Title: Fun in the Sun?

Author: Sarge

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   Finding a small park near the water, everyone got out of the car and headed to one of the picnic tables. Getting out all their food, they spread it out on the table and then after sitting down, they began to eat.

   Emma gave a little bowl of dog food, which she had bought at the store, to Taco and watched with a smile as he seemed to scarf the food down like the world was going to end in a matter of seconds.

   Brennan watched as Shalimar ravenously devoured her food almost exactly like Taco. "Shal, slow down or you're going to choke," he told her.

   She looked over at him with an embarrassed expression on her face and slowly brought the half eaten pickle away from her mouth. "Sorry, I'm just really hungry," she replied.

   "Yeah, no kidding, but you should still be careful," he said.

   By the time they were done, Shalimar had eaten three of the four cans of sardines, half of the ice cream, all of the tofu, three pickles, and half of Brennan's sandwich. Now she was completely full. "Mmmmm…that was good," she said as she patted her now stuffed stomach.

   Brennan smiled at her. "I'm glad you liked it," he replied as he leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

   Watching them, Jesse looked over at Emma and grinned mischievously. Then without saying a word, he pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her too.

   Breaking apart, Shalimar looked over at her other two friends and her eyes grew wide in shock when she saw what they were doing. Looking up at Brennan, she suddenly broke out into a major fit of giggles. Her laughter seemed to be contagious because Brennan soon began to laugh as well.

   Jesse and Emma snapped apart and glared over at the laughing couple.

   "What?!" Jesse exclaimed.

   "Oh nothing," Brennan tried to say seriously, but when he saw Shalimar fall over because she was laughing so hard, he lost it and joined his girlfriend on the ground.

   "Hey, if you two want a few more minutes, Brennan and I could wait for you in the car," Shalimar squeaked out between giggles as she wiped at the tears that were rolling down her face. Seeing the annoyed look on their friend's faces, both Shalimar and Brennan began to laugh so hard that they couldn't breath.

   Emma frowned. "What is so funny?!" she snapped.

   "Yeah, what is so funny?" Jesse reiterated.

   Brennan shrugged. "I don't know," he replied as he tried to slow his breathing. "Shal started laughing and I just couldn't help myself."

   "Well, we're burning daylight. We should probably get going," Jesse said, trying to get their minds off of the image of him and Emma kissing.

   Brennan had finally calmed down so he nodded his head, and stood up. Bending down, he helped the still laughing Shalimar to her feet and then they all walked over to the car. After they were all inside, Brennan pulled the car out of the parking lot and started driving down the street. He looked over at Shalimar to see that she was desperately trying to mask her giggles by covering her mouth with her hand, but it wasn't working. Smiling, he shook his head, saying, "Shal, you better calm down before you suffocate yourself."

   That just made her laugh even harder.

   "Shalimar, knock it off," Jesse said in an almost whiney voice.

   She turned around to look at him, asking, "Or you'll what?" Then she burst out laughing again.

   Jesse looked over at Emma. "Will you do something about her?" he questioned.

   She nodded and then used her telempathy to calm Shalimar down.

   Shalimar glared at Emma for a second before, asking, "So, when were you two going to tell me that you were together?"

   "Um…soon," Jesse said with a shrug.

   "Well thanks. It's great to know that two of my best friends didn't plan to tell me about something so important," Shalimar replied with a frown.

   "We were going to tell you, Shal, but we only figured it out ourselves last night," Emma told her.

   Shalimar looked up at Brennan and frowned. "And I bet you knew about this too?"

   He glanced over at her. "Well, yeah sort of. Jesse told me that he was in love with Emma last night while you were asleep," he said kind of sheepishly.

   "So, I'm the only one who doesn't know?"

   "Well, Adam doesn't know yet," Jesse offered.

   "That's great. I bet the dog even knew before I did," Shalimar said as she shook her head.

   "Well, the poor thing was in the room with them. Having to watch, he's probably been traumatized for life if they were doing anything like they were when I walked in on them this morning," Brennan replied with a grin.

   Taco looked at him and let out a snort as if saying, "Yeah, you got that right!"

   Brennan laughed and then turned his attention back to the road.

   "What were you doing this morning?" Shalimar questioned as she looked back as the Jesse and Emma with a small smirk.

   Both of them blushed a deep red.

   "Nothing," Jesse answered as he dropped his gaze from Shalimar's eyes.

   Shalimar let out a chuckled before she turned back around. "Well, I think that you two getting together is great. Although, I'm not sure what Adam is going to think with all of us paired off with each other. He'll probably think that we're going to get into more trouble because we'll want to protect each other even more," she said.

   "Yeah, but we have the whole vacation to think of a way to break it to him," Jesse stated with a smile.


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