Confessions of a Stalkoholic

Summary: "Hi, my name is Sakura Haruno, and I'm a stalkoholic."

Rated: T

Pairings: Sasusaku, ShikaIno

Notebook 39

Property of Sakura Haruno


Entry 159: Tuesday, January 18th

8:17 am: Spotted in hallway. Followed to bathroom (not in a pervy way! I just nonchalantly waited outside!). Odd, he's taking his morning potty break eight minutes earlier than usual.

8:19 am: Exits bathroom. Walks to cafeteria. Declines two offers for dates. That's right, biatches! He's mine!

8:27 am: Walks to first period before the first bell. He's so smart, beating the crowd like that!

8:35 am: Flips Naruto off for being late, as usual. Name calling.

Sidenote! His shirt is new! It's totallyhot, and this wonderful shade of gray, but not like his 3 gray-gray shirts, or his 5 dark-gray shirts, or his 11 black shirts. It's a new shade! It's so cool how he mixes things up like that.

8:40 am: Takes notes (how scholarly!).

8:56 am: Notes.

9:03 am: Notes notes notes!

Sidenote! He has such nice handwriting…3


9:14 am: Oooh! A pause in note-taking to scratch his, er…

9:18 am: Whispers to Naruto. Can't hear! I knew I should've gotten those hearing aids, but no Sakura, you just HAD to have the fashion magazines!

9:21 am: Bell rings. He is the 12th student to leave the classroom, but the first to leave instyle.

I will return to you, my lovely notebook, 4th period. Try not to watch too many episodes of Gossip Girl without me.

Why must I have taken Ceramics! Why couldn't I have joined Cooking like Sasuke? We could have a blissful 51 minutes making delightful sandwiches on whole wheat bread ( to keep his muscular figure) with bologna (his favorite meat!) and swiss cheese (his third favorite cheese, after gouda and ched-

Oh my God. I need help.

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