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Despite waking up before dawn he found that BaJi had already left for his day's work in the marketplace. Sarha had cooked him a filling meal of meat stew with dumplings. She gave him instructions on how to get the warehouse unnoticed. After receiving a farewell hug he headed towards the warehouse. It took him most of the day to get there. The warehouse was at the furthest part of the dock, which was clear across the city. Afraid to hitch a ride and be remembered, Obi-wan chose to walk the distance alone. He would have been lost in thought except all around him felt a dangerous presence. Something was wrong, and he was headed towards the source.

With one hand near his light saber he came within reach of the warehouse. It was walled off by a high metal fence. Guards patrolled the parameter every twenty minutes. The windows to the warehouse were small with no light coming from them. This isn't good. Why is there such defenses around the warehouse? The fence looks new. The guards aren't local either. I bet my answers are in that warehouse. Obi-wan circled the warehouse looking for an entrance.

There was one place that might work, but he would need time to get in. He found himself hungry and getting frustrated. I can't get in there tonight. The guards seem very cautious. I'll have to wait until tomorrow night. He wanted to rush in there and get answers now but his masters teachings floated through his mind. 'Rushing into danger without a plan is a good way to get killed.' His master had sternly told him that after the incident on Phindar. I'll make a plan tomorrow, but now I need to eat, get a good night's rest and make a plan.

There were a few places to get food, but he couldn't find a place to rent a room for the night. He comm'd his mother telling her that he would spend another night in the city. He didn't tell her that he would be sleeping in the streets. After searching for an hour, he found a small nook in an alley. It wasn't the most pleasant smelling place to sleep, but it was dry and hidden from sight. Rolling up his cloak into a pillow, Obi-wan curled into a ball. Thoughts of his master drifted through his mind. The bond between them was shadowed. He didn't know if that was because his master was sedated, or if it was because he was dying. I will not think those thoughts. I will believe I will see him soon. Quicker then he thought possible, he fell into slumber.

The next day he woke up sore and cramped. Sleeping on the hard street in a tight ball is not the most pleasant way to sleep. Making sure no one was looking he did basic stretching exercises to warm his aching muscles. Once he was limber he headed towards the warehouse. Again he crept around the parameter. Looks like I'm in luck, the guards don't seem as anxious today. Something feels very, very wrong. After double checking, he found a possible entrance.

Against the far west corner of the warehouse from the dock, a stack of old plastic crates had been stacked against the fence. If the guards didn't change their routine of checking the parameter every twenty minutes, he should have enough time to get past the fence. Carefully he waited until the sun set later that evening. Once he had gotten back to his 'space' he meditated attempting to be one with the Force and find his center.

Mostly he thought of his master. It has been three days...I wonder if he's woken up yet? He dared not try to sense his master through the bond, however. He had to focused on the task on hand. No matter what he felt through the bond would distract him. Opening his eyes, he grinned grimly at the setting sun. Time to move.

He went up the crates as silent as possible. Luck was with him, the crates were sturdy enough to hold his weight and not make any loud noises. He looked down from the top of the crates. It was a good fifteen foot drop the bottom. Pausing for a brief moment to focus on the Force he leapt over the edge of fence and landed gracefully on his feet. Eleven minutes until the guards get here, I got to move! Creeping in the shadows he raced towards the warehouse. The warehouse was a pressed against the fence on side, but not without a gap.

Upon reaching the narrow gap between the fence and warehouse he moved slowly through the gap. His cloak was constantly catching on the fence. Please, please have the guards not notice this! With three minutes to spare he reached his goal. What had once been a rear exit, a small man door to the warehouse was facing the fence.

Carefully, he managed to press his light saber against the lock to the door. With a grin he set the light saber to the hottest mode and activated the light saber completely melting the lock. He only had seconds to spare before the guards got to his section of the fence the door swung inward and he was in.

Deactivating the light saber, but keeping it ready in his hand he stalked among the stacked boxes. Gradually his eyes adjusted to the dim lights. Row after row of dark boxes lined the warehouse. They were without dust. These are new. I wonder where they're from? Pausing briefly he studied one of the boxes. What he saw made his blood run cold. The Off World company logo was on the box. Another look showed that box after box had the broken circle logo. Xanatos is behind this. I've got to warn Qui-Gon!

Before he did that, however, he still needed more answers. Something nagged at him. Suddenly it came to him. Gori has the only key to the warehouse. He knows about this. He has the answers I seek. Where could he be? I've got to get back to the palace to find him. Soon he heard voices. What...? One of the voices was Gori! Carefully he crept towards his cousin. Glad for the dim lighting, he headed toward the rear of the warehouse. Please, please may I be wrong about Gori!

"What do you mean he's missing," Gori snarled. "Find him and take care of him. I've got to get these to the boss. Don't bother me again!"

Obi-wan's eyes widened in shock then narrowed. Gori held a very familiar looking case. It was a medium sized suitcase with special cooling systems on the side. It was the type of case used to keep rare herbs cool, so they wouldn't degrade. Without a doubt, the herbs he sought where that case. Suddenly a wave of the Force rolled over him strongly. He was glad the Force was with him, but he mentally pushed the insisting pressure to the back of his mind. Not now he thought I'm busy. Obi-wan was glad, he didn't see any guards with Gori. Good, he's alone. I can capture the herbs without interference. Hopefully Gori will listen to reason and just hand them over. I don't want to hurt him...

"GORI! Stop," Obi-wan demanded. He stepped into the pool light that his cousin was under. "Hand over the herbs. No one else had to get hurt." Gori stiffened the slowly turned around a silky smile on his face.

"Obi-wan, good to see you. I was looking for you, you know," he purred. "I have an offer for you...how would you like to be wealthy? You can have the galaxy at your finger tips. I've shown you what it is like. Anything you want I can give you. Credits, gold, food, clothing, power...all of it yours if you come with me. Surely you're tired of the dull life of a Jedi."

Obi-wan felt sick to his stomach. Was this what his cousin had become? A greedy worm? He was being offered everything. Like Xanatos had been offered everything. How could Xanatos want any of that? It is so, so, so petty compared to what a Jedi is about. Oh Gori, how could you have fallen so far?

"No." His answer was instantaneous. "No, Gori. I like being a Jedi. I like helping people, I like changing things for the better, and I like bringing peace! I don't need fancy food, or wealth, power, or anything like that. I'm happy what I have." The stunned then furious look on Gori's face brought an end to his patience. Gori wasn't listening. "Now. Hand. Over. Those. Herbs." You're the reason my master is in the healer's wing. How could you attack me like that? I thought we were family...

"You can take them from my dead body, cousin." Gori sneered. "But not if I kill you first."

"You can try," Obi-wan stated. He didn't want to, but if it came down to it he would kill his cousin. Gori was alone and only had a blaster with him I can do thi - suddenly five advanced killer droids rolled out from behind his cousin hidden by a row of black crates. Inwardly Obi-wan groaned. He didn't have Qui-Gon to help him fight those things. I will finish this! Flickering once, his light saber flashed to life and he started his offense. Dodge, whirl, strike dodge was the pattern he used. Hard pressed Obi-wan started to fall back. There were too many of the damned things. I can't give up! Suddenly a droid was behind him. Frantically he ducked to the left but a droid beat him to the exit. Fiery pain spread across his stomach where a droids bladed hand sliced him. The wound was shallow, but sith did it hurt! The same droid rotated on its axis hitting him hard in the back of his head with the blunt side of its arm. Before blackness claimed a despairing thought filled him. I failed...