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Chapter 16: Just the Girl

The dinging of the bell hanging on the door of the ice cream parlour sounded happily as another customer trickled in.

The bell caught Amu's attention briefly as she tuned out of the current conversation she was partaking in.

There weren't as many people crowding in through the door as there had been in the summer. Now that it was almost October, not many people felt the need to indulge in any iced desserts. This logic made no sense to Amu, as she found that ice cream was appropriate for any and all months of the year. And it was a good thing that Ikuto agreed; otherwise he'd grow weary very quickly with their random trips to the ice cream shop.

"I might try bubblegum this time."

Amu's attention snapped back to Ikuto with wide eyes, "what about chocolate?" He was not about to change his traditional ice cream flavour. That would throw everything for a loop and screw up the entire system. She might just run away and sob in a corner of the parlour beside some unsuspecting elderly couple.

His sneaky gaze slid over to her as his eyes twinkled in amusement. "Just making sure you were still with us."

Rolling her eyes, Amu scoffed, sputtered, and folded her arms tightly across her chest. Of course he was just teasing. She should have known.

She pointedly turned her attention away from the taller teen beside her and huffed in annoyance. They both knew she was just putting on a show to get his attention. Yet she didn't feel the least bit embarrassed. She had the right to want his attention to be just on her every now and then. Therefore, she continued to pretend to be utterly annoyed with him as she stubbornly marched ahead of him out of the shop with her ice cream

Ikuto easily caught up and resumed his position beside her as they wandered down the windy paths of the park.

After a few quiet moments, he threw his arm around Amu's shoulders and pulled her into his chest, where he placed his chin on the top of her head and pouted, though she wasn't able to see him.

"Don't be mad."

Amu tried to keep a straight face, though her heart was fluttering, "Who said I was mad?"

Ikuto gave her a quick kiss before he resumed walking, leading the way.

Words couldn't describe the feeling that was brewing in her chest as Amu hurried after him. Ikuto wasn't a fan of PDA and hardly ever showed any affection in public, but she treasured that character trait. It just showed that whenever he did do something cute in public, it meant that much more to her.

She watched his effortlessly graceful stride turn to sit on a bench, one that she recognized from the summertime.

His long limbs folded into the seat with ease and she followed after, sitting cross-legged beside him while admiring the assembly of colors fall from the trees in the form of leafs.

Sighing happily, Amu leaned back against the bench and basked in the glow of being outside on a warm autumn day while eating ice cream with her best friend - who she also happened to have the privilege of calling her boyfriend, which gave her permission to kiss him whenever she wanted, cuddle with whenever, and, when the time came, satisfy both his and her needs on a more physical level.

She nearly blushed once thinking of it, but quickly veered her thoughts to something a little more G-rated so she wouldn't turn into a gushing tomato right beside him, which would make him instantly assume she was thinking the most perverted thing imaginable.

Amu was pulled out of her thoughts by an elbow being wiggled into her ribcage. She yelped out in surprise and swatted Ikuto's arm away in a huff.

"What was that for?"

He just nodded towards a set of chairs nearby.

Amu followed his gesture and noticed a small, elderly lady who looked awfully familiar. She squinted her eyes to make sure she was seeing things right.

"Is that-?"

The lady tottered up off her chair and leaned on her cane as she slowly manoeuvred her way past them. She caught their eye just as she was passing and she smiled at them affectionately.

"It's nice to see teenagers who aren't molesting each other in public," she commented with an all-knowing nod, "how long have you been together?"

Amu's eyes softened as she smiled at the old woman. It certainly was the lady they had encountered back in August, when she had asked them the same thing. It was a shame that she didn't remember them, though.

Ikuto wrapped his arm around Amu's shoulder, giving her a tingling sense of dejavu. "About two months," he replied calmly. And this time, he wasn't talking about their friendship.

The old lady's expression was hard to read at first as she continued to watch them admirably. But with a knowing smile, she continued on her way.

"And before you know it, it'll be two years." She commented confidently before shuffling over to meet up with an elderly man, who had just shown up from the opposite direction.

Amu watched the elderly couple walk off together and her insides turned into mush as she felt all warm inside. Now that was love.

Ikuto noticed her stare was still hooked on the couple and smirked before shaking his head. He pressed his nose into her hair as he kissed her head briefly before detaching his arm from her shoulders so he could resume eating his ice cream - which he ordered to come in a bowl, of course.

He was still as boring as usual when it came to ice cream. How unoriginal. He was like a cheerio and Amu was a fruit loop. She went right ahead and told him this happily as she nibbled at her waffle cone - which clearly was the deciding factor between being unique or being unoriginal.

Narrowing his eyes, Ikuto stopped eating. He watched the pink-haired girl slowly turn to look at him upon noticing his silence

She gazed at him with wide, curious eyes as she licked at her chocolate ice cream. "What?" She recognized that mischievous glint all too well in those beautiful eyes of his. Said eyes were watching her every move as she shuffled further down the bench.

"A cheerio?" He repeated in a bored tone.

Biting on her bottom lip, Amu tried not to grin too cheekily just so he wouldn't become even more mischievous and start plotting revenge. "What's wrong, cheerio?"

Ikuto leaned down, close enough to smell her shampoo. His gaze pierced through Amu's as he inched closer to her and lowered his voice. "Cheerios may taste freaking delicious…" he trailed off purposefully once noticing the coloring of his girlfriend's cheeks. He gently let his fingers brush up and down her arms, "But, I'd say…"

He leaned down and took a huge bite of her waffle cone - nearly devouring the entire thing before he stood up straight and continued to walk. "You can keep your title of a fruit loop. Waffle cones are disgusting." He said after swallowing the bite he had taken.

Still trying to process what happened, Amu sat dumbfounded, staring off into the distance with glazed eyes. Once realizing that he had basically seduced her simply to swipe some of her ice cream, something inside of her snapped as she ran after the boy who was already hurrying away.


'Cause she's bittersweet, she knocks me off my feet. And I can't help myself, I don't want anyone else. She's a mystery. She's too much for me. But I keep coming back for more.
She's just the girl I'm looking for.

The End