Hero complex... or something more

"As if the perception filter would work on me." The Master laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. But when he lifted it, his face was twisted in a grimace, his mouth forming a straight line that made everyone take an involuntary step back.

"Everybody out!" he said loudly and when nothing but people staring at him like he was even more crazy than he had appeared to be a second ago happened he shouted, "Now!"

No one needed to be told twice as they all rushed toward the door, creating a small crowd in front of it. The Master waited patently for the last one of them to fill out before he jumped down the stairs and right in front of the other Time Lord. He gripped hid hair and twisted his head upward so their eyes could meet. The Doctor gasped in pain but met the other's gaze with resolution.

"And again, Doctor, the future of the human race is in your hands. Sometimes I wonder do you get a kick out of saving that little apes' world?"

"What do you want?" the other Time Lord growled, his voice waving just a little. Because this was the Master, his nemesis and former best friend, and so much more as a little voice in his head whispered. He was the one that the Doctor could never beat fully, the one he didn't want to beat, who always returned.

"It's simple, really. Here is a funny choice for you. Either you help me and I save every one of your friends or you refuse and I kill each one of them in front of your eyes and then the human race you so much adore."

It was simple, the answer of that question. The Doctor should have said yes. He loved the humans and it wasn't like the Master could force him to give his best, he always could just stand there and pretend he was trying. Plus, he was so damn lonely- he wanted, needed someone, had done so for years and that earning toward the other Time Lord had always been some sort of dirty secret for him. For a second panic shot through his body, had the Master found out? But no, he wasn't suggesting that- he simply wanted the Doctor's company and the taller alien couldn't say he hadn't dreamt of it. Of course, in his fantasies the Master had finally realized that travelling through the universe was better than ruling it and they were happy and together, laughing in the TARDIS as she hummed with anticipation to the next journey. Dreams... they couldn't be further from the reality, could they?

"No," the Doctor shook his head. He had never lied to the Master, he wasn't starting now. "I won't help you."

Blinding rage shot through the other's body and his hands clenched into fists, forcing the Doctor to bite on his lips so he could stop the yelp of pain. He hadn't expected that answer, not in a million years. Was the Doctor's hate toward him bigger than his love for the human race? But before he could say anything the other alien was shaking his head again, resignation clear in his eyes.

"But I won't try to stop you, either."

"And what about your friends?" the Master asked, gesturing to the door, behind which Jack and Martha were standing, surrounded by guards.

"I'll give you everything if you free them in return."

The statement was so quietly spoken and yet the Master heard it and it made his pulse quicken- as if both of his hearts were racing with each other.

"Everything?" he asked and mentally winced at the fact that his excitement had shown through his voice. He approached the other with a quick step and curled a hand around the back of his neck, dragging him closer to connect their lips. It was just a peck, but it didn't leave any doubt that there would be more. "Even this?"

The Doctor couldn't think, his head was swirling. How did the other know? He had always been so careful in everything he did and said. There was no way the Master knew, but it was impossible he was doing it for his own entertainment, too. The other Time Lord didn't feel the same, there was no way! But now it didn't matter because the life of so many people was in his hands and he had to decide- was he willing to obey the Master in that way for them?

"Yes." The answer left his mouth the second the question appeared in his head. A sudden though occupied him and he willed his voice to not betray his fear. "But you'll free Torchwood, too"

The Master smiled, and was it just the Doctor or the other looked truly happy right then.

A/N So this was actually supposed to be a story where the Doctor helped the Master rule over the Earth. And I wanted to make them some sort of a creepy couple in a love-hate releationship, but I couldn't twist the Doctor so much. Well, I hope you liked it. There is more on its way!