This takes place the school year after Cammie runs away with Zach. A girl from St Trinians joins :)

It was the start of a new year at the Gallagher Academy. It was the first year that I, Bex Baxter, had gone to Gallagher without Cammie. As I walked with Liz and Macy to our room, I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness as I stared at our familiar room that didn't feel as familiar without Cammie. The room was a stranger without my chameleon friend.

After the report that Cam had left on the last day of term, Ms Morgan, Abby, my own mum and dad and most of the CIA and MI6 where looking for her despite Cam telling us not to. I spent my entire summer travelling around Europe with my parents looking for her. Mr Solomon would have gone looking if it wasn't for the fact that the Circle wanted him too. With so many people looking for her, it was only a matter of getting her before the Circle did. Finding them, however, was a problem when the people you were looking for are spies in training with knowledge about how to disguise yourself effectively and a pavement artist. Even with all those people looking for her, it didn't make me feel any easier.

The three of us unpacked our belongings and changed into our uniforms in complete silence. A dark cloud had settled over the room. I sat on Cam's empty bed, stroked the covers absentmindedly and let my imagination wander to what Cammie would be doing right now, if she was safe.

I thought of the report Cammie had left at the end of last year. I thought of my friend and Zach with dozens of disguises and fake Ids escaping the country. I thought of them hiding in hundreds of safe houses across the globe. I thought of the Circle capturing and torturing my best friend.

A knock on the door snapped me out of my reverie. "Who do you think that is?" Liz practically squeaked. After all that had happened last year, I wasn't surprised that my bookworm friend was a little on the edge. "Dunno." I mumbled as I headed towards the door.

"Wait!" Liz cried frantically scrambling to her feet, "What if it's the Circle?" she said the last two words in a hushed whisper.

"Yeah, like they're going to get past the security, hundreds of Gallagher Girls, the teachers and knock." Macy snorted. Liz saw that Macy had a point but she still eyed the door cautiously as if expecting a dozen burly men to rush into their dorm and kidnap and torture them.

I was not met by a dozen burly men. Instead I came face to face with Mr Solomon. "Professor Buckingham would like to see all three of you in her office." He said.

"Have you heard any news?" Macy asked, appearing at my side followed closely by Liz.

"No." He said simply. And with that, he walked away.

"Why does Buckingham want to see us?" Liz asked. Buckingham had been appointed headmistress while Ms Morgan searched for her daughter.

"Dunno. Probably something to do with Cammie." Macy answered thoughtfully.

The three of us walked down the crowded corridors that had gone silent as we went past. Tina Walters, the queen gossiper, approached me with a worried look on her face. My blood ran cold. Tina was usually wrong but she had sources, no matter how unreliable they were, I wanted to know what she had heard. "Tina, what have you heard?" I asked.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I was hoping you had heard from her." Her words were not surprising yet surprising at the same time. Tina Walters had sources that heard everything, Tina had theories about everything yet she had not heard anything about my best friend. Then again, no one had heard from them, seen them or heard anything about them.

We arrived at Buckingham's office and were shocked to see a girl we had never seen before in the chair.

"Ah, girls please sit down." Our professor said warmly.

We all eyed the girl. She was pretty. Too pretty. I could see Macy give the girl her death look which she gave to anyone who looked better than her. I've only seen Macy give one other person that death look.

The girl had long, wavy, chocolate brown hair, the brightest green eyes I'd ever seen, flawless porcelain skin and a figure that would make models jealous. She had red painted nails to match her red lips and her eye make-up emphasised her green eyes.

"Girls this is Lauren Le Page, Lauren this is Macy McHenry, Liz Sutton and Bex Baxter." Professor Buckingham introduced us in turn.

"Hi." Lauren said in a thick British accent

"Lauren is a new student who has transferred from St Trinians in England and will be your roommate since you have a spare bed."

"What!" Liz, Macy and I all cried in disbelief. How could she? Our best friend was missing and they were replacing her with this English snob? Well, I'm English but this girl just screamed 'snob'. I hated this girl. I hated her and her stupid green eyes.

"You can't do that! They'll find Cammie soon and they'll bring her home" I said. Actually I practically screamed it. "She'll come home. Cammie will come home." I repeated the words as if to convince myself that it would happen.

"I'm sorry Miss Baxter but it's been two months. You have a spare bed so you will be rooming with Miss Le Page. There will be no further discussion! Now show Lauren some hospitality and show her around the school." My professor's words were sharp. I glanced at my friends who looked as shocked as I felt.

We were dismissed so Liz, Macy and I put Mrs Dabney's teachings to good use and showed this snob some hospitality. What we hadn't realised in Buckingham's office was that Lauren had very high heels on, a very short skirt and a very revealing blouse. Ok, she wasn't a snob, she was a slut.

"This is our room." Liz said opening the door for Lauren so she could dump her slutty bag on Cammie's bed. Ok, so her bag wasn't slutty, it was just a plain black suitcase, but the fact that it belonged to her made it a slutty suitcase. I hated her with every step she took in those six inch patent black shoes.

"It's nice." Lauren said. It was very believable but I knew it was a lie. Ok, maybe my hate for her made it sound like a lie.

"Yeah, well, it's our room." Macy said.

We made our way down to the Grand Hall and waited for the welcome back dinner. We introduced Lauren to the rest of our classmates and acted very hospitable. Acted. Honestly? I was really contemplating whether to tie her up and lock her in one of the secret passages Cammie found and leaving her there or to burn every one of her slutty belongings. I'm pretty sure Liz and Macy were thinking the same thing.

Silence fell over the school as Buckingham stepped up to the podium. "Welcome back girls. I will be taking Ms Morgan's place as Headmistress while the search for Cameron Morgan continues. We all hope that both Cammie and Ms Morgan come back safely. Because of what is happening there will be no trips to town," as she said this I could swear that she looked straight at me, Liz and Macy, "except for educational purposes. That is all."

After the groaning and I-can't-believe-we-can't-go-to-town's subsided, they were replaced with have-you-heard-from-Cammie's and do-you-know-what-they-want-with-her's. I have no idea how many times I said no but in the end I just refused to answer. I wanted to scream, yell and beat the living shit out of anyone who asked me about Cammie. It was obvious wasn't it? If I had heard from her then she would be sitting next to me right then.