By William "Hunter" McKnight


A pony is walking down a long, winding dirt road. This is the hero of our story, a unicorn stallion by the name of Paige Turner. Hanging from his back was a saddlebag filled with many things, mostly books, some food and clothes, but mostly books.

He was heading towards ponyville, where upon request by the "Regal Princess Luna he is instructed to assist in the studies of one Twilight Sparkle". He found that amusing. He never really wanted to leave the royal library, he loved it there, especially the magical infusion lab he had in his office.

Now, begins his tale.

'A field expedition', He thought to himself. 'A field expedition to assist in a library, I am a librarian myself! Who will assist MY library! Dicy Doo? No, not on my watch!

"I am just worried about my library". He said aloud, attracting the attention of a ball of fur in one of his saddlebags that wasn't filled with books. Out of his bag crawled a Slightly orange tinted cat, who proceeded to crawl onto the back of her owner and lay in the sun.

With a screech, the falcon who had previously been sitting atop his back repositioned himself on Paige's head. "I appreciate your effort to work as a sun visor, but your tail feathers a just too effective." Spoke Paige, his voice sarcastic, but still trying to be happy.

Then, immensely surprising Paige, a cyan Pegasus pony rocketed from the sky, only to be standing unfazed beside Paige, admiring the falcon. "OH, My GOSH! That falcon is SOOO cool!." spoke the cyan Pegasus, "Where did you find him!"

"This sissy falcon? I found him when he decided to crash into the library window, and I had to fix his busted wing, the silly bird this one." spoke Paige, trying to make a joke to the, which he now realized, very pretty pegasus.

"Well, my name is Rainbow Dash, and I am like, the authority on cool in Ponyville!" yelled the Pegasus during which she leaped from the ground to do multiple loops in the air, before shooting off towards a large cloud bank in the sky.

"Ponyville eh? Looks like we are getting close gang!" he told his pets, excitement in his voice.

Thank for reading everypony! I will probably have chapter two out soon, where he will meet Applejack and Big Mac'!

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