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Author's Note: This story takes place a month after the events of Chrono Trigger, with all sidequests completed, and Magus recruited.

Clouded by the Dark Force

By Chrono Eternal

Chapter 1:

The Orb of Life

"Crono, you have served this kingdom well. I am terribly sorry I've tried to kill you in the past, but I had no idea you were trying to save the future from a creature trying to destroy the planet. Do you forgive me?" said King Guardia XXXIII.

Crono nodded his head. In case you don't know, Crono is a teenager with a funky hairdo. He and his friends had once saved the world from a creature known as Lavos, who was trying to absorb energy from our planet and take over Earth. Yet, Crono and his friends traveled through time and destroyed the monster.

"We're fine, Father. We're great," Princess Nadia, the King's daughter answered for Crono. He was mute so Nadia ended up doing most of the talking for him.

"But there must be something I can do for you. You can have any of my riches. Or maybe you could be the Mayor of Truce? That can be arranged. Would you prefer another city in Guardia? There's always..."

Crono shook his head to stop the King. Then he pointed to Nadia.

"Daddy...Crono and I...we're...we're...we're getting married," said Nadia.

The King's face was in shock. He was about to scream no, but then he knew that his daughter was truly serious. "Well, you're...you're far to young," started the King.

"Oh, father, we know that! But I'm a normal teenager, too, Daddy. I'm not just a princess. I just want to have a little fun," explained Nadia.

"And I'm not going to let my daughter just walk off with some lad that might kidnap her and never let her come..." The King stopped himself. He had had Crono on trial before. It was just a painful time for everyone. He didn't want his daughter to leave him once again. "Okay, let me cut to the chase. There has been a special orb kept in the Royal Family of Guardia for over four hundred years. We call it the Orb of Life. Nadia, if you and Crono both put your hands on the Orb and it glows even more than it did when your mother, Queen Aliza, and I touched it, you and Crono are truly meant to be." The King went up to his room and returned to the throne with a glass orb in his hand. Then he handed it to Nadia and ordered, "Now, Crono, put your hands on the Orb, and Nadia, do not let go."

The two did as they were told; yet the Orb of Life remained dull. The two felt great sorrow and despair and even the King was sad. And then, all of a sudden, there was a flickering. The Orb flickered some more, and then started to glow. It became brighter, and brighter, and brighter and soon it rose from Nadia's hands. It floated above Crono's head and bright light shone all over Crono. There was a big light blast.

"So," Crono said, "Did Marle and I pass the test?"

Princess Nadia, who likes to be referred to as Marle, looked at Crono in shock. "It must have been the Orb's magic," she thought. The King would think so but he was to busy asking Crono who Marle was.

Crono replied, "Marle? Oh, I said Princess Nadia, it just came out Marle." The King had never called his daughter by Marle and probably never will.

"Oh, dear, it's getting late. Crono, Nadia you better get to bed. Now go Nadia, to your room. Crono you may sleep in the Nights of the Square Table's chamber.

"Father, it stinks down there..." said Nadia.

"She's got a point. It smelled there since 600 AD," Crono added.

"Six hundred AD? Children! You haven't been time-traveling again, have you?" questioned the King. He had lost his daughter once, and he did not wish to lose her again.

Nadia replied, "No, but we'll always remember Frog. He'll never leave our hearts. Neither will any of our other time-traveling friends."

"Well, you're not sleeping in the same bed, not yet. I could make a little cot or something for you, but that would be terribly rude," suggested the King.

Crono said, "A cot sounds fine to me."

"Well if you insist..."

"I do. I'll sleep in a cot in Ma - Nadia's room. It didn't take long and soon, Crono and Nadia were fast asleep.

* * *

It was one-o'-clock, and in the shadows, a woman lurked. Though, a woman, she was the most famous burglar in Truce, and all of Guardia for

that matter. The townsmen called her the Flaming Dart, for she was swift, carried a gun, and was fabled to have Fire Magic, but that was only a rumor. She approached the castle, seeing there were guards at all entrances. She had no choice but to wound and kill some, but she was known for that.

The guards at the front entrance were not well trained, because the people assumed she was going to use a tricky passage, but the best-trained men guarded all those. She simple took out her gun and took the two down.

She opened the door, or at least tried, but it was locked. She used her gun as a hammer, but it failed to break through the door; it only attracted guards to the front door, right at the end of Guardia Forest.

"Flame Toss!" she shouted.

The Flaming Dart used a fire technique, but it was not magic. Some fire had shot out of her bun; it was a simple magic trick. However, she would need to use her Fire Magic very badly. Like told before, there were man guards at the front gate, waiting for the Flaming Dart to appear. When seeing them the Flaming Dart groaned. She could not believe her stupidity.

"Napalm!" she yelled, and through grenades at the soldiers. She had wounded most of them, but she had not defeated them all.

"Fire!" the Flaming Dart yelled as she finally used a Fire Magic technique. It took out the other guards. She knew more soldiers were coming so she used another magic attack. "Fire 2!" Even more fire than the first time shot out of her hand and it took out of her hand. By now, she had caught most of the room on fire. Yet, she had still not woken the King, Crono, or Nadia. It was the princess's room she wanted to get to.

She eventually made it to their room, only having to use a few more bomb attacks; the Fire Magic attacks had blocked the path to where she was heading. The Flaming Dart searched the room, trying to find a precious tem to her: the Orb of Life. Ah! There it was. It was right on the counter, next to Crono's cot.

"Yes! The Orb of Life!" she yelled, forgetting she was on a secret mission. The scream had awakened Crono and Nadia.

"Hmm... Ah! Crono! The Orb!" screamed Nadia.

Crono said, "Don't worry, Marle! She's mine! I'll use my sword attacks that should be enough!"

"Yeah, your physical attacks are stronger than mine. I'll use my Water Magic attacks," said Marle. She, like the Flaming Dart, had magical attacks. Yet, the Flaming Dart's attacks are Fire, and Marle's are considered Water, even though they are based on ice.

Crono grabbed his Wood Sword.

"Crono! A wooden sword! Where's the Rainbow Katana?" Marle asked, wondering why Crono was not carrying his ultimate weapon.

Crono replied, "I...I...I put it into storage." Then he yelled, "Spincut!" He jumped into the air using his wooden sword. The Flaming Dart was more than prepared for this.

"Flame Toss!" she yelled. Before Crono could even touch her, the flaming dart burned away the Wood Sword.

"Let a woman handle this," said Marle. After that she shouted, "Ice!" A big block of ice almost fell onto the Flaming Dart.

"Fire!" Quickly, the Flaming Dart had melted the ice. The same thing happened next.

"Ice 2!"

"Fire 2!"

Marle wasn't about to give up; neither was the Flaming Dart. "Lets finish this," said the Flaming Dart. "Flare!"

Flare was the ultimate Fire Magic attack. Whatever wasn't burning in the room were complete ashes!"

"Aura," Marle barely said, trying to cast a healing spell.

"Cyclone!" shouted Crono.

"AURA WHIRL!" they both yelled. Marle put her healing spell, Aura, on Crono's sword. Crono spun around fast with his sword, which would usually make a Cyclone attack. Instead, it healed both him and Marle, but not that much. This was called a Dual Technique.

"Maybe I can use my magic on her. She can't destroy Lightning with Fire. Marle, you should probably use your physical attacks. The Valkereye bow is strong and swift, she should be able to destroy an arrow shot by that with her Fire Magic," Crono suggested. He had already started to use his Lightning Magic.

"Lightning!" he yelled, and the Flaming Dart dodged the bolt of lighting. "C'mon, Marle, use the Valkereye!" he commanded, and the shouted,

"Lightning 2!" This time bolts of lighting shot out from his body. This time the Flaming Dart was hit, but she still had some fight left in her.

"Crono...I...I...I put it into storage," said Marle.

"That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Well, she's weak. I'll finish her off with the ultimate Magic attack. Luminaire!" he shouted. A green ball of energy formed in Crono's hands, and he shot it at the Flaming Dart. Marle got out her Bronze Bow, but it was too late; the battle was over.

"Wow!" exclaimed Crono. "The soldiers of Guardia have been trying to get the Flaming Dart for weeks, and I knocked her out while I was still half asleep!"

"Let's unmask her. I'm dying to see she she really is!" said Marle excitedly.

"Maybe, Marle, but we should dismantle all her means of hurting us first," suggested Crono. "She might wake up when we pull her mask off, but she'll be unable to hurt us without her equipment. The fire's not quite out. You should try using Ice on it and see if it goes out."

Marle did as Crono suggested. The ice melted into water and put out the fire. Then, they began to un-equip the Flaming Dart.

They started by taking her weapon, a Wonder Shot. "Hmm...isn't this the gun Lucas made with the Sun Stone, Crono?" Marle asked, recalling an adventure.

Crono nodded. He took off her armor and helmet, leaving her in a leotard. She was equipped with the Taban Armor and Taban Helmet. These clothes were only wearable by Crono's best purple-haired friend, Lucca. Her father, Taban, made them especially for her. He looked at some of her accessories. There was a Sight Scope, which Lucca had carried. He also found the Sun Shades, which the Flaming Dart had equipped during the fight. Taban had also made the pair of glasses with the Sun Stone that Lucca had used to make the Wonder Shot. He also found the Green Dream. The Green Dream was a tiny seed that was thought to not have much power. Crono and Marle knew Lucca had the Green Dream equipped the night they met their robot friend, Prometheus R-66Y, better known as Robo, once again, for he had saved a forest taking 400 years to do so. "Yep," said Crono, "The Flaming Dart has definitely visited Lucca. How else could she have all these weapons and accessories?"

"Okay, enough of un-equipping her. Let's see who she really is!" shouted Marle.

Crono removed her mask from her face. Both Crono and Marle saw the face of someone they knew very well, but never expected to be behind the mask of the Flaming Dart. It was...

"LUCCA!" Marle gasped.

Crono and Marle heard the sound of clinking footsteps. It was the sound of the soldiers that fought the fire and made it up the stairs. "Phew! The guards finally made it. I was worried the battle force had fallen."

"Marle! Be serious! They'll put Lucca on an unfair trial and send her to the dungeon. They'll kill her!" shouted Crono.

"Well...she has been pretty bad..." said Marle.

"Marle! You should be ashamed of yourself, thinking about killing Lucca! Gosh... The fake chancellor might be gone, but she is a criminal! I've known Lucca all of my life. My mom and Mrs. Ashtear have been like sisters to each other. I'm not going to get her killed!" exclaimed Crono.

Marle considered, "Okay...but how do we get out? They're blocking the way to the front door. I would bash the window, but my arrows are well -"

"In storage," finished Crono. "I know. Well, I could climb up to the window if I stuck my sword on the wall. It'd be difficult to get out to slash the window, because there's no ledge. Oh wait, my sword's gone..."

Both heard the sound of clinking armor coming closer. They were hesitating. What could they do? The guards were almost at the door. Crono grabbed the Wonder Shot, pulled the trigger, and the bullet destroyed the window. The three (they were pulling Lucca) escaped, but there was a long fall. They braced themselves and didn't get hurt too bad, yet they had been spotted.

"The Princess is being kidnapped again!" "Nadia, my love, I knew he was no good for you!" "The Flaming Dart!" "What does the King see in that boy?" "I want to retire!" the guards were shouting. The last shout was, "Go to the dragons! We'll catch them!"

"Dragons? Whatever happened to the ponies?" Crono asked.

"Quick! We're going to my secret dragon stable!" exclaimed Marle.

"Speak for yourself! You're not carrying your best friend!" Crono said in rage.

Marle led him to a bush in Guardia Forest. There was a secret passageway behind it. "Boy, you sure can learn a lot from Frog, eh?" said Marle recalling how they're toad friend from 600 AD, Glenn, but more commonly known as Frog, had a secret passageway like this leading to his home in the Cursed Woods. The two climbed down a ladder. There, they found a stable with three dragons.

"They haven't grown their wings yet; they're very young. They're actually very friendly and powerful, but the guards judged them by their age. They had them slaughtered, they say. I rescued them though. Here, it's not a happy home, but it's better than being caught by the soldiers," Marle explained. "Even though they haven't grown their wings yet, we can outrun the soldiers' dragons. I'll take Icy, the one with the blue bandana. Crono, you take Sparky, the one with the yellow bandana. Before you get seated, put Lucca on Fiery, the dragon with the red bandana."

Crono did so. "Will Lucca be able to stay on?" he asked.

"Oh yes, Fiery is very smart. She showed the others that they could absorb magic and use it. That's how they got their names. Sparky absorbs

Lightning Magic, Icy absorbs Water Magic, and Fiery absorbs Fire Magic," explained Marle.

"So, even though I can't use my Magic on Sparky, I can try, and Sparky will use it for me?" Crono questioned.

Marle replied, "Exactly; just concentrate really hard and put your hands on Sparky."

"We can go to my house to question her - Lucca I mean. Mom's still in the hospital, getting her brain checked, because she claimed to travel through time," suggested Crono.

Marle giggled, "Remember when we found her at the End of Time? 'Crono? Why is an old man here? Is he another of your friends?' That was an unforgettable day!"

"Where is the Princess?" "Nadia, don't run away from me!" "What have they done with the Flaming Dart?" They were hearing the guards. But this time it was not mixed with the sound of clinking armor, but the sound of dragon wings flapping.

"Come on!" said Crono.

The three dragons jumped out of the bush and made a run for Crono's house.

"HORN RINGS!" the guards yelled. Purple rings shot out of the dragons' horns. Crono and Marle had to fight back. They put their hands on their dragon's neck, not too tight.

Crono yelled, "Luminaire!"

"Ice 2!" Marle exclaimed.

Sparky and Icy used Crono and Marle's attacks. They had wiped out some dragons and soldiers.

"We can use a Dual Tech!" suggested Crono.

"That won't work! They can only use Magic attacks. We don't have a combination of Lightning and ice attacks. Lucca and I could use an Antipode attack, but she's knocked out," said Marle.

"That's what you think!" said a familiar voice...Lucca!