The Return Of The Evil Skipper Robot

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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day over the Central Park Zoo, many of the animals were relaxing in the warm sunshine, Marlene the otter was one of those lucky animals to experince the beautiful weather, she lay herself out over her grass under the shaded tree of her habitat, she sighed happily "nothing beats relaxing out on a day like this, hm," she titled her head at hearing the sound of the penguins training, they were doing laps round the pool of their habitat.

"Rico, No dynamite!" Cried the flat headed penguin known as Skipper, she heard a faint disappointed groan from Rico the most distructive penguin of the team. Skipper was holding a stop watch and he timing the other penguins, "time's up boys outta of the water!" The three penguins jumped onto the platform to await the results.

Marlene skook her head and shrugged, "those penguins should learn how to relax more," upon laying back down Marlene drifted off to sleep, unaware that something had just climbed over the wall of her habitat.

A shadowed figure loomed behind the tree, anlazing her every movement, the shadow moved to the penguins habitat, it used his inferred scannner, his dark red glowing eye's furrowed, "anlazing animal, spiece female otter, name Marlene, she could be very useful in my plan." The shadowed figure grinned with it's matalic beak before disappearing further behind the tree.

Later on that day Marlene was indside her cave painting a picture, she hummed happily as she brushed up and down the canvas with a thin paint brush creating many swirls and lines, A black and white ball rolled into the cave and jumped on it's webbed feet.

He sneaked up behind the otter and chuckled, Marlene gasped and jumped a little for it being unexpected, she had chucked her paint holder and brush across the room and the canvas had fell to the ground when she turned round to face him.

"Sk-Skipper, what are you doing seeking up on me like that?" She growled annoyed.

The Skipper look a like, grinned evilly, "hi, I know kung fu!"

Marlene gave him a confused look, "uh, yeah tell me something I don't know."

Without warning the Skipper robot pounced on her, "GAAHH!" Marlene eye's went wide as she was pinned to the floor, the robot gave a sinister smile and covered her mouth with his flippers.

Marlene struggled in his grasp but it was no use he was too strong, "now Marlene, I got you right were I want you, your going to listen to what I say and your going to do what I say, you got that?"

Marlene could only nod, she was finding it hard to breath now so she would do anything, the Skipper look a like sat back up realising her so she could breath. "Heehe," he laughed as the otter regained her breath.

"W-who are you?" Marlene choked out.

"Well, I guess you've already figured out that I look like someone you know, a certain flat headed penguin perhaps, well I'm the evil one and a robot."

Marlene gasped "a robot, and what do you want with me?"

The Skipper robot snickered, "I must destory that flat headed penguin, I want you to figure out his one weakness, so that I may use it against him and be rid of him forever, so that I maybe the one and only Skipper." His laughing got louder he had let Marlene stand up and backed away from him.

"Hm, well I'm sorry I'm not helping you." Marlene looked away and folded her paws.

The Skipper robot grinned, "well, if you don't something awful might happen to these lemurs." Marlene gasped again and she saw him dragging in a cage which held King Julien, Mort and Maurice.

"Help, Marlene, this penguin has gone crazy, how dare you imprision de royal me! For that I'll shall set Mort here on you. " cried Julien he turned to the little brown lemur who was cuddling his tail. "Go Mort teach this silly penguin a lesson!"

Mort growled and charged strait at the Skipper robot who wasn't very impressed, Mort hit the bars of the cage with a bang and fell backwards. Mort was a litte dizzy after that. "I love the feet." He said while lying on the floor of the cage.

The Skipper robot shrugged and turned back to Marlene, "so, what's it gonna be?"

Marlene clenched her fist, "fine I'll help you, but you'd better not touch those's lemurs!"