He sat there and stared at nothing. Why? What would there be to stare at? What did he deserve to stare at? He breathed heavily and rocked back and forth, clutching the knife tight in his hand. He messed up again. Yet again, another failure. That's all that seem to come from him: failure.

Danny happily waltzed down the stairs, humming. His mom was in the kitchen, which normally would have worried him, but today... Today Danny was overly happy.

Jazz looked at her brother carefully. Why is Danny so happy? I mean, not like I don't want him to be, but... this isn't normal. "Hey, Danny! What are you doing?" she called. He looked up and raised his over expressive eyebrows.

"Nothing much, why Jazz?" He walked into the kitchen, and, sure enough, his mother was making dinner. "What are making?" he asked, prepared to bolt out the door if, he feared, it was hot dogs.

Maddie smiled. "Meatloaf!" she said happily. Danny's eyes widened and he ran out the door, leaving Jazz to the mercy of the intoxicating fumes their mother claimed was "meatloaf".

"Mom, maybe I should make dinner tonight," Jazz tried.

Maddie simply shook her head. "Now, honey, I'm the mother of the house, I should be making dinner for you two all the time. Let me handle it."

Jazz had to do something to keep Danny in that wonderful mood. That dinner... That meatloaf-really, she wasn't sure she should call it meatloaf-smelled like something died in the oven. "Are you Mom?" Jazz started, not sure if it will be believed, "'Cause I think I... just saw a ghost outside! Yeah! Out the window!"

Maddie dropped, literally, what she was doing, a side of salad plummeting to the floor. She ran to the window, saw nothing but believed her daughter. "You stay, honey, you're not as experienced in ghost fighting as your father and me, we'll handle it. Jack," she called through the ceiling, to their bedroom, "we have a ghost spotted. Arm yourself." Jazz was sure the people in China could hear him dashing (hopping and a bit of falling) down the stairs.

He instantly noticed Jazz. "You stay here, Jazzy Pants, and guard the fort with Danny."

Jazz nodded to him as he flew into action, out the door. Maddie came over to her and kissed her on the forehead, a good-bye-we'll-be-back-after-Jack-decides-we-lost-it kiss that Jazz knew too well. Who knew how long it would take that persistent man to give up?

She waved as her mother departed too. It only took half an hour to fix the dinner, so she went up to Danny's room.

"Hey, Danny," she called.

"Come in." It was like he knew. She opened the door enough to stick her head in.

Danny was laying on his bed, staring at the stars that had been there all too long. "Dinners almost ready."

He turned to her with a I'm-not-eating-anything-like-possessed-wieners-again look. She winked. "I made dinner." Danny shot straight up and walked to the door, past his sister.

Jazz felt unnerved. Probably her older sister sense. Something wasn't right.

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