The clock ticked by in a continuous manner that worked like Chinese water torture, taking my sanity with well timed flicks of the hands, two sticks working their way around the circle of white, black numbers imbedding into my brain with a tick tick tick, can't stop can't stop, can someone help me?

I, the hero, the kid who let the world slumber on his shoulders, who offered Atlas a reprieve, was shattering. Falling and unable to free himself.

Did I make it up? Is this a real world? When I open my eyes, I see white, and black, but no grays.

There. Have some story, sorta. I know you want to know what happens, and I had something amazing planned, but I've fallen out of the fandom. I just don't like writing for other's creations when I can create for myself. I have OCs and stories I want to write. If you guys are interested in those my dA is ckittykatty. deviantart. com without the spaces. I know most of you probably only want to read about Danny, but if you actually like MY writing, then it's ten times better than the crap on here.