Chapter 4

"Twilight Sparkle?" repeated Paige. "Yes." replied Twilight. Paige looked around the room, getting used to his new surroundings. As he looked around the room, he heard a loud rip. Fluorescence had shred the side of his fine jacket when she lept off to explore. "Oh my, that is quite the tear there..." spoke Twilight. "I have a friend who could fix that right up!"

"So where are we going?" Paige asked Twilight, who looked up and replied "To the carousel boutique, home of the finest designer in ALL of Equestria." Twilight smiled, happy to be able to give a positive first impression even before Paige had met Rarity.

The first thing Paige noticed in the floor of the boutique was the chaos. Drawers open, fabrics rolled across furniture, and thread draping from the banister of the stairs to the windows across the room, giving the effect of a large cobweb.

"Rarity?" Twilight called out. A slight yip was heard from upstairs and a frazzled, but still stupefyingly beautify white mare, with a perfect purple mane, ran down the stairs to attend to her guests. "Twilight, what brings you to the carousel boutique?" asked the mare, a large grin on her face.

Strange, something must be bothering this mare, she looks of the type who could talk a gem from the dragon from the library. "Well," started Twilight, "You see my friend here had a bit of cat trouble." exclaimed Twilight, pointing to the shredded clothes he was wearing.

The mare gasped, raising a hoof to her mouth. "Oh my, did Opalescence do that!" yelped the mare, but before Twilight could explain the mare shouted for her cat. A haughty purple Persian walked down the banister of the staircase and assumed a position on the end, its nose pointed to the ceiling, unamused by the disturbance.

"Rarity," Twilight laughed. "His cat did it." The mare, who Paige now knew as 'Rarity', raised her hoof to her mouth and failed to stifle a, surprisingly still, ladylike laugh. "Fair enough," spoke Rarity, using her magic to levitate a pair of scissors from a nearby table and cut a square patch of fabric from the ripped area.

Rarity had worked quickly and efficiently, quickly repairing the tears, and actually mending a few other rips, holes and tears. Paige levitated his coin pouch out from his backpack. "How much?" he asked. "No, no, no." Replied Rarity, her nose to the ceiling. "I am happy to see Twilight hanging about with boys finally, so this is a bribe to keep you around." spoke Rarity. Twilight blushed and then was about to speak when she was cut off again. "Also, lets say it is a trade off that word of my little outburst not leave this shop."

After a quick chat over tea, they where on there way home. "I apologize for Rarity." spoke Twilight, soon realizing how very absurd the words sounded coming from her mouth. "No problem." replied Paige. After reaching the library, Twilight called for Spike to show Paige his accommodations, but soon after she confirmed the baby dragon was fast asleep.

Twilight showed Paige his bed, and retreated to her chamber. Paige begin thinking about his day. Eventful, no doubt, met quite a few strange ponies, wacky ponies. I think I may be able to survive here. That was all he thought before falling into a deep, deep sleep.