The Demon Inside. -(causticsoda-LS.)-

it's like
i lied.

to the purple stars with
the bleeding hearts , and the
chambermaids that kept us sane

-Ekin Ojedab.


The cold wind whipped the countryside with a vengeance but Maya kept going, she could not feel the ice chill her bones through and through or the tears that fell from her eyes as they hit her face like crystals, each one tearing into her very soul.

She'd lost it. Acting. . .She'd lost it all, it was her life, her very sense of being. What would she do now? Who would she be? She was nothing, just a flimsy facade without the only thing that'd given her joy. She'd been Ophelia one night, and Catherine Earnshaw the next, she'd been everything and anything, she'd been courageous, and intelligent, all the things she could never be outside the stage.

Ask her a question, anyone, something as simple as 1+1 and she'd titter like an idiot, wear a goofy smile and say something so positively common, how detestable! She hated herself, hated feeling like this, like nothing would ever be right with her world again. Ayumi had won, she would be playing the Crimson Goddess while she, she would be cast out with the dogs. To the countryside.

"Be sure to hone your skills even further" Tsukikage said, but she could read between the lines "You have failed Maya, you never quite had it in you."

She reached the rundown farmhouse and knocked the rickety door. Behind this door lay her salvation, behind it lay the answer to all her problems.

"Hello, my name is -"

"Maya Kitajima, I've been expecting you."


Ongoing project, still working the kinks out.