Breakfast. Cereal line, always go with the cereal. Breakfast today is eggs. Slightly rubbery, not normal, cook is angry, was up late last night—partying, might have done some heroin too, judging by the wrist, that's odd, good at covering it up though, school officials don't know but maybe he can blackmail him for cheaper stuff, it's getting harder to steal from Mycroft. Definitely going with the cereal today. Eat quickly. Too noisy in here. People in groups, why are they always in groups? Economics-major-grew-up-near-Wales-didn't-do-her-homework-last-night-big-test-today-lots-of-sibling-pressure is laughing with ambitious-straight-edge-secret-junkie. Seb is twenty feet away, he'll be here in 4.02 seconds, there he is, walking by now, talking to a few others. Happy, dent on his cheek. Slept on his side, then. Only sleeps on his side when there's someone in the bed with him. Which someone? Sniff. I-just-got-laid deodorant. But the sniff makes Seb turn around, raise eyebrow.


"Mel Bailey, missionary. You came, she didn't. I wouldn't laugh if I were you, Bert, seeing as you were rejected twice, first by a freshman girl and then… her twin brother?"

There's an awkward sort of shuffle and they sit in another pack with has-a-helicopter-mother-who-doesn't-know-she's-a-lesbian-up-all-night-worrying and sells-drugs-in-his-spare-time-but-tells-everyone-that-his-money-comes-from-his-wealthy-grandpa.

Finish the cereal, throw the paper bowl into the trash (nobody else trusted the eggs, full of dispo cereal, lucky charms is the most popular today, why is it always lucky charms and it looks like Sarah must have licked her bowl unless she lent someone else her breath mints always a possibility no wait there's a smudge of cover-up on the edge definitely Sarah) and there's far too much noise. Zachary was gone yesterday now he's back trying to act more like Seb and his gang, probably bullied in secondary school, definitely in primary school, perhaps a little smarter than all the idiots out there but not by much trying to start over again and get in with the largest herd.

Sherlock still doesn't see the point.