So I've never written a freeverse before, and so I'm a little bit nervous :D In all honesty I think it's because I'm bricking it for my Geography exam tomorrow and this was a bit of relief. So, it's Dom and Vic and Dom's kind of angsty. I hope you enjoy!



two little girls

-sugar and spice-

fire and ice


one is an *angel*

the other is a b l a z e

-cherub sweet-

-blonde and blue-

ready to be





by a

handsome prince

and made

a princess

dainty and delicate

-pretty and precious-

kind and caring

-devoted- and –dutiful-

c-u-t her o-p-e-n and

you'll be drowned in sugar

if she's a

*little star*

her sister's a

s u p e r n o v a

fire-red hair

ice blue eyes

s_h_a_r_p f_e_a_t_u_r_e_s

and a wicked tongue

cherubs are sweet

supernovas are radiant

but she can't s e e

beyond the sarcasm of her mouth

above the shortness of her temper

past the blonde curls of her pretty sister

she can't see that she burns brighter than the universe

she can't see that she's the *star*

that her princess sister w i s h e s on

so she



:makes herself tough:

"Ginger? Least I don't look like you."

"Stop slobbering over me, I don't date rabids."

she's bitter

she's resentful

she's hurt

because she's blind

~adoration~ doesn't touch her cold exterior

because she *knows* the *truth*

love destroys e v e r y t h i n g


two little girls

-sugar and spice-

fire and ice