Chapter three

Sherlock was silent for most of the journey back home. Every so often, Mycroft turned and looked at him, anxiously, 'I was only trying to help.'

'What by humiliating me?' He snapped back, coldly, 'You just can't take it can you? You always have to be the superior one, because you're the oldest!'

'Oh grow up!' Mycroft snapped, 'I am trying to help you! You really think I want to receive a phone call one day saying you've committed suicide?'

Sherlock snorted, 'Don't be so melodramatic!'

'Ask the Minister for Health for the figures if you don't believe me!' Sherlock didn't reply and Mycroft sighed, 'Sherlock, please! You are my little brother! I only want to help you!'

The car pulled up outside the chemist Sherlock looked out of the window and felt his heart pound, he saw Anderson and Donovan's smug faces if they knew, it was unbearable. He closed his eyes and felt tears come into his eyes, he turned to his big brother, 'I can't do it.' He whispered, 'If Anderson or Donovan found out, I'll never live it down.'

Mycroft clapped his shoulder, 'They don't have to know, nobody has to know. It is nothing to be ashamed of Sherlock. Look, I'll go in for you if you like.'

Sherlock laughed bitterly, 'What? Being medically pronounced as a raving nutter?'

'Don't say that. You just need a little help, we all need help, at some time or another.'

Sherlock didn't reply but felt himself thaw towards his brother. Mycroft got out of the car and walked towards the chemist. Sherlock closed his eyes, desperately trying to prevent the tears from falling, he felt defeated.

'Come on.' Mycroft sat down next to Sherlock at 221B and offered him a pill, 'First step to recovery, that's real courage.' He replied, smiling gently.

Sherlock took one look, he felt humiliated and defeated, slowly, very very slowly, he took the pill and sipped his water. He closed his eyes, not even the tender pat on his back and 'well done' from his brother made him feel better.

Hope you liked it guys, sorry if either characters seemed a little OOC!