"And Iiii eee Iiii will always love youuuuuu …" Liz's voice wasn't quite comparable with Whitney Houston's (in fact she had more in common with Bjork when it came to vocal quality), but at that moment in front of the bathroom mirror she did her best impression of the late songstress.

After a long day spent watching Olympic events followed by a closing ceremony where she had to fight to keep her eyes from closing on the spectacular display of fireworks, Liz only wanted to fall into bed and sleep. With her being Liz Lemon though, she of course had to make everything difficult. It was her last night in London, and therefore her last night with Wesley. Since their future as a thing, couple, lovahs, whatever … wasn't so foreseeable, she was spending it with him. They'd spent two weeks together since that fateful night when things had happened in her hotel bed. Mostly he had accompanied her to Olympic events seeing as he was now unemployed and had a free schedule. During those times nothing beyond hand holding had taken place, but there may have been some slight drooling on his shoulder by her during the closing ceremony and for Liz that was far more personal than sex.

They really hadn't discussed the two of them as anything significant and she'd only gotten the cliff note's version of what had gone on sexually between them. Apparently Bridget Jones's Diary was unavailable on pay per view and instead they had settled on watching Lady Gaga's Monster's Ball HBO special. Then alcohol had come into the picture. That's when drunken Liz had meshed Lady Gaga and sex with Wesley into one thing. She was determined not to have anything like that happen again. If by chance they did go all the way tonight she'd have only the image of Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard going through her brain. She didn't remember if the movie had a happy ending, but she was sure there had to have been a love scene (the word body was in the title after all). Either way, Liz continued to belt out songs from Whitney Houston's best selling album while preparing for whatever the night might hold for someone who used to be known as Super Virgin.

"I'm every woman … it's all in meeeee …"

Liz had caught her second wind and was gracelessly dancing around the bathroom while singing into her hairbrush when a knock on the bathroom door caused her to squeal. Quickly she stopped the music coming from her phone and went to see who was there.

"Look, I wore clothes this time." Wesley grinned, making light of the last time she'd opened the bathroom door to see him standing on the other side.

"How did you get in here?" Liz's voice came out sounding rude.

"You gave me your key, remember … after telling me to give you an hour to freshen up. Should I leave?" Wesley's face fell.

"No, no … I'm sorry. I just didn't want you to see me in such an exposed state like singing Whitney Houston, but at this point I don't think I have a leg to stand on when it comes to not exposing too much to you."

Wesley chuckled, "Quite right, but if it's any consolation I think when it comes to levels of exposure, I'm right up there with you, my plum. Besides I've already told you your silly quirks are endearing to me much like …"

He made some jerky mime-like movements as if he was trying to build up to a big reveal. Then Wesley pulled a DVD of Bridget Jones's Diary from behind his back, "our favorite female protagonist."

Liz clapped her hands excitedly and took hold of the movie, "You got the collectors edition! This means we can watch with Colin Firth's commentary."

"Yes, although the way DVDs are here this won't work in your player back in the states, so I'm afraid unless you come visit me this movie will be useless to you." He said.

"That's okay. You bought it, so you should keep it." Liz replied while skirting the real issue Wesley was trying to hint at – her coming back to London to see him.

"Well, I suppose then I will also have to keep these discs containing the complete series of Chums and Doctor Who." Wesley said as he seemingly pulled the DVDs he'd mentioned out of no where.

Liz's jaw dropped, "Wesley! That must have cost you a fortune. You can't afford to waste money like that when you're out of work!"

Setting the DVDs down on the floor, Wesley waved her concern away, "Not to worry. I brought them from my apartment. I was thinking we could watch some tonight if you wanted, because tomorrow they'll be up for sell on UFace … money issues and all. Unless you would want me to keep them, so the next time you visit we can watch together. You know I would do that for you."

His smile was hopeful yet pitiful to Liz who just wanted to avoid any talk about what was going to happen a week, month, or year from now. She was tired of planning when it came to men. Her plans never panned out and she wasn't going to get the ball rolling on Wesley when it would most likely lead to their end. "Look, let's not think about anything like that tonight. I want this to be nice, without any stress or talk about what might be. Can we focus on the here and now and enjoy each other as is?"

Wesley managed to keep his smile from falling too deeply into a frown and nodded with agreement, "Right, of course. I don't want to waste any of our time together talking about things when I'd rather be doing … things."

Liz thought she saw something similar to bedroom eyes as Wesley looked at her. She wasn't sure if that was even a thing and possibly could have been a term she'd stumbled upon in a sexy Ghost Hunter's fanfiction. At that particular moment though, yes, Wesley was definitely looking her over with eyes that looked like bedrooms … or whatever. Only Liz wasn't ready for what that stare meant.

She maneuvered her body, so that as Wesley's arms were about to take hold and no doubt bring Liz in for a kiss she instead did a limbo of sorts and fell to the floor. "Um, hey, I have an idea. Since they don't air Chums in New York, maybe we can watch the last episode now and tie up all the loose ends for me." She said, refusing to meet his eyes while franticly searching through the DVDs.

"I think the word you are searching for is closure." Wesley stated in a voice that seemed to hold more meaning than the words he said.

He crouched to join Liz and instantly found the DVD she was looking for. "Here you go, last episode on the last disc in here."

"Thanks." Liz said sheepishly, taking the DVD and quickly darting over to the player.

Once everything was set up, she sat down on the edge of the hotel bed and Wesley came to join her. There they watched the episode, sitting side by side with their fingers interlocked, but with no other body parts touching. Liz wasn't entirely sure why she had suddenly become squeamish about doing things with Wesley that could potentially lead to sex. Hadn't she just been motivating herself with diva music? What happened to "I'm every woman"? Now the only demographic of women she related with was every spinster.

Yes, sex could be complicated and weird and give her feelings, but most of the time if the person wasn't a complete tool like Dennis Duffy then it could be nice … great even. She liked Wesley. The weird quirks that made up his whole package no longer gnawed on her nerves. Strangely enough now they turned her on. Still, Liz was anxious and the only thing she could think of as a reason behind her hesitation was the knowledge that most likely things weren't going to end well for them. She had depleted a good chunk of her savings to take this trip and he was now unemployed. A long distance relationship couldn't work and sex would only make the knowledge of that more painful. Oh, why couldn't she just take charge like Whitney did with Kevin or even how Rebecca was now doing with Russ in this final episode of Chums?

The feuding couple from Chums, who during the sitcom's ten year run constantly broke up only to reconcile a few episodes later, was at an impasse. Rebecca had to choose between either her dream job in another country or Russ. She was even on a plane, leaving for that next stepping stone in her career, when she took off running into the waiting arms of Russ. It was all over the top romantic and not like real life at all.

"Oh god … she's giving up her dream job in Paris to stay with Russ?" Liz shouted grumpily at the TV as they neared the ending of Chums.

"I take it you don't believe true love conquers all?" Wesley glanced at her sideways and then turned his attention back to the TV.

"It's so easy for them to wrap this up with a nice little bow on top, but I guarantee you in a week Rebecca will regret her decision and then Russ will cause a fight 'cause he's so needy and she'll hate him for making her stay and blahhh." Liz stuck out her tongue and made an unpleasant face.

Wesley scowled, "Is that how you see me then? Needy?"

"What the what? I thought we were talking about the show."

Releasing Liz's hand, Wesley rose to his feet, "Clearly this is a metaphor for us or can you not see that?" He said in a huff.

Liz stood too and for the first time since Wesley had tried to kiss her she looked him in the eyes, "No, it is not."

"Admit it, Liz. You've been avoiding my advances all week and it's because you are afraid to experience the awesome power of us as one. You don't want to remember that and think about me once you get back to the states."

"Wesley, if I didn't want to be with you I could have told you to go home that night after the ER. I didn't even have to invite you up now." She shot back, completely taken by surprise at this sudden resentment directed at her.

"Fine, I'll just take my leave then …out the door, since that's what you want." Wesley turned around and took a few steps towards the exit. "That is what you want, isn't it?"

Liz couldn't think of an answer to respond with. No, she didn't want Wesley to leave, but neither did she want this noise coming from him. Without a decent response forming on her lips she simply shrugged. Let him interpret that any way he wanted.

"Fine. Have it your way. I hope you have a happy life Elizabeth Lemon." Obviously he'd taken her indifference as rejection and headed towards the door again.

But just as his hand reached for the door knob, Liz felt a need to stop him. This had all gotten out of hand so fast and even if Wesley leaving would solve her problem of having loose ends here in London, she still wasn't willing to close the door on him. Unfortunately, she was no good at handling relationship stuff. Maybe that's why you're still single the mean voice of fate spoke into her ear.

"Shut up." She whispered to her alter-ego.

Then in a moment of sheer panic at the idea that Princess Leia might be right, Liz decided to pull from the only inspiration that was fresh in her head, "Don't make me close one more door. I don't wanna hurt anymore. Stay in my arms if you dare or must I imagine you there? Don't walk away from me. I have nothing, nothing, nothing if I don't have youuuuu!"

Wesley's hand idled on the door knob for a few seconds, clearly taking in the shock of what Liz had done in front of him, "Did you just sing Whitney Houston to me?" He eventually asked as he turned around, amusement covering his face.

"Yes I did and also … you forgot your DVDs." She kicked a few and they scattered across the floor.

Wesley laughed and despite herself Liz did too. Clearly, her out of the blue serenade had diffused the situation.

"I'm sorry I got all worked up." He apologized and came to stand in front of her.

Liz shook her head. "No, I'm sorry I've been so frigid since you, me, and Lady Gaga slept together. You're right. As stupid as it sounds the only way I could show you that I'm brave enough to move onto that next step is to expose myself in a completely self deprecating way, because that's me. I'm weird, kooky and most of the time I screw things up, but I don't want to screw this up, because I think I've found someone just was strange as me and that's what a soul mate is, right?"

Wesley chuckled to himself, "I'm not sure that would be Webster's definition, but if you say so I'll agree to it. Liz you are my soul mate and there is no settling in front of that this time."

He placed his arms around her torso and pulled Liz in for a kiss. She no longer feared the bedroom she saw in his eyes and like every bedroom it contained a bed that the two eventually fell into. Thankfully there was no flaming metal bra this time … just two weird people who understood what it meant to own that term and ultimately enjoy it in another.

The next morning as Liz sat on the airplane waiting for it to take her back to New York, she had no intention of following in Rebecca's fast paced footsteps off the plane and into Wesley's waiting arms. This was real life and not a sitcom. Things couldn't simply be solved with a kiss and fade to black on a supposed happily ever after. Neither though was she willing to give up on Wesley. She stared at the image of her boyfriend as he looked back at her from the new background on her phone. He'd changed it from the ham sandwich it used to be into one of him holding a piece of paper that contained the lyrics Liz had sung to him. Yes, he was weird, but that was ok. She wanted to be with Wesley Snipes … her no longer former Future Husband, but now, just maybe, her future Future Husband.

Author's Note: I intentionally made the ending of this fic ambiguous in case I get the urge to write little ficlets for this couple again. I realize with this recent 30 Rock season finale that the endgame is going to be Criss and Liz (and baby), so I may need to write more Liz/Wesley to fuel my love for a pairing that ended all too soon. Thanks for reading.