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Author's Note: As you might have guessed from the previous chapter's reference to the Underworld, the title of this chapter, and the disclaimer, this fic is a CT-FF4j crossover. Don't worry; you need no knowledge of FF4j to understand what's going on. I just decided to give a certain character a unique background. MAKE SURE YOU'VE READ THE CURRENT VERSIONS OF THE PREVIOUS CHAPTERS (especially Ch. 5 & 12)! I've changed them up quite a bit.

Clouded by the Dark Force

By Chrono Eternal

Chapter 12:

Welcome to the Land of Summons

"Ayla, do you have the Silver Rock?" Robo asked.

"Yes-um," Ayla replied. Frog, Robo, and Ayla nodded at each other.

"Robo Tackle!"

"Leap Slash!"

"Tail Spin!"

"SPIN STRIKE!" They all yelled as they performed a powerful Triple Tech ability.

"Ayla! Through me-um rock!" Kino yelled.

Ayla obeyed.

"Yes let's hit him while he's down!" Cyrus exclaimed. "Nirvana Strike!"

"Atropos Tackle!"

"Head-um Spin!"

"SPIN SLASH!" They yelled performing a very similar ability.

Any regular foe wouldn't have survived the two powerful attacks. But clearly Ozzie with the powers of the Dark Force was NOT a regular foe. He emerged from the dust caused by the attack without a scratch.

"Ha ha ha! Is that your best shot? Dark Energy Beam!" he yelled, using the same attack he had used on Rainbow Slash and Valkereye Flea. He wiped out the two robots instantly!

"We hit him with-um strongest attacks!" Ayla suggested.

Frog hoped that he could perform the same attack he did with Crono with Cyrus. "Slurp Cut!"

"Nirvana Strike!"

"X-THRUST!" Frog and Cyrus used a Dual Tech very similar to Crono and Frog's X-Strike.

Ayla too hoped that she could use a Dual Tech with Kino that she had used with Crono. "Rock Throw!"


"EAGLE HIT!" The attack had been very similar to Falcon Hit, only that Kino's sword was still broken from Blue Bellow's attack, the tech wasn't very affective.

"Haha! Fools! Simple sword abilities can't hurt me. Dark Energy Wave!" This time Ozzie used a similar attack to his Dark Energy Beam, only it attacked the whole party. Frog and Ayla amazingly dodged it, but Kino and Cyrus were wiped out.

"Ayla, thy Drop Kick!"

Ayla nodded and shouted, "Triple Kick!"

"Leap Slash!" Frog yelled, jumping high into the air with the Masamune rose high above his head. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a lightning bolt struck the sword.

"What?!" Robo exclaimed. "My weather circuts don't indicate any signs of thunder showers..."

The group instantly blamed lightning bolt on Ozzie and started attacking him left and right. Everyone was so infuriated that they didn't even notice that Frog was still high in the air, as if frozen in time. They didn't even notice the green-tinted light surrounding his body.

"Nirvana Strike!"

"Uzzi Punch!"

"Dino Tail!"

But to no avail...Ozzie Omega remained as if he hadn't even been touched.

But then...

"Leap Slash!"

A streak of light seemed to come from the sky, crashing into the earth was such force that smoke and dust came into the air, making it hardly visible for anyone to see. After the smoke had cleared, everyone noticed that Ozzie was missing his left arm. Standing next to the green creature was a noble warrior, around twenty-years-old, with long green hair that looked as it hadn't been tended to in a long time. Strangely enough, the warrior was dressed exactly as Frog had been.

"Frog?!" asked Kino.

"The name's Glenn," replied the warrior.

"It appears he's lost his Old English dialect," Atropos observed.

"I don't care what your name is; you're still toast!" Ozzie Omega shouted as he sprouted another arm where the old one had been. "Dark Energy Bomb!"

As soon as Ozzie cast the spell, Glenn, with the Masamune, deflected the dark ball of light right back towards the green beast, sending him backwards into a huge rock. Cyrus, Atropos, Robo, Kino, and Ayla stared in awe at their friend's new found power. It was almost impossible to believe that Frog would be this much stronger as a human.

"Why you little...!" Ozzie Omega yelled in pain. "Dark Energy Swords!" Suddenly two swords of black light appeared in Ozzie's hands.

"A swordfight? How stupid are you to challenge me in my own element...?" Glenn said. "But very well. En guarde!"


Before the swordfight even had begun, a Green Gate appeared around Cyrus. The weilder of the Einlanzer was getting sucked into the portal.

"NO! I'm not losing you again!" Glenn yelled, turning around and running towards Cyrus. Instantly, Ozzie Omega hit Glenn with the hilt of his sword, knocking him out. Glenn had gotten close enough to the portal that he too was being sucked in.

"Frog!" Ayla yelled as she chased him into the portal, followed by Kino, Robo, and Atropos. The six friends had been sucked into the Green Gate just as it closed, leaving Ozzie behind.

* * *

Ayla, Kino, Robo, and Atropos awoke slowly. Only Glenn remained unconscious. Robo and Atropos instantly noticed that Ayla and Kino had that red glow to their eyes that they had whenever they were about to summon a monster.

Atropos asked, "Where are we; none of the surrounding matter is familiar to me..."

Robo replied, "We traveled through a Green Gate. Black Gates take you through time. Red Gates take you into your heart. Green Gates take you through dimensions..."

"We are in the Land of Summons," said Ayla.

"Indeed you are, but I want to know why," said a voice. Suddenly a green-haired maiden wearing green appeared.

"So would we," said Kino. "Who are you?"

"I," said the green-haired maiden, "am Rydia of Mist, Lady of Summons. Who are you?"

"We are Ayla and Kino of the Ioka Tribe. And these are Prometheus and Atropos of Geno Dome," said Ayla.

"And your friend lying face down on the floor there?" asked Lady Rydia.

"This is Gl--"

"Never mind. I don't care who he is," said Lady Rydia. "I just want to know why you are here."

"We were dragged into the Green Gate with Cyrus the Warrior of Light," said Ayla.

"You're friends of Cyrus?" asked Lady Rydia.

"Yes; he travelled with us after we summoned him," explained Kino.

"Yes, I can tell you're summoners like myself, because of that glow in your eyes," said Rydia. "Well, any summoners or friends of summoners are allowed to live here. However you will have to live here for the rest of your lives..."

"THE REST OF OUR LIVES?!" Robo exclaimed.

"Yes, Prometheus of Geno Dome. And remember that in the Land of Summons you age much more rapidly than you would in your world." Then Lady Rydia cracked her whip. "Sylph! Take these creatures to where they will be seeing."

Suddenly several green fairy-like creatures appeared and picked up the five "creatures" and carried them off.

* * *

Cyrus walked into the quarters where Ayla, Kino, Robo, Atropos, and Glenn had been carried off to. Glenn still remained unconscious, but it had been confirmed by the Sylph faries that he would awake soon.

"I see you've met Lady Rydia," said the Warrior of Light.

"Yes...we've been sentenced to live here forever," replied Kino. "There's no hope in defeating Lavos now..."

"It doesn't matter...without Crono or Magus we could never defeat him anyway..." said Robo.

"So we just give up?" said Ayla. "Isn't it still our duty to try and save the world?"

"There might be away..." Cyrus said softly.

"What?" asked Kino. "What is it?!"

"No...it's too dangerous..." replied Cyrus.

"Tell us Cyrus!" Ayla demanded.

"YOU WOULD DIE!" Cyrus exclaimed.

"Then have Atropos and I do it! We can't die!" Robo exclaimed.

"No...only Ayla, Kino, and Glenn could do this task. And Glenn is in no position to do so," said Cyrus.

"What's two people then Cyrus?" asked Kino. "If we don't do something much more people than two will die."

"They would die anyway!" Cyrus exclaimed. "Don't you understand?! If you stay here you will live. You would stay in summoner form forever and the rapid age increasing wouldn't affect you horribly. And I'm a summon who has already died so it won't affect me. And Glenn is a summoner as well. And age would never cause Robo and Atropos's deaths. You are safe here. If you just remain inactive, you will remain alive for an incredible amount of time, instead of being active here, and then going into your regular, non-summoner forms and dying in an instant."

"I don't understand..." said Ayla.

"Look," said Cyrus. "In the Land of Summons, normal people age rapidly. Summoners will not. You two have a 'summoner' mode and a 'regular' mode, if you will. In your summoner form, the time stream here will not affect you. However, the 'regular' mode inside of you is aging extremely rapidly. If you remain here, it doesn't matter. But if you return to your normal world, and your 'regular' mode, then you could end up 94 years old or older. And if you use a lot of energy here, it will cause ENORMOUS strain on your 'regular' body, so if you return to it, you will die instantly. And this task that you would have to do to get out of here requires a lot of energy."

"So?" asked Kino.

"You really don't care...?" said Cyrus. "You'd be willing to die trying to save the people of Earth that will die anyway, than stay here and being safe...?"

"Yes," said Ayla.

"Okay, fine..." said Cyrus. "You'll have to challenge Lady Rydia to a summoning battle, a battle in which you summon monsters to fight instead of using fists or regular magic. Sounds easy enough, right? Well it's not. What summons have you learned? Arame-the Severe Dactyl, Tortonious-the Great Turtle of the Sea, and myself-the Warrior of Light. But Rydia...she knows Ifrift, Shiva, Ramuh, Titan, Leviatan, Bahamut, the list goes on and on. Still up for it?"

"Definately," said Kino.

"Where can we find Rydia? I want to challenge her now," said Ayla.

"You're sure about this? Yes...of course you are...no use trying to change you rmind... I'll take you to Rydia now..." said Cyrus.

* * *

"You're foolish to challenge Lady Rydia," said Asura, Queen of Summons.

"I think they should have the battle, myself," said Leviatan, the King.

"I hope you know what you're getting into," said Rydia. "As much as I'd like to destroy you cave people, I still have honor."

"Believe me," said Cyrus. "They know what they're getting into."

"All right then..." said Rydia. "Here are your summoning whips."

Instantly, Ayla and Kino found whips in their hands. Just as quick, they were in a large colosseum. There were zillions of summon monsters in the stands, and Rydia, Ayla, and Kino were in the actual arena.

"All right, the rules are the following: You can only use three summon monsters. When the three monsters are unable to battle, then their summoner is the loser. You can only use one summon at a time. You cannot physically fight your opponent, or use any basic magic. Let's begin!" said Rydia.

"I guess I'll take it easy on you at the beginning," said the Lady of Summons. "CHOCOBO!" she yelled as she cracked her whip. Soon after, a large yellow bird appeared.

"This should be easy enough," said Ayla.

"ARAME THE SEVERE DACTYL!" Ayla and Kino yelled when cracking their whips. This was the first monster Kino and Ayla had ever summoned. The huge Dactyl flew over Rydia and the Chocobo and unleashed a huge ball of fire from it's mouth.

"Nice try!" said Rydia. Before the fireball had even hit Rydia or her monster, the Chocobo flew up towards the prehistoric beast and delivered a devistating kick that knocked Arame out of the sky. Rydia, being so nimble, dodged the fireball with more than enough time before the fire would have hit her.

"Amazing!" said Atropos from the stands. "Such a small bird compared to its opponent...but still conquering with just when kick!"

"CYRUS WARRIOR OF LIGHT!" yelled Ayla and Kino cracking their whips.

"I expected this," said Cyrus to the two robots on the stands with him. He soon disappeared and then reappeared next to the prehistoric summoners.

"Nirvana Strike!" he yelled, using his special attack, wiping out the Chocobo.

"Very good. Now try this! MIST DRAGON!" Rydia yelled, once again cracking her whip. Suddenly a huge dragon appeared, but it seemed to be made only of mist. "You can defeat something that's not solid with your sword, Cyrus."

"Haha! This is too easy. You underestimate the power of my sword! For it can fight with non-solid attcks as well! Ein! Lanzer!" yelled Cyrus.

Suddenly, the two spirits of the Einlanzer appeared. "PHOTON LIGHT!" they yelled, using their powerful attack. Mist Dragon, being gravity-based was defeated instantly.

"I'll admit I'm impressed that you've come so far," said Rydia. "But you can NEVER defeat the most powerful summon of all! BAHAMUT! Use MegaFlare!" Rydia yelled, whipping the air.

A huge dragon instantly appeared, launching multiple fireballs rapidly towards Cyrus and the sword spirits. They were knocked out almost instantly.

"CYRUS!" yelled Kino.

"Don't worry; he'll be okay," said Ayla. "Bahamut must be fire-based. Luckily, the only other monster we can summon is water-based."

Rydia quickly responded, "Don't even try to summon the Great Turtle of the Seas. You might notice by it's title it has to be in WATER to be actvie. I guess you give up then!"

"I don't think so!" said a new character in the arena. Glenn!

"Glenn! You're in no condition to fight!" Kino exclaimed.

"Glenn...?" Rydia asked almost unaudiably.

"I heard you needed a water-based summon that can fight out of water. Luckily, I have one handy. And the weaker I am, the more powerful IT will be," said Glenn. "Frog Squash!" he yelled, summoning a huge, glowing, rainbow colored frog, known as the Frog Prince. It was high in the air, ready to pounce on Bahamut. Then, it started to attack.

"MegaFlare!" Rydia yelled, commanding Bahamut.

"Don't even try Rydia of Mist, you've lost!" Ayla exclaimed.

"Rydia of Mist...? FROG PRINCE DON'T ATTACK!" Glenn yelled.

The Frog Prince could have easily beaten Bahamut if it continued attacking, but Glenn for whatever reason called it off, and Rydia was the winner.

"Glenn! We could have won! Why did you call off the Frog Prince?!" Kino exclaimed.

"I didn't want to hurt the other summoner..." said Glenn.

"The summoners can't be hurt; only the summons can!" Ayla said.

"Oh I'm sorry..." said Glenn.

"But we could have won our freedom. Just why were you so concerned about hurting the enemy?!"

"Because," said Glenn, "if that truly is Rydia of Mist...then...the enemy is my sister."