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This is a retelling of the anime with the goal to evade certain the plot holes. The personalities of the characters will be the same, but their decisions may differ. The setting will only be fundamentally the same and I will attempt to evade every instance of "It's magic, it needs not make sense", especially the obviously not magical cases. All names will be of the original version, which will also include several points missing from the dub.

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Beyond the end of the world, the last human woke in peace for the first time in her life.

A needle injected her with the medicine that would reactivate her body. As vitrification was undone, warmth returned to her. Her father had considered placing her into hibernation at age six and inducing an artificial growth for the rest of her body. He had quickly disposed of the idea when unable to find a way to do so without risk of turning her into a vegetable. After all, the brain needed stimulation to develop, lest it die.

Furthermore, the risk of malfunction was so great, what if she had stayed asleep for 3000 years? Even if not turning into a vegetable, she would have died of old age before even waking up. So, good old fashioned cold sleep it had been. Too bad it felt like frozen hell. She barely felt the jolts as her pod moved out of the wall, but what she felt was like the cutting knives.

Through the liquid and glass she could see the first glimpses of light ... the wrong light.

Her eyes focused with some effort, it was dust in the light of the sun. Beyond there was a hazy darkness, devoid of the artificial light that ought to be there. She thought she saw the outline of vines and cracks in the wall.

Before she was good and well conscious, the pod straightened up and the lid slid open.

No, too soon!

All of its contents, goo and human alike poured onto the rubbled floor. Her reflexes were too poor still and she could not respond quick. Her head hit a chunk of rock.

The pain of her unprotected skin hitting the rubble quickly did what time and injections should have done slowly. Her stiff limbs moved to push herself up, adding more pain to her scrapes, bruises and waking muscles. Once she slipped on the goo.

She struggled onto her knees, shoving aside rubble so her legs lay on the smooth floor. All the time she had not breathed and the liquid oxygen filling her lungs demanded to be replaced. She rolled onto her side and started coughing. Air burned into her lungs while the liquid washed out. Gritting her teeth, she kept that air in and did not scream.

Can't make sound, never make sound. They'll hear us!

There was no sound of marching troops, no howling alarms, no human generals speaking of hope and victory, no inhuman screeches to rip those words apart. Just her own labored breathing.

She pushed back up, leaning on one arm as her head fell backward. The sun shone on her through a small crack in the ceiling, but didn't bring her more warmth. Still, she realized it wasn't really as cold as she felt, or she would be cooling down. It had to be summer ...

"Dearest Yakumo, if you hear this all has gone according — zzzzzzt —uba to clean up the fluid to avoid leaving — zzzzzzzzzrrrrrrrrzt — will be food in — krrreeeeeeezzzzzz — find out which currency — tzzzzzzzzzzzz..."

"Father ..." she muttered.

Where was he, why wasn't he here ... no.

Just a recording. They'd gone over this, she might suffer from amnesia and disorientation upon awakening. His voice would guide her through the procedure, but it seemed the years had worn down the equipment. Her stasis pod was the primary concern, so all spare power had been directed there at the expense of everything else.

Right, clean up. Floating in the goo had served to keep her body from developing pressure ulcers and her lungs from collapsing during the revitalizing process. However, its scent was distinct and this area had belonged to the Arthropods. Most of them were masters of scent.

Where was Hakuba? He was supposed to have woken before her, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Given how ruined the place was, it could not be said for certain the area scanners would still work. For all she knew, Matrixer might live nearby and grow curious to that scent. She needed to get the goo off of herself, get Hakuba together and leave, asap.

With great effort she stood up and stumbled to the side of the pod. There was supposed to be a compartment with towels and a shirt for her to quickly throw on. However, the hatch had given in and the material inside was as good as deteriorated. She pulled out the least fragile towel and wrapped it around herself.

There was supposed to be a bathroom in a side hall, but it had collapsed as well. No water came from the pipes once Yakumo managed to pry open the crane. Clear drinking water had been quite the treasure during the war, the storage probably had been plundered long ago.

She redirected her attention to finding Hakuba — please let him still be around!

For safety reasons, he had been taken to pieces and hidden across various hidden compartments in the bunker. Large chunks of robotic steel created a magnetic field strong enough for electric Matrixer to notice, but smaller parts they'd dismiss as debris. Her pod already was a big enough risk as it was, so they had been forced to take him apart.

Shivering, she made her way to a hatch in the floor. Like her stasis pod, Hakuba's location had been hidden well. Too well for her to pry open, should there be a malfunction or defect. Like now.

After a minute of useless pulling at a tiny strip on the floor, she gave up and looked around. Hakuba was supposed to open the other compartments himself but that was obviously not going to work now...

She found a long piece of metal and started wrenching again. At one point the pipe slipped through her hand and she fell forward, tearing open her palm on a sharp piece. It hurt terribly, but she gritter her teeth and continued working.

It took her twenty minutes, but eventually she managed to open the hatch. She let go a breath of relief and exhaustion when she saw his large, lavender eyes blink in response.

"Good morning, Yakumo. Has there been an error?" his stoic voice said.

She choked back tears and smiled as she said, "Yes, but I could handle it. Are you alright?"

"I am fully functional."

She reached in and lifted out the robotic head, which was encased in a white and pink plating that resembled a mixture of horse and dragon, with little special detail. He was intentionally designed to simulate a child's robot. They'd been telling the Matrixer they encountered that they had stolen it from humans and had been able to reprogram it since it was just a toy, not a weapon.

Yakumo realized that having a hyperfunctional ancient toy would actually attract a lot of attention nowadays. Over the past three hundred years, the Matrixer surely had taken their own technological and cultural advances. They didn't have any choice for the moment, but she planned to get Hakuba a new encasing as soon as possible.

Hakuba sent the signal to open all the other compartments. While he started reassembling himself, Yakumo took a fresh set of clothing and towels from his trunk. After a quick wash in the small sink — sparing with the water, off course — she pulled on the clothes.

They were simple, sturdy cotton in brown hues to compliment her hair. The only notable feature was a triangular gem with soft edges, somewhat remiscient of a tear, which was fastened to a minty colored undershirt. This gem would augment her powers, so it was vital she carry it at all times. It would be hidden under a cloak to avoid greedy eyes.

During the precious few times they had been able to afford a friendly get together with other humans, she had always chosen to wear green, blue and white : the colors of earth as seen from space. Outside in the world of the Matrixer however, she and her father had only worn traveler's clothing. Bright dye was out of the question, nothing attracted trouble like outfits that yelled, "I am rich enough for frilly dyed cloth, rob me already!"

Speaking of traveling, she would be on her way soon. While centuries had passed, it only felt like weeks ago since she had journeyed.

Around now, her stomach startled to rumble. Hakuba's storage deposit also held some packaged dry food and a reserve of water, which she used to let the food soak up.

She should only eat a little bit, in part because her stomach muscles were still suffering from the aftereffects of the cold sleep, and in part because she didn't know when she would find food to fill up the reserves. She'd have to ration as much as possible.

That, and it tasted atrocious.

That done as quickly as possible, she stretched her legs by walking around the empty chambers of the bunker. Along the way, she found other parts of Hakuba drifting towards him, and she had to free some parts from collapsed walls.

Doing so, she found places where the ceiling had caved in entirely. Judging from the type of damage — another thing that years of hiding in ruins taught her — most of it was from battles above. North America had been taken over by the engineered Arthropods, amongst whom were some of the largest Matrixer. It was no surprise they'd leave a ruined city in their wake.

It wasn't the most ideal place, but it was better with the alternative.

During the war, her father had commissioned a shelter from a faction of activists, who were moving on and assured them the place was up to it. Her father had handed over a healthy amount of cash and food for it. However, upon arrival they had found it to be unfit.

Unfit as in, holy crap, which idiot would use a shelter that sticks above ground and presents its inhabitants in the middle of a big hall for anyone to see? Hello, Matrixer can wreck buildings with relative ease, if they aren't already throwing energy bombs at it from above. It was one of the few times she had heard him swear. Off course, he had immediately turned around and led them elsewhere, taking only the cold sleep engine with him.

Staying alive for the next twelve years had been an utter challenge, even after the war ended, but one they managed thanks to Yakumo's powers. It was amazing how far one got when one could pretend to be an Matrixer simply on behalf of having elemental tricks. Everyone knew humans needed robots to do things for them, didn't they?

There had been no large scale attacks on this bunker, let alone any energy bombs, so that much had worked out.

However, but there was something that made her increasingly suspicious as she continued walking.

Close to her hiding, there had been weaponry installed in the walls just in case someone got too curious and risked finding her hide out. It was controlled by an AI that could figure out who really was a threat and who just was a random scavenger.

Some of these weapons were destroyed in what appeared to be a path leading right to where she had been asleep.

Shoving some debris closer to a wall, she stepped on to inspect the small laser that have been there. It appeared as if it had been exploded with energy, as there was no sign of bullets or claws. Energy attacks were a sign of stronger Matrixer.

When Hakuba had fully assembled himself, she showed him to the nearest.

In his full form, Hakuba was the size of a car, but appeared like a thick plesiosaur hovering a little above the ground. He could not fit into the smaller halls, but he could easily levitate up to the laser compartments and unfold expendable arms to investigate.

"A chi manipulator. Am I correct?"

He turned his head in her direction and said, "Yes."

So, there had been an attacker who had gone so deep into the compound as to systematically ruin the safety system and was probably looking for her, yet her capsule had been unharmed.

Perhaps she had not been found? ... who would survive the lasers accuracy long enough to destroy them, then? If the attacker had been a psychic he could have found the lasers, yet also should have found her.

"Hakuba, before we leave, can you scan in this area and preserve the data?"

"As you wish," he said.

He was quick, off course. Her father had made him as well as he could, given what little material he had. The scans were made and stored, and Yakumo returned to the hall she had slept in one last time. Hakuba had left it without sign of her awakening, the pod was back into the wall and every last drop of the goo gone.

Three hundred years, just a day for her.

When she turned, Hakuba opened the door for her, but she declined to step in. She had walked into the bunker with her father, she wanted to walk out again. So she walked, Hakuba drifting behind her.

The bunker was located beneath a hotel, which had a wide inner yard. On the day of their arrival, it had been barren and the pool dried out. Now she could see a green glow at the end of the hall. A sweet scent of morning dew on grass approached her : greenery had returned, a good sign. Not only did it mean the pollution of this area was forced back, it also meant there were no hives in the direct vicinity.

Rays of sunlight fell down, in which small insects danced like stars if they could meet the sun, disappearing and reappearing as they crossed through shadow. Just harmless little insects, nothing that would devour her. It was a peaceful first scene to her journey. She breathed in the fresh air and stretched her still sore limbs.

Fasting the cloak around herself securely, just in case, she stepped out.

There, she froze.

Down to the courtyard was a stone stairs, and on it lay the scattered remains of a human.

Clothing and flesh had rotted away long since and the bones had been carried across the hall by animals, but she recognized the gun that lay with it. It had been her father's.

Yakumo had known he would be dead by now, but a childish hope had prayed for a miracle : that he may find safety and live out his days in peace.

If only they had enough space for him as well ...

She hunched down and closed her eyes. Tears forced their way out nonetheless.

Her father had been everything to her, the reason she lived, the reason she hoped, the reason she wasn't a monster.

He had died within a day of giving her a future.

There was nothing she could lose now, save herself. Clenching her fists, she stood up again and walked past the remains. She wouldn't bury them, if anyone was around they would surely find the fresh grave suspicious.

Her lifetime worth of persecution had taught her that in this world, burial ceremonies were best kept in the mind.

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