I don't own Harry Potter or Chris d'Lacey's books. I'm just messing around with the plots for now...XD

Chapter One: The Abandonment

"Petunia, you have a sister in the States, don't you?" Vernon questions his wife as she shifts through piles of boxes with a frown tossed at him for the question.

"Yes, she makes clay sculptures." The disdain drips from her words as she glances away to spot her nephew quietly reading and scowls darkly at spotting his green eyes. Lily's eyes. Elizabeth's eyes. The special ones. Suppressing a growl she hisses softly, "Why do you ask, dear?"

A dark smirk crosses the obese man as he whispers in her ear with a careful eye on the boy who flips the page in his book without so much as a glance at his guardians, "So when we go over to the States for vacation tomorrow we can drop him off."

Hesitantly nodding she smiles thinly before barking at the boy, "Get up and get out of here, freak."

Young Harry Potter glances at his Aunt with a slight frown before stalking out of the room and out of the house. Tugging his rags for clothes tightly around his thin chest he takes the path towards the Library with a tiny glimmer of joy in his emerald eyes. Still he keeps his face blank as he spots his overweight bully of a cousin, Dudley, picking on another kid. Yet, Harry wasn't about to get involved and sneaks past them and slips into the sanctuary of the Library.

"Hello, Harry. Is there any book you wish to read, now?" The elderly Librarian, May, smiles upon spotting the child entering the room. More like shifting in as his feet never left the ground and upon peering closer she notices with a frown the trembling of his hands.

"Yes'm, do you have a book on dragons?" Harry whispers politely, ducking his head to hide his eyes.

"Of course, child. It's in Row Seven on the third shelf. There's a whole shelf for those." May points out the direction and chuckles when Harry gives her a timid grin before scurrying off towards the section with eagerness.

Two hours later Harry sets down the book as May moves to motion him forward. Realizing it was closing time he carefully places the book back and whispers, "Thank you, May."

"Your welcome, Harry. Now I'll see you later." May waves the young boy goodbye while he reluctantly walks towards his relatives' house. Spotting his aunt searching he could dimly hear her shouts for him and barely with held the desire to glower at her.

"Finally, get inside! We're leaving in ten minutes and you're coming with." She hisses sharply. A quick shove inside and Harry felt a warm sensation crawling through his body as he turns to glare at his Uncle who came barreling into the narrow hallway.

"Get your stuff, boy. We're leaving." Vernon sneers at the boy in front of him. Once they were in the States the boy was going to get it as a nearby vase flies precariously past his head and smashes against the wall. The boy flinching at the destruction but also glaring harder at his Uncle before sneering right back at him.

"What stuff? I don't have stuff. All I have is the junk you oh so graciously gifted me with." Harry smirks at him before spinning around and leaving the house, almost eager to escape his family if only for a few minutes.

Promising to make the boy pay for it later, Vernon gathers the rest of the family and leads them to the car where Harry sits patiently in the back with a book a strange black haired man had given him a week prior. Fingering the cool pages he scoots as far away from Dudley as he could. Head resting against the window he slipped into sleep a few minutes later as they rode outside Privet Drive.

"Are we almost there, Petunia?" Vernon whispers, stealing a glance at the unconscious boy laying in the back of the car.

Petunia purses her lips together in a frown as she finishes writing the note before nodding in agreement. Spying a sign near the edge of the town she grins evilly as it reads Wayward Crescent, Scrubbley Massachusetts. "Here, Vernon." She points to a collection of buildings.

Stopping the car, Vernon ungracefully picks up the bleeding boy and tosses him to the ground near the number in question with a smirk. Getting back in the car they race off leaving their young cousin, Harry Potter, bleeding on the floor with a note just beside his head. No one would expect the terrifying surprise that would come the next morning. And two adults could care less for they celebrate the freedom from the freak.