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I watched as they discovered my uncle's body. A navy captain in America, meaning NCIS was there.

Thankful I couldn't speak, I huddled back against Kirara, who was curled around me.

We heard footsteps coming up next to the closet, so Kirara poofed into the smaller version. She curled up into my lap as the footsteps came closer and closer.

The closet door opened and a man yelled, "Gibbs, there's a kid in here!"

"DiNozzo, if you're being an idiot again," The man called Gibbs threatened as he walked closer. "Holy Shit!" He bent down and shined a light at me.

I backed away. The light reminded me of Inuyasha, the back stabbing hanyou.

"Kid, come here. We won't hurt you." A lady, probably Israeli, came up.

Kirara hopped into my arms, hissing at the people in front of me.

Unfortunately, sending me back, the well screwed up. I was now fourteen instead of twenty two, really scared if blood.

"What's your name?"

Oh, I also lost my voice in the final battle. No idea why. 'Well, my name is Kagome,' I thought sarcastically.

I looked around for a pen and pad. Kirara brought them to me.

My name is Kagome. It read. Who are you and what are you doing with my uncle's body?

"Kagome," An unfamiliar voice said. "I'm Ducky. We are taking your uncle's body fro an autopsy. Did you see the man who did this?"

I shook my head negatively. 'Well of course I saw who did it. But I won't tell you.'

"Would you come with us?" Gibbs told me. Well, he asked, but I didn't have a choice.

I nodded, Kirara jumping on my shoulder. I walked to my room and gathered the things I needed.

I grabbed pictures, sketchbooks, a change of clothes and shoes, and lastly I grabbed my skateboard. I also grabbed my cell phone. I hesitated, but grabbed my music.

I pressed a number. Only for emergencies that I called Shippo.

"Hey Kaa-san what's wrong?" His face was worried.

'Shippo, Uncle Ashi's dead.' I mind-spoke. 'NCIS is taking me with them. Come help me. I won't be able to sleep without someone near.'

"Of course Kaa-san. Ryokan and I will be there soon. Be careful okay, kaa-san. We'll be there soon. Ashiteru."

'Ashiteru Shippo,' I hung up.

"Are you ready?" Gibbs' voice came from the doorway.

I nodded and left silently, Kirara on my other shoulder.

"Did you get a change of clothes?" He kept asking.

Just because I'm mute, doesn't mean I'm stupid. I wrote.

"She's got more bite than bark it would seem." He smirked.

I scowled. 'Shut it Gibbs. Save your energy for later when you'll really need it.'

I ended up riding the man named McGee.

"You'll like Abby," He said. "She's our forensic go-to girl."

I simply drowned him out, like I did to Inuyasha so long ago, and stared out the window. 'Shippo where are you?'


As soon as I hung up the phone, I looked at Kouga aka Ryokan.

"Kagome's in trouble. Naraku's after the jewel again." Was all I had to say before Kouga jumped up and announced,

"My woman's in trouble."

Ayame grabbed his arm. "Oh no. I'm going with you so you don't annoy poor 'Gome to death." 'And to get her to make a rosary.'

I looked at them. "We need to leave now. NCIS is no match for a demon."

We raced to pack. Thirty minutes later, we were on a jet to America.