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Obi-wan listened intently to the shouting voices, concern filling his body. Their angry voices echoed throughout the hallways giving anyone who cared to listen a good idea of what was going on. Now, Obi-wan knew he was too young to properly understand what they were arguing about, but he was old enough to know it was about him. What he didn't understand was why he needed to be concerned about Jedi or the Force. He had never heard of Jedi before. Sometimes people said, "May the Force be with you," but he never understand what that meant. He couldn't hear everything that was said, but he could feel the fear, anger, and sorrow.

For his entire three years, Obi-wan had lived with his mother and father on the remote planet of Naaden. For as long as he could remember he could feel and sense things other people could not. Rarely he saw things before they happened. His mother said this made him very special, but she always said this in a sad way. She told him it meant one day he would do great things and see faraway places. He didn't understand this either, but it worried him. For whatever this meant, it meant sorrow for his mother. His father refused to talk to him about it. Most of the anger came from his father. He didn't know why though. There was so much he didn't understand.

He felt the danger before he could see it. He was crouched behind a pillar in the hallway, next thing he knew he was yanked up roughly by the collar. His uncle, Gor-wan Hidlobi glared at him. Obi-wan could feel the anger pulsating out of his Uncle, lashing against him like whips. He cringed a little bit, wondering what he done to annoy his uncle this time.

"Obi-wan you little snot," he snarled shaking Obi-wan roughly. "You're supposed to be in the kitchen eating lunch. Your Grandpa had to interrupt my important work to fetch you." With each word he shook Obi-wan. Obi-wan was used to this treatment. His uncle was a mean, cruel man and he went out of his way to terrorize people. He especially liked to pick on Obi-wan though. "I've got things to do runt or I'd teach you a proper lesson. There are," and Obi-wan could hear the scorn in his uncles voice "important people I've got to talk to. I'll show 'em that they aren't wanted here. I won't stop because of some interference from the Senate. Now scram brat!"

"S-s-sowwy Uwncle." Obi-wan stuttered. He had completely forgotten lunch. Curiosity was a gift, or curse some people told him, that he had. And he really wanted to know who these important people were. His parents had been arguing about these Jedi! I wonder if these Jedi are the important people...he thought. Gor-wan scuffed Obi-wan on the ear was a lesson, then set him down on the ground. Without looking at his uncle, Obi-wan went as fast as he could to the lunchroom.

Though only three years old, Obi-wan was a very well behaved kid. As curious as he was, he stayed out of trouble. He didn't tell anyone but his mother that he could sense trouble before it happened, and thus knew how to avoid it. Once he got to the lunchroom, one of the servants saw to it that he got a good meal. "Thank wou Nana," he whispered. Nana always saw to it that he got what he needed.

As he ate, he listened to Nana talk to the kitchen servant about his Uncle. He didn't fully grasp what they were talking about, but it involved corruption, greed, and theft. The way they said this worried him. They sounded normal, but he sense the anxiety under their words. Something Nana said caught his full attention. "Did you know Korlina, that the Senate sent a Jedi here! He and his apprentice arrived an hour ago. They're going to do something Gor-wan. I don't know what they can do - Gor-wan won't listen to anyone and..." While they were talking Obi-wan wolfed down the rest of his meal as fast as he could. He could see with his own eyes what a Jedi is! Excitement filled him. Finally he could see what was so important to his parents. He realized that the important people his uncle had to talk to were the Jedi! Which meant they would be in the Great Hall.

Everyone did important things in the Great Hall. Although he wasn't allowed in the Great Hall without a parent, he knew that he could see and hear everything if he hid in the upper balcony. With a pause, Obi-wan thought about what needed to be done to find out about the Jedi. He needed a "pwan" as his father would say. Naptime was soon, and he knew that he if went to naptime as told, he would sleep through the meeting. That left sneaking onto the balcony without getting caught. Stick to the shadows. Go down the left wing. Don't get caught. Aha! He had a pwan! He knew that his parents would be meetings for most of the day. It was the middle of the week, which meant day long meetings with important people. He was glad for this, otherwise his mother or father would come looking for him, and prevent him from finding out what a Jedi is.

Carefully, he stuck to the shadows. It was hard though, he was slow and stumbled easily. Wistfully, he wished for adulthood when he would walk faster, smoother, and longer. Again a sense of danger filled him. Someone dangerous was coming, and he couldn't afford to be caught. Obi-wan crawled behind a vase and waited. Swift steps rushed past his hiding place. It was cousin, Gori. Gori was just as mean as his father, Gori-wan. Gori was considerably older than Obi-wan, and was always acting like an adult. Obi-wan tried very, very, very hard to avoid Gori just as much as he avoided his uncle. What felt like forever, the sense of danger passed. Crawling out from behind the vase, he went back to the mission at hand - getting to the balcony.

Finally he made it to the balcony! After dodging several dangers, the exhausting climb up the staircase, and sneaking into position he was ready. A swift glance over the edge of the balcony showed an interesting sight. His uncle was pacing back and forth across the dais in the Great Hall. Fear, anger, and anxiety radiated off him in waves. Obi-wan started to worry about these Jedi. Nothing good happened from his uncle when he acted like this. A feeling of calm filled him. Something...amazing was happening. He couldn't understand it exactly, but he felt a presence of calm, understanding and peace coming. It was then that a young man and a young boy, about Gori's age strode confidently into the Great Hall. They were dressed humbly, in simple cream tunics with brown robes. Nothing like the fancy clothing his uncle preferred.

Are they the Jedi? The older one reminds me of papa. I hope they're careful...He listened to their introductions. The adult was Qui-Gon Jinn, and his apprentice Xanatos. Sometime about the apprentice reminded him vaguely of Gori. Then they were talking about politics, peace, and understanding. He didn't quite understood everything they were talking about. Gor-wan started to sound more and more agitated. Obi-wan tensed. His uncle was about to attack the Jedi! Experience told him that the way his jaw ground together, how his shoulders tensed, and the feel of his emotions meant a sudden beating. Danger Jedi! Danger! Never before had he tried so hard to tell anyone his emotions. It was possible to tell people how he felt without words, but most people didn't catch on. Qui-Gon, however, did.

Faster than anything he had seen before, the Jedi whipped out the most amazing weapons. Swords of blue and green blazed brightly somehow deflecting the blaster blots. Robotic guards swarmed the Jedi. They went down like melted toy soldiers. Never before had Obi-wan seen anything so awe inspiring. The feeling of awe left him stunned. Before long the robotic guards were dead and his uncle facing the Jedi red faced. Then something even more stunning happened. Qui-Gon abruptly stopped using one hand to halt the attack of Xanatos. Obi-wan winced at the facial expression on Xanatos. He looks like Gori cheated of something. Why? They won...Crisp, clear words echoed through the hall.

"You've lost Hidlobi. Surrender now, and we won't hurt you. This can still be done peacefully." Qui-Gon looked composed and serene.

Wow...Obi-wan was stunned. Despite being attacked and screamed at, the Jedi was offering mercy! Mercy to the meanest, nastiest person he knew. I wish I was like that. I want to be like Qui-Gon the Jedi! Before he could continue this thought, Gor-wan snarled. Swiftly he reached to his belt, pulled out his vibroblade and rushed Qui-Gon. Obi-wan's eyes widened in fear. No! Watch out Jedi! Quicker then lightening the Jedi's weapon flashed to life and slashed Gor-wan in half. Blood gushed everywhere. Obi-wan saw a shadow of sorrow cross the Jedi's eyes. Xanatos, however, looked...pleased? A shudder rippled through Obi-wan. He decided he never wanted to cross Xanato's path. Ever.

"I am pleased padawan. You saw the danger and warned me through the Force. Your sense of the Force is expanding. Now let's go talk to the next person in charge. We still have a lot of work to do." One hand clapped Xanatos on the back, and the two Jedi walked out together. Obi-wan knew though, it wasn't Xanatos that had warned the Jedi, it was him. A feeling of conviction filled him. He would be a Jedi like Qui-Gon. He would! Obi-wan felt no sorrow for the passing of his uncle, just relief. No more beatings, lectures, or danger ever again. Silently he thanked Qui-Gon, and headed back to his room. There is still time for a nap, and he was very tired.

One month, three weeks, and five days later a friendly Jedi Knight by the name of Tahl came to fetch Obi-wan. He hugged his mother tightly, taking in the scent of her perfume, the feel of her dress, and her warmth. Then he turned and left, proud to go the Jedi Temple.