Author's Note:

Guys, you are supposed to be having misgivings about this. It is very out of character for Robin just to do something like this. That's the whole point. He's trying to be spontaneous and the Vegas atmosphere has gotten to him.

Doesn't mean it's going to be a bad thing, or a good thing. It'll be what they make of it.

Besides, I think you'll find most weddings are for the families. Or the bride. The groom just wants that piece of paper (generalising), the acknowledgement. Families get involved and then it becomes a nightmare. Starfire is not one for a huge wedding, it would remind her too much of Tamaran. My own wedding, I planned it from the get go, didn't want help, didn't need it. I knew what I wanted, something small an intimate, I knew what my husband wanted (the honeymoon =D). A few family members that we weren't even close to forced themselves involved in the last week, and ruined a couple of things for me. I think its a dream for most grooms to just elope and not worry about the stress because weddings are stressful.

Anyway... they have talked about getting married before. They both know where each other stands. Why not have the quickie wedding?

The Wedding

Starfire smoothed her dress with shaky fingers.

The day had passed in a blur.

Even now, she could only recall certain moments vaguely.

Like looking for the rings. Robin had taken her into three shops to look at the various engagement and wedding rings before he found the one he liked the most. Surprisingly, he went for just a wedding ring, preferring her flower promise ring over any of the engagement rings. He showed her a small, simple yet elegant gold wedding band, with vines and small flowers engraved into the surface, the center of the flowers was a small diamond and Starfire knew that was the one. It was perfect, and she didn't have to wear her promise ring with it if she didn't want to, which she didn't because the ring looked lovely on its own. Especially since it had a male wedding ring that matched, minus the diamond flowers.

She worried what the others would think when they came back married, but Robin suggested that since he wore gloves, they mightn't realise. Plus, they could always say they got engaged. Or flat out tell them, it was up to her. He'd be the one they blamed anyway.

Then had come the dress shopping, Robin had sent her off to look, armed with his credit card, while he made a few phone calls and lined up a suit to hire. He said she could either buy one or hire one, it was completely up to her. He made sure she had her communicator with her, so they could contact each other when they were done.

"No rush," he said, kissing her goodbye. "Find something you love."

"You have no preference?"

"None," he said. "It doesn't even have to be white if you don't want to. Just find something that makes you feel like a bride."



Starfire studied herself in the mirror. Just looking at the dress now, she certainly felt like one.

It had taken her the rest of the morning to find it. So many bridal and formal shops, they all seemed to want to sell her puffy, horrid looking and expensive dresses. Ruffles and frills, beads and trains, Starfire felt like nothing suited her. She hadn't even wanted to try them on, glancing through the wares and then moving on. They were all too dressy and flashy and not right for her.

Brides on Tamaran did not need to look pretty, they were warriors and dressed to show off that side. Muscles in their arms, their height, their beauty. The dress didn't need to enhance or push up or hide the body, it was designed to show off their natural form as much as possible. Even when she'd almost married that slug, she'd dressed as a warrior and that's the sort of wedding dress she wanted. Not that one in particular, because she never got to choose it for herself, but something similar and Earthish at the same time. Slinky, sexy, designed to show shape and cling to curves.

And make Robin drool.

She hadn't wanted white. White was the colour of diplomacy and servitude, but when she saw this dress, she just knew. It was everything she'd dreamt of, everything that made her feel powerful and beautiful and flowing satin. It slid against her skin, cascaded down and pooled around her feet. Hung and clung in all the right places.

After that came shoes, which had been relatively easy to find. Strappy and white and sexy too. Not too much height, but enough to look elegant.

Dress bag and box for shoes in hand, she'd headed back to the hotel. Robin wasn't there, but he left a note for her to go and try the water slide and he'd join her when he could. It hadn't been the same, sliding down it and gaping at the fish, not until he arrived to join her.

She had been plastered up against the Tank aquarium, watching the fish inside swim and wishing she could be in there with them when he'd swum up to her.

"Hey," he said, placing his hand on her back briefly. "Did you try the slide?"

"I did, but I missed you."

"Sorry," he said. "We can go up there now together, if you like."

"Yes, please," she nodded, eager.

"Took longer than I expected."

Starfire asked, curious. "What were you doing?"

"Getting some things done," he said with a smile. "I saw the dress bag, find something?"

She had smiled at him and not told him anything.

So, unless he had peeked, he would not know what she wore now as she waited in the dressing room of the little Elvis chapel they'd chosen to get married in.

After swimming they had tried to make a day of it. See the sights of Vegas. They weren't due at the chapel until six, that's when Robin had booked for. Starfire didn't need a hairdresser or to be made up, she preferred her hair down and natural anyway and there was nothing left to organise, everything else was done by the chapel.

So, they'd tried to do the touristy thing. They went to view the Bellagio Fountains dancing to music, hold hands and marvel at how wonderful it was. Head up the Stratosphere Tower and look out over the desert landscape and wonder how such an extraordinary city sprung up out of nothing.

But they kept looking at each other and grinning in a silly and nervous way, and neither of them could concentrate on the wonders of Vegas.

Starfire raised her hands, gently touching the crown of flowers she had on her head. Robin's idea. Woven coriander with sprinklings of its flowers, he had said, it smelt delicious. That one flower he'd never given her before, it seemed fitting that she should wear it now. Apparently, he would be wearing it on his lapel.

Not only did it mean lust, but it was her name, it seemed symbolic. Just a little. Except it wasn't lust they were marrying for. It was love, an undeniable want to be with him forever.

Starfire stared at herself in the mirror. Slowly, she twirled in her dress, looking at herself from all angles. She couldn't wait for him to see her like this.

And, yet, she could too. Her mind muddled with turmoil, were they doing the right thing, should they really allow themselves to be caught up in the glamour of Vegas and do something as reckless as this?

Why hadn't she agreed last night when they were both slightly drunk instead of completely sober and aware of their actions? Maybe she could go and chug a bottle of vodka, just to settle her nerves.

Alcohol wasn't the answer, it never was. She wanted a clear mind, a clear heart regarding this. She owed it to Robin and herself.

Didn't make her any less nervous.

Starfire sighed and smoothed down her dress of the umpteenth time, then clenched and unclenched her hands. She blew on them in an attempt to dry the sweat forming against her palms, then paced in a tight circle, wishing this would just be over already.

The waiting was murderous.

A soft knock on the door interrupted her pacing. "Star?" Robin called through.

Heart pounding, Starfire rushed to the door to lean against it. "You are not supposed to see me."

"Yeah, I know," he replied.


"I just..." His voice creaked a little. "We're up next."

Her palms were sweaty again. "Oh."

"And... I wanted... to... ahh..." He cleared his throat a couple of times, then coughed. "Um..." He hesitated. "Can I tell you something?"

"Of course."

"You know how I told you I've been to Vegas before? In the circus?"

Starfire frowned, recalling the story, he'd even taken her to the site of the circus. "Yes."

"When I was here... my dad told me a story. About he and my mom. She... Dad's family were Romani, proper Gypsies, and they have all these traditions about marriage. Bride prices, who they could marry, where they could marry, no sex before marriage, all that sort of thing."

"Oh. Is that why-"

"No. Not really. Anyway, half the time the bride and groom never even met before they were bonded. He told me the practice doesn't happen much anymore but his mom... she wanted him to marry into this family and Dad didn't want to. Because he'd just met my mom and they'd started something and... well... Dad's always was impulsive. He convinced my mom to elope in Vegas and join the circus and she loved him so much she accepted. I guess, just coming back here..."

"Brought up memories of your family?"

"Yeah. In a big way." His tone became wistful. "I always remember how happy they were together and how Dad used to love to tell that story and how Mom would blush and say it was the best decision of her life."

"I see." She wished he'd told her that sooner, it made so much sense now.

"I just... I want us to have that too."

"We do have that."

He sighed. Shuffled, his hand scratching against the door. "I know."

"On that note, please stop keeping things like this from me. I would have understood better."

He chuckled. "Sorry. It's hard, because I'm not really very good-"

"Which is why you should talk about them more."

"Especially with you."

"Yes." She smiled and made her tone lighter. "I wish they could have seen the man you have become."

He chuckled. "Thanks."

"They would have been proud of you."

"I hope so. I wish they were here."

"As do I."

"And your parents too."

"It is different for me, Robin."

"I know... it's... just..." He sighed.

"Robin?" Starfire asked softly, wiping her hands on a cloth. "What is it?"

"This is what you want, right? I'm not, like, asking you to do something you don't want to do, or are only agreeing because you think it's what I want?"


The door creaked from his weight as he leant against it while he spoke. "Because I've called the shots for almost everything in our relationship, I know that.

I don't want you to regret this-"

He was babbling, just as nervous as she was by the sound and that made her feel better. "Robin-"

"If you don't want to, I'll understand, we can leave right now and I won't pout or anything like that-"


"I mean, we haven't really taken time to think this through and it's very sudden and I know I've made mistakes in the past by keeping what I was feeling and thinking from you and-"

"Robin!" she snapped to interrupt him.

"Yes?" he squeaked.

She softened her voice. "I want this."

"You do?" he asked, his voice turning from depressed to hopeful.

"Very much so."

"Oh," he said, sounding relieved. "Good. Me too."

"I shall see you at the altar, yes?"

"Oh... yes... okay."

She pressed her ear to the wooden door, her fingers stroking against the grains. "Richard?" she asked softly.

A small shuffling from the other side, his voice so close to the door frame. "Yes?"

"I love you."

A chuckle, then the sound of his fingers drumming against the wood. "I love you too."

Her hand fumbled on the door handle, opening it a crack so she could peer through. Robin had his back to the door, although his head was turned so he could almost look over his shoulder. The door was only open enough so he could just see her and she could just see him, but it was enough. Briefly, she was reminded how handsome he was when he dress up for prom, and surely he looked so much better now.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "Just nervous."

He smiled, keeping his back to her. "Me too."

Starfire opened the door far enough to poke her hand out and take his. He gave it an affectionate squeeze.

"Uh-huh-huh, you ain't supposed to see the bride before the wedding."

Robin chuckled and Starfire peeked through the door further to see a man with black hair and white sequinned clothes standing there. "Sorry, Elvis," Robin said. "Not looking at her, just-"

"Off with you," he said, shooing at Robin with his hands.

Robin squeezed Starfire's hand again. "See you soon."

She nodded and watched him walk off and head into the chapel. She checked herself in the mirror again, grabbed her bag from where she'd placed it and opened her door.

"Well, hey there Miss Starfire," Elvis said, shimmying up. "You ready for the most important day of your life?"

Starfire felt strangely calm. "Yes."

Elvis did a strange wobbly leg movement in front of her door, making her giggle, then held out his elbow for her. "Let old Elvis walk you down the aisle."

Starfire placed her bag for her other clothes beside the door so she could get it later, reached for her bouquet and stepped out to take his elbow.

"Woah. Hubba hubba," Elvis said, whistling. "Sure you don't wanna marry the King?"

Starfire only just stopped herself from saying that the king was her k'norfka and she couldn't, as she realised the 'King' referred to the Elvis. She smiled, suspecting he said that to all the girls. "No, thank you."

He gave a her a devilishly handsome lopsided grin and tossed his head.

The chapel was small, intimate. Rowed seats all the way up to a flowered arch at the end of the aisle where Robin was waiting. Starfire clutched the bouquet of white roses tightly in one hand.

As the doors to the chapel closed behind her, Elvis produced a microphone from somewhere while she was distracted looking at Robin. With a grin, he began to sing. "Wise men say-"

Robin turned. His jaw dropped. His breathing hitched. His hands, previously clasped before him, hung loose at his side.

Starfire flushed brilliant orange and looked at him through her eyelashes. She and Elvis walked slowly toward him and Starfire could see how Robin was riveted on each step.

"Only fools rush in."

They reached Robin's side and Elvis handed her off to Robin. "But I can't help falling in love with you," he serenaded, heading for the podium before him.

"You look gorgeous," Robin murmured.

"Thank you."

"Now, you just stand there and smile, while I sing you a beautiful song."

Starfire clenched Robin's hand while she listened to Elvis serenade them. Haunting and riveting, Starfire wondered what the real Elvis had sounded like to inspire so many impersonators. Surely he must have been a great man.

Robin couldn't seem to take his eyes off her. He grinned, shuffled his feet and tried to pay attention to Elvis, but he kept looking back at her.

The next part was a bit of a blur, vows and blessing and Elvis singing. Flashing lights as the photographer from the Chapel took pictures of them. Starfire followed all instructions with a brilliant smile her face. Vows caressed her lips, spilled forth from Robin's as they repeated the words Elvis supplied them with but Starfire really only remembered how glorious Robin looked and how this felt right and wonderful.

The feeling of elation as Robin's trembling fingers slipped her wedding ring down her finger. The feeling of completeness as her own fingers confidently bestowed Robin's ring on his finger.

And when the call for man and wife came, Elvis proudly proclaiming they were joined as one in holy matrimony, Robin practically lunged for her, his hands holding her face, his lips capturing hers in a fierce and passionate kiss. He picked her up, still kissing her, and spun her in a circle When he released her, she was floating and clutching at him to keep her grounded, much to Elvis and the photographer's surprise.

Elvis serenaded them with another song and Robin took her in his arms, dancing around the aisle with her, laughing and smiling and so much in love.

It was over with a haste that surprised her. No pomp and circumstance, just them. Ten minutes and they were married and signing the certificate and it was official.

She couldn't quite believe it. It all seemed so surreal. She and Robin were married.

Married. Husband and wife. Bound together in love and law.

"I can't quite believe it," Robin mentioned as Elvis shook his hand vigorously, then stole a kiss on the cheek from the bride.

"Lot of people say the same thing," Elvis said, grinning his lopsided smile. "It's the presence of the King."

Robin chuckled, his arm around Starfire's waist again. "Thanks so much for this."

"The King is always happy to help those in love. Take care of each other."

Smiling and holding hands, they lingered around the front desk while the receptionist made sure they had copies of photographs and the video of the ceremony.

Robin cleared his throat. "That was..."

"Fast," Starfire said.

Robin chuckled. "Yeah. It was very fast. Seems... I don't know..."

"We were nervous for nothing."

"Maybe. Certainly seems that way."

"Seems a pity."

"Do you feel different?" Robin asked.

Starfire considered. "No. Not really."

"Me either. Odd huh?"

"One thing is different," she noted.

"Oh? What's that?" Robin asked, curious.

She looked at him and smiled. "Husband."

Robin broke out in a silly grin. "Wife. I really, really-" he kissed her- "really like the sound of that."

"As do I."

He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. "You look beautiful."

Starfire smiled and flushed. "You look most handsome." She turned toward him, placing her free hand over his heart for a moment, then gently touched the coriander flowers in his lapel. "What shall we do now?" she asked, smiling at him.

He returned her smile, placing his hand over the top of hers. "I have a few ideas."


Robin grinned at her. "Dinner. Dancing. Gambling?"

"Or," she suggested, gripping the collar of his lapel to tug him a little closer. "We could go back to the room and having the room service?"

"Will you show me your surprise?" he asked.

"Would you rather not peel this dress from me?" Starfire replied coyly.

"Ooh." Robin brightened. "Yeah, I like that idea." Pocketing the CD containing their video and photos, Robin picked up the backpack with their old clothes, threw it over his shoulder, then picked up his new giggling wife to carry back to the limousine and return to their rooms where the next part of their life would begin.


Alfred dabbed his eye with a tissue. "That was beautiful."

Batman grunted and pressed stop on their hacked video. He'd known the moment Robin's purchases on his credit cards had become more specific. As suit. A dress. Shoes. When the Graceland Chapel purchase popped up... he hadn't been able to help himself, he had to know.

Not that Robin would ever forgive him for hacking his credit cards.

"Oh, sir, do not begrudge them their moment. They deserve it."

"He could've invited me," Batman said, sour. "I would've gone."

"I'm sure they had their reasons," Alfred said, dabbing his eye again. "His parents married that way after all."

"Why are you all emotional?" Batman asked, giving Alfred a critical eye. "You weren't invited either."

"Elvis," Alfred said with a little sniffle. "He truly is the King."

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That's alllll folks.

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Yes. I'm serious. This is the kind of story that will always encourage the 'just one more' mentality. Gotta stop.