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[Flashback- 4 Years]

The dimly lit room felt, more cramped then it ever had before. Eight pairs of wide eyes were glued to the television in front of them.

'And Ketchums Pikachu is on its last reserves of strength!' The TV blared through the speakers.

"Come on Pikachu show em your real PikaPower!" A fiery red head with large blue cerulean eyes cheered.

'Pikachu dodge it and end this with a full power Volt Tackle!' Shouted another voice on the TV, determination filling every inch of his voice.

"Pikachu's tired; if it doesn't land this attack its energy will be completely drained." Said an older man who looked to be in about his early fifties. Who was currently wearing brown pants, a red polo shirt with a lab coat over top.

'This is the deciding factor folks, it's down to the-."

"Stop it with a Hyper Beam, Poliwrath!" cut in another voice.

The dimly lit room was instantly filled with light as the television screen lit up into a bright white light, the quickly dimmed, leaving the room in darkness.

"Come on Pikachu!"

"Ash we believe in you!"

"Don't give in your all most there!" Where all the words spoken as the picture on the TV screen turned into a brown dust cloud.

"What a show of tremendous power!" The first voice said. The screen cut to show a raven black haired boy coughing as the dust filled his lungs.

"My poor little Ash!" Cried a brunette women in her mid-thirties.

"Ash will be fine Mrs. Ketchum, and so will Pikachu!" The red head said to Mrs. Ketchum.

"I know Misty bu-" She stopped as the televisions picture started to show a glimpse of light through the dark brown of the smoke cloud.

The picture finally cleared as the entire room gasped at what they saw.

"Unbelievable!" Called a voice from the television. "The battle is over and the new Sinnoh League Champion is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town!" The voice exclaimed with pure excitement.

Indeed. For on the screen was Pikachu standing in the middle of a battle field with sparks crackling from its apple red cheeks as it stood over a fainted Poliwrath.

The house erupted into cheers. "They did it!"

"My baby boys finally a champion!"


"Like Misty, your boyfriend is like a champion now!" Squealed a tall blonde.

"Shut it Daisy! He's a boy and he's a friend. But he's not my boyfriend!" Misty screamed at the blond, but she couldn't help but smile as she said it.

"Quiet down guys!" A brown haired boy around the age of 13 shouted as he saw the raven haired boy run across the screen and pick up his Pikachu.

Ash scooped up Pikachu into his arms. Tears came streaming down his lightly tanned face as he hugged his best friend tightly.

The TV did a close up of Ash holding Pikachu. "We did it bu-static-I'm so pr-static- of you."

"What's wrong with the TV?" The brown haired boy said as he got up from his seat and went over to smack the TV with his hand hoping that would do the trick to fix the bad reception.

"Calm down Gary the picture and sound is fine now." The older man replied.

Gary let go a 'Hmpff' as he went back to where he had been sitting.


[15 minutes later]

"Hurry their calling Ash up to the podium!" Mrs. Ketchum exclaimed. They had taken a break to get snacks and to use the restroom after the battle when it began showing a slideshow of pictures and clips of that years Pokémon League.

Misty, her sisters, and Professor Oak, came from the kitchen and to the couch. While Gary and Tracey ran like crazy to get back downstairs from the restroom.

Once they had settled back into their original seats. Some on the couch, some on the floor, and others standing. They began to watch the trophy presentation.

"And now, we would like to call up this years Sinnoh League Champion to the podium, where he will be awarded his Championship trophy by Mr. Goodshow." The announcer on the TV exclaimed excitedly.

The picture on the screen was split into two sections, on the left it showed a pair of two sliding doors with a pokeball painted on each. While the right side showed a silent crowd waiting for the Champion to enter the stadium.

The twin doors slid apart revealing Ash in his regular Sinnoh attire with Pikachu on his shoulder. Both were grinning immensely.

The crowd erupted in cheering, chants of his name, and congratulations.

As Ash walked up toward the podium, he stopped to give a firm handshake to a grinning older teenager with tanned skin and black spikey hair who was wearing a green shirt and an orange and black vest.

He then proceeded to give a smiling blue haired girl a high-five; she had been wearing a black, white and pink dress and a white tuque.

Ash then continued at a slightly quicker pace up to the podium.

As Ash stepped up to the podium beside Mr. Goodshow, the cheering became even louder than before.

Mr. Goodshow waited until the cheering had begun to die down before speaking.

Mr. Goodshow turned to Ash and said, "Congratulations Ash." Then quickly turning toward the crowd to continue his speech.

"I remember the first day I laid my old eyes upon this boy many years ago." He began. "I could tell by his will to do the best he could, the bonds he shared with his Pokémon, and loyalty he showed to his friends. That one day, he would become a figure of respect."

"And after all those years I see that I was correct."

"Ash, you have the strengths to go far beyond a Pokémon league champion. You have the ability to become a Master." The crowd gasped, they had never heard Mr. Goodshow talk so highly of a trainer before, let alone tell one that he could become a Master.

The camera cut to a shot of a Mr. Goodshow handing a bewildered Ash the trophy.

Ash slowly took the trophy, he looked down at the small golden plaque which had Sinnoh League Champion followed by his name inscribed under it in all capitals.

The camera went to a close up of Ash and Pikachu as Ash was about to deliver his speech.

Looking up from the trophy, he looked into Mr. Goodshows eyes. "Mr. Goodshow." Ash began.

"I-I've never been so nervous in my life. I-I cannot even begin to tell you how much your words have meant to me." He stammered sincerely.

"The only words that I can come up with right now are 'Thank you,' but I know that's not enough. I'm going to give it my all so that I won't disappoint you!" Ash exclaimed.

Saying that Ash extended his hand forward toward Goodshow. Mr. Goodshow gave a small chuckle as he extended his hand for Ash to shake. Grinning Ash shook his hand and turned back to the crowd, who had begun to cheer for the sincerity of Ashs statement.

"I would never have made it here if it hadn't been for…" His voice trailed off as he saw something flash briefly in the night sky. He squinted as he tried to make out what it was.

The crowd seeing Ash trail off his speech and look off into the distance, followed his gaze to try to see what he was looking at.

"What's Ash doing?" Misty asked no one in particular while looking confused at the television.

"I dunno maybe he saw something?" Tracey inquired.

A few seconds of silence passed until Ashs eyes widened. He spun around and tackled Goodshow off the podium yelling "Get Down!"

The Ketchum house gasped as they saw Ash tackle the Chairman of the Pokémon League.

"IS HE INSA-"Misty began to scream in disbelieve, but soon silenced at what followed next.

The camera had followed Ash as he tackled the Chairman, but had soon gone black as an explosion was heard. The screen changed again to show a destroyed, smoking podium with nobody around it.

Seconds later a rapid succession of explosions were sent throughout the stadium. The picture cut to an outside view of the stadium where smoke and fire could be seen, and terrified screams could be heard.

Crowds of people began frantically pushing though each other as they made their escape out of the under attack stadium. Most uninjured but some had bruises and cuts from the debris of the heavily damaged stadium.

The picture changed once again, but this time to a helicopter view far from the stadium. It could see in the distance, the flames and smoke that where spreading through the stadium could be seen perfectly, as the flames lit up the night sky.

But now they could see what was attacking the stadium. They were faint, and hard to see. But it was possible to see dozens of black helicopters hovering and landing around the Island.

A close up of one of the helicopters showed it landing on the beach of the island. The back hatch to the helicopter opened and what appeared to be a squad of black dressed trainers emerged and headed off toward the stadium.

No one said a word. No one looked away from the horror they were watching. The only thoughts in their minds were 'Were Ash, Brock and Dawn alive?'


[2 Days Later]

Mrs. Ketchum blew her nose for the fifteenth time that hour. It had been two days since the attack at the Pokémon League and there had been no way to contact Ash and his friends. All communication with the island had been cut, she had tried desperately but she hadn't been able to get through.

More tears welled up in her already puffy red eyes. She didn't hold them back, she was scared. Scared she was never going to see Ash again. She had never been so terrified in her life when she saw the attack.

'The injuries from the Attack at the Lilly of the Valley have been tallied up to over one thousand people.' A voice from the television said. Mrs. Ketchums felt a lump in her throat as she heard that.

'However there had only been 3 reported deaths in the attack, but investigators are still searching the stadium for bodies and trapped individuals inside the ruins of the stadium.' The television stated.

'This is Jessica Waters from KNN News, back to you Phil.' the news reporter finished.

Mrs. Ketchum shut off the TV not wanting to hear any more about the attack. She blew her nose again and looked at the clock. It was 2AM and she felt drained of all her energy. She wanted to sleep and forget just for a few seconds what happened, but every time she closed her eyes she saw Ash being killed by falling debris or being hit by that explosion. As she started thinking about this her eyes began to fill with tears again.

Ring, Ring ,Ring, Phone call Phone Call. The videophone rang.

Hearing the sound she could swears her heart stopped for what seemed like an hour.

Mrs. Ketchum bolted off the couch and ran toward the videophone. Knocking over a lamp in the process, she didn't care. All she wanted was to see her little Ash again.

A jumble of footsteps could be heard from upstairs as the others heard the phone. Mrs. Ketchum waited until everyone was down to pick up the phone.

Her hand went shakily to pick up the phone. As soon as the phone was off the hook the black of the screen came alive to show Brock on the other end.

"B-B-B-Brock.." Mrs. Ketchum trailed off not trusting herself to not break out into tears.

"Brock! Are you okay? Where's Dawn? What happened out there? Where's Ash? Where's Pikachu?" The questions came shooting out from the group of assembled people behind Mrs. Ketchum.

Brock waited before he spoke. When he did, it was shaky, and by the paleness of his face, they knew something was wrong.

"I-I'm fine." He stopped to recover his breath.

No one at the Ketchum residence said anything, they waited for him to continue.

"D-Dawns hurt, but she'll live. A broken leg, and a-a sprained wrist." Brock was shaking now, a tear came down the side of his face.

P-P-Pikachu." He stopped to take a deep breath. "I-Is in critical condition."

Everyone's face paled as Brock said that. "T-The rest of our Pokémon are fine as well." He added on for the benefit of the others.

They waited for him to continue. But he didn't.

Mrs. Ketchum felt like she was going to faint, why hadn't he said anything about Ash, where was he? How was doing!

Misty broke the unbearable silence. Stuttering as she said this on the verge of tears she asked the question that they were all now scared to hear. "Brock? Where is A-Ash."

The question met with silence. The suspense was killing them. Brock looked at the ground not daring to meet any of their gazes. Tears streamed freely down his face. He looked up at the faces on the monitor.

But he had to say it. "Missing."

Mrs. Ketchum had enough, whether it be from the stress of finding out were Ash was, the answers Brock had given her, or the exhaustion she was feeling, she fainted.


[1 Week Later]

The following weeks of the attack had gone by quick. But they had been painful.

A week after the phone call, Brock had returned to Kanto and had gone to Pewter city to inform his family that we he was fine, and to tell them about what happened at the league.

Dawn had gone back to Twinleaf town immediately after they got off Lily of the Valley Island. She had to rest and heals. The events had, had more of an effect on her because she had been the youngest of the group.

Once Brock had finished in Pewter he headed straight for Pallet Town. After a few days of traveling he arrived at the Ketchum residence and knocked shakily on the door.

The door to the house was opened by a pale Delia, her eyes were bloodshot with the lack of sleep, her hair was tangled and in a mess.

Seeing Brock she was about to hug him, but seeing the yellow bundle in his arms she forced herself not to.

"C-Come i-in Brock." She hiccuped as she quickly pulled him into the house.

Closing the door she saw Brock go up the stairs, he came back down seconds later with a blue blanket.

Placing the blanket on the couch, he carefully set Pikachu on top so it could rest.

They stayed in silence as they looked at the electric mouse.

"Mrs. Ketchum? Would you like me to make some tea while you could go have a shower?" Brock asked his best friend's mother.

"Sure B-Brock, Thank you. I'll g-go wake M-Misty up to." She stammered to keep out from bursting into tears.

Brock waited until Delia had gone upstairs before he had gone to the kitchen. This is hard for me, but it must be almost hell for his mother. Brock thought sadly as a single tear came down his face.

After he had the kettle boiling and gotten the cups down from the cupboard, he heard footsteps coming from the living room.

He left the kitchen and went into the living room. There he saw Misty looking at the sleeping Pikachu; she had bed head as she had just woken from her sleep. Her face was pale and tear stained, she also had some bags under her eyes.

"Misty…" Brock's voice trailed off as it began to get shaky. Misty looked up and saw Brock, he could see the pain in her eyes. She ran at him and through her arms around him and began to cry uncontrollably into the breeders' chest. Brock hugged her tightly before moving her to the couch so she could sit beside Pikachu.

"Try not to wake him, he still not entirely sure what happened, but we'll wake him in an hour or so. We still have some things left to do." Brock said quietly as he left Misty on the couch and went back to the kitchen.

Brock had just finished the tea when Mrs. Ketchum came back down from her shower. She had changed into a new pair of pink pajamas and sat down beside Misty. Brock came in and handed the tea to both of the girls.

Brock sat down on a chair he had brought into the living room. They sat in silence for a few minutes due to them not knowing where to begin. Brock decided to get things started.

He cleared his throat drawing Misty and Delia's attention to him. "If it's all right with you Mrs. Ketchum I'd like to take Pikachu," he nodded at Pikachu as he said this "and the rest of Ashs Pokémon up to lab so they could spend some time together." As Brock said this, he grabbed the bag he had brought with him and rummaged through it, he then pulled out a belt with six pokeballs attached to it.

Delia stared at the belt not saying anything. She opened her mouth to speak, but quickly shut it because she didn't trust her voice. After a second of recuperation, she managed to get out "Of course Brock. I-I think Misty and I will come along as well." Brock nodded.

Misty spoke for the first time. "Brock?" She asked her voice just above a whisper. "Yes Misty?" He asked waiting to find out what the first question would be. "How did you end up with Pikachu?" She asked stroking the little Pokémons fur.

Brock new he might as well start from the beginning. Clearing his throat a couple times before he got started. He began to tell them what happened. "As Ash dove at Goodshow, we were shocked much like you were. But Ash didn't hit the ground before the podium blew up.

"With Pikachu on his shoulder it mustn't have been expecting Ash to jump so it fell off onto the podium."

"That's when the explosion hit." Delia and Misty didn't say a word. Brock took that as a sign to continue.

"Dawn and I were blown back by the explosion. When we realized what happened, the stadium began to shake and more explosions came throughout the stadium."

Brock took a second to take a deep breath and to recompose himself. "Dust and smoke started filling the arena. I got up and looked over at Dawn, She was holding her wrist so I imagined she sprained it when she got knocked over. I told her to run to the lodge we were staying at, and that I'd go get Ash. When she had turned to leave the stadium. I made my way through the smoke to where the podium was."

"I searched the area around the podium, when I found Mr. Goodshow. He was alright, but I couldn't see Ash or Pikachu. I asked where they went but he didn't know. Once the explosion hit, Ash had disappeared."

Mistys eyes began to tear up; Delia covered her mouth with her hand to forced herself from interrupting.

"I searched around for a while longer when I tripped over something. I saw Pikachu on the ground with a deep gash in its leg." Brock took another deep breath. "I knelt down to check on it when I noticed it was barely breathing."

Brock looked down and stared at the floor. "I picked up Pikachu and made a dash toward the lodge hoping Dawn would be there. I was hoping that's where Ash would head to get his Pokémon; we had left all of ours in the lodge so they could get some rest."

"Ash never showed up. We were on the island for two days before we were able to return to Sunny Shore. And we hadn't seen him, we asked around, but no one had seen or heard him since the attack happened."

Brock felt a few tears come down his face. "That's when we called you, we got Pikachu to the emergency room in the Pokémon center, and Nurse Joy was tending to Dawns leg and wrist when I called."

Brock couldn't continue anymore, it was draining him talking about this. Misty and Delia had pain and sadness in their eyes as Brock had told them the story. Tears were running freely down their cheeks. "Mrs. Ketchum if it's okay I-I'd like to have a shower if it's okay with you." Delia didn't say anything; all she gave was a small slow nod.

Brock got up from his seat and went upstairs to the shower. But stopped as he remembered something important. He turned back to the two girls on the couch and said "If Pikachu wakes, up don't mention that we don't know where Ash is. Pikachu still hasn't been told about everything that had happened." With that he turned and went back upstairs.

After the shower Brock came back down stairs to find Misty and Delia dressed and ready to leave. "Are we going to the lab?" Asked Brock quietly when he came down the stairs. A simple "Yup" by Misty answered his question.

Brock walked over to where Pikachu was sleeping and gave it a gentle nudge. "Pikachu, Pikachu," Brock whispered quietly to wake the sleepy Pokémon.

Pikachus eyes slowly fluttered open. Taking in its present location it noticed Misty and Delia wondering where it was.

"We're going to Professor Oaks lab Pikachu, were going to see Ashs other Pokémon." Brock continued.

At that, Pikachu remembered where it had been. It got up painfully; it could still feel the wound in its leg. But it didn't care. Looking at Misty it asked "PikachuPi pi pikachu Pikapi?"(Misty? Where's Ash?)

Misty didn't understand fully understand what Pikachu had said, but she recognized 'Pikapi' as Ashs name.

She didn't answer, she looked at Brock who shook his head in a 'no' fashion and nodded toward the door.

"Come on Pikachu" She said, gently taking the small Pokémon into her arms. She walked to the front door where Brock and Delia were waiting.

Brock opened the door and let the ladies leave first. Stepping outside it was a beautiful day. Clear blue sky, the sun was shining, a nice breeze in the air. But this did little to brighten the mood of the group of people walking to the Pokémon laboratory that was five minutes away.

When the group arrived at Professor Oaks lab they were greeted by Professor Oak and Tracey. Professor Oak brought them to the field where all the Pokémon where out playing. Oak told them to stay where they were so he could gather Ash Pokémon.

Ten minutes later All of Ashs Pokémon had been gathered up into a group and waited for Ash to arrive. But he never did.

Bulbasaur stepped up to Pikachu and asked what was going on. Bulba Bul Bulbasaur saur?"(Pikachu what's going on and what happened to your leg?) it asked.

"Pi pika pika Pikachu Pikapi" (I was hurt at the Pokémon league, something happened and I haven't seen Ash since!) Pikachu exclaimed.

Ashs Pokémon gasped at that news. They started chatting wildly amongst themselves until someone interrupted them by clearing his throat. All eyes turned to Brock.

Brock took a deep breath and knelt down in front of the group of Pokémon. He then came right out and said it. "Everyone, the Pokémon League was attacked. That's how Pikachu got hurt." Brock said as he motioned towards Pikachus still bandaged leg.

Pikachu gaped for a second. 'Attack? What attack? I remember Ash and I on the stage and then, and then…Nothing?' Pikachu thought. It smacked its head repeatedly trying to remember what happened.

Misty saw this and gently took Pikachus paws, getting it to look up at her. "A-And Ash. A-And Ash." Misty stammered trying not to choke on the tears she was holding in, she was determined to finish what she was saying. She took a deep breath and finished. "And Ash is missing." Misty had tears streaming down her face.

The Pokémon stared at her, what they heard couldn't be true. Their master, their trainer, their…friend was missing. They couldn't believe it. They wouldn't believe it.

Pikachu looked into Mistys eyes to see if this was some sort of cruel joke. He didn't want his best friend to be gone; he needed to be with Ash, he just couldn't be gone.

But the look in Misty's eyes told him otherwise.

Ash was gone.

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