Don't be sad, I love you

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In the Holy Office of Index areas, the night was fallen down. The clock tower striking midnight, and, in the houses which enclosed the Catholic Church, as Index's headquarters, many people was sleeping deeply since a long time, despite the phobia of bombs which haunted everyone every night, since the beginning of the World War II.

However, in some of houses, certain people were still up. Certain apostles had a lot of work, which didn't let them any break, as the Punishment Squad, the most powerful group of apostles from Index, in charge of the highest Saint, after the Pope, Georgius of The Rainbow.

This latter, instead of sleeping, was called at the meeting's room, by the Pope herself, Great Mother Johanna, in order to discuss on the last mission, and the both of them were talking for two hours, much to the distress of Misao Kusakabe, a Onmyouji warrior, who joined the group as an unofficial member. Since Georgius and she confessed finally their love of each other, they lived officially as a couple among the group. And although he said her to not waiting for him, she refused and preferred walking in the courtyard to the end of the meeting, in order to come back home with him. Samson, Georgius's best friend and his most loyal comrade, was at his place, and was sleeping while he was listening the last news of the War, through the radio. At the same time, the other official couple of the team, Sebastianus and Elaine, went out to a restaurant, between lovers, in order to celebrate their engagement, (much to Elaine's insistence, even if Sebastianus was a little broke).

In a last house, close to the Samson's one, the last member, Benedictus, didn't sleep. He was sitting on a table, in the dining-room. He had just finished his daily work, and now, was reading a book written by an amateur, waiting for his meal. He sighed, impatient and called his sister:

"Scholastica! I'm hungry! Where is my dinner?"

His sister entered in the room, carrying how she could his plate containing his kotlety (Russians specialities) and put it down on the table, in front of him.

"It's about time" growled her brother, catching a napkin while he was beginning to eat it.

Scholastica made a sorry look. As both of them lived together alone, it was her elder brother who was assigned to the work, who forced him to come back home sometimes late. His sister couldn't work. First because she was too young (compared to him), and she had a serious physical handicap: she was just a hologram, leaded by her mind, which was locked in a magic orb, fixated on Benedictus's chest. Because of that, she could nor talking (except with her brother by telepathy) neither carrying something, but very light things. So, it was her who takes care of domestic's tasks at home, and sometimes, Benedictus seemed taking advantage of the situation, treating her like his slave, even if he didn't think it really.

"So," he said, looking up to her. "What have you done today?"

Scholastica shrugged.

"I have helped Sebastianus and Elaine to decorate the bedroom for their baby. Did you know that Elaine will give birth in March of the next year?"

Benedictus rolled his eyes.

"Of course" he said, with a condescending tone. "Who do you think I am? I knew it perfectly!"

Scholastica sat down in front of him, looking a bit tired, but attentive.

"They proposed me to look after their child, the days where they won't be at home."

"Come on! They treat you like their slave, or something? Really, you're too innocent and sweet towards people."

Scholastica looked a bit bitter by his sentence. She cowered.

"Anyway, don't count of me to look after their child. I already have a younger sister, no way to play the babysitter along!" He said, staring at her when he pronounced these words.

Scholastica nodded. She caught some sheet of paper which was laid on the table, and began to fold it. Benedictus noticed it and asked her:

"What are you doing?"

She wanted to answer, but Benedictus making it out.

"Goddam! Not again with these origamis. When will you stop these childish things?"

Scholastica became transfixed. The blond boy rolled his eyes.

"Really, it was a good idea from Misao to teach you that! Do you really believe it, and making at least 1000 origami will realize your wish? Give it up! No way!"

This sentence touched her sensible side. She felt some tears rolling on her cheeks. She clenched her fists, and without saying anything, she woke up of her seat and, and with a furious fist, she spilled her brother's plate over him. Benedictus jumped, shocked by this movement, stared at her, completely astonished. But his sister, after this, content herself to glance at him with an indescribable look before to leave the dining-room in crying, letting her brother voiceless.

After having washed his clothes, Benedictus was heading for his sister's room, which was closed. He sighed, hating himself to have to do it, but he didn't have the choice. He knocked at the door hard three times, before to open it without difficulties. He found the little blond-haired girl, laying down on her bed, still crying without sounds. Benedictus sighed.

"I'm sorry" he said. Scholastica didn't answer. He walked toward her and sat down on her bed.

"Scholastica, that's useless to avoid me, because I live with you. So, once again, I'm sorry for what's I said. And for once, it's sincere. So, look up at me."

Scholastica stayed immobile during a few seconds before turning back to him with a sad look on her face. Benedictus took an upset look, like if something bothered him.

"I know that I was been mean with you, so pardon me. That's just that…" He paused. "…I'm irritated by father, who doesn't stop to annoy me."

Scholastica sat up to watch him with a inquisitive stare. Benedictus explained.

"No, it's just father who doesn't let me a break with his stupid stories of marriage."

His sister goggled.

"Marriage? Will you be married?"

"No...At least, I don't think so. But, because in the family, everybody married young, he thinks it's already too late for me, so he has mentioned the idea of an arranged marriage. So, he want to introduce me to a girl, who is part of a collateral branch of the family…An Ursula something. Not remotely my type. "

"And will you accept it?" asked his sister telepathically.

Benedictus shrugged, nevertheless a bit aggressive by the conversation that he had earlier with his father.

"Of course not! How can I be married? I'm too young, I'm just 16! And moreover, not to a girl who is part of my family and who I don't really know!"

Scholastica nodded, understanding his anger. She stayed quiet, but Benedictus could see a flash of sadness in her eyes. However, she made a shy smile to him, really sincere.

"Yes, that's right. It's better to wait for the girl who is in your eyes, isn't it?"

Benedictus frowned.

"What are you mean?"

Scholastica shrugged.

"You know…if a day, you find finally love, I would support you. Remember that, oniisan."


Even if she smiled and her words felt warming normally, Benedictus felt a twinge of sadness. He turned toward her.

"If…If I reconsider this idea of arranged marriage and I'm okay with it…Would you be happy for me?"

Scholastica, despite the fact she was a hologram, could catching his arm.

"Of course. If you are happy, I'm happy…Even…if that would be weird…to not having you for me as before. But…I don't want to be selfish. You know, even if I don't know what your feelings are, I love you from the bottom of my heart…that I share with you."

At these words, Benedictus contemplated her, completely stunned by what she had just said. He never heard Scholastica's thoughts about him before, and that's shocked him when he understood that Scholastica didn't know what his feelings for her were.

As his feelings for her was the only human thing which he accepted…

"…You're so silly."

Scholastica looked at him, surprised.


"You're so silly!" he cried. "How can you think something like that?"

Scholastica jumped by his tone. Benedictus glared at her.

"You understand nothing. Nothing! You're just stupid!"

Scholastica moved back, afraid of his attitude. But she could do nothing, as her brother had caught her wrist and held it firmly.


"You…I need nothing, as long as I have you!"


"I don't care about people, but you! I don't want to be with an other girl…but…In truth… you're the one…who I…"

Scholastica watched Benedictus calmly, struggling with himself as he had difficulty to express what he wanted to say, staring deep into his blue eyes.

But before she could saying anything, she was drawn to him, and without warnings, she felt something pressing her lips. She looked it, and realized that Benedictus had put his lips against hers. She gave a gasp by this gesture, as she didn't expect it from him. Benedictus had his eyes closed, as he kissed her without words, holding still her wrists in order to not let her go away from him. Scholastica winked, without understanding, and felt herself pinned down on her bed, while Benedictus was lying on her, completely inadvertent of what he was doing, concentrate on just their kiss. He caressed her hair which was so soft, and pushed his tongue in her mouth, making the kiss a lot deeper than before. Scholastica goggled, really unaware of what to do, let him kissing her as he wanted. After a few minutes, he interrupted the kiss, as he contemplated her attentively. Scholastica stayed voiceless and immobile by what's just happened. The both of them stayed quiet during a long minute, without one of them said anything. Then, Scholastica broke the ice.

"…What have you done?"


As he released her wrists, she could push him with her arms and sat up. She glared at him, but she was a lot more shocked than angered. Benedictus realized now what he did, and goggled. Scholastica, who still trembled, indicated him the door.

"Go away…"


"Go away! It's just horrible what you've done! I don't know what you've been thinking, but…just go away. You frighten me."

Benedictus stayed immobile during a few seconds before to up and to leave the room, letting his sister alone, who began to cry again. Outside, Benedictus leaned against the door, completely horrified. He took off his monocle in order to rub his eyes.

"My God…What've done?" he cried, disgusted with himself.

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