Don't be sad, I love you

The ship arrived to Japan nearly at the end of the morning, and everyone was still to bed. Samson, who woke up the first and was already ready to leave, knocked at the different cabins' of his comrades, calling them to wake up and to prepare. He was welcomed by various grunts from the cabins, even by Georgius who was sleeping too. But he didn't care about it and left for the pontoon bridge.

Scholastica had heard him, but she didn't open her eyes. She was really tired, but she felt a happiness that she never felt before. Her hairs were messed, her clothes lied around all over the room, but she was happy. The night she spent with her brother had been…magic. By the way, he was sleeping close to her, but his arms were wrapped around her waist. She smiled and saw up to kiss him on the forehead, awaking him instantaneously. He smiled to her when he saw her.

"…Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Are you…ready for the mission?" He asked her, yawning.

"Yes, as well as you."

He stretched, keeping an arm around her. He sighed.

"I would have preferred staying here, with you. We would have picked up it again."

Scholastica smiled with regret.

"…Yes. I would have loved too. I still wonder if what we did was real."

"So…Will you come back home?"

Scholastica expected this question. Benedictus stared at her, serious, waiting for her answer. After a short silent moment, she nodded.

"…Yes. I will." Benedictus kissed her, satisfied with this answer. Scholastica asked him, shyly: "And could I move in your bedroom?"

He frowned, not really pleased with the idea of sharing his own room with someone. Scholastica guessed his thought. "But if that's bother you, I will stay in my own!"

Benedictus shook his head. "No, it's good. I will stop being selfish from now, and being a bit more gentle with you, as I never really intended."

Scholastica smiled with a provocative tone. "It would be difficult."

"Hey! I can do it!" He cried out. Scholastica cowered. "Okay, I said nothing."

Benedictus stood up and caught something he forgot. He turned back toward his sister and reached out the bunch of flowers that Shiori gave him to her. Scholastica goggled, surprised.


"I know. It's not my kind. But take it."

"It wasn't supposed to be the bunch of flowers of your future girlfriend?" Scholastica asked him. Benedictus rolled his eyes.

"I offer it to you, so take it!" He moaned, bored. Scholastica agreed and reached out her hands to receive it.

"Thanks you. You haven't given something to me for so long…"She said, but she paused, seeing that Benedictus glared at her when she said this sentence. She came closer to him and hugged him again. Benedictus, satisfied, caught his suit in order to dress him again, but she stopped him in his gesture.


Then he understood. He let his suit down and caught her in his arms again. Suddenly, Samson knocked at their door again.

"Hey! Are you two sleeping? We're leaving!"

Benedictus rolled his eyes.

"So…Let's go, sister."

Scholastica nodded before she dressed her again, ready for their mission.

All was ended.

Everything they'd given.

Everything they'd hoped.

All…was over.

Misao, only survivor of this battle, contemplated Georgius's corpse. Once all of her tears shed, she put him down gently on the ground. Then, knowing what she had to do, she woke up and began to mutter some inaudible magic words. Like a song...A beautiful song.

Everyone, who died in the battle, began to wake up, one after one, under Misao's spell. Samson, who had been burnt, awoke the first. When he saw his new shape, the Black Knight's one, he'd remembered of everything. His name, his memories, his friendship with Georgius…And his love for Misao. But when he began to sit up in order to see himself, he realized that actually, he was losing his memories, which disappeared one after another. His name disappeared, the relationships he had with everybody…all of this disappeared. The last thing he could at least memorize was a smile from Misao, the one she addressed to him when she came here for the first time. But this smile disappeared too. He wasn't Samson anymore. His name was now Gula.

Sebastianus awoke the next. He was lying down on the ground, inanimate. He growled. He felt a strong pain to his head, and didn't remember why he was here, and that he had been nearly beheaded by Liselotte. But his head was still here. A purple-haired woman was lying down, on him, apparently dead too. He touched his forehead. That's not his face anymore. It was a helmet.

Close to him, Elaine awoke. But she wasn't Elaine anymore. She felt a pain in her legs, as well as her belly. She tried to remember where she was exactly. But she couldn't. The only thing she remembered was that her body was ripped off, but when she wanted to know how, she couldn't memorize it anymore. She knew just that the man who was close to her was someone dear to her. She sat up; her arms were still wrapped around his waist while he awoke.

"…Sebastianus…" she said. "How did you call me? And who are you?" The Knight said to her, upset by his lack of memories. She answered him, with a voice as sweet as a lover's one. "…I called you…Ira. And my name is Invidia."

Benedictus awoke now. As the others, he didn't know where he was, and what he was. His mind was still here, but he won't stay forever. He felt something rather heavy to his head, as a kind of vessel he carried. He felt a strange feeling, like depressed, or disgusted with himself, as he did something very horrible, but he couldn't remember. In his head, a girl was here. A beautiful and cute girl who was familiar to him.

"…Scholastica?" The girl smiled to him, but didn't answer. He saw himself came closer to her, in his human form. He stood up in front of her, but she didn't move. She kept her smile. Benedictus felt his heart broke. All of his memories began to disappear and pass away. Nevertheless, he wrapped an arm around her; despite the fact his body was unmoved. He muttered to her:

« I love you. » He said. Scholastica didn't answer, but he realized that she was disappearing from his memories, seeing that her hologram passed away. Nevertheless, he drew close to him for a kiss. The last he could do. Scholastica closed her eyes, her sweet smile on her face, before disappearing completely. After, he saw himself disappearing too, like he will join her. When he opened his eyes, the only thing he could remember was his name. Acedia.

Misao saw now Georgius woke up. She hurried to hold him in her arms. She called him: "Georgius!" But Georgius, now in his Black Knight's shape, said just a growl. She called him again: "Georgius! It's me, Misao! Tell me something!" Georgius felt his arms moving. He opened his eyes and saw a young woman, bent over him. She was very pretty, but he couldn't remember her name. "Georgius…" Misao felt her tears falling down again. Georgius didn't exist anymore, and she knew it. "…Avaritia." To his name, he reacted. "…Yes. I'm here, Superbia."

Misao felt herself turning into a Black Knight. When she opened her eyes, she sighed. Not because of her new state, but because she was the only one keeping her memories. But she was ready. If it was the only way to stay with Georgius and the others…

She leaned over Avaritia, and kissed him. She sat up and muttered to him, before he slept again:

"I love you."