Just a kiss

Rated: T

AN: What if Graham didn't go to Regina's house after kissing Emma for the first time in episode 7 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter? One event could set off a whole new chain of events. I thought the song Just a kiss describes Graham and Emma's relationship perfectly so had to name my story that.

I know that I have quite a few stories that I am working on but I had to write this story. I love Sheriff Graham and Emma together. Since they can't be together on the show since Graham is dead, writing or reading stories on is all have got.

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Chapter 1: Feels like Home

Emma sighed as she walked up her and Mary Margaret's apartment door anxious to get into bed and for this horrible night to be over. She stopped back at Granny's Café for a much needed drink or two to get the rid of the feelings that Graham's kiss caused but it kept replaying in her mind. Why was it getting to me so much, was the question that she had been asking herself over and over again. She couldn't feel anything for Graham because she hadn't been in town long enough or feel anything for anyone. It had been very difficult not to kiss Graham back with her body screaming at her to give in but she couldn't. The image of him sneaking out of Regina's bedroom window house when she caught him kept her brain from giving in to it.

A part of her felt disgust, hurt and even jealousy at finding out about Regina and Graham's affair, while the other part of her was angry that Henry was under the same roof asleep when they were sleeping together. She unlocked the door entering the apartment then shutting it behind her heading to her bedroom not bothering to look up from the floor.

"Emma." Mary Margaret called out to her as Emma stopped already her tracks with her back to Mary Margaret.

"Mary Margaret, can we talk in the morning?" She asked her not bothering to turn around then went to take a step towards her room when the next voice stopped her in her tracks.

"Please Emma. We need to talk." Graham pleading voice hit her ears causing her to take a deep breath to calm herself before spinning around. Her blue eyes looked over a sympathetic Mary Margaret sitting there in her pajamas and pink robe then to over to Graham. His blue eyes stared at her pleadingly as he ran his hands through his disheveled curly dark brown hair.

"I thought I made it clear that we were done talking for the night or about it ever again." Emma stressed to him in a low angry tone. Graham sighed putting his head in his hands with his shoulders hunched over.

"I made hot coco. You two should drink a cup and talk. I need to go to bed." Mary Margaret said to Emma, giving her a small smile before turning her attention back to Sheriff Graham. She put her hand on his shoulder then said softly. "The truth is always the best option even though it's not always the easiest option." He raised his head up to look at her and nodded in agreement. "Good night." She added then scurried out of the room.

"Please at least let me explain. I will leave but please just give me that even though I don't deserve it." He asked her as Emma stared at him a few moments then sighed loudly.

"Fine, you have ten minutes." She said to him sitting down across from him reaching for the hot coco pouring a cup. "The clock is ticking. If you want to sit here and say nothing I am fine with that but when time's up you are leaving." She reminded him then took a drink of the coco.

"I can't remember the last time that I felt anything at all. At least that is how it was until you came to town." He said to her causing her to roll her eyes but he ignored it. "It's like I was just going through the motions not even aware how empty I was inside. It just felt normal because it was how I have always felt. The night I met you for the first time at Regina's house, I felt a flicker of something. I was intrigued by you and curious to know more about you. You are not like anyone that I have met before. So when Regina told me that you had been drinking the night you wrecked into the Storybrooke signed, I admit I was anxious to keep you in town longer even if it meant arresting you."

"You have to feel something for Regina because you have been sleeping with her for god knows how long." Emma stated then added quickly. "No, please don't tell me any of the disgusting details."

"It's not what you think." Graham began as Emma to huff annoyed starting to get up but her grabbed her arm to stop her. Emma froze up as spark ignited in her causing warm tingles to travel all throughout her body creating goose bumps on her arms. "You make me feel alive, Emma. I have felt like a walking zombie just doing what was expected from me. You can't tell me that you don't feel alive when we touch because I know I am not the only one who can feel it."

Emma stared in to Graham's blue eyes trying to force her lips to speak out a protest that she didn't but it was a lie. She sat back down in the car with Graham's hand still on her forearm finding herself not wanting Graham to move his hand away. Emma had been running from feeling anything for anyone her whole life. Now she found herself caring for not only Henry but Graham and it scared the hell out of her. There was a decision to be made at this moment when she could decide to keep running away from anyone that cracked the wall she had put up or she could take a leap of faith to let someone inside." How long have you been with Regina?" She found herself saying before she could stop the works coming out of her mouth.

Graham stared at her before he spoke, "I don't know. I can't even remember how it started. It's just like everything has always been the same until you came along. It's like time didn't start until you got into town." He told her then paused. "Regina means nothing to me. I feel absolutely nothing for her. It's like she is a bad habit that I don't enjoy but haven't been able to quit. I haven't thought about it until I met you. "

"It is getting late. We both have to work tomorrow." Emma said giving him a small smile. "You should go home."

"Please let me stay." Graham said to her as Emma glared at him. "I can't go back there tonight. I just want to sleep. Please." He pleaded with her not wanting to go back to his empty apartment where he lived life like it was like an empty shell.

"Fine, you can stay here. I will take the couch and you can stay in my room." She offered as Graham shook his head in disagreement. "If you think you are sleeping in bed with me then you are out of your mind." She told him becoming angry.

"No, I will sleep on the floor in your bedroom. It's odd but sometimes I get out of bed to sleep on the floor and I sleep better." He said to her.

"Fine, you can sleep on the floor. I will get you a pillow and a blanket." Emma relented unsure of why she was letting him stay all night. It must have been the look in his eyes when she mentioned him going home. The intense loneliness and emptiness was something that she was very familiar with in her 28 years of life. "Come on." Emma said to him as she stood up and he finally let go of her arms. She found that she missed his touch already but pushed away the feeling. Graham stood up and then followed her back to her bedroom with his heart racing. He couldn't remember the last time that his heart had beat so fast that he could feel it. Graham walked into Emma's bedroom then looked around the room wanting to burn every detail into his mind. "Margaret decorated the room. I am just staying in it." She told Graham after she caught him looking around the yellow bedroom.

"It's nice." Graham said to her as she walked over to the bed grabbing a baby blue pillow and blanket from the end of the bed. "Thank you." He said to her taking the pillow and blanket from her.

"I am going to get ready for bed." She said to him before turning to the white dresser talking out clothes then heading to the bathroom quickly shutting her door behind her. Graham smiled as he walked over laying the pillow and blanket next to the bed on the ground. He took off his leather jacket along with his jacket, vest and tie along with his blue button up shirt leaving on a white under shirt and jeans. He took off his boots setting them next to Emma's dresser then laid down, putting his head on the pillow. He could smell the strawberry shampoo that she used on it making him smile. He wondered if it was Mary Margaret's or if Emma picked it out. Graham felt at home for the first time in his life as he fought to keep his eyes open. He forced his eyes open at hearing the door to the room open knowing it was Emma. He swallowed hard a seeing Emma wearing a pink silk tank top with matching pants. "I didn't bring much with me when I came to town so Mary Margaret let me borrow some clothes." Emma said feeling the need to explain her very pink pajamas that she was wearing. She wasn't the type of girl that wore pink anything.

"Pink looks good on you but I think your clothes suit you more." Graham told her with his heart racing once again making it impossible not to smile at her. He felt like a child excited about hearing his heart beating and being in awe of it.

"Do care if I turn off the light now?" Emma asked him ignoring his comment unsure how to reply. He shook his head at her before Emma turned off the light. She walked over to the bed then pulled the covers back getting into bed. A comfortable silence filled the room making Emma smile as she stared up at the ceiling. It had been a long time since she let someone even sleep in the same room with her. She couldn't deny that it felt right with Graham there even though he was lying on the floor next to her bed.

"Good night, Emma." Graham's sleep filled voice called out to her from the floor.

"Good night, Graham." She replied with a smile on her lips that she hoped he couldn't hear in her voice. Graham smiled as he closed his eyes letting sleep take over him feeling all was right in the world for the first time he could remember.

Emma's dream

Emma found herself standing at the cemetery standing close to a fresh grave. Dread filled every pore of her body, knowing that the grave in front of her belonged to someone that she cared about. There weren't many people that she cared about, so that left three people that it could be. The thought of it being Henry brought her literally to her knees, causing her to fall to the ground. She found herself crawling to the grave as tears rolled down her cheeks.

The detective in her noticed that the grave looked to large belong to her son causing relief to roll through her body for a second but then realized it was Graham or Margaret. She felt like her heart was being crushed in her chest as she made her way on her hands and knees to the grave.

After taking a deep breath Emma found the courage to look up at the name on the tombstone, she saw Graham's name on the headstone as her breath caught in her lungs and her heart felt like someone was crushing it in their hand. Emma fell on top of the grave, unable to get catch her breath with her whole chest feeling like it was on fire. She fought to try to breathe as a beautiful white wolf with Grey fur and one green and one red eye appeared next to her. The wolf put his paw on her heart and whined softly as it looked at Graham's headstone before it turned to look away. Emma fought to breath as she looked to see where the wolf gaze went to see a crypt.

End of dream

Emma gasped taking deep breath as she opened her eyes to find herself in her bed realizing it was just a dream even though it felt so real. She rolled over to the side of the bed to see Graham sleeping peacefully on the floor. Before she could stop herself, she was out of the bed on the floor lying next to him as she put her hand on his chest. She felt his heart beating under her hand and could see his chest moving up and down but it wasn't enough. Emma put her head on his chest with her ear up against his heart as it beat evenly. She let out a deep breath, feeling her whole body relax as she listening to it beat soundly. Her eyes began to droop feeling a peace come over her that she had never felt before.

The next morning

Graham forced himself to open his eyes as he felt a body pressed up against him. He looked down to see Emma sleeping soundly with her head against his chest and her arm around his waist. A large smile crossed his lips and lit up his eyes as he put his arms around her slowly. He didn't want to wake her up just yet because he knew she scramble out of his arms once she woke up. His blue eyes stared at her with awe as he felt happy and not lonely for the first time in his life. Graham had spent many nights in bed with Regina but they didn't come close to making him happy in any way. Now he was happier from just spending the night sleeping on the floor with Emma asleep on his chest.

There was a soft knock on the door as Mary Margaret called out Emma's name before opening the door quietly. Mary Margaret looked at the empty bed confused then her blue eyes flew to the floor next the bed when she heard a soft sigh. She saw Emma snuggling in Graham's chest with a small smile on her face as she slept the looked at Graham, who smiled at her and it reached his blue eyes startling Mary Margaret. She had seen Graham smile but it never reached his eyes and he never looked truly happy. "I am so sorry! I just wanted to tell Emma breakfast is ready." She whispered in a soft voice not wanting to wake Emma up.

"I don't want to wake her up just yet." Graham whispered back to her before looking down at Emma lying in his arms.

"It will be waiting whenever you two are ready to get up." Mary Margaret said in a low whisper as she grinned at him then went to leave the room. "I am glad you two worked out whatever was going on between you." She added as they smiled at each other.

Graham watched Mary Margaret shut the door softly before turning back to look at Emma. He knew that he had to wake her up soon because they were needed to be at the police station by eight. Graham could stop himself from running his fingers slowly up her arm to her shoulder. He felt her body shift as she nuzzled farther in his chest causing Graham to close his eyes taking in a deep breath at the feelings that she brought out in him.

Emma began to wake up out as felt two arms holding her and could hear a steady thumping of a heart beating against her ear. She knew who it was before she opened her eyes as the smell of woods and light cologne surrounding her, Graham always seemed to smell like he had been the forest. She remembered her nightmare then climbing out of bed to make sure that he was ok but she must have fallen asleep.

'How am I going to get of this without waking him up?' She thought not wanting Graham to know she slept next to him most of the night. Emma very gradually began moving her arm that was around his waist towards her.

"Good morning, Emma." Graham called to her in a low voice as Emma looked up at him from his chest to see him smiling. She sat up pulling away from him quickly as she sat up against the bed. "So do you sleep better on the floor too?" He teased her. Emma looked at him with uncertainty as she sat perfectly still. "Are you feeling ok?" He asked her with concern.

"I had this nightmare last night." Emma admitted to him as Graham sat up waiting for her to continue. "I was in this grave yard near a fresh. Before I saw the gravestone, I knew that the person buried there was someone that I car…I know." She stumbled on her words while Graham nodded at her to continue. "I couldn't breathe when I read the name. It was as if someone was squeezing my heart until it would explode. This wolf appeared putting his paw on me showing me a crypt. It was your grave" Graham's blue eyes grew large when he heard that she dreamt of a wolf and that it was his grave.

"Did he have one blue eye and one red?" He asked her moving closer to her. She nodded at him, slowly she swallowed hard. "I dreamt about that wolf last night. I never have dreamed before last night. I followed him through the woods to a crypt." They just stared at each other neither one of them sure what to say or how to explain it. "I saw a flash of forest and a wolf when I kissed you yesterday." He confided in her after a long silence. "I thought maybe it just was that I had been drinking but now I am not so sure."

"I guess that's it then." Emma said to him as Graham looked at with a confusion written all over his face before she leaned in quickly pulling him to her kissing him. He was startled at first but recovered quickly, putting his arm around her pulling her to him kissing her back. Once again Graham saw images flash before him quickly of running through a forest with the wolf with a red eye beside him, Mary Margaret with long hair looking up at him then Regina pulling his heart out of his chest then putting it in box. Emma pulled away from the kiss to look at Graham, who stared at her with wide eyes filled with shock and happiness. "Graham?" She called out to him.

He gave her a dazzling smile before he pulled her back to him kissing her once more. This time he could concentrate on kissing her without the images flashing before his eyes. His lips kissed her with a passionate slowness that made Emma sigh into his mouth. The moments she opened her mouth his tongue slipped inside to find hers. Emma's hands found their way into Graham's curly hair as her tongue slid into his mouth giving in to her need for him.

A few moments later Graham pulled away from her lips staring at her in awe, "Thank you, Emma. I remember!" He smiling at her as a tear fell down his cheek before pulling her back to his lips but she pushed him away a few seconds later.

"What do you remember?" She asked him trying to compose herself. Her body begged her to shut up, pull Graham back into her arms, but her mind needed to know what was going on.

"I remember everything." He told her smiling as she wanted for him to elaborate. "I know this is going to sound crazy but Henry's right." Emma raised her brow at him staring at him disbelievingly. "Emma, I thought it was crazy until a minute ago but I promise I will prove it to you. Will you give me a chance?" He asked her as he leaned in close pulling her to him resting his forehead against hers with closed eyes.

"How do you plan on proving it?" She asked him softly. Graham's blue eyes flew open pulling his forehead away to look at her. There was a sparkle a light in them that Emma hadn't seen before.

"We will find my heart that Regina has locked up." He replied, getting a your completely out of your mind look. "But first we are going to have breakfast with Mary Margaret. " He told her then realized how it must have looked when she found them together and he cringed. "We better get out there before she thinks something is going on in here." He added getting up grabbing his shirt to put it on.

"So what if she does? She is my roommate not my" She began but paused. "You think she is my mother too."

"I know that she is your mother. I may have been raised by wolves but I learned to respect mothers, especially the one of the girl I care about." He said to her while Emma looked at him with wide eyes. Graham put on his vest as Emma continued to stare at him. "We will need to stop at the school to see Henry before we go to the station so we don't have much time. You better get moving." He told her grabbing his tie, jacket and boots then kissed her quickly on the lips. Graham rushed out of her bedroom shutting the door behind him. Emma stared at the closed door to stun to move for a few seconds before she went to get dressed.

'What is the harm of letting Graham try to proof this crazy theory?' She asked herself as she changed in a pair of skinny jeans and a black t-shirt with her black boots. Emma grabbed her red leather jacket putting it on before she left her room.

"Graham, you don't have to apologize or explain anything to me." She heard Mary Margaret's voice as she walked towards the kitchen.

"Yes, I do." Graham stressed to her as Mary Margaret shook her head. "I respect you and Emma. I don't want to lose that respect that you have for me."

"Good morning." Emma called out to make her presence known as she walked into the kitchen. She sat down as the table across from Graham but looked over at Mary Margaret. "Thank you for making breakfast."

"You're welcome. It's nice having someone to share breakfast with in the mornings." She replied with a smile before taking a bite of her eggs.

"Mary Margaret. Can you remember the day that we first met?" Graham asked her causing Mary Margaret's brow to furrow as she looked for an answer to his question.

"No." She replied with a confused look on her face still trying to think back.

"Can you remember meeting anyone else for the first time? Mr. Gold? Dr. Hopper? Regina?" He questioned her as Emma put her hand on Graham's. His blue eyes went from Mary Margaret to Emma at the touch of her hand on his.

"Graham, it's too early to play twenty questions." She said to him before turning to her roommate. "Sorry." She apologized to her as she pulled her hand away from Graham's.

"It's ok, Emma." Mary Margaret reassured her then turned to look at Graham. "It's the strangest thing. I can't remember meeting anyone expect Henry when Regina adopted him." She told him. "Can you?" She asked with curiosity in her blue eyes.

"I couldn't until this morning. Everything was foggy but now I can remember everything very clearly." He replied with a smile before he took a bite of his food.

There was a knock at the front door. Mary Margaret got up from the table to answer the door as Graham stared the front door worried Regina was at the door. He wasn't ready to face her yet. She couldn't know that he remembered everything before he had his heart back. Graham knew that he couldn't keep the disgust for her off his face.

"Is Emma here?" He heard Henry's voice call out as he let the breath he was holding in out.

"Yes, come inside. Are you hungry? We are having breakfast." She asked him as Henry walked into the apartment.

"No, thank you. I ate already." He answered her then spotted Graham at the table with Emma causing him to look nervous. "Sheriff Graham, are you going to tell my mom I was here?" He asked him.

Graham smiled at him warmly, "I promise not to say a word." He told her causing Henry's face to break out in a grin. "In fact Emma and I were going to come to the school to talk to you."

"Cool." He exclaimed sitting down at the end of the table sitting his backpack down on the ground.

"I am going to go finish getting ready." Margaret called out to them leaving the room to give them some privacy.

Graham leaned in putting his elbows on the table while looking straight at Henry, "I remember life before the curse." He shared with Henry whose green eyes grew large filled with excitement.

"You remember!" He exclaimed grinning as the jumped out of his chair rushing over to Emma. "See I told you everything in my book is true. Do you believe me now?" He asked her with a grin. Emma didn't need to answer his question because he could tell by the look on her face. "You still don't believe it." He said as his grin left his face and disappointed look crossed over his face.

"I am going to prove it to her but I need your help to do that. Will you help me, Henry?" He asked him causing Henry's smile to return immediately.

"You are looking for you heart, right?" Henry asked the Sheriff, who nodded at him. "How can I help?" He asked with glee in his voice making Emma smile.

"We need you to keep your mom distracted today for a few hours. If she knows that I remember, that I am looking for my heart, it won't be good." Graham explained to Henry needing him to understand that it was dangerous if Regina found out.

"I promise I won't say anything at all." Henry told him then thought for a moment then beamed. "I got it! My mom never leaves my side when I am sick, so I will get sick at school today. She will cancel all her appointments and be home all night with me."

"I don't like the idea of you missing school for this, Henry." Emma told her son with a frown making him smile at her.

"You sound like a mom." Henry told her with a grin as Emma gave him a small smile. "Don't worry. It's just one day of school and this is important." He told her then turned to Graham. "I can make myself throw up, then she will have to come and get me from the school." Graham raised his eyebrow at Henry. "It's pretty cool that I can make myself throw up, huh?"

Later at the Police Station

"Please stop pacing." Emma called out to Graham as she watched him pacing back and forth in front of the jail cell. He stopped thenm walked over pulling a chair next to her and sitting down as she sat in a chair at her desk. "I am sure that we will hear from Mary Margaret soon." She told him smiling at him sympathetically.

"My heart is literally in Regina's hands. I don't know how I am supposed to be calm." Graham said running a hand through his hair trying to calm his nerves. "Distract me." He whispered to her as his blue eyes went from hers to her lips.

Emma leaned in towards him as he leaned in, "If it will keep you from pacing then I can do that." Emma said to him as their lips brushed softly but her cell phone ringing caused her to pull away. "Hello." She answered her phone quickly.

"Emma, it is Mary Margaret. Henry just got sick in class. Regina took him home for the day. I just thought you would want to know." She told Emma.

"Thanks. I will go check on him later, today. Thanks again for calling." Emma said to her then they hung up the phone. "Well let's go find this heart of yours." She told Graham as she stood up walking out of the station.

"I feel like I already found it." Graham whispered watching her leave the station then got up to follow her.