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Chapter 14

Kyle had gone to work and I was alone in his apartment. It felt strange being there without him. It was his place after all. The thought of Kyle made my heart flutter slightly. I couldn't stop thinking about this morning, when he came into the kitchen only wearing jeans. He was slender and muscular in the same way a swimmer was. I wonder how it would be like to touch. How the skin would feel under my fingers. A slight blush spread across my cheeks and I cursed myself for thinking of my friend that way. Because that was what we were. Friends. Nothing more and nothing less. I knew there was… could be something between us, but... I sighed. I was so bad at these kind of things, which was why it shouldn't have surprised me that I was attracted to a guy I had just started being friends with.

I shook my head, as if trying to make the thoughts leave my head. I had to think about something else. I turned on the TV in order to distract myself, but nothing really caught my attention. God, why was there so many brain-dead reality shows? Why was there so many dumb people exposing themselves on TV? I gave up, as I could find neither a good movie nor even a decent documentary.

I looked warily at my phone, hoping time had passed faster than it felt, but no such luck. There were still a couple of hours before Kyle would get home. I contemplated about what to do. I didn't look forward to being bored the next three hours, so I decided to visit Lloyd and Abigail. I wished for the hundredth time that my car were available so that I could visit my grandma. I missed her even though it was just a little more than a week since I visited her last. Sure, I had called her a couple of times, but it wasn't the same.

I silently thanked Kyle for leaving a spare key, even though I had protested against it. At the time, I didn't think I would go outside seeing as I had been out most of the day with Kyle. As I walked towards Lloyd and Abigail's resident, I thought about earlier in the forest.

"Let's play a game" I said, breaking the silence and smiling playfully.

"What do you have in mind?" he asked with a gentle voice and a warm smile. His entire face lit up as he smiled even though it wasn't a big toothy smile or anything. It was just a tug in the corner of his mouth that made his dimples visible and a glint in his brown eyes.

"20 question" I smiled as we walked.

"Alright. You start" he said amusement evident in his voice. I thought a bit before asking. There were so many things to ask, but I had to start some place.

"Your favorite day?" I asked curiously, wanting to know as much about him as possible. I wanted to know what he liked and disliked. What made him passionate and what bored him.

"Besides when I had to carry your drugged self from a party?" he asked teasingly which earned him a smack on the shoulder. He chuckled before thinking a bit more seriously.

"That got to be when I was a kid, before realizing my family wasn't as peachy as I had naively thought. I think it was my birthday and we went to the zoo as a family, my parents, my brother and I" he smiled with an almost sad expression. My heart skipped a beat and ached at the same time.

"Ben got bored quickly and was sulking most of the time there. Dad had to drag him around. My mum had a headache as she usually had because work stresses her out. I don't remember wanting to see many of the animals. Except for the wolves" at this he chuckled slightly, as if it was a joke I wasn't in on, but I didn't comment. I wanted him to go on, and he did.

"It was feeding-time as we reached the enclosure, and I was so fascinated by them. The way they moved around, so gracefully and proud. Did you know wolves are monogamous? They stay with their mate for life unless one of them dies" he said and looked me in the eyes. I wondered if he thought of his own family as he said those words about the wolves. He was living on his own after all, and god knows where his parents were. He never really seemed to mention much about them. All I really knew about them, was that he would rather live alone and far away from them, than to live with them. Why else would he be here? This was, after all, a town far away from everyone and everything.

"Anyways, well, as we stood in front of the wolves' enclosure it was as if Ben forgot to sulk and my mum forgot about her headache. We all just stood and watched the wolves eat. Some lay with their tongues out, while others walked around. I can't really explain it, but that first time I saw wolves was my favorite day" he smiled a bit shyly at me, and I warmly returned the smile.

"How about you?" he then asked.

"What?" I looked at him a bit confused. He chuckled.

"What's your favorite day?" he asked patiently and I blushed. Oh, very smooth, Cailyn, forgetting your own game.

"It wasn't like a revelation such as yours, but my favorite day have to be when I was five when my mother didn't drink as much yet. We celebrated Christmas at my grandma's with Lloyd, Abigail, Logan and his mother. I don't remember much except the fact that we laughed a lot," I said remembering the easier times. Before I got completely nostalgic, I asked Kyle a new question. Something not quite as thoughtful this time.

"Your favorite color?" I asked him, the small smile back on his lips.

"Blue. Your favorite flower?"

"Sun flower. Your favorite movie?"

I was ripped out of my thoughts at the sound of a car honk. I jumped in surprise and looked around. Charlie pulled up beside me with a window down.

"Where are you going? I'll drive you" he said and I got in. I knew it was just an excuse to ask me what caused my not-feeling-up-for-school-mood.

"Thanks, dad" I said in an overly cheery-voice just to mock him. He rolled his eyes with a smile.

"We need to talk" he said as soon as I got into the car, not driving anywhere, but simply turning to look at me.

"What up, mi amigo?" I said teasingly and got a smile in return.

"Oh you know, same old, same old" he began lightly, but I knew he didn't just want to chitchat.

"How about you? It's unusual enough for you to skip school, but your mum told me, you left home yesterday. What happened?" his smile changed into a look of worry while he was talking. I could've slapped myself; of course, he would worry if I didn't come to school. I never missed a single day.

"I'm sorry, I completely forgot that you would come and pick me up" I looked at him apologetic. With all that had happened, I had forgotten about our agreement for him to pick me at for school until I got my car back.

"Not really the point, Cai. What happened?" he asked more softly than last time.

"It's just some trouble at home, you know, but nothing I can't handle. I just needed some space" I didn't know how to tell my best friend that I was staying at Kyle's for the time being. He most certainly wouldn't approve.

"And?" he pressed on with concern evident in his eyes. God, he could be such a worrywart, but sometimes it was good having someone care and worry about you… just a bit anyways.

"And… I'm staying at Kyle's while the whole thing blows over" I looked at him warily. His expression turned from concern to surprise and then to anger, which confused me. He never got angry or he at least rarely did.

"What?!" he almost yelled and I flinched. All right, I knew he wouldn't like it, but did he have to get this angry? It wasn't the end of the world.

"What were you thinking? You barely know the guy? Why him? Why didn't you come to me or at least Lloyd and Abigail?" he asked furiously. I felt slightly offended that he didn't trust me more. We had been best friends for like ever, and he really still thought I couldn't take care of myself.

"I didn't want to worry them or you, and it wasn't something I planned. It was purely coincidence, but even if it wasn't, you have no rights to get this angry!" I snapped. Charlie closed his eyes and took a deep breath before exhaling. When he had calmed a bit, he looked at me yet again. I knew this side to him even if he rarely showed it directly like this. He could be so protective of those he cared about, but it was so far from his usual go-lightly personality.

"Sorry, it was just…" he was still a bit angry, but I didn't think the anger was towards me anymore. I sighed.

"I know" I cut him off. I fidget at bit with my hands before continuing. I had to convince Charlie that Kyle wasn't a bad person.

"I know you don't like Kyle, but he is really sweet and… he seems to always be there, whenever I need saving" I said with a wry and slightly goofy smile. It wasn't the big saving-my-life, but still, Kyle had been there when my car broke down, when I was drugged and when I felt lost after my mother hit me.

"That's just called good timing" Charlie stated a bit grimly.

"Who cares? That's not the point!"

"But saving you a couple of times and including you in his circle of friends doesn't just make it ok to move in with someone you scarcely know anything about! He is bad for you. All of them are" Charlie seemed so sure of his own words; I couldn't even laugh of the irony.

"Well, you really don't have the right to talk about bad choice in friends, do you?" I said a bit too sharply. My best friend pursed his lips together which he always did when he was unhappy about something.

"I just don't want to see you hurt, and if you stay around Kyle and the likes of him, you will" he seemed to change strategy as he looked at me pleadingly. I did not care for the way he said "Kyle and the likes of him" as if they were some sort of plaque-infested pests. I knew he could be protective, but this was just absurd and irrational.

"It's not up to you. I have never had many friends, and now that I finally seem to find someone I enjoy spending my time with, you want to deny me their company?" I asked with repressed anger. It was hard to believe that I was happy mere minutes ago. Why was Charlie even doing this? It couldn't possibly just be his usually protectiveness!

"I just think you can do better" he sighed.

"And I just think that you should butt of!" I snapped and immediately regretted it.

"I'm glad you're so concerned about me, but they are really nice people and I'm not asking you to like them even if I do and…" I blushed slightly. Maybe now wasn't the time to tell him about my crush on Kyle. He didn't look so angry anymore and I didn't want to make him mad again.

"I know" he answered tiredly, seeming to realize that this was out of his hands.

"Thank you" I smiled gratefully. He let out another sigh.

"So… were to?" he asked offering me a carefree smile. I knew he hadn't forgotten this subject and it would probably be discussed later, but for the time being he seemed to push it aside and I was happy he did.

"Lloyd and Abigail's" I answered and he drove from the pavement.


Charlie had dropped me off at Lloyd and Abigail's house and then driven off with the mumbling comment of having something to take care of. The married couple had welcomed me inside as always. Abigail had given me enough food to make my belly explode and we had all talked – staying of the subject of my mother hitting me and me staying at Kyle's, which they were still unaware of – and time had flown by without any of us noticing. It was almost 7 pm when I led myself into Kyle's apartment. I wasn't sure when he got off from work, but the shower was running, when I got inside.

"I'm back! Sorry, I didn't leave a note. I wasn't supposed to be away this…" I started yelling so that he knew I was here. While I was talking I heard the water being shut off and I stopped midsentence as Kyle's brother, Ben emerged from the bathroom, only wearing a loose hanging towel. I looked at him in surprise, but then felt my heart sink a little. I really didn't like the thought of being alone with that jerk. A jerk who was currently eying me as if I was a sandwich.

"Sorry, I thought you were Kyle. Is he home yet?" please say yes!

"No, but I would love to be the welcoming host, which my baby brother seems to neglect" he said suggestively.

"That's all right, I'll just watch some TV 'till he gets here" I plopped myself on the couch and turned on the TV. Maybe I was lucky and there was a good program on, and if by some miracle Ben would leave me to it that would just be the icing on the cake.

"Guess I'll join you then" he said and sat down a little too close beside me. He wasn't so close so that we could touch, but just close enough to make it uncomfortable. God, I wish Kyle would hurry up and get here soon.

"What are we watching?" he asked after a few seconds. I was still going through the channels, trying to find something interesting. I stopped as I found the ongoing TV-show House.

"This" I glanced at him and blushed.

"Are you going to put on some clothes or not?" I asked a bit irritated. What was that guy? King of uncomfortable and awkward situations?

"Is it bothering you that I'm naked?" he smirked.

"It bothers the society that you're naked"

"Oh, it's more like doing society a favor" he smirked and played with his well-defined muscles. I snorted at his stuck-up-ness. I was used to people like him from school.

"Except for the fact that you will probably go to jail for being inappropriate"

"So it does bother you!" he said triumphantly.

"No, you bother me" I snapped and turned the volume up, hoping to drown out his futile talk. I could practically feel his smirk, but I refused to acknowledge his presence anymore. Not that he would let me to forget him.

"So are you and my baby bro doing it, or what's the deal?" he asked a bit too serious for my liking, but there was a hint of mockery in his tone that almost made me lie and say yes just to shut him up.

"Are you serious?!" how much more inappropriate could this guy get?

"Um, yeah?" he said with a smirk and challenging glint in his eyes. Jerk.

"Well, we're not doing it right this instant" I smiled innocently, hoping it would shut him up.

"Doing what?" a far too familiar voice came from behind us and we both turned. Kyle looked at his brother with a slight frown. When did he get here? And why did he choose now to come?

I jumped from the couch and blushed slightly. I sincerely wished he didn't read anything into his brother sitting beside me close to naked.

"Oh hello dear baby brother. We were simply discussing you and sweet Cailyn's sex life… or lack of same" Ben slowly rose from the couch, the towel hanging dangerously loose around his hips. Why couldn't he just get some clothes on? And why did he look so damn smug with his brother's discomfort?

"Yeah well…" I tried being nonchalant, but had no idea how well it worked.

"Don't harass my friends, Ben" Kyle almost growled out, too frustrated with his brother for him to be embarrassed.

Ben held up his hands in mock defense.

"We were just talking, seeing as you weren't here, when the kitty got him"

"Don't. Call me. That" I snapped angrily, but realized right away that it would only make him say it more frequently.

He smirked and was about to say something I was sure would be annoying, but Kyle cut him off before he got the chance.

"Why are you even here, Ben? Don't you have a shower in your motel or wherever you're staying?" he sounded tired and I couldn't help but step a bit closer to him. His eyes flickered to me in slight wonder, but it was only a second before he returned to staring at his brother.

"Yeah, but yours are so much better and it was an excuse to see my beloved baby brother" he said with mock affection and winked at me. I rolled my eyes, and almost twitched as Kyle put an arm around my shoulders. I looked at him in surprise, but he only stared at Ben with cold annoyance.

"Well, you've gotten your shower, so you can go now" he said to which his brother simply smirked and went to the bathroom.

"If you wanted me to leave, you could've just said so before. I understand if my brother needs to…" Ben came back seconds later wearing jeans and in the process of taking on a bit too tight T-shirt.

"Ben!" Kyle angrily cut him off, letting go of me. I automatically put my hands on his chest, instantly fearing he would hit his brother, not that I wouldn't let him. What if Ben retaliated? And even if he didn't, I didn't believe Ben was worth it.

"Don't be angry, just because you are never getting laid" he looked at me.

"You got the wrong brother, if you're looking for a good time, if you know what I mean" he winked yet again. Oh, forget about not being worth it!

I went to Ben and hit him straight on the jaw. Yes, hit. With my fist and everything. His head even went side way, even though I was pretty sure it hurt me more than it had hurt him. But I didn't care.

"God, you're a jerk. I can assure you that I got the right brother. More than right actually" I hissed furiously. How could he talk to Kyle like this?

My anger turned to confusion when I registered Ben was smirking smugly at me. What was his deal now?

"Good. I had to check if you were only toying with my baby bro" he smirked and my anger rose yet again as I realized he had played us.

"You have a damn sick way of checking my sincerity," I hissed, clenching my fist, ready to hit him again. Kyle sensed this and placed his hands on my shoulders.

"Leave, Ben" Kyle sounded tired yet again, but I kept sending Ben a pulverizing death glare. Or at least I hoped it was.

"See ya later, kids" Ben smirked and finally took his leave.

"No offence, but your brother is an asshole" I muttered angrily and looked at my hand. My knuckles were bruised, but at least it didn't bleed. God, I didn't even know I could hit that hard! Worst was that Ben's jaw had only been a bit red and he hadn't looked more than slightly shocked.

"I know" he chuckled humorlessly and took my hand. Wow, my hand looked small between his!

"That was stupid"

My anger seemed to vanish as he talked.

"It always is" I smiled sheepishly and he chuckled yet again, but this time with warmth. Good.

"I guess you're right, but… don't do it again" he looked me in the eyes with worry.

"I make no promises. It was his own fault for being so manipulative and utterly annoying. I swear to God, if he ever says something like that again, I will not only hit him, I will…" I ranted, but before I knew it, Kyle was kissing me. I had no idea if I was breathing or not, and I honestly didn't care. Before I even had time to get over the shock and return the kiss, he pulled away. He even looked surprised himself.

"Sorry, I was… It's just… No one ever done that for me before. I don't know what came over me" he said apologetic and shyly. Damn the cuteness!

"Shut up" I muttered and pulled him in to another kiss. It was lingering and at the same time passionate almost euphoric. Our mouths moved across each other as if it was their entire purpose. I wasn't sure, but I think, I think my hands were somewhere on his neck. Even if the doing of my own hands were a bit fuzzy, I knew exactly where his were, because they were keeping my body close to his.

When we broke apart we were both breathing heavily, our eyes never leaving the others and I was pretty sure we had the same question in minds;

What just happened?

There was no nervous flutter in my stomach as usual when he looked at me like that. Instead there was a bubbly happiness and rightness that erupted into giggles.

He smiled warmly with an irresistible glint in those brown eyes of his.

"What was that?" he asked, the smile plastered on his face.

"I'm pretty sure that was a kiss, Einstein" I couldn't help but tease. He pinched my side and I jerked away with a burst of giggles.

"Oy, what was that for?"

"Ruining the moment" he smiled and let go of me with a wink that was so much more attractive than those his brother made.

"Yeah, how did the moment even happen?" I smiled, glad it did. Kyle offered a shy smile as he did before I practically jumped him.

"It really isn't my fault. You were the one to defend me and look all kissable"

"My apologies"

"I guess it was only a matter of time on my parts. I was just lucky you kissed me back instead of hitting me"

At this, I felt the familiar flutter yet again.

"It wasn't luck" I subtly said with a wholehearted smile.

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