy. Even with the annual war on the beach.

A/N: Sorry that this took forever! I just got bogged down with schoolwork.

These little scenes came to me in a dream, and it was so real that I had goosebumps. It took me a couple of weeks to grab a hand on my emotions and be able to write it, but I finally have!

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