To all my loyal fans of this story,

I'm sorry its been so long, in fact I'd be surprised if you haven't all unsubscribed, given up on anything to come, at any rate I wouldn't blame you. I started this story, intending to go full hog, it started out as a mini fic of 3-5 chapter plan, and then I expanded to hopefully hit the 10-12 chapter mark. However, I never quite got there and for that I apologise, I know how frustrating it can be when a fic you love is on hiatus, and nothing new is coming, but I'm here to change that.

Last time we spoke I was at dance college, running to conditioning sessions and auditions. However, I dropped out for several reasons, and eventually injured my knee cheerleading, I tore pretty much every ligament in the back of my knee and was lucky not to have surgery, so that was the end of that. I then went to regular college and got my a levels (to my USA readers this means I got what I needed to go to uni, i.e. college), I was accepted to the University of West England, or as its inhabitants know it as UWE to study history. I joined two cheerleading teams before changing course that I plan to start again in September - psychology. So yeah I've been keeping busy working bits and bobs, dance and cheer, and spending time with my wonderful boyfriend, whom I've have been with for nearly a year and a half. Anyways I just wanted to catch you up, I never forgot about 'catniphawthorne' the fanfic page I ADORE beyond words, I still read fanfic, and enjoy it, however I think its time for me to start writing again.

I have decided to continue with this fic 'I Stopped Missing You', as I cannot leave this storyline alone. However, I will be starting again, as the main reason I was drove off this fic was due to it wasn't at a good standard of writing, look back at how I used to write 3 years ago at 17, does make me cringe! So I will be writing this fic again, same basic storyline and idea, same character pairings, but a few minor changes. There will be one new pairing, and more characters introduced. I want to weave a more intricate world, and don't worry the bad guys that briefly showed up in this fic will be making a return.

SO yes I am going to continue, by rewriting the first chapters and then carrying on, my aim is to have this beyond the 101-12 chapter projection I originally had. So please, if you want to know how this fic carries on, keep an eye on my page or follow me as an author, I'm hoping to put the new fic up in the next couple of days, if not tonight (don't hold me to that!), it will be under the same title so shouldn't be too hard to find.

I thank you for sticking with me, and hope to show that was not in vain as this story will continue.

Thank you


- vicki.